1958 Fender HIGH POWERED Twin Tweed – Collector Condition

  • Unique ID: fender 58 twin tweed
  • Product Type: Amps
  • Make: Fender
  • Model: High Powered Twin Tweed
  • Year: 1958
  • Price: SOLD
  • Color/Finish: Tweed (Yes it's original)
  • Availability: SOLD
  • Condition: Excellent
1958 Fender HIGH POWERED Twin Tweed –  Collector Condition

1958 Fender High Powered Twin Tweed.  Super clean. I acquired it from a collection and it has been in mine.  The person I acquired it from purchased it from the original owner.  This has withstood time in a wonderful condition.  BUT it also is a freaking WOW amp.  Notes just sustain and bloom like nothing I’ve experienced.  I

This is NOT like every other one you see…where all the bad crap is hidden in block paragraphs…followed by “great sounding”.  This has a only couple of things to mention and we will mention them up front.

  • Speakers reconed a year ago by Neal’s Speaker Repair.  I A/B’d the recones against a vintage set and could not tell the difference.  The only reason these were reconed was the cones were damaged in shipping when I purchased the amp.
  • Not certain if the rectifier tube is original or not. It is labeled Amperex.  One preamp tube appears changed and original included. Other tubes appear original.
  • 3-Way power cable added by my tech (Cage Audio).  Original Included.
  • Couple of caps changed.

So that means the hande, tweed, trannies, grille, lettering….ALL ORIGINAL.

Couple of other things:

  • It comes with the ORIGINAL COVER
  • I plan to ship it in a custom flight case unless you prefer something else.
  • Sorry no sound samples, videos, demos, weighing, measuring, photographing in pre-dawn light or testing for radiation.
  • Sale is as-is unless it arrives smashed up.  That means…I don’t want to enter into your coveted post-purchase renegotiation because you believe X tube might not be original and your tech says the amp requires blah blah blaqh blah…if that’s your game…buy someone else’s.

The amp is wonderful.  There is a reason so many people hoard these.  I just find I don’t play it and it belongs with someone who will cherish and use it.

If you offer a trade: Make me a firm offer…no archtops, no broken/repaired stuff, no PRS, no illiquid crap you want to turn into A-grade collector quality gear.  Make it quality and I will respond.  No returns. No trials.  No approval periods.  

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Mint - Perfect condition with no modifications or repairs. Original case and factory paperwork should be present.Near Mint - Incredibly light wear with no modifications or repairs.Excellent - May have light use throughout, instrument well cared for.Very Good - Minor cosmetic damage and some parts may be unoriginal.Good - Average wear and /or several modification form original spec. May be in need of repair.

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