Mike Stevens Les Plank PROTOTYPE – THE ONE!

  • Unique ID: stevens lp silver 112016
  • Product Type: Guitars
  • Make: Mike Stevens (founded Fender Custom Shop)
  • Model: Les Plank PROTO
  • Year: 2006
  • Price: SOLD
  • Color/Finish: Inca Silver
  • Availability: SOLD
  • Condition: Very Good
Spec Sheet
Mike Stevens Les Plank PROTOTYPE – THE ONE!

The Ferrari Testarosa is a symbol of an era….Dom is a symbol of an era….THIS GUITAR is a symbol of the heyday of the Boutique Guitar Revolution.  It was designed by and made for my friend Matte Henderson who I consider the Pininfirina of the boutique guitar world (google it…they design the bodies for Ferrari & Maserati…ok don’t google it).  OK enough sucking up.

Anyway, Matte collaborated with his old friend Mike Stevens to create the ultimate Strat in a LP body.  This guitar features an ALDER body with a Maple Neck…but the scale is LP.  There is a 12″ Radius and a fantastic soft-V to C neck profile.  The trem is a custom Skyway trem; I love skyways because they are top mount and don’t eat all the wood away.  They ring like a Stoptail bridge.  They are extremely smooth and responsive allowing precise bends.  ALSO you don’t chew up your hand palming the bridge (a must for all hand models).

This guitar was in my limited personal collection for many years.  During that time I had Lindy Fralin custom wind me a set of P90s for this guitar/wood.  Lindy & I came to the decision to do an 85% wind that would remain open and clear playing up the “stratty” nature of this beast rather than the typical wooly LP Jr thing.  The Bridge pickup I’m pretty sure is a WCR but not positive.  There is a 5-way switch.  Tonally this puppy covers a TON of ground.  My vintage amps play perfectly with the woodiness of the tone. My aggressive amps find this incredible bite and clarity with a HUGE low e tone.

The guitar has some wear, most notably some chips on the edge of the contours.  Overal it is clean despite being played and loved by several owners.  It is one of the most iconic guitars of the Boutique Guitar movement.  IT is now time to pass the torch.

See all the Specs & Condition Overview in the attached form I took time to prepare (such a guilt trip now if you don’t look).


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