WYSOCKI Tele : Old Growth Woods – Hand Carved – 6 lb-13oz

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  • Product Type: Guitars
  • Make: Wysocki
  • Model: Tele
  • Year: 2011
  • Price: SOLD
  • Color/Finish: Trans-Blonde Nitro
  • Availability: SOLD
  • Condition: Excellent
Spec Sheet
WYSOCKI Tele :  Old Growth Woods – Hand Carved – 6 lb-13oz

Larry Wysocki has been THE Go-To guy for luthier woods….for 50 years.  ALL the top bulders of acoustics and electrics source their custom guitar woods from Larry.  He is a world renowned expert on woods, tone and process.   Larry occasionally makes guitars by hand…himself…one at a time…cuts the necks…tap tunes the woods to find the perfect match….shapes the bodies.  Larry is ALSO a leading expert on ergonomics.  His guitars incorporate subtle improvements on classic themes that actually help you play better….because they sit better & fit better.

This circa 2011 Masterpiece is from the original owner.  It is from a nonsmoking environment and just went back through Larry who checked it over and set it up.  It is in EXCELLENT condition.  I carry the best modern boutique guitars….this TELE is one of my top 10 F-style builds that I’ve seen.  The finish is thin and sunken lightly into the hand selected 1-piece Ash Body.   The 1-Piece Birdseye Maple neck is ‘sinker’ wood that is what a D’Pergo would charge 2x for.

Let me ask you…if Larry Wysocki has one of the world’s finest wood supplies…do you think he chose good woods for his own builds?….you betcha.   Larry has an entire library of new Rolph pickups from which he selects in order to find JUST the right match.  These Rolphs are super clear and allow your playing nuances to shine through.  VERY open and play nicely with your amp and LOVE effects.  NOT an overpowering guitar tone….very much reflects the tones of the woods allowing you to hear what you paid for.  New this is $8500.   VERY rarely available new or used.  You can find all the Specs & a Detailed Condition Sheet in the PICTURES but here is a tease:

  • Weight:    6lb-13oz
  • Body:    1-Piece Old Growth Ash 45-Year Air Dried
  • Neck:   150yr old 1 Piece Birdseye Maple “Sinker” Lake Recovered Old Growth Wood
  • Frets:    Medium/Large
  • Pickups:   Rolph
  • Radius:    12
  • Width:    1.65″
  • Neck Profile:    C   .85″ – .95″
  • 80+ Year Old Slab BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD FINGERBOARD – hand selected
  • NITRO finish
  • Original Hard G&G Case

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