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c1979 Jim Kelley 30/60 – Celeb Owned

c1979 Jim Kelley 30/60 – Celeb Owned

Impossibly rare c1979 Jim Kelley 30/60.  Celeb owned and it has a plaque to prove it.  This amp is just WOW sounding.  The cleans and note bloom are haunting.  As a pedal platform….probably the best I’ve ever experienced.   As you probably know, Jim is now making a new version of the Line Amp in extremely limited quantities (I believe 7 total) that are being auctioned off.

I rescued this from Hollywood where it was left in a state of neglect.  It had been blowing fuses…so I took it to the best amp tech in the Midatlantic.  We determined that the amp needed new tubes and fresh caps…so I paid him to do this.  Also, my tech put the amp on a scope and determined that the wave the Output Transformer was putting out was way out of whack (sign of a lot of use with an attenuator).   I contacted Jim Kelley who was SUPER COOL and offered to sell me a replacement Output Transformer (same one used in his current amps).  My tech installed it and WOW.

So here is your chance to get an amp that has fresh service and a known history.  You’re not paying top dollar for some hidden issues.  Cosmetics are, as you can see, worn.   You’re buying this to play….enjoy it and use it.  USE it.

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Tom Anderson – Hollow Drop Top Classic w Piezo

Just out of a collection, this near mint Tom Anderson guitar is ready to be played and loved.  It is a Hollow Drop Top Classic and it features a PIEZO and a Madagascar Rosewood Board!    The guitar was barely played and lived in a smoke free environment.

You can see a complete rundown of the Specs & Detailed Condition in the 3rd Picture.

This color is wonderful. A modern take on a vintage hue.  The pickup configuration, the Vintage Voicing Switch and the Ability to Split Coils & Add the Bridge pickup…this is a recording/gigging guitarist’s dream.  I just LOVE Tom Anderson necks.  This one is 1-11/16″ and has Locking Tuners & Heavy Frets.  You can see the neck deph in the Spec / Condition Sheet.

YES the Trem ARM IS IN THE CASE…..I JUST LOVE THE EMAILS “TREM ARM”….like dude….is that really a dealbreaker?….cuz the answer is always YES and then you go poof….are there internet trem police lurking every listing ready to send an email saying only “Trem Arm?”….I mean that’s almost as good as when people ask what color the case is…really?…the case color stands between you and purchasing this instrument?…ahhh the joys of being loved on the internet.

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2013 Gustavsson Bluesmaster S – Brazilian RW Board w CITIES

You like WOW instruments?….you need to consider this 2013 Johan Gustavsson Bluesmaster S (Semi-hollow).  Hand Carved Mahogany Back & Hand Carved Flame Maple Top.  Honduran Mahogany Neck.  Johan makes each instrument the old fashioned way.  1-at-a-time.  THIN NITRO FINISH.  Attention to detail.  Bound body & neck.   But the key is how they SOUND.  3D is a word used most often.  Note bloom also makes every list.  The instrument FEELS like a part of you.  We have sold over 4-dozen Gustavssons used…we understand these fine guitars and can help you determine if the investment on THIS one is THE right one.

You can see the COMPLETE SPEC & CONDITION SHEET IN THE 3rd PICTURE.  But consider the following short list:

  • Throbak SLE 101 Pickups w Cert
  • Just 6lb-13oz
  • 24.75″ Scale
  • 1-11/16″ Nut Width
  • C Neck Profile .89″ – .99″
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
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Ron Ellis STRAT Pickups :  50 60 w FAT Bridge & Complete Pickguard w Pots & NOS Cap

Ron Ellis STRAT Pickups : 50 60 w FAT Bridge & Complete Pickguard w Pots & NOS Cap

Here is a ‘plug and play’ solution to your Strat needs.  Complete pickguard setup with Pots and 5-way.  The highlight….RON ELLIS Strat Pickups.  These are the 50s 60s w FAT Bridge.  NOS Cap included in the setup.

The guard is a 3-ply mint color.  I tried to take pics of it in different lights.  These pickups are the GO TO for anyone in the know.  You spend SO much money on gear…why not suck it up and get the best Strat upgrade available.    You will find Fender or Lollars to be very small sounding and sterile by comparison.  I have Ron Ellis in my Strat….been a fan since before they were hot.  We sell what we believe in….step up and join the ‘in the know’ crowd.

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James Tyler USA – Studio Elite BURNING WATER

Oh burning water Tylers are freaking cool…but when they have that overload of GREY in the finish…to me those are the DROOLWORTHIEST of them  This one is spectacular sounding.  It features a “SECRET” Landau humbucker in the bridge and factory original Suhr single coils.   YES some Tylers actually had Suhr pickups from the factory.  James chose what sounded best to him.

The weight is just 6lb-09oz and the body is Mamywo.  The frets are 6100.  YES it has the trem bar (LOL) …guys who ask that question NEVER BUY JACK SHIT… I deprive them of their joy by proactively telling them.

The neck is Tyler’s ’59 C shape .85″ to .98″.  Compound radius 9.5 – 12.  1-5/8″ Nut.  Comes with the Build sheet and original hardshell  case.  No I won’t take a picture of the build sheet…why?…because in the 3rd picture is ALL the same specs that I copied down PLUS a detailed condition sheet…so there...I did MORE than you asked…

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Tom Anderson T Classic Contoured

OMG Teles are HOT in the marketplace and THIS is SO additive to any Tele lover’s collection.  First off, the color is super cool.  In some lights it seems sort of solid and dark….put it in other lights and you get that vintage mustang cherry candle apple thing going on…you want to take a bite out of it because it looks edible.  And you won’t mind because this instrument is SUPER clean (SEE THE 3rd PICTURE FOR A SPEC/CONDITION SHEET).

The pickups are THE perfect match between single and humbucker.  They don’t hum like a single but they are not dark and overpowering of low powered amps like many hums.  The 5-way switch (with KICKBACK SWITCH) REALLY HELPS you dial in unique tones from this monster.

The weight is a perfect 7lbs.  The Neck is a great Even Taper C .86″ – .935″.  Swamp Ash Body.  1-piece Hard Rock Maple Neck w 1-5/8″ Width & Medium Frets.

If you love playing Teles and want to expand your horizons…thiS is for you. If you are a hum guy but want to transition into Teles…THIS is for you.

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2013 Gilyaron “LP” Singlecut Burst

Ahh the joys of owning a LP….you covet them….you LUST for that FAT tone that recreates the tones of the guitar gods.  You go through scores of Gibsons….like a bad adventure…you scroll through hundreds then thousands of LPs looking for JUST that one….you pull the trigger and BANGO picked off…’airbrushed’ photo…thick finishes….thin harsh tone…of course you talk yourself into thinking ‘man this is great’ but in the back of your mind you kknow….shhh…we know you know…and we know….so no need to take that point further.

THEN, one day you hear about Gil Yaron…bespoke…shhhh don’t tell anyone but there is this guy….a luthier…who has select woods and hand crafts LPs the old school way.  Hand carved tops.  Hand applied nitro.  Hand wound custom pickups.  Hand carved necks.  Brazilian boards.  THIN THIN nitro.  Then you see youtube videos and posts on Instagram of people with their Gilyarons…and you wonder wherefor to acquire such a piece.  THEN you learn they are no longer produced….and you scour Reverb…but they won’t allow them.

But PrimeGuitars is the Apex of Bespoke Gear….we find them…we stock them…we provide you real perspective and CHOICES so that your investment yields the tone you desire.  We take TRADE-INS and we accurately describe the condition of our gear.

Consider this 2013 Yaron.  Just 7lb-14oz.  C-profile typical ’59 LP Neck with measurements of .89″-.97″.   The cherry burst is STRIKING on this one.  This piece has some surface dings but is otherwise NOT factory aged.

If you’re serious about acquiring the best LP let’s chat.  If you’re not…then go grab a wannaburst.

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Ruokangas UNICORN Classic – WOW Carribean Blue-Burst Nitro Finish

I always search for Ruokangas Guitars.  As a former authorized dealer I can attest to the quality, playability and tone.  I was one of the first dealers in the world to stock Unicorns when they came onto the scene after years of painstaking research by Juha to capture the best of the ’59 Burst while adding modern features that take the platform up a notch from current production instruments.  These guitars are in the top tier of modern instruments.  People who have worked with PrimeGuitars over the past 13 years know us for consultative sales and honest feedback.  These guitars ARE top tier.  CLARITY and STRING-TO-STRING DEFINITION.  A piece that vibrates in your hand.  THIN nitro finishes.  Unique colors.  The use of Cedar (others are just catching on the Cedar vs. Mahogany).

Why did we stop carrying them new?….simple…in the US they are super expensive new.  People just had trouble ponying up for these instruments.  In Europe, they are considered amongst the top of the food chain.

Solution?….I continue to stock them USED because they represent about the best value one could attain in the boutique marketplace.


Here is a summary of specs for those too excited to click the sheet:

  • Highly Figured Arctic Birch Top over Spanish Cedar Body
  • Spanish Cedar Neck
  • Indian Rosewood Board
  • Just 8lb-13oz (SOLID)
  • Unicorn Custom Pickups (think PAF)
  • Nitro Finish
  • Tone Pros Tune-O-Matic
  • BIG C Neck :  .85″ – .91″
  • 1-11/16″ Nut
  • 12″ Radius


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2018 Gibson Custom Shop – Les Paul ’59 RI MURPHY

OH this one has a HUGE tone…it was selected for a great customer of a major music store.  The customer had a standing order for anything Murphy LP that was exceptional…well THIS IS exceptional.  First off just look at the top on this.  Second, consider it’s just a few home use nonsmoking months old.  Weight..just 8lb-8oz.  YES it comes with the CERT and TAGS and Unsigned Warranty Card. YES THE AGED LIFTON CASE TOO!


I played it and it blew me away.  Thickness galore.  Volume galore.  The neck is a perfect. .88″ – .98″.  No fretwear.  No issues.  LEMONBURST beauty that will.  I bent the crap out of the notes and THIS STAYED IN TUNE.  It totally stayed tight through every amp I experimented with.  It is one of those rare Les Pauls that just has the perfect EQ……GREAT MIDS but somehow the low e is still punchy and not farty.  I have to say I’ve had a lot of LPs but this one stands out as something people lust for.  If you are looking for that thin tone look elsewhere…thi one has THE CLASSIC LP tone you lust after.

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SEUF Stratocaster – VALUE ALERT! WOW guitar at competitive price!

Seuf Stratocaster that BLOWS MY MIND.  I can’t get over how a guitar at this price point competes with the Nachos, Detemples, Yarons, Echoparks that we’ve had (and we have had HUNDREDS of those).  You can spend more…you can hunt the green earth for complex woods and specs and snake oil…or you can get a guitar from folks that just somehow capture that magical ‘mojo’ of a great strat.

If you considered brands like Chad Underwood but got sick of searching,….THIS is for you!~


About PrimeGuitars.  We are an online store specializing in clean, hard to find boutique & vintage Guitars, Pedals & Amps.  Trust our 13 year track record of personalized service, selection, ALWAYS BUYING and condition expectations met.  

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2010 Gilyaron LP – Premium Top & Reclaimed Wood

Impossibly rare Gilyaron LP from 2010 when these were at their peak!  Upgraded Top!  Reclaimed Woods.  Just 8lbs on the button. Nonsmoking environment.  Un-aged with just a touch of wear in a couple of spots.  This has a BALANCED tone….VERY large sounding instrument with a nice tight full bass AND mids while the highs come through without being piercing and unpleasant.

I’ve had many Yarons and this ranks up there amongst the best.  Just look at the top on this one!  I took pictures outside because when I take them inside people always write ‘outside pics”…I think they are asking me to post them… I send them but never hear back…maybe ‘outside pics’ is code for “My name is Vaneeshia and I will vanish the second I send you off to do a task I don’t really care about”… now I’m sure I’ll get “inside pics” as a question.


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1970s FOXX Tone Machine – Blue Label

1970s FOXX Tone Machine – Blue Label

Rare 1970s FOXX Tone Machine.  This is super clean and sounds THICK and FUZZZZZZZY.   If you collect or play pedals THIS is additive to what you already have experienced.  New stuff just sounds thin inn comparison.

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1980c Gibson Les Paul HERITAGE 80 Standard

Circa 1980 GIBSON Les Paul Heritage 80 Standard.  These guitars have stood the test of time with players and collectors alike because tonally little else compares.  These guitars are characteristically FAT sounding lush Les Pauls.  The tone nails all those classic rock riffs you have in your head.  The notes are SO full and maybe it’s the Shaw pickups?…maybe it’s the fact that these tend to be a little bit heavier?….maybe it’s the good Mahogany used back in the day?…..not certain but all I know is I just LOVE the tone on this.  PLay it next to a modern LP (and boy I sure did vs. several) and you will hear it for yourself.  New guitars sound like toys vs. this one.

You can see all the specs & a detailed condition report in the 3rd Picture.  Overall the guitar has a very light weight for one of these.  The guitar has wear thoughout but nothing (in my opinion) that is terrible.  It just looks and feels used and naturally relic’d.    Price-wise these guitars are true bargains.   Get a collectible classic that has world class tone for the price of a junky modern guitar…no brainer.  I look for value in the market and that’s why I selected this piece.

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Detemple Strat (Early period when Mike himself made them all)

HALL-OF-FAME TONE ALERT.  I have had 50+ Detemples…when I tell you one sounds amazing then one should listen up…THIS sounds amazing.  It sounds BIG…BIG like a set of steer horns on a Caddy in TX big…..BIG.  EVERY NOTE is BIG and fat.  Story goes like this…years ago I got this in.  A local customer inquired and told me he’d buy it if it sounded better than his boutique strat.  This was up for the challenge…not only did it beat the incumbant, the buyer ended up acquiring several other Detemples from me as a result.

Years later, this piece emerges virtually unused since it was acquired.  It weights in at just 7-00 which is about as light as I’ve seen a Detemple.  It is loaded with Titanium saddles and a Titanium Trem Block.  JUST LOOK at the 1-piece Ash body.  Have to drool over the 1-piece flame maple neck.

You can see all the specs & condition in the 3rd picture.  But specs are just specs….REALITY IS what no spec can define.  THIS guitar belongs with someone who always wanted a FAT SUSTAINING LUSH sounding Strat.  Is that you?…or do you want thin ice picky and pencil dick notes (LOL).

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2010 PRS McCarty 53/10 Ltd Ed 1-of-25 with PRIVATE STOCK TOP

Just in from a collection…2010 PRS McCarty Ltd Edition 1-of-25 53/10 Private Stock Top McCarty.  This was a run of guitars that featured PERUVIAN Mahogany Necks along with PRIVATE STOCK tops.  The 53/10 Pickups featured NOS wire.  The finish was a super thin V12.  These were scooped up because they were basically 1/2 the price of a Private Stock.

This piece comes with the hang tag, unsigned warranty card, stickers and Original Hardshell ‘paisley” material case.  It weights just 7lb-06oz.  Very hard to find any wear on this piece.  It is super clean and even smells new.   Tonally, this is THE PRS to consider because the tone is FAT and THICK.  It sounded equally impressive through vintage Fenders and modern amps too.


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Hahn 229 Strat – Custom Built for ME

Custom 1-off Hahn 229 Strat that was made for ME back in 2010.  Just an amazing instrument that rings and sustains like few I’ve had in the store.  This one was a great story.  I waited a long time for this…it arrived on a day when I had a customer in….the customer was trying strats.  Well one look at this and the customer said ‘hey can I check that out”….well the rest was history.  He HAD to have it…I mean HAD to.  So I sold it to him for what I paid…and he kept it virtually unplayed all this time.  When it was time for him to move it along I jumped at the chance to grab it back.

It resided in a nonsmoking home environment and was never gigged.  YES it has the Original Hardshell Case.  YES it has the Certificate of Authenticity & Build/Spec Sheet.

You can see all the specs and condition in the 3rd picture…but I know you won’t look so here is a summary.

Summary of Specs :  See 3rd Picture for Complete Rundown:

  • ALDER Body
  • 1-Piece Maple Nec
  • 6105 Frets
  • Fralin Vintage hot Pickups
  • Callaham Bridge
  • NITRO finishg
  • Stainless Steel Neck Plate
  • Soft V Neck Profile
  • CTS Pots
  • 1.67″ Nut Width (measured w calipers)
  • Compound Radius
  • Soft V Neck Profile
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Most people know that PrimeGuitars is a web based store specializing in the hardest to find boutique guitars/amps.  Been in business 11 years.  Sold over 50 Detemples and 50 D’Pergos.   I am pretty confident that I know a great guitar.

This 2007 Detemple was MY personal tele for many many years.  I only had ONE tele and THIS was it.  I could have kept anything that passed through my store.  Why this one?    For me this particular tele had something that none of the others did.  Overtones combines with a plunkiness (think like a kick drum in a guitar note) that I just found so intoxicating.   Each note just punches through the amp then rings on.  This is not an overpowering guitar.  It is not nasty ‘nail spitting’ raspy.  It is musical and beautiful.   It PUSHES effects perfectly but does not in and of itself rasp out your tone.

The instrument has lived in a nonsmoking home studio for its entire life.  That being said, it has wear on it.  Definitely natural relic.  It is at the point where it is COOL and not overdone…and what I like is it isn’t just one nick that destroys perfection. It is honest loving wear that is on the guitar.


Of course this comes with the original case.  The neck is a WONDERFUL soft V and man I just love it.  The notes just vibrate on Detemples and this is no exception.   Also, this is a pretty unique trans-white.  I happen to LOVE the color.  Also, the neck is probably the flamiest I’ve seen on a detemple.  This is truly a special piece.

I have priced it extremely fairly given the wear. 

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PALIR Shipwreck: 2016 NAMM

If you pay close attention to the boutique guitar market you will notice a trend.  One builder is being copied…not for their whacky design…not for their overpriced gear….because they got some washed up “celeb” to take a free one…no…PALIR Guitars is being copied because of their FINISHES….look around you.  Every builder will tell you that the Tele shape is HOT right now…but PALIR has found a way to reinvent the FINISH of electric guitars.  Look around and you will see Palir did it and now others are trying to capture the vibe…unsuccessfully I might add.

I always try to scoop up NAMM instruments from any builder…ESPECIALLY small guys who are starting out…why?…because they put their souls into these pieces hoping to attract attention amongst a crowded field.  Now that Palir has established a foothold in the market their pieces like this are scooped up as they hit stores.

Think about this…handcrafted unique guitar that sells for MUCH less than stamped out plastic crap from other guys.  This was Palir’s 2016 NAMM specimen.  IT remains in EXCELLENT NONSMOKING condition with it’s LOGO Original Hardshell Case.  Just LOOK at the finish on this.  I have to say this is one of the finest playing Teles I’ve had in the store.  The neck is AWESOME..nice C measuring .885″ – .955″.   Porter 9T Pickups.   Emerson Electronics.  Heavy 6105 Frets.


This weights just 7lb-02oz.  It has a 1-piece Swamp Ash Body and 1-Piece ROASTED Maple Neck.  10″ Radius.  Of course it comes with its Certificate of Authenticity.
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2016 TRAINWRECK Express w NOS Tubes & Cover/Manual

2016 TRAINWRECK Express w NOS Tubes & Cover/Manual

I have owned several of Kenny Fischer’s original amps.  I have played many more. I have owned a lot of the JM Trainwreck modern production (such as this).  I can tell you first hand that JM, as Kenny’s apprentice, picks RIGHT up where Kenny left off.

20+ years ago I spent hours upon hours on the phone with Kenny.  He was generous with his time and always full of teachings.  I miss our calls and the CDs we would send each other with cool bands and guitar tones.  At times during our calls Kenny would tell me his friend John Mark was there helping him.  Through Kenny, I came to know John.  I can tell you John knows tone.  He knows speakers.  He knows tubes.  He knows amps.  He is painstaking in his component to component testing.  He tests a zillion tubes in each position of each amp.  He is tireless in nailing the feel, tone and flexibility in each amp.

This is a 2016 JM Trainwreck Express (YES it is a Genuine Trainwreck as Kenny’s family has annointed JM as the successor to the business).   JM has access to Kenny’s stash of everything.

This Express, named MILANA, is loaded with carefully selected NOS tubes.  The amp has low hours. It comes with a D2F padded cover & the manual.  The tone is freaking AWESOME.  It has that characteristic fatness and sustain blooming into each note musically.  It cleans up simply by turning down your guitar’s volume.  These are not amps to turn to 10.  The sweet spot is between 10 and 2.  The knobs are interactive and allow you to tweak easily.  The amp LOVES different speakers.   I tried it through a host of modern and vintage cones and cabs.

Compared to a Marshall…there is no comparison.  A Wreck is FAT and FULL and Throaty but not overkill.  It just allows you to play and it fills in behind you.  There is no coaxing a note to sustain.  There is no need for pedals.  This amp will make you a better player because it will allow you to focus on what your hands should do next…not on coaxing out what should be (and is not) from other amps.

Grab a classic and put an end to your endless amp search.

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2017 PRS DGT w Artist Package

2017 PRS DGT with the Artist Package.  WOW clean condition from a nonsmoking environment.  Of course it comes with the custom form fit original hard case.  YES of course it has the trem bar (I know you NEED to know that).  Warranty card and some other stuff included.   It is super clean and barely played.

You can see all the specs & a detailed runthrough of condition if you look at the 3rd picture.  NOTE BOARD IS EBONY. 

Save some serious dough on a guitar that most would grade as Mint.  See my feedback.  1600+ on ebay and almost on 700 Reverb.   We are an online store and have been serving the boutique guitar community for 11 years.  Our specialty is clean high end instruments sold at a fraction of the cost of a new one.   We don’t warranty things like setups so please know that up-front.

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Chapin Strata-houla

Chapin Strata-houla

Impossibly rare Chapin Strata-Houla with a unique combination of woods.  For those in the know, Bill Chapins guitars are highly sought after.  Each one was painstakingly created by a luthier…not stamped out.  No two are the same.  These rarely resurface from collections because they in the hands of folks who have tried everything under the sun and realize CHAPINS represent fight well above their weight.

This instrument is in Excellent Condition and is from a nonsmoking environment. Fresh strings and setup from prior owner.   Here are the Specs:

  • Mahogany Body
  • Mahogany Neck C Profile .835″-.935″
  • Ebony Board
  • 12 Radius
  • 1.65″ Width
  • Med/Lg Frets (uncertain of excatly which variety)
  • Just 8lb-8oz
  • No foreswear
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • 5-Way
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • K-style tuners
  • Black Dog (Chapin) custom pickups:  VRO in neck & PROTO #3 in Bridge

Hard to find many flaws on this but I am certain you will try so we will grade it as Excellent to save you the hassle of bickering LOL.

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2018 Germino Club 40

2018 Germino Club 40

Germino Club 40 made in April 2018.  One owner lived in a nonsmoking environment.  Super clean and sounds amazing.  Couple of questions I’ll get out of the way.

About the amp:

  • No TUBE/SS Rectifier Option

Questions I will laugh at …and you will too unless you were going to ask them..then you will run to your nearest internet forum and say what a dick I am:

  • I will NOT take chassis pictures so that you can “determine the originality” (i.e., copy the circuit).
  • I will not weigh the amp
  • I will not measure the amp
  • I will not weigh or measure or photograph the tubes
  • I will not test each or any component of the circuit.
  • YES the amp works.
  • Why am I selling it?…well…we are a STORE and we SELL GEAR.
  • I will not pull every home security camera film from here to timbuck two in order to assure you the amp lived in a perfectly climately controlled environment with humidty of 36.6% so that you don’t get any tube drift or corrosion in the pots which could lead to maintenance (and we all know you want to use YOUR guy at $950 a minute).
  • I will not cover you to re-bias the amp OR for any maintenance you feel the need to do on a one year old babied amp.
  • I will not entertain trades
  • I will not check out 327 types of shipping options so that you can save $4 and cost me 12 hours.
  • I will not do a video, sound or even Tarot Card reading on this.
  • I will not verify through affidavit that the prior owner ran it through the correct voltage from his outlet.
  • I will not warranty the item because you do not like how it sounds.
  • I will not offer you an approval period
  • I will not accept a return.
  • I will not blacklight the item
  • phew that was healthy….
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James Tyler USA Studio Elite “Burning Water Y2K”

James Tyler USA studio Elite “Burning Water Y2K” with Original Case, Original Bill of Sale & Trem Bar.  From a nonsmoking environment.  This piece has a Mamywo Body and it weights in at just 6lb-15oz.  Virtual Vintage pickups (singles) and a Duncan Jeff Beck in the Bridge.  I have to say I’ve had around 50 Tylers nad the Virtual Vintage are probably my favorite in the single positions.  VERY large and full sounding.  Factory Midboost and a C profile neck measuring .854″ – .986″.


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James Tyler USA – Studio Elite HD

Oh how we love James Tyler Guitars….resonant…those necks….you just want to hold them.  Toneful….SUPER diverse tones available….really the ONE guitar for someone who can have/take only one.  BUT we know that’s not you…you have LOTS of guitars….so get this one and you will quickly start to realize that maybe you can get rid of others ….it is subtraction through addition (you see)….you get a guitar that is world class AND flexible….you then realize you can get rid of a couple that are not as nice… can tell your wife that you are SAVING money by spending…just doing it in reverse…you see!

This is SUPER light weight at just 6lb-07oz (likely chambered).  Standard /59 C profile neck .845″-.975″.  Factory Midboost (a MUST on Tylers).  Stingray 500 Single Coils & a California Special in the bridge.  Mamywo & QUILTED MAPLE Body.  Nonsmoking and YES it has the TREM BAR, ORIGINAL HARDSHELL CASE (GREY) and CERT AND TOOLS (I know you would pass on this if it didn’t have the tools…but not before you emailed “tools????????”….or called and said “Tools????????”.  Don’t be a tool…don’t ask about them.  And don’t go run to the internet and say ‘Ahhh you would think for $4k the guitar would come with tools”….and don’t then try to force a return because “you didn’t disclose that it didn’t have the tools”….your plans are foiled because…>THIS HAS THE TOOLS!!!


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McNaught VSC Vintage Single Cut – Set Through Neck

McNaught VSC “Vintage Single Cut” in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition with Original Hardshell Case & Certificate of Authenticity.  I sold this many years ago to a collector; recently he decided to pare his holdings (and thankfully thought of me).  Excellent Condition and really only has tarnishing on the pickups covers.


This guitar weighs in at just 8lb-4oz.  The neck is a wonderful ’59ish LP shape C that measures .915″ – 1.015″.  The Rio Grande pickups are SUPER FAT in this guitar.   The fretboard is Rosewood but I seem to recall it is Brazilian (won’t promise).

Grab a time tested guitar that sells used for a HUGE bargain vs. almost anything else you can find.  Why spend thousands more on a stamped out instrument when you can have something that was lovingly cared for and expertly built.  Luthiers like David McNaught have access to small lots of choice woods that the big guys can’t bother with.  This piece was constructed from such a stash. 

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