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WYSOCKI Strat – Brand New! CrAzY Woods! 60yr Braz RW – 50yr Alder – 150+yr Maple

Larry Wysocki is THE “go to” wood guy in the luthier biz.  Anyone who orders a high end $10k-$50k acoustic likely has one made with woods supplied by Larry.  He has been THE guy for 50 years and scours the planet for old growth, air dried and high quality light woods.

Occasionally, Larry hand crafts electrics and offers them for sale.  We are PROUD to be the ONLY Authorized Dealer!  Just in is a 1-off featuring crazy good tone and as great a finish as we have encountered (Upgraded Sunburst including even the NECK).

Consider the woods:

  • 50 yr Old Air Dried 1-Piece Alder Body
  • 150+ Year Old SINKER Recovered Maple Neck
  • Nitro Finish
  • ROLPH pickups custom wound for Larry
  • 1.67″ Nut Width
  • .85″ – .99″ Width C profile neck
  • Medium Frets
  • Original Hardshell G&G Case
  • Just 7lb-1oz
  • Upgraded high mass saddles
The result is a guitar that you just could not duplicate anywhere because the woods just do not exist.  This RINGS UNPLUGGED like nothing we have ever experienced.  You will be shocked at how alive this piece is.

We have sold these to collectors and they rarely see the light of day.  For the same price as a stamped out Fender, you can have a guitar worthy of being an heirloom.

Buy from THE trusted source for boutique gear.  For over 13 years, THOUSANDS of customers have selected Prime Guitars because we carry the finest in clean boutique gear.  We are an online store specializing in the coolest and hardest to find gear.  Why take a chance buying from a ‘random’ when you can deal with a proven entity.

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2018 Wysocki CUSTOM Tele LP – LOOK AT THE WOODS!


We sold this new less than a year ago.   Save $2500 vs. New on a guitar that lived in a smoke free, gig-free environment.

Think about it…would you buy an acoustic guitar made from crap wood?  Why do you think the top end acoustics command so much money?…the woods combined with the craftsmanship.  Well, let’s start with the WOODS….there is ONE person on the planet who is THE wood guy supplying the world’s top luthiers with coveted planks….Larry Wysocki.  For over 50-years he is THE guy the top builds go to.  He searches the world for air dried woods, recovered woods, exotic woods.  He collects them and has a coveted stash that is sadly running low.

A few times a year, Larry builds instruments.  Usually for celebs, but on occasion he is nice enough to sell me a brand new one.  THIS is such a piece.  Oh and it just vibrates like nothing we have had.  The pickups are custom voiced TOM DOYLE HUMBUCKERS that are open and alllow the woods to impart their organic warmth and natural sustain.

Speaking of woods…how about 1-piece 5A AIR DRIED Flame Maple Top from the early 1900s on top of a 1-piece AIR DRIED 60 Year Old Swamp Ash Body!.  Oh, and a 5A 1-Piece Air Dried Maple Neck from the early 1900s.  OH and the board…Brazilian Rosewood of course but not some stump wood…this is 80-year old Brazilian from the stash.  You just can’t find woods like this anymore.

You can see the complete Spec & Condition Sheet in the 3rd Picture.

A couple other quick points before you bang out a question to me:

  • 7lb-03oz
  • Custom TOM DOYLE Pickups!
  • 12″ Radius
  • C Profile .85″ – .967″ Neck
  • 1-11/16″ Nut
  • Med/Lg Frets
  • Original Hardshell Case (no I won’t take a picture of it for you)
  • Sunburst NITRO

Buy from THE trusted source for boutique gear!  Our store has served THOUSANDS of buyers across the planet.  Why take a chance with some untested ‘random’ ?

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Gil Yaron 2013 Singlecut : WOW Balance of tonal frequencies!

Oh and the love of LP Style Guitars….so often the photograph oh so well only to be tonal compromises in your hand.  Like the childhood fable….some are too bassy….some are too thin…almost impossible to find one that’s JUUUUSSSTTTTT RIGHT…especially before it evaporates.   THIS YARON is just such a bowl of porridge.   Beautiful warmth from the woods and master build level.   Abundant and present Midrange that works incredibly well with every variety of amp (and modeler) without overpowering those frequencies.   A bottom end that somehow has both snap and fullness without being tubby.  High end that blooms and remains full without making you cringe.

EVERY Yaron sounds VERY different.  I scour the world looking for cool guitars with the sole purpose of matching you to the one of your dreams.  Notice how we describe the tone of our guitars FIRST.  We don’t ask you what you want in a guitar then toss out variations of what you want to hear.  We also never go with the old ‘it sounds like a buuuuuurrrrrssssttttttttt mannnnnnnnn”.

Check out the specs and condition sheet for all the details.  We welcome thoughful trade offers and move a lot of guitars because we are easy to work with…..dummies?…no…we probably won’t fall for the 12U pickoff moves….but we will entertain fair trades and offer values typically in excess of what other dealers will.

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Tom Anderson Drop Top – Light Tiger Eye Burst!

Probably not a more iconic boutique guitar than a Tom Anderson Drop Top.  These are so often copied but nothing achives the level of “tight” that a Tom Anderson does.  Tonally consistent like few other brands.  Each is a unique piece despite them being produced in decent quantities.  They were my first non-PRS boutique and they hold a special place in my heart.

This piece is from 2011 and is super clean & from a smoke free environment.  Of course it comes with the original hardshell case (and YES the TREM BAR).  The finish is unique….Light Tiger Eye Burst for those who want a fresh color but not an ‘easter egg’.    The pickup configurations on this allow you to make it your grab and go.

I LOVE these guitars through modeling amps such as an Axe FX.  I tried this through my AxeIII and the results are amazing.  You truly achieve Strat, LP and even LP Jr Tones. SUPER snappy and punch when you want and thick and chewy when you need to change pace.

You can see all the Specs & Condition in the 3rd Picture.  Buy from the trusted source for boutique gear. For over 13 years we have supplied thousands of rare modern pieces to players around the globe….or you could take a shot and get something from some ‘random’…..

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Carson Hess Tele










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