1956 Fender® Stratocaster®

  • Unique ID: 1956 Fender® Stratocaster®
  • Product Type: Sold
  • Make: Fender®
  • Model: Stratocaster®
  • Year: 1956
  • Price: $120,000.00
  • Color/Finish: Sunburst
  • Availability: Sold
  • Condition: Mint
1956 Fender® Stratocaster®

SOLD Thanks to the free press on TGP..thanks guys!!! Find one cleaner and I’ll buy you a steak at Mortons (you come to me of course….). Not a screw turned as far as I can tell. I will NOT take this guitar apart for anyone. I had a third-party expert (household name) evaluate it in person and even he was unwilling to risk this beauty to a wild-eyed Craftsman. Pickups are strong and sound unreal…yes 3 way…no…it’s not a refin…..NO it’s not a frankenstein….total investment quality we’ve all missed. Not for the faint of heart…don’t call me trying to trade 3 Ibanez and a Rivera amp….trust me…it’s not cheap but I don’t want to sell it. If you need it you must…just like I did years ago…lose sleep, beg your wife…look at the pictures day-and-night, lowball me a few times…lick your wounds…then come to terms with the fact that you’ll get the guitar and I’ll be buying a Ferrari with your money…100% true statement….(PS if you didn’t believe me check the JPGs for living proof!) SO…if you can live with all of that…I’ll even send you a Christmas card of me in the car…your end will at least appreciate….for me…mid-life crisis…and NO I don’t want to trade for your 300,000 mile bondo’d up Mondial. Now you know I have a sense of humor…you’ll lose yours when you hear the price…so no complaints…no whining…or I’ll send you a Christmas card of me laughing at your email… 100% original down to the ashtray cover, tags, bill of sale, case, and key for the case. So clean you can still see the gold lettering on the knobs. Tiny pickguard scratches, a couple of the tiniest little dings and the most mild little fretwear keep this from being a perfect 10.

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Mint - Perfect condition with no modifications or repairs. Original case and factory paperwork should be present.Near Mint - Incredibly light wear with no modifications or repairs.Excellent - May have light use throughout, instrument well cared for.Very Good - Minor cosmetic damage and some parts may be unoriginal.Good - Average wear and /or several modification form original spec. May be in need of repair.

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