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2010 F-headstock logo GVCG Tele w Tag & Original Case.  Painstakingly aged in a realistic way that made GVCG the go-to brand while they were being produced regularly.   The guitar feels and even sounds old…nothing is a greater disappointment than picking up a relic that sounds stiff and reflective and new….it’s like those jelly beans that taste of old socks…my kids eat them…..ok now…but this guitar literally has that slightly old magnet tone that will make a vintage lover finally relax and take a new guitar out to play.   See all the specs & detailed condition in the attached sheet.

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2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional

2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with Original Hardshell Case & Unsigned Warranty Card.  This particular Les Paul has an outstanding top that you can see straight on….don’t be fooled by vanishing top syndrome …where the dealer takes a picture at a 1 degree angle to fool you into seeing flame that isn’t there…yeah…1 degree…yeah.  Anyway see the Spec/Condition sheet for all the details

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Patrick Eggle Berlin Deluxe – Incredible Story…

Hand crafted Patrick Eggle guitar with an incredible back story.  Ok so I consider Andy Marshall (Founder of THD Amps) a friend…an ear I trust…an eye for quality…and experience that I draw from regularly (plus he’s a great person).  Ok enough sucking up…on with it…so Andy reluctantly parted with this guitar that he acquired brand new.  As Andy tells me…he was searching for a PRS Santana and nothing was resonating (get the joke…ok) …after trying endless PRS guitars Andy spotted this Patrick Eggle.  Well…Mr Marshall was so impressed with this instrument that he grabbed it and it’s been in his collection since…

A great story…until you turn the page…and Andy tells me he loved this guitar because you could hear it clearly…Andy felt it was THE guitar that most accurately translated an amp’s tone. Ok …so the cool thing about this guitar is that it was THE guitar that Andy HIMSELF used to voice his amps.  If you like THD products then THIS is the guitar you need to hear it as Andy himself intended (I think I just talked myself into raising the price).   The guitar was actually featured in an advertisement that told this very same story.

So…before you go ‘yeah whatever’ ask yourself if a guy who could get whatever he wanted…..yet created a world respected brand….would have been as successful wtihout this tool ….ok maybe that’s a stretch (so I knocked the price back down).

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Fibenare Basic Jazz

2010 Fibenare Basic Jazz in stunning Tobacco Burst.  I sold this guitar brand new (I’m an Authorized Dealer) and took it back on trade….I know…imagine that….dealers taking guitars they sold you back on trade…at a fair value…I know….anyway…this hand crafted carved top guitar features a satin finish solid rosewood neck.  The neck profile is smaller than a traditional “single cut’ and is much more comfortable to a F-brand players who want that classic mahogany/maple vibe.

Fibenare hand crafted pickups are clear and stringy sounding.  Guys…don’t let the price of these fool you…costs in Hungary are so much less than anywhere else.  These guitars, if produced elsewhere, would need to be $8-$10k new. Used they are bargains.

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Magneto Velvet

Recent Magneto Velvet in Excellent nonsmoking condition with origianl hard form fit case.  My regular fans know I specialize in the highest quality guitars…and often used/clean so that they are attainable.  THIS guitar rivals my faves and it’s a steal in the upper $2ks used.  It is full of features that schooled buyers seek….such as a 1 piece mahogany body.  Gotoh 18:1 Tuners.  Nitro finish.  CTS Taper Pots.  Lollar Imperial Pickups.    It is a desirable 8lb-13oz in weight.  The guitar comes with an extra pickguard in chrome so you can change your look.   See all the specs/condition in the attached sheet.

Check out this demo and see for yourself why this guitar can kick the ass of so many costing many times the price…..

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Harden Meteorite

Very clean Harden Meteorite with a Flame Maple Board over Mahogany Neck.  I believe the body is Mahogany & Basswood.  Weighing in at just 8lb–2oz this Bigsby equipped 3 Pickup instrument is perfect for an on the go musician who needs tonal flexibility….not you…don’t despair….great fit for the person who wants a guitar that allows them to stop cycling through instruments that only sound good on one part of one song…..yeah we’ve all been there….revolt I say!…consolidate your gear and acquire instruments that deliver the goods AND deliver for many uses….stomp out one trick ponies I say!   Ok enough…see the Spec/Condition sheet for all the detaisl.

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Harden Switchblade

Harden Switchblade in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  Lots of players are opting for old amps because they want that warm tone….ahhh I think the problem often is your guitar not your amp guys…Harden has found a way to make a new guitar sound old while modernizing the flaws found in that mushy old tone/playability.  Bill Harden invested countless years crafting a unique pickup that isn’t just another variation of a humbucker or single.  Bill’s approach has yielded warmth and sustain that gets his new guitars to sound like the tone you miss from your yout (or is that yute).

This unique Harden is full of modern specs that make playability a joy vs. those clumsy & tonally ‘all over the map’ vintage pieces.  See the attached Spec/Condition sheet for further info.  Trades?….SURE let’s talk if you have clean guitars.  I’m happy to work with you.

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Harden Engineering BELMONT

Harden Engineering BELMONT in a cool vintagy custom green finish.  Hardens are made 1-at-a-time and each is a unique work of art.  Their finishes are thin and soft to the touch (not caked in plastic like some others).  They sound like old instruments but without the mushy tone associated with them.  Bill’s (that’s Bill Harden) pickups are designs & built by him after years of trial/error.  His secret sauce is rooted in his desire to produce a rich warm responsive tone that remains clear….and successful he is!  These guitars play well with new, old, gainy and clean amps.  I’m impressed

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Harden Meteorite

Harden Engineering is making some very vibey products…I’m happy that 4 pre-owned Hardens found their way to me at once. Why?….you ask…because I have a chance to test out their consistency and playability in real time.  My findings?….these guitars are consistently warm and full tonally…they remind me of old Gibson 330s with that warm bottom end.  They highs are very smooth and retain their clarity/cut.   Construction is enviable….so often guitars are made to photograph well (but up close you cringe at what you find)…not so with a Harden.

Value?…well consider these are priced where many of the mainstream boutique guitars are being sold (the ’boutique guitars’ that have 200+ for sale new on eBay)….consider these are hand made….consider they are not visual knockoffs or partscasters….consider they have a tone that sounds old fashioned and broken in (not stiff and reflective).   NOW consider you can find a variety of clean ones USED at a discount….see my point?….still don’t get it?…OH you have a trade?…no worries…I won’t duck your call like the guy who sold it to you.

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Fodera NYC Empire Bass

34″ Scale Fodera NYC Bass featuring a Birdseye Maple Neck.  Foderas have a special place in my heart…because Joey L is my cousin…at his wedding he heard I needed a new baseball glove…Joey went out to his car and got his…he gave it to me and I used it all my life.   I have my own custom Fodera that he built for me and I cherish.  Now it’s your turn….simply nothing compares.

Please see the attached Spec/Condition sheet for all the details.

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Teye La Estrella F-Series Prototype

Rare PROTOTYPE La Estrella F-Series.  This hand crafted strat-killer features Lollar Pickups, a Spanish Cedar Body and a bolt on Maple neck.  The pickups and 25.5″ Fender scale give this instrument that snap and quack you look for in a strat.  The craftsmanship and unique aestethics give you that edgy look you have been searching for.

This guitar, like almost all of our gear, is nonsmoking and in Excellent Condition.  It comes with its original hardshell case.  The La Estrella weighs in at just 7lb-8oz making it perfect for gigging if that’s your angle.   The fact that it’s a prototype, and sold used (at a steep discount vs. new) should give you a sense that your investment will be protected down the road should you ever desire to move on….and with me here to facilitate your trades it is a daily temptation.

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Dismal Ax

Do you like fun? Value? Tone? Uniqueness?    Try a Dismal Ax….this thing is silly fun and addictively toneful.  Just 6lb-10oz makes it a perfect gigging ax.   Visually…yup…perfect gigging ax….tonally….it just has snap and a nice bottom end clarity that make it perfect for Tele fans and Gibson guys alike.   I can’t believe this much guitar is packed into this affordable a price….it should cost 2.542 times as much to get the respect it deserves.

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Berumen Taurus

I’ve been checking these out online for quite some time…and finally one wandered into my shop…lemme just say I wasn’t disappointed.  Tremendous aesthetics here…playability ….rich organic tone.  Wolfetone pickup….Bolivian RW Board…Gotoh tuners.  I just really respect luthiers who use fantastic quality parts….so many skimp and put pedestrian hardware on expensive pieces….this Berumen is quite the opposite….fantastic woods/hardware on a ridiculously cheap instrument (pricewise for you grammar police).

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Cardinal Zenith Mesquite – 1 Off

Cardinal Zenith Mesquite in Excellent nonsmoking condition with original hard case.  Lollar El Rayo pickups are a beautiful complement to the hand chosen carefully crafted woods.  If you’ve ever drooled over a Cardinal then this one is as beautiful and elaborate as I’ve seen.   Speaking of seeing…you can see all the specs if you peek at the thing that says Spec/Conditon sheet….it’s there…I promise….

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1991 Valley Arts LARRY CARLTON Ltd

Impossible to find Larry Carlton LTD in Excellent nonsmoking condition with original hard case. This IS the signed limited edition (by Larry…for those who must know….yes …yes Carlton….not larry from the 3 Stooges).

Serial number is 61 of 100.  Birdseye Maple neck with medium frets.  P100 pickups.  Just some very minor blems keep this from being mint (see Spec/Condition sheet).  A great guitar that will destroy most modern pieces and this is about 60% the price…..why not stick with a classic?

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Grosh Set Neck w Braz Rw Board

Grosh Set Neck in a beautiful lush gold finish.  It looks edible in person.  THe back is finished in a light brown that shows off the binding and the choice woods.  If you always wanted the 50s vibe grab this at 1/30th the price.

Fralin Unbucker pickups and a nice .85 Med/Large Roundback neck make this comfortable for even a Fender lover.  The Brazilian board makes this especially desirable and reinforces its value at this sub-$3k price point.  New one (I’d be happy to order it because I’m an Authorized Grosh Dealer) is 2x as much.  This is in Excellent condition with it’s original hard form fit case.

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1966 Gibson ES-330 TD

1966 Gibson ES-330TD in great condition!  No breaks and no repairs.  Original P90s sounds fantastic.  Tonally these are nearly impossible to replicate with a modern instrument.  I see people spend 2X as much and get stiff/reflective guitars when you might as well get a trie3d and true standard.  The nut width on this is larger than most at 1.59″ which makes it very playable especially because it widens out quickly.

Some checking and fretwear are the most important things to know.   Comes with a recent hardshell form fit case.  Overall very clean instrument that will fill so many holes in your arsenal without you bringing a kidney to your local dealer.

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Grosh Retro Classic Hollow T Standard LE

2012 Grosh Hollow T Standard.  Comes w original hard form fit case.  This beauty is just 6lb-11oz and would make even the “oh it’s 2 oz too heavy” crowd happy.  Standard Roundback .83-.93 C neck.  GT Pickups.  Beautiful even notes up and down the fretboard.  If you’re looking for bang vs. your buck this is it.  If you gig…grab this…if you love a deal…grab this….if you like great tone that is organic…grab this….if you want me to photograph the screws….well…..

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Lentz Custom Build

Custom builders like Scott Lentz pioneered the movement for quality and tone….sadly many of those pioneers did not stand the test of time.  Scott Lentz, however, serves as a bellweather against which almost all others are judged.  Why people go out of their way to try to do better?….who knows…but at their price point used they are tough to beat.

This Lentz is a Mahogany slab with LENTZ Custom Wound P90s.This  F-meets-Jr weighs just 7lb-8oz.  The comfortable 9.5 radius matches well with the modern 1-11/16″ nut width.  25.5″ Scale & a nice C profile neck make this the Tele lover’s Junior!

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Knaggs Steve Stevens SS2 – Brand New

Knaggs Guitars just kills me because they take Private Stock up several notches in looks and especially tone.  The Steve Stevens Sig 2 has been on my personal radar for years because it uses Bareknuckle Pickups (love these), maintains a perfect weight (8lb-8oz) and has tone you wish came from your PRS.

This guitar is new and unsold from a dealer to dealer trade.  Speaking of trades….let’s talk if you have a clean piece(s) that you need to move to grab this.

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2014 Lipe Amico Nostro

Mike Lipe is a luthier to the stars.  In my opinion Mike makes the most under-rated instruments on the market today.  If you own or are considering a Suhr/Anderson/Tyler/Grosh/Fender/Tuttle then you need to consider a Lipe.  Each guitar is hand crafted….each is unique.  Mike puts ridiculous heart into each build.  His woods )like the top & neck of this instrument) are fantastic.  His touches (like the turquoise inlays on this guitar) are just not found on instruments these days.

This guitar features a unique ergonomic design.  The weight is just 6lb-6oz.  Mike uses Amalfitano pickups and Hipshot locking tuners.  See all the specs/condition on the attached sheet.

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Saul Koll Tornado

Saul Koll is one of the most highly regarded custom builders on the planet.  Rarely do you see 2 Kolls that are alike.  Saul is brave enough to follow his own designs.  I’ve owned and sold dozens of Kolls and can tell you they are what you wish you experienced from other builders.

This custom axe features a mahogany/maple body with a Skyway (top mounted) trem.  What makes the Skyway special (I’ve ordered $10k personal guitars with them) is they don’t require loss of wood…they also maintain solid contact with the body to enhance their resonance translated to the strings.  You can bend more easily because they have smooth springs.  When you use the tram you will be amazed at how precise and ‘with you’ it feels (not clunky).

For pickups this Koll has THROBAKS (likely aftermarket).  Again if you haven’t experienced Throbaks you need to.  They are custom wound with old stock materials and are carried in the finest guitars built today.  This guitar tonally will rival the best I have in inventory…period.

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Thorn Artisan Master Deluxe

2003 Thorn Artisan Master Deluxe.  This 7lb-13oz masterpiece is crafted from premium Black Limba.   The guitar features a carved top and a Fat Back “C” Carved Neck Profile.    The pickups are Rio Grande.  The Thorn comes with its original hardshell form fit case.   See the rest of the specs & condition on the attached form.

If you love P90s then splurge on this Top of the Line Thorn.  You will be lured by the luscious woods and craftsman detailing.  In your hands you will notice the resonance and playability.  When you plug in you will be rewarded with smoothness and tonal complexity.  A guitar that covers many tonal slots at a fraction of what it would cost to recreate today..

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Huber Orca Custom

Custom ordered Nik Huber Orca.  This guitar is just as full of upgrades as one can imagine.  Double topped….front & back.   SOLID Brazilian rosewood NECK.  1 Piece Maple Top & Back…1 piece mahogany body sandwiched.  Wood pickup rings.   Haussel Pickups (see spec sheet for details).   Guitar has a custom ‘star’ inlay that is tasteful and suble (see pictures).  Perfect weight at 8lb-8oz.


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Nik Huber Dolphin II Redwood NAMM

Nik Huber hand crafted Dolphin II Redwood.  This was the 2004 NAMM Showpiece.  It remains in Mint “-“/Exc “+” Condition.  The guitar weighs in at just 6lb-7oz and is chambered.  1-Piece Redwood Top finished in stunning Tiger Eye (Nik’s Tiger Eye’s amazing in person).  I believe the board is snakewood.

Inside the cavity it is inscribed “Exceptional Top” which tells you Nik went all out on this.  Haussel pickups (of course).  The only thing that I question is the case which is a TKL Tweed Hard….not sure what cases Nik was using at that point..but it’s a nice case.

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