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Collings Soco Deluxe w TV JONES & Bigsby

Collings Soco Deluxe in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with original Ameritage form fit hard case.  Just 7lb-10oz.  No fretwear.  Almost no wear.  Most would consider this Mint but we call it Mint “-“/Excellent “+” just to be good dudes.    Save some serious money on a guitar that would cost thousands more new…and likely have the same wear from shop play.


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2012 Thorn Deluxe Carve Top

Ron Thorn DELUXE CARVE TOP in Excellent Condition!  Set Neck featuring a 1-Piece SOLID Mahogany Body.  The carved curly maple top is also 1-piece!  The weight is just 7lb-13oz (it is SOLID not chambered).  This top is simply exceptional.  SO exceptional that the guard was never even installed (Not even holes drilled)….that is the sign of a top that the builder did NOT want to hide.  The board is BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD (sorry no Cities docs included).  The neck is a fantastic Medium C .94-.93 which you will find familiar whether you like LPs, PRS or Fenders.   The pickups are Ron’s own 80N & 86N.   Lastly, and of course, the guitar has a thin nitro finish.

Tonally this sounds like it has old PAFs in it…with just a touch of bit with the volume full on.  With the volume rolled off the tone is perfectly clear and not ‘farted out’.   The condition is outlined in a document you will find IN THE PICTURES.  Overall you can see the guitar is Excellent but upon closer inspection one will find some surface scratches and dings….nothing that I would deem significant. 

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2012 James Trussart RUSTY STEEL DEVILLE

James Trussart RUSTY STEEL DEVILLE in delicious “Rust-O-Magic” finish!  This piece features Arcane P90 Pickups and a Double Gig Bag (Trussart Logo of course!).  It is a 1-owner piece that was from a nonsmoking environment.  It is in Excellent condition and weighs just 8lb-8oz.

If you are lusting after a Trussart but want to avoid the ‘new guitar price hit’ then this one is for you.  Really hard to find any non-factory wear on this piece. It even comes with the unsigned Warranty Card & Certificate of Authenticity.   You’re probably already up on the specs…but in case you are not…then SEE THE PICTURES for a DETAILED SHEET WITH EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KNOW.  

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2013 Scala Vent Top Underdog

2013 Scala Vent Top Underdog!  Loaded with hand crafted features such as a carved top and hand chambered body.  This has the coveted ‘vent top’ with tiny sound holds carved between the body and top.  The result is just that perfect amount of air/fullness to the note.

Consider that this Scala has a 1-piece Mahogany hand carved body.  1-piece Mahogany Neck.  Arcane pickups.  G&G Hardshell case.  12″ Radius.  Grover Deluxe Tuners.   All this AND the weight comes in at an amazing 7lb-11oz.  No ‘give ups’ with this piece.


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Yanuziello – ENZO RED!

Near Mint conditiion YANZUZIELLO guitar in a fantastic ENZO RED finish.  This is my first Yanuziello and I can tell you they live up to the billing they’ve received.  These hand made artisan instruments are just so perfect tonally.  If you like full clear sustaining notes then you should lust after one of these.

The body is hollowed out maple.  The pickups are Lollar Gold Foils which have warmth and compliment the Maple.  Check out the flame on the 1-piece maple neck!  Speaking of necks this is a pefect .84″-.95″ C Profile with 1-11/16″ Width.  The Brazilian Board is beautiful in color and figure.  The frets look medium to me.  The weight is just 6lb-1oz.  Of course this piece comes with a form fit Ameritage Hard case.

You can see all the rest of the details in the pictures where I have prepared a Spec/Condition Sheet.

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2017 Hysteria T3 Silverback – Brand New

Hysteria Guitars is the new kid on the block…hand crafted 1-offs built with love and top quality components!  Stainless Steel is the foundation.  Oil rubbed maple necks for that worn in feeling. Lollar Pickups, Mastery Bridge, Graph Tech Nut.  Vintage Caps & CTS Pots.  Mono Case.   Think of a Trussart with Top Shelf Components at a fraction of the cost (intro pricing) and you get the drift.

This one really has a warm fundamental (semi-hollow) but those tele pickups give it the snap and chime you dream of.  Many thinlines disappoint because they become brittle and reflective…the whole point is to get them airy and open…THIS guitar achieves the objective matey!

See all the specs in the pictures where I have painstakingly prepared details! 

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2017 Ronin Badmoon – Copper Top finish! BRAND NEW!

2017 Badmoon (Ronin of course) in 1-off “Copper Top” finish!  This was build took almost 2 years.  As you know, Ronin is no longer taking custom orders…that means you can’t even get one if you wanted one.  I have the last new ones available (and I waited too).

This one features Master Grade Old Growth Salvaged Redwood body.  Tonally it is what Maple/Mahogany WISHED it could sound like.  Honduran Mahogany neck.  Ronin Foil Pickups. Weighs JUST 5lb-6oz!  Neck profile is a perfect ’59 LP shape C of .89″ to .94″

You can see the rest of the specs in the pictures…but if yoiu want clear cleans….strings to sound through…warmth and playability….TRY a badmoon.  I have spoken!


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2017 HYSTERIA T3 Gold Tank – Brand New

Exciting new brand in town….HYSTERIA Guitars!  Hand crafted with genuine STAINLESS STEEL.  You like unique?  You like 1-Off?  You like spanky cleans and airy leads?  You need to step outside of the box!  Think of these as a James Trussart at 2/3 of the price with CUSTOM features and top quality components.  Get the picture?


Here is a sampling of the components used in these fine instruments:

  • Lollar Gold Foil Pickups
  • Mastery Bridge
  • Custom Tuners
  • Vintage Caps
  • CTS Pots
  • Graph Tech Nut
  • Mono Padded Gig Bag

Amazing instrument worthy of any player or collection.  Be one of the first in at intro prices!  I’m proud to be an Authorized Dealer!

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Driskill Diablo : Rare Early Model!

Rare Early DRISKILL Diablo.  This was hand crafted by Joe himself before he started making his own hardware!  Check out the Abalone Dots!  1-Piece Honduran Mahogany Body!  Mann Trem.  PRS Tuners!  PRS Vintage Bass & HFS Standard Treble Pickups (Early Ones too!).  5-Way Rotory Switch.

Think PRS without the plastic bottle coating…and with organic tone…that’s what this is. Add unique styling and 1-off creation and you have yourself something that others can’t replicate.

Sounds HUGE.  VERY thick and full in the bottom end.  The pickup combinations allow you to nail virtually any tone you seek.  Volume knob really allows you to dial in grit to spank.


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1996 PRS Rosewood Limited (#10 of 100)

1996 PRS Rosewood Limited.  This extremely limited edition was just 100 pieces (this is #10).  VERY few were made in trans-black.  This guitar is from a nonsmoking 1-owner environment.  As you can see it comes with the Certificate of Authenticity, Stickers, Unsigned Warranty Card and Brochures.  YES, it also comes with the original form fit LEATHER case.

The specs are all stock.  McCarty Bass & Treble pickups, Scraped Binding, Gold Hardware, East Indian Rosewood Neck, Multi-part Inlaid Fretboard.  This piece weighs in perfectly at 8lb-6oz.

The wear is extremely light.  There are 2 spots where the gold finish is slightly worn (on the bridge pickup under the low E string and on the bridge post near the low E string).  There are extremely fine “feather” type surface marks (not into finish…just the kind you see in the light) on the top under the high E string…and a few on the back.

The only issue of note is one you wouldn’t note unless I was given a note…follow?  The original owner got a ding in the top…he is meticulous…it bothered him.  A few years later, this PRS lover purchased a PRS Dragon from a PRS Employee…the deal was that the Dragon would be purchased if the PRS Employee could take the Rosewood LTD and get the ding out of the top.  The deal was struck and a bit later, woosh…gone.  I’ve been over this thing and I simply can not tell that anything was done…or what WAS done.  Just there is no ding.   I am telling you because I am in possession of knowledge and therefore feel it is my duty…but honestly, if you can find the repair you’re better than I am.

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2015 Bludotone Bludo-Drive

2015 Bludotone Bludo-Drive

Bludotone Bludo-Drive head in Near Mint non-smoking condition! This is a 100w model. Love the unique color combo on this piece. Works as it should with no mods or repairs. No stories just a fantastic piece that will capture every nuance of your playing. Buy with confidence from a store with 10-years of experience dealing in the hardest to find gear on the planet.

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2017 Ronin Badmoon – BRAND NEW

Brand New 2017 Ronin Badmoon in sexy Gloss Black!  This is one of the last 2 Badmoons in production (I have a Copper finish Badmoon coming soon).  Build time is over 18 months ….BUT…Ronin is NO LONGER taking custom orders.  Odds of more Badmoons is slim because they take several times the work to craft than a typical Mirari or Morningstar.

The result is something from another dimension. The master-grade old growth redwood (from Ronin’s secret stash) is aged to perfection.  Tonally it creates what maple/mahogany wishes it could.  Redwood sounds like the perfect blend of organic and crisp whereas the typical gibson sandwich is like 2 extremes fighting.

The Ronin Foilbucker is a perfect complement to the woods.  This pickup isn’t like the Lollar or flavor-of-the-week “foils” you may have seen.  These are custom built from the ground up.  The tone is like a microphone matched with a PAF and a Tele Pickup.  Just captures every piece of tonal information you can muster.  Nuance is captured remarkably.  I stand by my assertion that Ronin’s are the most exciting new guitar in a decade.

For more Specs see the pictures where I have included a detailed sheet. 

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2016 Nachocaster Tele!

Featherweight Nachocaster “T” guitar made in 2016.  This beauty weighs in at just 6lb-5oz!  Wonderfull full ’52 Medium D Neck profile measuring in at .86″-to-1.02″.  Fat neck = fat tone and this holds true with this piece.  You will love the realistic relic job on this guitar.  It doesn’t look like it was demo’d by a Jiffy Lube team…rather, the piece was painstakingly reliced by the guy tho literally ‘wrote the book’ on Fender Blackguards


This comes complete with the Original Hardshell Case.  It is a 1-owner nonsmoking piece.  Included are the CD & DVD as well as a Certificate of Authenticity and the leather pouch.  The pickups are “Early 50s replice 6.51k NECK & 7.84k BRIDGE…I have heard that Ron Ellis winds pickups for Nacho….can’t confirm this fact though.  1-5/8″ Nut and 9.5” Radius.  Medium Frets.  Guitar is wired in Series…i LOVE the middle position tone which is like a humbucker but still with that Fenderesque signature.

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2005 John English ’59 Strat Relic

2005 Fender John English Strat ’59 Relic Strat.  This guitar was issued under the very Limited Edition Master Design series.  THIS guitar was made BY JOHN himself.  These facts are confirmed by Fender (via email which I would provide buyer upon request); you can ever contact Fender to confirm.  There were 2 versions of this model…team built and John English built.  The latter featured JE in the serial number.  This is serial number JE071.    The “JOHN” built models sold for thousands more than the team built (today the John built models are collectible).

This guitar features an Alder Body & Maple Neck.  FAT 50s Pickups.  9.5″ Radius & 25.5″ Scale.  It comes with the original hardshell case, Certificate of Authenticity & Strap/Candy.  It weighs 7lb-5oz.  To the best of my ability I can only find factory simulated wear on this.  The guitar is nonsmoking 1-owner.  Most would grade it as mint.


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Ruokangas Unicorn – Features “Exceptional Arctic Birch Top”

The ULTIMATE Ruokangas Unicorn Classic. This piece is simple exceptional. It is tricked out with upgrades that take it to another level. Let’s start with the cool stuff:

  • “Exceptional Arctic Birch Top” – $3000 EURO UPGRADE
  • Ebony Pickguard $400 UPGRADE
  • Nitro Top / Satin Finish Back

Now the regular stuff:

  • Weight: 8lb-5oz
  • Solid Body (Not Chambered)
  • 12″ Radius
  • 24.75″ Scale
  • “C” Boatneck
  • Jumbo NICKEL SILVER frets (Many Unicorns have Stainless)
  • Ebony Board
  • Cert & Build Pictures
  • Unicorn Custom Pickups
  • 3 Way (no coil splitting)

Custom ordering this with import duties and shipping would be in the $11,000s. You can save thousands on a guitar most showrooms would sell as new.

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2016 Tyler Burning Water 2k

Here is a great opportunity to grab a fresh, barely played, nonsmoking James Tyler Burning Water 2K and save $1400 from new.  This one is a case queen and smells new.  The owner wanted something rare that I got in and had to move this to grab that.  This piece comes with everything it should…Original Hardshell Logo G&G Case, Book, Spec Sheet and Tag (yes the trem arm too…).

Specs are just what buyers look for.  Solid Mamywo Body.  1-5/8″ Width and compound 10″-14″ Radius.  Locking Hipshot Tuners.  Standard ’59 Neck Profile 845″ to .975″.  Heavy Frets.  JTS5500 Single Coils & a SUPER Bridge Pickup.

The weight?…7lb-7oz.   The guitar is SOLID construction (not chambered).  Oh, there is the Midboost too.

Overall you would be hard pressed to find a better deal on a guitar most showrooms would sell as new.

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2016 Trainwreck Express – Genuine Trainwreck

2016 Trainwreck Express – Genuine Trainwreck

First off, let me start by addressing the question of “Is this an ACTUAL Wreck”. YES, this is a GENUINE Trainwreck Express built in 2016 by JM. For those who know, JM was Kenny’s close friend and spent years working with Kenny out of love for tone (and fun). JM never intended to take this role on; however, Kenny’s family entrusted JM with the honor & responsibility of carrying on Kenny’s legacy.

I custom ordered this in 2015 and received it in 2016. Not certain if you can order one anymore. JM is someone I’ve known for 15 years. I would hold him up as on of a handful of people who I trust when it comes to understanding tone. He has spent thousands of hours testing thousands of tubes in scores of amps.

In this amp, captured what I wanted. A Wreck that was thick tonally and touch sensitive with the ability to achieve classic rock to slightly more aggressive tones. Of course, the amp needed to clean up with a simple roll off of the volume. Lastly, the amp had to be responsive to tube swaps (like my real Wreck and others I’ve played). I can tell you JM didn’t nail it…he created ANOTHER in the short line of Trainwrecks Expresses.

I almost purchased 8 Wrecks from a single collector last summer…I love these amps. This was my personal amp. For some reason I just don’t play very much for pleasure anymore. I spend most of my time testing gear with my vintage Fender/Vox library to help customers understand what they’re getting.

This amp belongs in the hands of someone who understands what they are getting & appreciates that they are not spending $44k. Just please don’t request gut shots. I just don’t believe in that sort of thing with modern amps. If it were a vintage Marshall then sure but not a new issue amp.

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One of the rarest pedals on the planet, the Pete Cornish SUPER CHORUS is coveted for a reason. I’ve had a zillion pedals. These are the most transparent, period. Listen to the chorus and hear your amp….not dark or muddy or thinned out. The modulation is very organic yet it doens’t overpower the amp’s original tone. Simply put, there is a reason people wait years and years for these.

This Super Chorus is 1-owner and from a nonsmoking environment. The seals are NOT broken. It does NOT have the instruction manual. It WILL come with a power cord.

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MAX Singlecut

MAX Singlecut

Genuine MAX Singlecut in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition. This is likely the last guitar Max himself made (not a kit). Documented and papers included. This guitar is light weight at just 8lb-4oz. The pickups are Ron Ellis. There are many 50s parts that the original owner acquired from Uncle Lou (documentation provided). I have to say this is a kick ass piece.

Serious buyers can email me or text me: 703-919-0194 with questions. I’m happy to help you and provide all the information I can on this rare piece.

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2016 Scott Lentz RESERVE

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Lentz Guitars are the standard by which boutique F-style instruments are judged. I’m not saying they are the best…but many would argue that…I AM saying that they are widely regarded as Fantastic and a cut above the names you hear. That reputation is one that has lasted since the beginning of this boutique guitar revolution.

Not satisfied to keep doing ‘fantastic’, Mr L set out to create a guitar that would wow even the most critical skeptic…the Lentz Reserve class is such an instrument.

Hand selected Cabinet Aged Ash body with a HIGHLY flamed “Soft V” snaped Maple Neck measuring .88″ at the 1st fret. Lentz Alnico 5 pickups measuring in the high-5ks. Nitro Finish (of course), and hand created. The result is a definite step up on a guitar I myself didn’t think could be bettered. Aesthetics alone warrant the price, but somehow it actually sounds larger and more robust overall. Just that extra X% that the crazed amongst us spend all their time trying to get at….this has it.

See the PICTURES for a SPEC/CONDITION sheet with all the info you desire such as weight and measurements.

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Ron Kirn Signature BARNBUSTER

Ron Kirn Signature BARNBUSTER in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with original padded rectangular case & book.  Really versitile instrument that was custom ordered with a Nashville style switching & locking tuners. The neck is a “C” measuring approx .84 to .90″.  Save a lot of money on a guitar that most would call mint.


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2007 D’Pergo Aged Vintage Classic – Excuse free…

I just got in this luscious D’Pergo Aged Vintage Classic. This S-style is ridiculously light at just 6lb-14oz. The guitar comes complete with its original G&G Hardshell Form Fit Case, Certificate of Authenticity, Build Sheet & Hang Tag. The instrument is extremely clean with no “Stories” or “Upgrades”.

The AVC features a 1-piece Certified Old Growth Maple Neck with a .99 Custom Offset Shape. The body is Aged River Recovered Ash. Mr D makes almost everything on this guitar. The pickups are D’Pergo Aged 50s. To my ears they are more lively and have MUCH less of a dull/aged magnet tone than almost every other AVC I’ve owned (and I’ve owned dozens).

I know Mr D doesn’t like when I say I’m an expert….I never actually said that…I actually said I love these instruments and acquire them whenever I can. I’ve sold more than anyone but him and therefore feel perhaps I have some level of experience to offer potential buyers. If this resonates with you as a buyer then feel free to contact me and we can talk pros/cons. If not, you can stick to Snapchatting randoms.


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2015 Collings I35 LC – Custom Built for CR Guitars

2015 Collings 1-off I35LC. This guitar was built for CR Guitars as a collaboration between CR & Bill Collings. It features several custom features intended to bring this modern masterpiece closer to its vintage roots. For example, the guitar’s neck has rolled shoulders. The binding is on the board but no on the neck. The knobs and switch tip are slightly aged.

My favorite feature is the SLAB Grain Laminate Maple Top that Bill Collings hand picked for this guitar.

The overall condition is Excelllent and it’s from a nonsmoking environment. The only real issues of note are a small finish chip on the very tip of the headstock. Also, the pickups were professionally swapped out for Fralin P92s (sorry originals not included) and the P92s are a perfect compliment for the open woody format. To my ears the result is a more stringy effect to the tone. Well done original owner guy.


Yes, this guitar comes with its original hardshell form fit case & Certificate. The condition is Excellent and I outline in great detail (see pictures for the sheet I prepare).

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2012 Berumen Flat Top 2 Pickup – Wolfetones

2012 Berumen Flat Top 2 Pickup model.  I’m so impressed by the quality that goes into these instruments ESPECIALLY at this price point.  Wolfetone Legend Pickups, Tone Pros Bridge, Kluson Deluxe Tuners.  Hand crafted and uniquely designed.  These guitars sound and play like the big boys at a fraction of the price.  This particular guitar has a wider-than-typical neck width. The string spacing is a bit inside the neck width but still wider than what you’ll typically find.


Yes, this guitar comes with its original hardshell form fit case & Certificate.  The condition is Excellent and I outline in great detail (see pictures for the sheet I prepare).

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2013 Tom Anderson “The Classic”

2013 Tom Anderson “The Classic” in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  The guitar comes with its original hardshell form fit case & Cert.  Also included is a receipt from the Tom Anderson Factory that outlines upgrades made to the guitar by the original owner in summer of 2016.  The upgrades include a change to Pearloid Plastic, changing the bridge pickup to H2+, addition of a VA switch & a reshaping of the neck.   The guitar is a virtual Swiss Army Knife of tones.  The VA switch gives you different flavors within each setting.   The 5-Way gets you Quack to Snarl.



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