2018 Wysocki Tele – Brand New – WOW Aged Woods from Special Stash

  • Unique ID: Wysocki 112018
  • Product Type: Guitars
  • Make: Wysocki
  • Model: Telecaster
  • Year: 2018
  • Price: SOLD
  • Color/Finish: Trans-Butterscotch
  • Availability: SOLD
  • Condition: Brand New - Authorized Dealer - w FACTORY WARRANTY
Spec Sheet
2018 Wysocki Tele – Brand New – WOW Aged Woods from Special Stash

Brand New LARRY WYSOCKI Telecaster!  2018 just off the bench. I am an Authorized Dealer and this comes with a full factory Warranty.  This particular guitar features woods that Larry had stashed for a personal guitar.  Like all builders, Larry got to the point of saying “eh, I’ll build myself another at some point” so he made thsi one available to me.

Larry is a luthier to the stars as well as THE ‘Go To” guy for woods for nearly every major luthier especially those who create acoustics and need the best woods on the planet.  Larry has been collecting, studying, teaching about and dealing woods for over 50-years.  If you order a $20k Greenfield or Manzer likely they will source woods from Larry.  So when you can get a guitar made from woods he saved for himself…you do the math.

Only a handful of Wysocki Guitars are made each year (around a dozen). The current backlog is well over a year even if I wanted to order something.  This particular one weighs just 6lb-07oz and has an Old Growth Recovered 1-piece Ash 60-year Old Air Dried Body.   The neck is a 1-piece 150+ Year old Old Growth Recovered Maple specimen.  The board is 80+ year old Aged Brazilian (SEE PICS).  The pickups are hand selected Rolph Tele Style and Larry selected them to work with this particular guitar.

Tonally…well to date I’ve sold EVERY Wysocki I’ve gotten in…often to regular customers who own Detemple & D’Pergo…the verdice…universally my clients tell me they like the Wysocki best.  Look at it this way….a D’Pergo with aged wood that is NOT in the same category as these…well those D’Pergos can fetch $15k-$19k new….so a Wysocki is a bargain and less than 50% of that price.  Now consider people in the know say they are better sounding and playing….and you get the reason these are selling like hotcakes.

The specs are “Herrington Specs” for John Herrington (Steely Dan) who plays Wysockis.  You can see all the specs if you look for my SHEET IN THE PICTURES.

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