LOVE CABLE : LTD CUSTOM – Brand New! Only US Auth Dlr

  • Unique ID: Love 6 meter straight straight
  • Product Type: Guitars
  • Make: Love Cable
  • Model: LTD Custom 6 Meter
  • Year: 2018
  • Price: $249
  • Color/Finish: Custom
  • Availability: For Sale
  • Condition: Brand New - AUTHORIZED DEALER & WARRANTY
LOVE CABLE : LTD CUSTOM – Brand New!  Only US Auth Dlr
PrimeGuitars is PROUD to be the EXCLUSIVE NORTH AMERICAN Dealer for LOVE Cables LTD CUSTOM line!   These hand made guitar cables are created 1-at-a-time by a Master Sound Engineer with decades of experience at Lipinski Sound (their monitors are amongst the best in the world).   I am a cable JUNKIE……have and have tried everything up to the $1000 Analysis purple….I can tell you THESE are what I use.  Why?   They are transparent and musical without being boomy (some cables have TOO MUCH low end).  They are not thin and weak sounding.  VERY transparent yet musical.

Think about it, you spend tens of thousands on your gear…then you get some crap cable OR spend like $40 on a ‘great’ one.  Think of this…in an audio system or recording studio the cabling is expensive and for a reason.

Read the review below from an actual audio listener who purchased a pair of custom LOVE LTD Cables for his home audio system….(we can custom order you these too if you email us).  The buyer heard them at an audio conference and was so blown away he ditched his higher priced cables.

  • Cable is not a ‘fussy’ cable, and has good engineering, marketing
  • Overall excellent noise rejection (I have a system with a component that has poor EMI/ RFI tolerance and with a propensity for microphonic noise this product did not bring out the issue)
  • Cable is very flexible and not fragile or petite, no special treatment no issues.  Drop dead silent backgrounds- almost spooky quiet
  • The background noise of a recording (tape hiss, radio white noise, recorded HVAC noise, venue background noise) was almost inaudible even when I knew it was there. This feature resulted in a relaxed non-edgy presentation. my metal dome tweeters which can cut class with a bad recording.
  • Transients- the first of the cables defining characteristics was its outstanding transient speed and inner detail, macro and micro transient information was superb. The inner detail was always organic not etched. This is an unusual quality, as I really got to appreciate what a lot of artists I have been listening to for decades had done from an inner detail perspective. This was evident on identifying the difference between high quality recordings with good recording techniques to the vast ocean of lesser recordings. This cable allowed the identification of the musicians techniques (fingering of guitar strings, plucking of violin, pedal use on piano, skin sound of drums, which type of stick is the drummer using, which brand of cymbal, baby/ grand/ standup piano), absolutely a musicians cable yet not analytical in nature
  • Spatial reproduction- the second defining characteristic of the cable was its lack of ability to develop a 3D image. The width and depth of the recordings stage were always the same and this did not vary with the recording used or where the Love Cable was used in the system. This prevented the illusion of a musician in the room or on a stage with me at the venue. This annoyed the heck out of me as I always was aware I was listening to a Hi-Fi as the cables caused a deviation from the recorded material. The “focal point” or “sweet spot” in my listening room was very small with Love Cable so there was only one ‘best’ seating position rather than the entire couch.
  • Overall a pretty balanced tone, BUT let there be no mistake there was a slight deviation from neutrality… the BASS was the star of the show (I found myself purposely favoring bass/ drum or percussion heavy music). The bass was epic, concussive, ALWAYS UNDER COMPLETE CONTROL, detailed, accurate, and addictive.  I, and my neighbors, got to explore a lot of loud music from my collection. It was like a drug, easily the most accurate bass/ percussion I have heard in my system. The rest of the mid and HF were very good as well but the lower octaves were the favorite child in this family.
  • The cable is not completely neutral it always had a slight identifiable ‘flavor’ (identified in 4a, c, d). My analogy to its deviation from neutrality is ‘James Bond’. All kinds of things happened to Daniel Craig or Roger Moore in those movies but they always looked clean and pressed in their suit before and after car accidents, bombings, fires, and fights. And that was kind of what Love Cables did they told the story but always with a happier ending then there should have been.
  • I liked this cable a lot and tried it between every component and am now using it in my stereos tonal problematic point (between the CD player and the Preamp). If it wasn’t for items 4a and 4c above it would have been between the preamp and power amp but that position requires complete neutrality.
  • Overall the timbre was very good to exceptional.  I will not use the term ‘musical’ as that is typically a euphemism for a pleasing tonal deviation from neutrality, they were tonally accurate to the recording but maybe a little ‘dry’ (but not clinical) missing some hall reverberation.
  • Good value for the money, need to spend ~ $2000 for a more neutral cable (Kimber, Tara, Wireworld Platinum)

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