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1964 Fender Strat – Olympic White

1964 Fender Strat – Olympic White

Oh it’s well under 7lbs too!  And a personal guitar so sorry I won’t part with it.   The first one I’ve played with a bridge pickup sound that I LOVE.  The NECK is the FATTEST sounding neck strat pickup ever.  It measures the highest rating of the 3 and probably should have been in the bridge position,

All original except for some touch-up on the back.

NOT FOR SALE.   For Drool

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1962 Fender Tele – ORIGINAL OLY WHITE!  100% Original!

1962 Fender Tele – ORIGINAL OLY WHITE! 100% Original!

OH this is more special than finding out YOU are the Ashburn Side Ass!  Inside joke meant for those in the know…$100 off if you can solve this riddle….

Genuine 1962 Fender Telecaster in 100% Original Condition.  Vetted by a top dealer. Original frets, orig finish, untouched solder joints and WOW Midrange.  OMG this is THE one.

NOT FOR SALE…sorry but just not.  And “NO” I don’t want your pile of shrapnel unsellable 11 string Ukranian bassses for this….


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Taku SAKASHTA 17″ Archtop – Loaded with BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD!

Taku SAKASHTA 17″ Archtop – Loaded with BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD!

Taku Sakashta masterpiece!  An impossibly rare custom 17″ Archtop from a 1-owner collection.  Amazing story accompanies this piece.  The owner inherited a Brazilian Rosewood bed; Taku was SO interested in the wood that he took in the entire bed in partial exchange for this piece.  SO this very guitar has genuine FURNITURE GRADE BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD !  Taku used the rest of the wood in other pieces.  The top is German Spruce.

ALL the dark woods shown are the Furniture Grade Brazilian Rosewood.  Board, Tailpiece, Binding, Bridge, Neck Heal, Headstock overlays and pickguard.

The final product weighs just 5lb-10oz.  IT literally took 4.5 years to complete showing the perfectionist work ethic Taku embodied.

The tailpiece is totally floating and it is custom created to match the curvature of the top & allow for a strap.

Even the pot for the single volume control is a super expensive one from a medical device company.  No expense was spared here.  Nothing but the finest in details, woods and of course craftsmanship.

Custom form fit Calton Case is included of course.

The only consideration of note is the owner had Taku inlay his name at the 12th fret. Most will elect to keep this feature as a sign of provenance; however, it is an easy task for your luthier (at your expsense and risk) to swap this out for the inlay of your choice.

This piece has no fretwear and no repairs.  Only the very slightest faint ‘contact’ hairline swirls on the back (NO not buckle rash…just touch swirls from super light contact).

Whether you are a player, artist or collector THIS is an investment grade piece for your collection.  You many never have this opportunity to acquire another.  Total 1-off.

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2004 Taku SAKASHTA Jam Master Custom – Collector Clean !

2004 Taku SAKASHTA Jam Master Custom – Collector Clean !

2004 Taku Sakashta Jam Master Custom 24-Fret Semi.   THE rarest of Taku’s offerings.   The woods and intricate construction will awe even non-guitarists.   1-owner from a smoke free environment with Calton Case.   No issues and no repairs.  WOW is the only word to describe the tone…spongy springy warm organic and snappy all at the same time.  This is a nuance player’s DREAM.  The Dumble of guitars in your hands.  You will likely NEVER find another.

Simply stated, this truly is playable art.  Sadly there will be no more of these produced and the VERY few that exist are locked in collections.  This is a 1-owner piece from a smoke free environment.  Barely played.  Original Hardshell Case that is a work of art itself.

People often aske me what I believe to be the most collectible and investment worthy modern pieces…..Sakashta Guitars are always my answer.

The solidbodies which are more readily available have sold in the mid-and upper-$40k’s.  We have placed several.  The Jam Master Custom was a higher and more costly offering.  There were only A COUPLE EVER PRODUCED.  The condition of this piece is near mint with just the lightest of ‘touch’.  Don’t let this pass you by and forever wonder when it will resurface.

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1989 PRS CU24 in Bonni Pink!  All Original Collector Condition

1989 PRS CU24 in Bonni Pink! All Original Collector Condition

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Super rare 1989 PRS Custom in Bonni PInk with a WOW tight flame.  Weighs just 7lb-12oz.  Vintage Bass & HFS pickup.  Original Case.  Trem bar and truss adjustment tool in case included.   Nonsmoking collector owned.  Bird inlays.  Brazilian Rosewood Board.  All what you look for in a piece to keep and cherish.

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2005 GVCG Esquire / Tele : 6lb-13oz

Early GVCG Esquire from the days when Jonathan was creating these with Fender logos!  IT has the trademark “rooster” in the neck pocket clearly identifying this piece as a GVCG.

This was professionally converted to a Telecaster…but relaaaaaxxxxx….no holes were drilled……the original guard & caps are included!  So YOU WIN!  I prefer having 2 pickups but if you only want one then it’s all there for you.


LIGHT weight at just 6lb-13oz.  Have to LOVE the resonance of this piece.  The early GVCGs are the play.  I had the ‘reissue 1’ versions and they are fine guitars but not to the same level of WOW as the early versions.


This does NOT come with the ‘patch’ but it is a 2005 from what I can gather.

Buy from THE trusted source for boutique gear.  For over 13 years, PrimeGuitars (an internet store) has served THOUSANDS of customers! We search the WORLD for the coolest hard to find clean gear.  Why take a chance buying from some ‘random’?

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2008 Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary KORINA Tribute Les Paul – SPLIT HEADSTOCK VERSION!

Just 7lb-9oz!  This is an extremely limited edition 2008 Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary Les Paul Korina Tribute. NOTICE THE SPLIT HEADSTOCK.   Excellent Condition with Factory Case & Certificate of Authenticity & Tag.  From smoke free environment.

1-Piece TOP!


These guitars sound like the dream “tele on steroids”.  Wonderful midrange with that clear high and low end.  Most korina guitars are scooped sounding….THIS ONE has the RARE midrange!

Excellent Condition with no fretwear.  Neck is a wonderful .905″ – 1.03″ “C” profile.  This is number 17 of a super limited series.

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2018 Echopark Clarence Case Study – Macassar Ebony/Korina – BRAND NEW

Brand New – 2018 – Authorized Dealer – Full Warranty

This is a WOW guitar.   Think about being able to get something that is a piece of functional art.  Think about it being made by a builder to the stars.  Look at the special woods that most can’t even gain access to. Now think about what a stamped out ‘masterbuilt’ Fender sells for…or a plasticized PRS….and get this for the same or less than something that is made by mass customization.  If you look through my lens you will quickly realize what bargains EchoPark Case Study Guitars are.

This piece is one I’m not anxious to part with.  You can see all the specs in the PICTURES (see the sheet there).  I know you want info NOW so here…enough drama already:

  • 1-Piece Korina Back
  • Old Stock Bookmatched MACASSAR EBONY TOP
  • 1-Piece Flame Maple Neck
  • Old Stock Striped Gabon EBONY BOARD
  • .865″ – .945″ C-Profile Neck
  • Jescar Medium Frets
  • 1.66″ Width & 12″ Radius
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • EP Hum and J-Master Pickups
  • Bigsby B5
  • .033 Paper-in-Oil NOS Cap
  • Ivroid Binding
  • Polished Nitro Finish (THIN)
  • Just 8lb-6oz


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