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The underdog of the boutique guitar world…New Orleans Guitars.  Why do people spend so much more for guitars that can’t touch a New Orleans.  Hand carved by one man. Hand selected premium woods.  Hand carved tops.  Wood bindings.  Light weight.  Amazing clarity and tone.  People fall over themselves to acquire guitars that are plasticized wall ornaments when they could just get the real magilla.

This Voodoo Custom is in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with it’s original hardshell form fit case.  Just 8lb-4oz.  A premium Curly Redwood Top (Carved) and contoured Ash body.  5-Piece Maple/Mahogany Neck with what I believe is a Rosewood Board (could be Ebony).  Dimarzio pickups specially selected to complement these guitars.

If you have been around the block, stop banging your head against the same old walls….the depreciation has already been taken by the person who purchased it new.  You really have very little to lose while stepping UP in guitar.

See the attached Spec/Condition sheet for all the details.

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1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior – Vintage w Orig Case

1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior – Vintage w Orig Case

What he have here is….just a 1954 Gibson Les Paul Junior!  yes it is a vintage not reissue for those who feel the need to clarify (like those people who raised their hands in 5th grade …and the teacher said there are no dumb questions…but then they ask what time the 12 o’clock recess is…and you all at that moment realize there ARE dumb questions….

Ok so this piece is a great player’s condition instrument.  Here are the important points:

  1.  It does NOT have a headstock repair.
  2. It HAS been refinished
  3. The pickup IS original
  4. Tuners are REPLACEMENTS (Orig in case)
  5. Case is ORIGINAL but sides chipped off in many areas.
  6. Frets ARE original
  7. There is checking under the overspray & some chips on the guitar finish.
  8. Bridge appears original
  9. YES there is the piece of tape in the control cavity.

Great guitar that really screams.  I purchased it as ‘all original’ but had an expert opine and thus you save some money while getting a fantastic instrument.  I have lots of pictures.  I’m not wanting to get nitpicked about whether the screws are in the right original holes so the guitar is sold ‘as is’.  Happy to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge.  I’d say grab this for the price of a broken headstocked repaired one..and enjoy.

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2014 Suhr Classic Antique

2014 Suhr Classic Antique featuring an Alder body & Roasted Maple Neck.  Weighing just 7lb-6oz this nonsmoking instrument was lovingly cared for.  The guitar was custom ordered with a Reunion Leather & Canvas bag which will accompany it during shipping.  Other specs include an Even C .84-.92″ Neck & comp0und 9-12″ Radius.    The Nut is 1.65″ and there is an Indian RW board.

This Suhr features light factory aging.  I can not find any ‘nonfactory’ aging on it but have graded it as Excellent just to be conservative.   There are 3 ML Standard Pickups and Suhr Locking Tuners.  Heavy frets and a trem.

Here is your chance to grab a great clean instrument at a fraction of its price new.

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Three Monkeys Sock Monkey Head & 1-12″ Cab

Three Monkeys Sock Monkey Head & 1-12″ Cab

Three Monkeys “Sock Monkey” head and 1-12″ Combo. Comes with a Celestion G12M Speaker.

This amp is very clean and comes from a nonsmoking environment.  It works as it should and the tubes appear to be almost new condition.  Save some serious dough on a classic amp.

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Jason Z Schroeder – “Copper Chopper”

Custom 1-off “Copper Chopper” by Jason Z Schroeder.  Note, this is not a PBG instrument but rather one crafted by the man himself..further….it’s a custom order 1-off!  This guitar weighs in at just 7lb-12oz.  The carved maple top is a hall-of-fame-quality!  The Body & Neck are Black Limba.  Lollar pickups.  BRAZILIAN Board.  12″ Radius, 1-11/16″ Nut & a 24.75″ Scale.   Perfect .87-.95″ C Profile too.

Jason’s hardware is finally getting the recognition it deserves.  Jasons builds, in my opinion, have always been undervalued.  Tonally this will rival guitars costing 2X as much.  Used these are great values.  How many times do you find a guitar that looks great, has a perfect weight, has top quality components AND tonally has a 3D overtone going?  Oh and YES it comes with the original Ameritage case.

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Ronin – Betty – Brand New!

2016 Ronin Betty – Just in and BRAND NEW!   This model speaks tele but the SOGR (Old Growth Redwood) & Roasted Maple neck offer you oh so much more.  Add a proprietary foil pickup in the neck and you have the most unique sounding Tele you’ve encountered.  The neck pickup almost sounds like the bridge pickup of a great guitar.  Blended  the tone is like 2 instruments at once.

This piece weighs in at just 6lb-9oz.  The neck has a 1-11/16″ width, 9.5″ Radius with hand rolled edges that are comfortable and smooth to the touch.  The neck profile is a Soft V-to-C that is my personal favorite.  The finish is a nitro aged butterscotch with a touch more yellow than most.  You won’t mistake this for your typical Tele.  And when you hear it you will be convinced to cull your herd be cause all the others are mere duplicates by comparison.

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Ronin Mirari – Aged Gold – Brand New

A crowd pleaser for sure…we have another Ronin Mirari in Aged Gold.  This finish has flown off the shelves in past builds….and with good reason.  The thin nitro really gives this an ‘under the bed’ vintage feel.  The specs are very carefully selected to match the needs of most players.  You will find a familiar ‘LP style’ .89-.94 C neck carve that is hand crafted.  You have a 12″ Radius and 22 Wide/High Frets that are smooth and easy to play.  The width is 1-11/16″ and of course this is a 25.5″ Scale.

The body is the typical selection of SOGR which is Ronin code for Old Growth Redwood.  Tonally I find it to be what  maple/mahogany WISHES it sounded like but with more resonance and sustain because of how light it is.  The Foilbuckers are not just built…they were specifically designed through a zillion takes to compliment the woods. These are not just visually foils…they are 100% through and through modern foil pickups the likes of which you’ve never heard before (unless you have a Ronin).

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Ronin Mirari – 3 Tone Sunburst – Brand New

Brand New 2016 Ronin Mirari in aged 3-tone Sunburst Nitro!  We love us some colors and we have been known to try almost anything…but at the end of the day nothing quite matches the vintage shades….ahhhh…

This Mirari weighs in at just 7lbs even.  The body is SOGR (Aged Redwood) and the neck is Mahogany.  Perfectly hand crafted .89-.94 neck profile.  Wide High Frets and a 1-11/16″ & 9.5″ Radius are all the most popular features ordered/requested by Ronin buyers.

I love the way a Mirari offers so many tonal variations.  You hit a switch and bingo…your humbucker becomes a single.  You can mix single neck/hum bridge and so on.  Because the foil pickups offer so much ‘information’ you can dial in what sounds like many guitars just with coil splitting and volume knob interaction.  I’ve seen it time and time again…someone gets a Ronin and next thing they are thinning their herd.  Believe it or not this is an expenditure that can actually frees cashflow!

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Ronin Mirari – Aged Inca Silver – Brand New

2016 Ronin Mirari in Aged Inca Silver!   I usually leave the artistic aspects to John & Izzy and they never disappoint!  This 7.b-6oz guitar features a SOGR (Aged Redwood) body and Mahogany Neck.  1-11/16″ Nut Width, 9.5″ Radius and a 25.5″ Scale make it familiar to nearly every style of player.   The hand carved/shaped “C” Neck is .88-.93 and fits perfectly in your hand.  The smooth Stew Mac 154 (Wide/High) frets are virtually effortless to play and bend across.

This guitar is Brand New.  What’s nice is that my store is Internet Only….my instruments don’t hang on store walls for all to try and ding.  I, of course, try each one….ahhh…just to you know make sure it’s not a fake..(ok I need to at least get to try them don’t I).

I have several in stock so don’t hesitate to contact me 24/7/365 with questions.  I’m also happy to spec one out to your liking and custom order for you.  John/Izzy & I work together so you can be assured of the same story/price and turnaround times.

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Ronin Mirari – RUBY RED SLIPPER – 2016

Well we stepped out into the ledge of cool with this custom Ruby Red Slippers (large flake metallic) Mirari.  Notice the custom created pickguard that compliemnts the finish perfectly.  The proprietary Gold Foil pickups add a beautiful visual touch but a more imporant tonal statement.  You’ve simply never heard clarity and ‘information’ like you will with a Ronin.

This brand new guitar features a very light weight SOGR (Old Growth Redwood) body & Mahogany Neck.   The finished product weighs just 6lb-14oz.  The hand carved/shaped neck is a LP lover’s dream .90-.95 “C”.  The nut is 1-11/16″ and this Mirari has a 12″ Radius.

My friendship with Ronin is a priviledge.  I am so proud to be associated with builders who never settle for what they’re doing today.  The ideas and enthusiasm that John & Izzy apply makes me believe that their future will be filled with innovation and player admiration.  Get in on the ground floor with a future classic.

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Ronin Mirari – Burgundy Mist – Brand NEW

I love my friends at Ronin….Izzy & John are never satisfied with the status quo.  They just keep upping their own ante when most would sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.   Take this Brand New 2016 Mirari….burgundy mist….why?…because it looks cool.  A new color…they picked out the appointments to accent the color.  They don’t just stamp out pieces…they create every one as a new statement.  I’m in love…they all have their own tonal and visual presence.  I wish I could keep them all.

This Mirari features a SOGR body (Old Growh Redwood) and Mahogany .89-.94″ “C” profile neck.  Familar 9.5″ Radius and 25.5″ Scale Length make it very easy to maneuver.  Weighing a perfect 7lb-7oz this Ronin, like every one I’ve played, balances looks, weight, playability and tone.

Please feel free to call or email to discuss Ronins….ever model sounds unique to the world and distinct from one another.  Branch out…what you think is different will no longer seem that way

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Ronin BADMOON – Brand New

A year in the making….here we have a Brand New RONIN BADMOON!  The top of the Ronin food chain with it’s SOGR (Master Grade Redwood) and Hand Carved Top.  These take several times the manpower of a typical Ronin (or most other guitars for that matter).  Hand inlaid binding.  Hand carved & shaped .89 C Neck Profile.   These are never rushed and are only avaiable on a limited basis because they just consume a lot of time for the two Ronin luthiers.

Weighs just 5lb-13oz with an amazing Chrysler Turquoise hand applied nitro finish.  1-11/16″ Nut and 24.625″ Scale wtih a 12″ Radius make this very familiar for you LP/335 fans….BUT the proprietary Ronin Foilbuckers combined with the Redwood & Carved Top….simply eye opening tonally.

I’ve sold a lot of these now and they never fail to WOW buyers.  You will hear strings, wood, warmth and overtones.  You will open an entirely new tonal world…and I don’t say this lightly.  Those who have expierence a Ronin agree that they are the freshest , most additive offering to the boutique market in 10 years.

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Ribbecke Halfling

Ribbecke Halfling….the guitar that bridges the gap between archtop, electric and acoustic.   They have been called the child of a Les Paul & 335.  To me they are more.  Smoooooooth tones with even notes and lots of sustain.  Responsive to both finger and traditional picks.  LOVE a dynamic touch sensitive amp but believe it or not crush it through Bogners as well.

This example has a striking Birdseye Maple Neck not often found on Halflings.  A Quilte Mahogany Body with a hand carved Spruce Top.  This guitar weighs just 7lb-8oz and comes with its original Reunion Blues bag.   The pickups are Custom Shop SWD.   12″ radius, a 25″ Scale and 1.75″ width make this easy to pursue complex fingering/picking.  The neck shape, to me, is simlar to a PRS “Wide Fat” profile.  The condition is Exc “+” and the guitar is from a loving environment wtih no smoke or gig grunge.

If you want to interact with your instrument as a part of you then this is a guitar worthy of strong consideration.

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2015 Red Rocket ATOMIC

2015 Red Rocket “Atomic” in Mint “-” Nonsmoking Condition.  Coemst with the original hardshell form fit G&G Case & Tag.  This one-owner beauty was meticulously cared for by a personal friend.

The guitar features a 1-piece Ash Body & 5A Flame Maple Neck.  Lollar pickups & a Rosewood Board round out the tonal elements.   Very comfortable “C” Neck profile and 1-11/16″ nut width with a 9.5″ Radius make this a guitar that feels like it was made for your hands….AND the aesthetics in this hand crafted instrument will make your EYES feel like it was created for THEM.

I love Red Rockets because of the care and artistry put into each one. You rarely see the same one twice.  Every one is not just photogenic but worthy of being photogenic.  The woods, inlays craftsmanship make them bargains used and in this condition.

I strive to find and offer value with consistently dependable condition….with this Red Rocket I believe once again I have succeeded.


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2012 PRS 408 10-Top

2012 PRS 408 with a fantastic 10-Top.  This extremely clean piece comes from a nonsmoking environment.   The guitar comes with it’s original hard case and tag.  No fretwear and just the tiniest little hairline barely observable surface (seen in light) brushes (not indents) here and there.   Grab this iconic modern piece at a great price!

You may find one a few bucks cheaper but my spec/condition sheet & track record of clean gear should be worth peace of mind rather than the piece of your mind you’ll give to the guy who says ‘ahhh it’s ahhh clean as when I got it (failing to mention that when he got it there was all kinds of wear).

PS for you conspiracy theorists….the white line on the lower left side is from the light and NOT scratches…I would have noted that in the spec/condition sheet and had closeups….but you are thinking ‘hey why is he not mentioning the huge gash’ so I offer this up.

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2014 Nash T-57 Tele

2014 Nash Tele in Shoreline!  Weighing just 7lb-5oz this Nash features an Ash Body & Lollar Pickups.  1.65″ Nut Width & a 9.5″ Radius.  Nice familiar C shaped neck.

The guitar comes with its original hardshell case & tag.  It’s from a nonsmoking home and has just a touch of fretwear in the cowboy chord positions.

Nash is a guitar for someone who wants extreme quality at an affordable price.  Used and in this condition they are bargains.

See the attached spec/condition sheet for all the rest of the story.

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Malinoski SONIC

Malinoski Fine Art Guitars are true modern masterpieces.  Not satisfied with the design & tone of the past, Peter blazed his own path utilizing his Masters In Fine Arts (in GUITAR MAKING).  Each guitar is 1-off and filled with features unique and aesthetically luscious.   P-Mal also winds his own pickups to compliment the woods and design.  The result is simply worthy of any player, style or collection.

This Sonic model weighs just 4-lb-12 oz and will make virtually any ‘what’s the weight’ guy happy.  A douglas fir body, maple neck and Wenge board.  .87 C/D style Neck.  Jescar 47104 Frets and a 1-11/16″ width.  25.5″ Scale and a 9″ Radius.   Malinoski hand wound Type 2 SC pickups and a Piezo round things out.  OH and of course it comes with the original soft rectangular case.

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Two Rock 100w Custom Clean

Two Rock 100w Custom Clean

Two Rock 100w Custom Clean head in Excellent Nonsmoking condition.  This is the D-Style “Steel String Singer” version.   Very full cleans with a TON of headroom.  AMAZING chime.  This does the SRV thing in SPADES.   Great pedal platform and responds extremely well to different models of speakers/cabs.  Loves singles and hums.   This and the Kimock are my fave Two Rock amps ever made.



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Mark Kane is uniquely situated as a guru in BOTH the D & T style amps.  Mark has spent countless years studying, building, listening and refining his work to the point where he is known around the world.  Each amp is custom created and voiced specifically to achieve the desired tone.  I’ve been lucky enough to represent Mark (and luckier to be a personal friend).  I’ve ordered dozens of custom amps for customers; each has been thrilled with the result.

Here I have a BRAND NEW 100w ODS “Robben Ford” voicing head with accompanying ‘Dumbleator’.  The cover is grey seude which is typically an upcharge.  I ordered this because I believe it’s nice to help folks achieve immediate gratification (LOL).   This amp captures all the touch responsiveness, chime, bloom and sustain you seek in a D-style amp.  Having owned 2 Dumbles myself I can say this amp captures what D’s are…at 1/25th the price.

Questions?…please ask.  Custom orders welcome with a faithful 8-10 week build.

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Jim Kelly 2 Channel Reverb – ORIG VERSION

Jim Kelly 2 Channel Reverb – ORIG VERSION

Another rare and desirable piece of gear from your friend at PrimeGuitars.  I hunt the world for examples of the types of gear I myself would own. Here we have an original (not reissue) Jim Kelly Head.  This is the coveted 2-channel reverb model with the accompanying attenuator.

As you likely know these are sought after bargain priced  D-equivalents.  To my ears they hold their own tonal space that is unique.   Why settle for a reissue when you can get the classic at a resonable price.  These are likely to escalate in the future due to their limited availability and cult classic status.

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1974 Hiwatt DR504

1974 Hiwatt DR504

WOW…genuine 1974 Hiwatt DR504 50w amp.  Original Partridge Transformers and Hylight Electronics.  Just checked out by my tech and it’s ready to go and operates like a champ.  This amp has a touch more gain than other Hiwatts I have owned.   It was my personal amp and it’s freaking ridiculous to play.

To my ears these early Hiwatts deliver what Marshalls wish they could.  Tight bottom end that doesn’t get lost.  These heads maintain that ‘on the verge of chaos’ tone.  As you know they take pedals famously.

Here is your chance to grab an iconic amp that rarely comes up for sale.

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Grosh Hollowtron – Braz RW Board

Don Grosh guitars represent a foundation of the boutique guitar movement.  They were early in…and have demonstrated the staying power through years of newcomers/goers.  Don is personally involved in the day-to-day operations of his builds.  I would say that tonally his guitars are as consistent as I’ve found (piece to piece).

The Hollowtron is my favorite model.  These are extremely rare because of the intense labor to create.  New these are in the upper-$6ks with a very long wait…and compared to other contenders these are worth every penny.  Used the Hollowtron is a steal.  The finest quilt maple top.  BRAZILIAN BOARD (with CITIES Paperwork).   TV Jones Pickups.  Just 7lb-10oz.   A perfect balance of woods and weight.

The hollowtron has a nice crispness in the notes that allow it to stand uniquely in it’s tonal footprint.  It is not a dark ‘cardboard’ sounding semi.  Rather it allows the guitar to sound like an amplified acoustic with electric warmth, playability and guts.  If you love gain this guitar will handle it with ease.  I find guitars that sound clear clean handle gain the best…this is no different.

The complete range of specs and detailed condition can be found in the attached sheet.  I try hard to give as much information as possible on each instrument I carry.  Don’t you wish others would invest the time to do the same…rather than “ahhh it’s clean mahhhhnnnnn”

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Bogner Goldfinger 45 w Footswitch

Bogner Goldfinger 45 w Footswitch

Bogner 45 with Footswitch (and power cord….or chord as the illiterate say).  VG++ COndition with some nicks and a little dust but not abused.  This was owned by a celeb but I am not authorized to release their name….someone who is known for their sustaining tone and clear articulate dramatic playing.  That’s all I can say….and I believe in trust so I won’t say…except to sayt that I won’t because I can’t……ok you get it…

I love this Bogner because it does just what the celeb wanted…sustains.  I have had a lot of Bogners and sometimes stereotype them as gain amps.  This amp work me up because I realize that one can dial in this big clean that we all seek in other platforms.  Notes just seem to fill in behind you.  VERY unique and impressive especially at this price point.


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2016 Forshage Heritage Super Eagle – Custom

2016 Chris Forshage “Heritage Super Eagle”. This custom 1-off is BRAND NEW!   This hand crafted guitar took a year to create.  It features a 14″ Carved Maple Top and a 3/4 Mahogany Block.  It weighs just 7lb-2oz.   Chris prefers Lollar Pickups for his guitars and the clarity really compliments the fundamental warmth/air created by the design.  12″ Radius, a 25″ Scale and a 1-11/16″ Nut Width.

In your hands this piece shines with a resonance inherent in all Forshage Guitars.  You will hear that spongey snappy combo that you seek in a semi.  The finish is beautiful.  The C neck profile is familiar and comfortable.  The fretwork is smooth and expert.  One can tell that Chris puts his heart and soul into each piece.  What I love is that he is rarely repeating himself.   If you see a Forshage that speaks to you GRAB IT because it’s unlikely that another exists.  To me that is the sign of a perfectionist…constantly trying to outdo himself.

Please see the remaining specs in the attached sheet

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2016 Forshage Galaxy – BRAND NEW!

2016 Chris Forshage hand created “Galaxy”.  1 Piece Alder Body with a 1-Piece Indian Rosewood Neck!  Lollar Gold Foil pickup in the neck position that is open sounding and warm.  A Lollar Special T brings it’s clean-to-grit into the bridge position.  A unique design and beautiful red finish make this stand out in a crowd.

Compount 12-14″ Radius and a nice familiar C neck profile.  Tall Narrow frets and a 1-11/16″ nut width make this a player’s instrument.

The only issue with this piece is there are 2 very tiny finish nicks that came from the factory with the guitar.   To my way of thinking this is the sign of a hand crafted piece…beautiful in it’s perfection and slightest of imperfections.

See the rest of the specs in the attached sheet

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