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VALUE ALERT:  1962 Gibson

VALUE ALERT: 1962 Gibson

VALUE ALERT: Not ours but ISN’T THIS COOL! We think this is a WOW piece and you should check it out! Certain parts of the vintage market are getting to be DEALS vs. modern guitars….this is such a piece.  Again, this belongs to another dealer but we believe in showing marketplace value…so I am highlighting this piece.


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2010 Gilyaron LP – Premium Top & Reclaimed Wood

2010 Gilyaron LP – Premium Top & Reclaimed Wood

Impossibly rare Gilyaron LP from 2010 when these were at their peak!  Upgraded Top!  Reclaimed Woods.  Just 8lbs on the button. Nonsmoking environment.  Un-aged with just a touch of wear in a couple of spots.  This has a BALANCED tone….VERY large sounding instrument with a nice tight full bass AND mids while the highs come through without being piercing and unpleasant.

I’ve had many Yarons and this ranks up there amongst the best.  Just look at the top on this one!  I took pictures outside because when I take them inside people always write ‘outside pics”…I think they are asking me to post them… I send them but never hear back…maybe ‘outside pics’ is code for “My name is Vaneeshia and I will vanish the second I send you off to do a task I don’t really care about”… now I’m sure I’ll get “inside pics” as a question.


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Detemple Strat (Early period when Mike himself made them all)

HALL-OF-FAME TONE ALERT.  I have had 50+ Detemples…when I tell you one sounds amazing then one should listen up…THIS sounds amazing.  It sounds BIG…BIG like a set of steer horns on a Caddy in TX big…..BIG.  EVERY NOTE is BIG and fat.  Story goes like this…years ago I got this in.  A local customer inquired and told me he’d buy it if it sounded better than his boutique strat.  This was up for the challenge…not only did it beat the incumbant, the buyer ended up acquiring several other Detemples from me as a result.

Years later, this piece emerges virtually unused since it was acquired.  It weights in at just 7-00 which is about as light as I’ve seen a Detemple.  It is loaded with Titanium saddles and a Titanium Trem Block.  JUST LOOK at the 1-piece Ash body.  Have to drool over the 1-piece flame maple neck.

You can see all the specs & condition in the 3rd picture.  But specs are just specs….REALITY IS what no spec can define.  THIS guitar belongs with someone who always wanted a FAT SUSTAINING LUSH sounding Strat.  Is that you?…or do you want thin ice picky and pencil dick notes (LOL).

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2010 PRS McCarty 53/10 Ltd Ed 1-of-25 with PRIVATE STOCK TOP

Just in from a collection…2010 PRS McCarty Ltd Edition 1-of-25 53/10 Private Stock Top McCarty.  This was a run of guitars that featured PERUVIAN Mahogany Necks along with PRIVATE STOCK tops.  The 53/10 Pickups featured NOS wire.  The finish was a super thin V12.  These were scooped up because they were basically 1/2 the price of a Private Stock.

This piece comes with the hang tag, unsigned warranty card, stickers and Original Hardshell ‘paisley” material case.  It weights just 7lb-06oz.  Very hard to find any wear on this piece.  It is super clean and even smells new.   Tonally, this is THE PRS to consider because the tone is FAT and THICK.  It sounded equally impressive through vintage Fenders and modern amps too.


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Lentz Reserve “Hyde Park” Tele – Double Bound

Lentz Reserve Tele “Hyde Park” that is JUST BACK from a FACTORY RECONDITIONING!   Read on folks!  Let me say that this instrument is THE single best playing Tele I’ve had in the store.  Is it the instrument itself or Scott’s magnificant setup/re-necking (read on)?….I don’t know but I DO know that it plays like nothing I’ve owned.  Got your interest?….

So this instrument was traded to me back in November; at that time I discovered that the neck had been shaved down to .77″…now rather than pulling the old “it was like that when I got it”, I took the advice of a dear friend and contacted Scott Lentz.  I explained the situation and Scott was AMAZING.  Scott said they had a super-flamey Reserve neck and could easily re-neck the guitar/set it up and get it back to me.  I was blown away that they would take the time and love to do such a thing.

Well, sure enough the Lentz team brought this baby back.  It has a BRAND NEW satin finish FLAME MAPLE NECK with Med/Hvy frets.  The neck is a C shape with a .875″ – 1.01″ depth and 1-11/16″ Width.  I can tell you it plays super smoothly and fast.  I have always LOVED Lentz guitars and say they are the STANDARD of the boutique guitar world…this would be the Hall-of-Fame example.


Tonally it is a dream to hear.  It has that sustaining full note that blooms and sticks out.  You can play as fast as you like and the guitar keeps up.  You can di in and it responds.  The body has a couple of surface dings and some light contact surface hairline swirls…but nothing that should scare anyone away.  Read my feedback from actual buyers and see 2100+ positive glowing reviews about getting clean gear at reasonable prices.

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2016 Ronin Mirari – Ruby Red Slipper finish

2016 Ronin Mirari in hauntingly beautiful RUBY RED SLIPPER finish!  I was Ronin’s only stocking dealer and sold scores of their instruments.  This was ordered by my store and purchased by a local customer who hand selected it vs. all the others I had in stock at that time.  The color is both unique and exquisite.

Every Ronin sounds different…even within the same model.  This particular Mirari stood out as having a nice large warm footprint to compliment tne clear stringy inherent flavor of the design.

YOU CAN SEE THE COMPLETE SPECS & CONDITION IN THE 3RD PICTURE…but for those who want a summary of the summary:

  • SOGR Old Growth Redwood Body
  • Just 6lb-14oz
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • 1-11/16″ Nut Width
  • C .90″ – .95″ Neck Profile
  • Stew Mac 154 Wide/High Frets
  • 12 Radius
  • Foilbuckers with Coil Splitting
  • Nitro Finish
  • Couple of nitro finish checks.
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Hahn 229 Strat – Custom Built for ME

Custom 1-off Hahn 229 Strat that was made for ME back in 2010.  Just an amazing instrument that rings and sustains like few I’ve had in the store.  This one was a great story.  I waited a long time for this…it arrived on a day when I had a customer in….the customer was trying strats.  Well one look at this and the customer said ‘hey can I check that out”….well the rest was history.  He HAD to have it…I mean HAD to.  So I sold it to him for what I paid…and he kept it virtually unplayed all this time.  When it was time for him to move it along I jumped at the chance to grab it back.

It resided in a nonsmoking home environment and was never gigged.  YES it has the Original Hardshell Case.  YES it has the Certificate of Authenticity & Build/Spec Sheet.

You can see all the specs and condition in the 3rd picture…but I know you won’t look so here is a summary.

Summary of Specs :  See 3rd Picture for Complete Rundown:

  • ALDER Body
  • 1-Piece Maple Nec
  • 6105 Frets
  • Fralin Vintage hot Pickups
  • Callaham Bridge
  • NITRO finishg
  • Stainless Steel Neck Plate
  • Soft V Neck Profile
  • CTS Pots
  • 1.67″ Nut Width (measured w calipers)
  • Compound Radius
  • Soft V Neck Profile
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Most people know that PrimeGuitars is a web based store specializing in the hardest to find boutique guitars/amps.  Been in business 11 years.  Sold over 50 Detemples and 50 D’Pergos.   I am pretty confident that I know a great guitar.

This 2007 Detemple was MY personal tele for many many years.  I only had ONE tele and THIS was it.  I could have kept anything that passed through my store.  Why this one?    For me this particular tele had something that none of the others did.  Overtones combines with a plunkiness (think like a kick drum in a guitar note) that I just found so intoxicating.   Each note just punches through the amp then rings on.  This is not an overpowering guitar.  It is not nasty ‘nail spitting’ raspy.  It is musical and beautiful.   It PUSHES effects perfectly but does not in and of itself rasp out your tone.

The instrument has lived in a nonsmoking home studio for its entire life.  That being said, it has wear on it.  Definitely natural relic.  It is at the point where it is COOL and not overdone…and what I like is it isn’t just one nick that destroys perfection. It is honest loving wear that is on the guitar.


Of course this comes with the original case.  The neck is a WONDERFUL soft V and man I just love it.  The notes just vibrate on Detemples and this is no exception.   Also, this is a pretty unique trans-white.  I happen to LOVE the color.  Also, the neck is probably the flamiest I’ve seen on a detemple.  This is truly a special piece.

I have priced it extremely fairly given the wear. 

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1994 PRS McCarty w Small Logo

Beautiful PRS McCarty from 1994.  This rare piece features the highly desired SMALL LOGO.  The guitar weights just 7lb-08oz and comes with the original hardshell case.  This piece lived in nonsmoking environments and is in EXCELLENT condition (SEE the 3rd PICTURE FOR A COMPLETE RUNDOWN).

Those early McCarty Guitars were classics & that is why people scoop them up and hoard them.  Tonally they were fat and thick.  Great necks and great sustain.

These are true bargains in the PRS World and continue to be quietly accumulated by those in the know.  Simple elegance with tone as good as any guitar or series Paul has ever put out.

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2017 PRS DGT w Artist Package

2017 PRS DGT with the Artist Package.  WOW clean condition from a nonsmoking environment.  Of course it comes with the custom form fit original hard case.  YES of course it has the trem bar (I know you NEED to know that).  Warranty card and some other stuff included.   It is super clean and barely played.

You can see all the specs & a detailed runthrough of condition if you look at the 3rd picture.  NOTE BOARD IS EBONY. 

Save some serious dough on a guitar that most would grade as Mint.  See my feedback.  1600+ on ebay and almost on 700 Reverb.   We are an online store and have been serving the boutique guitar community for 11 years.  Our specialty is clean high end instruments sold at a fraction of the cost of a new one.   We don’t warranty things like setups so please know that up-front.

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Chapin Strata-houla

Chapin Strata-houla

Impossibly rare Chapin Strata-Houla with a unique combination of woods.  For those in the know, Bill Chapins guitars are highly sought after.  Each one was painstakingly created by a luthier…not stamped out.  No two are the same.  These rarely resurface from collections because they in the hands of folks who have tried everything under the sun and realize CHAPINS represent fight well above their weight.

This instrument is in Excellent Condition and is from a nonsmoking environment. Fresh strings and setup from prior owner.   Here are the Specs:

  • Mahogany Body
  • Mahogany Neck C Profile .835″-.935″
  • Ebony Board
  • 12 Radius
  • 1.65″ Width
  • Med/Lg Frets (uncertain of excatly which variety)
  • Just 8lb-8oz
  • No foreswear
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • 5-Way
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • K-style tuners
  • Black Dog (Chapin) custom pickups:  VRO in neck & PROTO #3 in Bridge

Hard to find many flaws on this but I am certain you will try so we will grade it as Excellent to save you the hassle of bickering LOL.

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James Tyler USA Studio Elite “Burning Water Y2K”

James Tyler USA studio Elite “Burning Water Y2K” with Original Case, Original Bill of Sale & Trem Bar.  From a nonsmoking environment.  This piece has a Mamywo Body and it weights in at just 6lb-15oz.  Virtual Vintage pickups (singles) and a Duncan Jeff Beck in the Bridge.  I have to say I’ve had around 50 Tylers nad the Virtual Vintage are probably my favorite in the single positions.  VERY large and full sounding.  Factory Midboost and a C profile neck measuring .854″ – .986″.


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2012 New Orleans VOODOO CUSTOM

2012 New Orleans Voodoo Custom in EXCELLENT Nonsmoking Condition with Original Hardshell Case (Form Fit).

These guitars are handmade one-at-a-time by a luthier who personally selects each and every piece of wood.  No two are alike; each is a personal expression of art meets functionality.


THIS IS MY 2019 VALUE PICK OF THE YEAR.  Tonally this piece hangs with virtually anything in my inventory.  We have been doing this 11years with over 2200 positive feedbacks…our entire business is boutique guitars and amps.

For under $3k you can get a NECK THROUGH guitar. Made of Burled Maple & Black Korina.  Tone-Pros Bridge.  Great weight of 8.75 pounds.  Tonally it is FAT sounding and retains that snap and clarity I look for when I recommend an instrument.
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1996 Kiso-Klein DK-1 Acoustic     Indian RW & Sitka Spruce

1996 Kiso-Klein DK-1 Acoustic Indian RW & Sitka Spruce

I am a HUGE fan of Klein Guitars.  As a dealer in boutique instruments we always seek them out.  THIS is a wonderful acoustic that was created by Steve Klein in collaboration with top Japanese luthiers.  This was created by hand and not some stamped out wannabe.  The guitar is as beautiful to the eye as it is to the ear.   The low E string retains clarity and fits with the rest of the instrument (a quality I look for in top guitars).   Loaded with overtones and easy to play.  VERY responsive to changes in your picking dynamics.

In this day and age of expensive mass produced, why not step into a custom luthier created classic.  That’s what we stand for here…alternatives that are BETTER for the same or less than the mass produced.

The woods are Indian Rosewood & Sitka Spruce.  The nut is 44mm and the scale is 644mm.  This comes with the original hardshell case.  The issue of note is there is a slight ‘hazing’ or clouding to the finish; this is a common problem with this type of finish.   Aside from that it is super clean with maybe a couple of very tiny little surface dings.  We specialize in clean gear.  All of our sales are on the internet so we understand how important it is to reasonably describe our gear (check our feedback).

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2011 Fender Deluxe American V-Neck Strat

2011 Fender American “Deluxe V-Neck Stratocaster” with Original Hardshell Case, Warranty Card & Tags.  YES IT HAS THE TREM BAR.  From a nonsmoking environment.   USA Made and very quality instrument.  This sounds every bit as good as the high end Custom Shops that I get into the store.  I just LOVE the Noiseless N3 Pickups.  WONDERFUL especially when I tested this through my vintage amps and then my Fractal modeling amp.  If you record or play out you will LOVE these pickups.  They don’t lose any oomph and retain their high end AND they are noiseless.


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2010 Gibson Custom Shop GOLD BOOK 1960 LP RI (Ltd Edition) 50th Anniversary

Super Rare GOLD BOOK Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary 1960 RI Les Paul.  This is in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition (check the feedback for my store and buy with confidence).  It comes complete with the coveted GOLD BOOK Certificate of Authenticity, Tags and Unsigned Warranty Card.  Of course, it comes with the Black Gibson Form Fit Case (original of course).

This was part of an extremely limited edition to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the iconic 1960 LP.  The neck on this is damn full and not skinny to my feel.  People say there are several variations of the 1960 neck and that some are more like 59s (closer to them)…this might very well be the case in this example.


The weight is a perfect 8.5 pounds (8lb-9oz to be exact).  It features the original pickups and the guitar is unmolested with no mods and no repairs.  It is hard to find any flaws on this because it was owned by a collector and barely touched. We grade it as Excellent to avoid any disappointments.   The color on this is Sunset Tea Burst.

The customer who traded this in is known for grabbing a LOT of Les Pauls that he hand selects for his collection.  This will not disappoint.   Super sounding guitar and the color/flame is just breathtaking.

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James Tyler CLASSIC

2010 James Tyler USA Classic in FUNKY Carmel Cappuccino Shmear!  Extremely resonant instrument that gets both the Strat and LP tones with ease.  If you want ONE guitar then this is it.  I’ve had 50 Tylers and they are all special.  This one has a certain fatness i’ve not encountered often.  It is freaking BIG sounding.


Of course like all my guitars this comes from a smoke free environment.  It has the Original Hardshell Case & Spec Sheet.  Here are some other features:

  • Alder body
  • 7lb-08oz (SOLID)
  • Quartersawn Maple Neck
  • Indian Rosewood Board
  • .110″ x .055″ Frets
  • 1-5/8″ Nut
  • 9.5″ – 12″ Compound Radius
  • Standard ’59 C Profile Neck .845″ – .975″
  • JTS 5500 Single Coil Pickups & Sudebaker in Bridge
  • 5 Way
  • Trem with upgraded Raw Vintage Saddles
  • Pots changed by my tech
  • Prior Owner Sanded Off Part of the TYLER logo…not sure why but it’s no big deal and if you really cared you could get Tyler to pop a new one on.
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Scala Backbone in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition with Original Case.  This instrument features the coveted CF “Compression Free System”.  If you want the top of the line Super Strat then this is it.  Don’t settle for a stamped out guitar when you can have a one-off hand crafted masterpiece.


I’ve had a LOT of Scala Guitars and this is probably amongst my favorites. The guitar vibrates in your hand and it just plays SOOOOOO easily.  The contours are wonderful and the piece just sits perfectly against your body standing or sitting.

Here are some features:

  • Swamp Ash Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Heavy Frets
  • 1-5/8″ Width
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • 12″ Radius
  • D Profile Neck
  • CF Compression Free System
  • Arcane Phil X Pickups
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • 5-way
  • 7lb-09oz
  • SLAB Rosewood Board
  • Luthier Aged
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Tom Anderson ATOM – Unique Finish!

2006 Tom Anderson ATOM in what I believe might just be their coolest color to date.  This is finished in SHEER GOLD which is like a natural finish with a slight gold sparkle overlay.  Even the back of the guitar has a subtle sparkle in the right lights.  Very fresh indeed!  This guitar is from a Nonsmoking Environment and features its Original Hardshell Case.

I grade it as Excellent and you can see the 3rd picture for complete specs & a detailed condition.

Some features include:

  • 03-08-06P Build Date
  • Flame Maple Top & Mahogany Back
  • Mahogany Neck
  • 1-11/16″ Width
  • 12″ Radius
  • Indian Rosewood Board
  • M1/M1/H2 Pickups
  • 5 way with coil split
  • Just 7lb-03oz.
  • Heavy Frets
  • Comes with matching Tom Anderson Strap (tan)
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2018 SIGGI BRAUN Icarus – As New

If you like craftsmanship and you want a guitar that is a STEAL then try a Siggi Braun.  I’ve had several and they vibrate in your hands like almost nothing I’ve experienced.   Structural efficiency is evident in this instrument.  The strings are alive and the guitar naturally pushes your amp by translating energy through the chain.

This is priced to move but it is worth several times its asking price.  Consider the 5-Piece Neck of Maple & Walnut.  RThe Medium Heavy Stainless Frets.  Custom Pickups “Siggis Favorite XL” set.  Korina Body with a satin Dracary Burst that is the best color/finish I’ve seen in years.

The whole instrument weighs in at just 7lb-01oz and of course comes with it’s original hardshell case.  This piece was Brand New and acquired from an Authorized Dealer. I am selling it as Mint because I’m not an Authorized Dealer but know that our store instruments are kept in a humidity controlled vault.  We are an internet only dealer so our instruments are not played by every Saturday afternoon drop in looking to ‘check out’ some gear.


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2002 Fender SRV Stratocaster

2002 Fender SRV Stratocaster in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition with Original Case AND YES THE TREM BAR (in case but not pictured). These guitars are a tremendous value on the used market especially in this clean condition.  They are loud unplugged and amplified.  The pickups are powerful and clear without being mush.  The low E string stays nice and tight even when you pound on it. Great chimes from the in-between positions.  You can find other strats but this is tonally worth 3x its price.


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Fibenare Basic Jazz (Carved Top) w Rosewood Neck

Fibenare Guitars are the best value new in the marketplace.  Hand created one-at-a-time by 3 brothers using old world craftsmanship.  The tops are bookmatched Flame Maple and hand Carved.  Ghe backs is 1-piece Mahogany.  The neck is a 1-Piece Rosewood with a Satin Finish.  The Binding on the Neck is WOOD and the pickups are surrounded by WOOD rings.  The nut is BRASS for increased sustain.  Everything is thought out and details are ADDED not subtracted during the creation of these guitars.


This guitar is from a nonsmoking environment and comes with its original hardshell case.  It features hand wound pickups that are very similar to my ears to PAFs with just enough bite but with overarching clarity.  The overall weight of this instrument is just 7lb-07oz.  It truly is a work of playable art that is a financial steal in this condition used.  Think about it, you can’t purchase a stamped out CNC partscaster for this price. I’ve sold dozens upon dozens of Fibenares both New & Used (I am an Authorized Dealer). I believe in their products.

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Echopark LA ARROYO Case Study w/ BRAZ TOP – Brand New

Echopark La Arroya Case Study – whopping BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD TOP (Old Growth Bookmatched).  See why celebs play these guitars.  There are a lot of internet forum fave guitars…but ask yourself why doesn’t anyone actually use them?….well, because the celebs are choosing Echopark.


Consider these specs:

  • Just 8lb-9 oz
  • Old Growth LONG TENON Korina NECK
  • Old Stock ZIRCOTE fretboard
  • 1-Piece Old Stock MAHOGANY Body
  • Old Growth Bookmatched BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD TOP
  • Gold Dot MOP Markers
  • Bovine Bone Nut
  • Celluloid Tortoise Nitrate Guard
  • Medium C ’59 Profile Neck (.89″ – 1.04″)
  • Arcane custom wound pickups
  • Jescar 9055 Frets
  • 1-11/16″ Nut
  • Brand New with WARRANTY, Cert & Original Hardshell Case
  • 24.75″ Scale
  • Herringbone Purfling
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HYSTERIA Dharium – BRAND NEW Auth Dealer (Loaded with SPECS!)

Offset guitar lovers UNITE!  Here we have a Brand New (with Warranty) HYSTERIA Dharium in distressed white finish.  These hand crafted instruments are affordable luxury.  They are LOADED with top quality woods and construction.  Hysteria is a brand trying to carve out its niche…intro pricing is barely above costs in an effort to build awareness and gain a foothold.  Consider these specs:

  • 1-Piece Cedar Body (ruokangas and many high end users are turning to Cedar for its tonal properties and light weight).
  • Just 6lb-8oz
  • WENGE Fretboard
  • LOLLAR goldfoil pickups
  • HIPSHOT Locking Tuners
  • Custom machined “Hysteria” Bridge
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • 1.67″ Nut Width
  • “C” Profile Neck measuring .905″ – .99″ (think ’59 LP)
  • Factory Aging
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Hardshell Case
  • 12 Radius
  • Heavy Frets


The last one of these I got in sold in a few days.  Let’s get another into the hands of a loving owner. You can see I carry the highest end modern boutique guitars…I don’t carry junk….grab a bargain when you see one pal…you have been spoken to

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2015 Ronin Mirari – OUT OF PRODUCTION (Unobtainable)

Ahhh Ronin Guitars….what can I say that I haven’t already said.  They TRULY are ADDITIVE to any collection.  The proprietary foil pickups are so unlke anything you’ve heard.  Very open and convey SO much sonic information in a musical way.  They play extremely well with gainy amps too which is something one might not assume…so now you can assume…ok..

This one is a clean, nonsmoking specimen weighing just 7lb-03oz.  Of course it comes with its original hardshell case and Cert.  It has CTS Pots and NOS Paper In Oil Caps.  The Neck is a wonderful C shaped .905″ – .935″.   The nut width is 1-11/16″.  OH in case you’re wondering what those little buttons are near the control knobs….they allow COIL SPLITTING.  Imagine all the combinations of tones when you run in that middle position and add part neck with full bridge …you get the picture.  The result is a Swiss Army Knife of tones that will turn any mix into a fresh cut….wow what a pun.


Ronins are not currently made so the only way to obtain one is from a dealer.  I was Ronin’s only stocking dealer and sold over 40 of these guitars.  They are amazing instruments that should become collectible in short order.

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