Michael Stevens LJ Goldtop PROTO

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  • Product Type: Guitars
  • Make: Michael Stevens
  • Model: LJ Trem Prototype
  • Year: 2007
  • Price: SOLD
  • Color/Finish: Goldtop
  • Availability: SOLD
  • Condition: VG+
Spec Sheet
Michael Stevens LJ Goldtop PROTO

What we have here is one of the single best guitars I’ve owned (of the thousands).  It was made FOR me in 2007 by Michael Stevens (founder of Fender Custom Shop) in his TX workshop.  It is a Prototype for a singlecut trem model.  It is absolutely the most musical sounding singlecut I’ve played.  This guitar is not to be confused with the team built ‘Fender’ production models that came much earlier.  This is a true MICHAEL piece.

For those who follow at home, I’ve sold 28 Stevens guitars.  I have vast experience with them and can help you determine if the tonal aspects of this one meet your needs.  I can tell you these others won’t hit the market anytime soon and are typically locked away in collections (I put them there..I know).   This is a unique opportunity to get one at a discount vs. the price new.

Again, this is hand crafted with hand shaped Honduran Mahogany Soft V Neck with a .88-1.02″ Depth.  Just look at the perfect TV finish on the back of this guitar.  Michael did this’s not outsourced like so many other ‘builders’.  The board is a beautiful Brazilian Rosewood...again this is good wood not some leftovers that pass as BRW.  The headstock overlay is also Brazilian Rosewood.  The back of the guitar has a wonderful body contour that makes playing the instrument SO easy sitting or standing.   Speaking of comfort, this one weighs in at a perfect 8lb-10oz.

This masterpiece is a tyipical LP Scale.  The frets are a tallish-medium size & the neck is 1.70″ in Width.  12″ Radius and Sperzel Locking Tuners (replaced tips).  The pickups are not original, I replaced the Lollars with Peter Florence Voodoo 59s (Non-splitting) because I find them more open and clear.  Of course the guitar is hand finished in a vintage GOLDTOP with fantastic binding and hand painted knobs.  I had Michael add a PRS Sweet Switch to the volume (pull to engage) to add a touch of warmth when needed.  I love this mod feature.

Speaking of features, let’s discuss the Trem.  It’s called a Skyway.  Why did I select it?….simple.  It is TOP MOUNTED.  Look at the back of the guitar…no wood is missing. Just a touch of wood needs to be removed from the top in order to fit a guitar with one of these.  NO spring noise.  ALSO, it feels and acts like a fixed bridge.  THE most comfortable bridge to rest your palm on…hands down.  If you are not a trem guy…no issue…it won’t come into play.  If you ARE a trem guy then a SKYWAY is SMOOTH and even.  It’s not clunky and choppy.  You can bend down and slightly up with ease and precision.  VERY innovative and many of the major boutique builders used them at one point before they became impossible to procure.

You can see the conditiion is VG+ with just touches of wear here and there.  The guitar comes complete with the original hardshell case.  It has lived in nonsmoking environments.


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