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Trainwreck Express 2016 – Genuine Trainwreck

Trainwreck Express 2016 – Genuine Trainwreck

I have owned several of Kenny Fischer’s original amps.  I have played many more. I have owned a lot of the JM Trainwreck modern production (such as this).  I can tell you first hand that JM, as Kenny’s apprentice, picks RIGHT up where Kenny left off.

20+ years ago I spent hours upon hours on the phone with Kenny.  He was generous with his time and always full of teachings.  I miss our calls and the CDs we would send each other with cool bands and guitar tones.  At times during our calls Kenny would tell me his friend John Mark was there helping him.  Through Kenny, I came to know John.  I can tell you John knows tone.  He knows speakers.  He knows tubes.  He knows amps.  He is painstaking in his component to component testing.  He tests a zillion tubes in each position of each amp.  He is tireless in nailing the feel, tone and flexibility in each amp.

This is a 2016 JM Trainwreck Express (YES it is a Genuine Trainwreck as Kenny’s family has annointed JM as the successor to the business).   JM has access to Kenny’s stash of everything.

This Express, Angel, is loaded with carefully selected NOS tubes.  The amp has low hours. It comes with a D2F padded cover & the manual.  The tone is freaking AWESOME.  It has that characteristic fatness and sustain blooming into each note musically.  It cleans up simply by turning down your guitar’s volume.  These are not amps to turn to 10.  The sweet spot is between 10 and 2.  The knobs are interactive and allow you to tweak easily.  The amp LOVES different speakers.   I tried it through a host of modern and vintage cones and cabs.

Compared to a Marshall…there is no comparison.  A Wreck is FAT and FULL and Throaty but not overkill.  It just allows you to play and it fills in behind you.  There is no coaxing a note to sustain.  There is no need for pedals.  This amp will make you a better player because it will allow you to focus on what your hands should do next…not on coaxing out what should be (and is not) from other amps.

Grab a classic and put an end to your endless amp search.

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Deusenberg DOOZY ONE  Combo 1-12

Deusenberg DOOZY ONE Combo 1-12

Duesenberg Doozy 1-12″ Combo.   VERY cool and versatile amp that really gets you to almost any territory.  This thing loves pedals.  I had a blast testing it out for the store.  I kept swapping guitars and found it just kills w Teles, Strats AND Hums.

Overall clean but has some surface wear and one spot where the wood has some slight damage.  See photos.  Want an affordable amp that is a steal used?  This is it!

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Hi-Tone DG50 – Near Mint Condition

Hi-Tone DG50 – Near Mint Condition

Hi-Tone DG50 Head in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition!  This was made for a celeb as a backup to another he was using…it sat in a storage room and was virtually unplayed.  I received it as part of a trade-in.  The amp smells new.  I tried it next to my early 1970s 50w Hiwatt and can’t tell the difference.  This is so tight and punchy.  You can dial in amazing cleans or just that perfect crunch you crave.

This has the DG Mod meaning both channels are blended if you plug into the topmost input.  I LOVE this feature.

Amp has one teenie tiny little nick that keeps it from being mint.


Also…don’t be misled by what some say…these heads LOVE cabs with Celestion speakers (old or new).  In fact, I actually prefer them because it gets to Marshall territory and really adds a whole new dimension to the Hiwatt thing.
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2017 Echopark ’59 Deluxe – Long Tenon – 6lb:05oz

2017 Echopark ’59 Deluxe.  We are Authorized Echopark Dealers and love to get them new or used.  This is clean, second hand and in Excellent Condition with Certificate of Authenticity & Original Hardshell Case.  Like all our instruments this is from a nonsmoking environment.  There are no modifications or repairs.


Here is a summary but please see the sheet (pic 3) for all the details:

  • 2017
  • 1-Piece Mahogany Body
  • 1-Piece Mahogany Neck FULL TENON
  • Arcane Custom PIckups
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • Just 6lb-5oz
  • 1-11/16″ Nut Width
  • Macassar Rosewood Fretboard
  • Medium ’59 Neck .895″ – 1.035″
  • Factory Aging
  • No fretwear
  • No mods or repairs

Why do we love this model?  Well if you’ve ever had a vintage Gibson you are always fighting that cardboard deadish tone that many have.  You also have to always wonder if it’s one of those with undisclosed issues…and of course you wil find out when you go to sell it.  Gabriel is the luthier to the stars because people LOVE the fact that he worked out the kinks from the vintage guitars while maintaining the quality and mojo.

This one has CLARITY….it has SNAP along with the OOOMPH.  We have stocked SOOOOOOO many other hand made brands and THIS is the one to consider if you want that vintage vibe.   New this would cost mid-$5ks and the wait is REALLY long.   Grab this super clean one for less than dealer cost would have been..

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Gibson Custom Shop MURPHY 50th Ann ’58RI Limited Ed – Collector Clean

BIG BIG BIG sounding Les Paul alert.  FAT HUGE WOW.  This one sticks out folks. As a store specializing in boutique gear we (well it’s just me so “I”) see hundreds of the finest guitars around.   THIS sticks out as a FAT FULL WOW guitar!

What do we have?  A collector clean 2008 Gibson Custom Shop.  It is a Murphy Aged 50th Ann 1958 RI Les Paul.  This is a Limited Edition version.  The CERT DOES SAY MURPHY AGED.  IT comes complete with the Original BLACK hardshell Gibson Case.  Of course it has the Certificate of Authenticity, Tags and Unsigned Warranty Card.  This is from a collector nonsmoking environment.  It has zero mods and no repairs.  See our feedback and buy with confidence.


Remember when you purchase from PrimeGuitars you are dealing with the only store in the world that takes the time to prepare a detailed Spec/Condition Sheet.  Other guys say “clean” but we have all been burnt by serious undisclosed issues.  I’m not promising this will pass an electron microscope test…but it is reviewed across a LOT of fronts to ensure you don’t open the case and say ‘WTF is this”.

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Gibson Custom Shop R9 2013 – Near Mint

OOOh when you find THE perfect Lemon finished R9…c’mon does it get better than this!?  I mean then you consider this one is Mint “-” Condition from a nonsmoking collector environment…’re reaching for the BUY button huh…Well but you have more questions….conspiracy theories circle ….so here are the facts you crave…


Summary of Specs:

  • 8lb-7oz
  • 2013 Gibson Custom Shop
  • Original Hardshell Case (Brown for those who always ask then vanish)
  • CERT / TAGS/ Unsigned Warranty Card
  • Extra Conrol Cover in CASE
  • Some finish bleed into binding (typical)
  • No fret wear
  • No noticeable dings or repairs or dents
  • No modifications
  • Collector Owned
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Chad Underwood STRAT – Celeb Owned

Chad Underwood is THE guy for strats.  PRS himself has an Underwood.  Chad knows how to get that mojo into each of his creations.  These are impossible to get new.  Used they are few and far between.  This was created by Chad for one of his celeb clients (buyer will receive information after paying) so you know this is an example of his finest efforts.

The best part about Chad’s guitars is that they have not caught fire pricewise yet. When you can find one they are still less than stamped out crap.  Think of this…I am a dealer specializing in the highest end of the boutique guitar market.  My only strat….the ONLY strat I have despite doing this for 11 years ….a Chad Underwood that looks and feels JUST like this one.   What does that tell you?…I can keep anything I want.

This one is from a nonsmoking environment.  IT has a G&G Hardshell Case.  The prior owner swapped the pickup covers to aged (they look MUCH better than the originals).


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Vintage Sound 22sc :   1-12″ Combo

Vintage Sound 22sc : 1-12″ Combo

2016 Vintage Sound 22sc Combo.  Let me just tell you…I have a library of vintage amps that I use to get a sense of the guitars that come through my store.  This little amp is simple addictive.  Fat notes.  A perfect grind.  Flexibility.  You can dial back to a sparkling clean just with your guitar volume.   I feel so stupid for saying this but I can’t think of one good reason why I don’t just keep this.  i would use it every day.

You can spend more.  You can read and stress and hope and worry…or you can just simply listen to someone who has done all that for you.

This is super clean.  It has an ostrich type finish and a it has a few very tiny scuffs.  Nonsmoking and original tubes etc.  Comes only with what you see here.

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2018 Germino Classic 45

2018 Germino Classic 45

Germino Classic 45 from 06/2018 in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  Low hours and from a nonsmoking environment.   YES it comes with the power cable (LOL…I mean would you seriously not buy it if it didn’t).

Fantastic old world tone in an affordable format with modern reliability.  Save a bundle on an amp that is a few months old with no mods and no repairs.

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Impossibly rare Pete Cornish SUPER FLANGER complete with original box & instructions.  YES IT HAS THE POWER CORD just not pictured.

I’ve had every major effect in the universe and the Pete Cornish Flanger is THE one to get BY FAR.  It can even get those Chorus sounds so you probably don’t need a chorus either.  Warm and lush with a transparency yet organic tone that is not duplicated by anything.  If you have tens of thousands of dollars invested in the best gear then step up and grab the BEST effects…THIS is a hall of fame piece.

UNBROKEN SEALS and nonsmoking environment.  These rarely pop up so grab it while you can.  Please no ‘what will you take’ emails….there is a Make Offer button so please use that.

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Fender Custom Shop 1951 Ltd Ed HS Relic Tele (mid-2018 Collection)

Mid-2018 Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition 1951 HS Relic Telecaster in Mint “-” Condition with Cert & Case Candy.   OF course it has the original Fender Custom Shop Hardshell Case & even the build sheet from the shop floor.   Nonsmoking home use only.

This guitar is one of the easiest playing I’ve had in a LONG time (and I am a dealer of high end boutique instruments).  SUPER resonant with a wonderful ’56 V Profile Neck measuring .94″ – .97″.  The Radius is compound.  The nut is 1.65″.  No fretwear.

The pickups are a FACTORY Duncan Seth Lover in the Neck and a Handwired Crushed Blackguard Tele in the Bridge.  The weight is a wonderful 7lb-00oz.


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Ron Ellis STRAT Pickups:   50 / 60 with FAT Bridge

Ron Ellis STRAT Pickups: 50 / 60 with FAT Bridge

Impossibly rare set of Ron Ellis Strat pickups & Covers.  This is the 50s/60s set with the FAT Bridge.  The pickups measure:

  • 9.75 Bridge
  • 6.18 Middle
  • 5.98 Neck

They come only with what you see here.  If it’s not pictured you don’t receive it.

Great pickups that you will adore.  Avoid the 15 month wait.  The streets are littered with people 15+ months into their ‘4 month’ wait.  Act now and get what you want.

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Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo : Fresh PRO Service

Roland RE-301 Chorus Echo : Fresh PRO Service

JUST IN with FRESH PRO SERVICE paid for by me!  Zero hours on the fresh unit. Nonsmoking and nice cosmetics.  One of the latches is a little tiny bit loose.  A few nicks in the tolex but overall quite clean.

This was handled by the ‘go to’ guy in Nashville who works on gear for all the celebs.  Be careful of people who say ‘serviced’ because that could mean by anyone.  It is nearly impossible to find a qualified tech to work on these anymore.  Fortunately I have some contacts who will take on my work.

Priced to move!  Fresh tape of course.  Comes ONLY with what you see here.

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Glendale Singlecut : Just 7lb-1oz w Amalfitano Pickups

1-off Glendale Singlecut LP Style.  This is made of unique woods and is a Tele players DREAM Les Paul.  The body is Roasted Paluwonia (think Swamp Ash with bite) and a bookmatched Flame Maple Top.  The neck is time consuming 3-piece Flame Maple construction. The frets are Tall/Thin and the Neck is a wonderful “C” .853″ – .944″ (not too large).

The pickups in this beauty are Amalfitano.  The guitar weighs in at just 7lb-01oz and comes with its original hardshell case.  The Board is Ebony and the width is 1-11/16″ with a 24.75″ Scale and 12″ Radius.   Really a Tele in a LP Body.

Tonally you will find this has wonderful thick-midrange snap and growl along with a top end that is full yet not ear splitting.  It cuts through a mix and naturally pushes a vintage amp just to the point of breakup without pedals.

There IS wear on this one but it was so cool I had to grab it.  See the pictures for more details (AND THE SPEC SHEET in 3rd PICTURE).

There are many dings and nicks and scuffs on this piece.  It is player grade but the top of the guitar is actually pretty clean.  Really just the sides/edges/back that took wear likely from playing with a buckle.  Overall if you’ve amassed a collection of gear and you’re looking for a different flavor then THIS IS IT.

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2018 Collings 290

Some guitars are deals new….COLLINGS guitars are deals USED.   For some reason, guys LOVE calling ‘their guy’ at the local store and dropping full boat on a new Collings…guys who typically play at home and who take great care of instruments.   WHY don’t they just come to me and get a super clean used one and save thousands….who knows…anyway don’t be that guy.  Save your money and give the thousands you save to a worthy cause.

THIS piece is a late model 2018 that was upgraded with NOS Caps (Originals in case) and CLEAR CONTROL COVERS (Originals in Case).  YES it comes with the Ameritage Case.  YES it comes with the unsigned warranty card.  YES IT IS A DEAL.


Loaded with specs and weighing just 7lb-01oz.  This has Lollar P90s.  Light factory aging.  A wonderful C profile neck measuring .865″ – .967″.  No fretwear.  1-Piece Honduran Mahogany Body.  A SUPER guitar that you will be proud to own…and if you don’t bond with it you can reasonably get your money back.  Let the other guy take the financial hit of dealing with their ‘guy’…I mean not like he takes you to dinner and buys you expensive wine.  I mean does your ‘guy’ even send you a text except when he wants to sell you something?

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James Tyler Studio Elite HD – Black Schmear w BLUE

I’ve always been a sucker for James Tyler Guitars.  I mean…cmon this guy has serious guts.  The innovative headstock shape.  The satin finish on his necks (BOY they feel great).  The slight edge scalloping on the board (best of any builder).  The UBER creative SCHMEAR FINISHES.  The midboost.  Using exotic woods like Mamywo.   These instruments have stood the test of time.  They can play nicely with Vintage Amps, Modern Amps or Modeling Amps.  You really need just ONE guitar to cover almost any turf you need to invade.


This piece is from a nonsmoking environment and of course comes with the Original Hard Case & Cert…YES it has the trem bar…I mean you see the guitar of your dreams then POOF no bar…whatcha do?…do you really pass on it?…anyway you won’t have that dilemma with this piece because it HAS the trem bar….and NO I won’t send you a picture…I mean I think my competition sends guys to me to ask for any picture or spec that I don’t have….post pictures in the light…need NATURAL DAYLIGHT….oh are you playing f’ng Wembley?…anway you get the drift….don’t be that guy……believe in the process…the sheet has the info…ahhhhhhhhhh…relax..these are toys…..

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2016 Echopark ’62 Standard (Aged)

THE hot guitar on the market is Echopark’s Strat.  Gabriel hand carves these one-at-a-time.  These really are THE brand of celebs..and for good reason.  They just simply feel like craftsmen created them.  Not plasticized.  Not stamped out.  Created…like the originals.  This one is loaded with features and it is something that held in the hand…WOW…it feels like you’re holding a Aston Martin. Tonally these rival anything I carry.

But alas, I have selection and can help YOU find THE right guitar for your needs.  Contact me….I have and strive to have SELECTION.  I currently have D’Pergo, Detemple, Nacho, Underwood, Yaron…all in stock….used and in Excellent or Better condition.  Every hand made instrument is a little different.  Yeah they are all great but some are dark tonally and some twangy….you’re spending a LOT of money…get THE one for YOU.  That’s why my business has continued to grow.  Custom guitars and customized advice.


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Gil Yaron STRAT – Just 7 pounds! Near Mint Condition

Impossibly rare Gil Yaron STRAT.  I was told this was a 2018 but one can never be 100% certain so no promises.  It can’t be very old because it smells new and has barely any wear on it.  JUST 7lbs…even….that means no ounces.  (don’t you love people who say ‘ahhh..can you ccheck the weiightttttt”… you think I can’t weigh a guitar?).

Hand carved 1-Piece ASH Body..and it is finished with a thin thin nitro vintage 2-tone sunburst that just looks alive.  The Neck is a wonderful piece of Flame Maple. This instrument just vibrates in your hand.  I put on a set of 10s and you can almost think they are 9s.  The neck is awesome with a 9.5 Radius and a 1.66″ Nut (I measured it…see…exact measurements…imagine that…watch now some hayseed will ask me if my calipers have been calibrated..and by who).


I am super lucky that my store carries all the hardest to find brands of boutique guitars.  I FIND them…it takes time and relationships (always buying if you catch my drift).  My service is to help you make sure you select the right guitar for you.  No two of the same brand sound alike…now layer in all the brands.

Right now I have in Yaron, Echopark, Detemple, D’Pergo, Tyler, Callaham, Underwood & Nacho. I can play these through a variety of modern and vintage amps to attempt to replicate your personal playing situation. From there we can have a conversation to find the RIGHT guitar for you.

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SCALA Vent Top w Old Growth BRAZ RW Board

2014 Leo SCALA Vent Top in Excellent “+” Nonsmoking Condition with Original Hardshell Case & Certificate.   This guitar features a BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD BOARD.  The neck is a satin finish C-profile measuring .9175″ – 1.0075 (think ’59 LP roughly).   The board is an Old Growth BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD.  YES this has the LONG TENON too.    The body is 1-piece Mahogany & the top is Private Stock Maple (according to the included Cert).  Top it off with a package that weights in at just 7lb-14oz!


To me the crowning achievement of this model is the Vent Top.  IF you look at the guitar on its side, you see tiny vents where there is a hollowed out space between the top and body.  The choice woods, master luthier construction AND hand selected Arcane Pickups combine to achieve a tone not found in guitars that may look like these.  The tone has just a touch of air but the guitar doesn’t feedback even through my high gain amps.  The pickups push my vintage Marshalls just enough to get that classic tone WITHOUT a pedal.  Through clean amps you get this wonderful sparkling high end and warmth to the bottom without woofiness.

I am a huge fan of Scala Guitars and once you try one you will be too.

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JET Earlewood – EARLY Serial # 012

Here is a VERY early JET (Serial Number 012) hand created JET Earlewood made 1-at-a-time by a luthier.  Super collectible because Jet Guitars have cultivated a lasting following spurred on by these early guitars.  Think about how cool it would be to have serial #12 PRS…these early works were labors of love by a luthier who did not even know his work would be accepted by the marketplace.  Here wer are a couple hundred production guitars into the future and the design remains largely untouched….again making the early examples that much more coveted.


This masterpiece features a 1-piece Mahogany Body and Bookmatched Quilt Maple Top.  The neck is a hugely time consuming and toneful 3-Piece Mahogany construction.  The entire set neck, carved top package weighs in at just 8lbs-2 ounce.  The neck is a perfect .82″ – .867″ “D” Profile.  Because of the early nature of this piece it comes with an original case but they were not JET Logo at this period of time.

This instrument is clean and from a smoke free environment.  Check our feedback because you will see I specialize in instruments such as this.  We sell clean high grade boutique guitars with low mileage.  Our prices make luxury affordable vs. getting it new and taking a huge hit financially if you don’t bond with a piece.

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2018 James Tyler Studio Elite HD

2018 James Tyler Studio Elite HD in SUPER COOL Barn Finish.  This nonsmoking guitar comes with its original hardshell case and Cert.  It is a Swamp Ash body with a Quartersawn Maple Neck.  This particular Tyler is FAT sounding like THICK…and let’s face it all Tylers sound great but they’re all different.

Standard ’59 Neck C-profile measuring .845″ – .975″.  The nut is 1-5/8″ and the frets are the typical Tyler Large frets.  You can see all the specs and a detailed condition sheet in the PICTURES.  

I think the untold story of Tylers is that they are probably the BEST sounding guitars through modeling amps like a Kemper or Fractal.   They just come alive…I played this one through my Axe3 and it was magic.

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2018 Nacho Banos 1950s Bigsby Blackguard

Oh I have to tell you THIS is a fun fun fun guitar that makes me want to take up new genres of music.  MAN I NEVER had a bigsby tele and I am SOLD on this.  First off they still retain all the tele snap you want PLUS you get this extremely stable trem that makes you want to trem out your tele licks.  I mean it really makes you want to experiment.  Just a WOW piece that I’ll be sad to move along.

This one has a wonderful nice Soft V neck with a profile of .89″ – 1.01″.   The pickups are Nachos own and NO I can not tell the difference from the Ron Ellis…and my personal Nacho doesn’t even have Ron’s pickups so there.  This nonsmoking piece is complete with the original hardshell case and cert/cd.

So happy to have this in my stable. It will certainly sell quickly.

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2017 James Tyler Studio Elite HD – Burning Water

I go out of my way to acquire James Tyler Guitars….they should make me a dealer because I’ve sold a zillion of them but I don’t have a storefront so alas I am but a jobber in their eyes.  The COOL fact about Tylers is they sound probably as good as any guitar I’ve tried when played through modeling technology such as an Axe-fx.  Lots of guitars sound wonderful through amps then lousy through a Kemper or Fractal….NOT James Tylers.   This one has a perfect airiness to the single coils while that hum has some girth and snarl.


This one has a solid Mamywo Body and the guitar weighs in a just 7lb-1 ounce.  The Neck is 1-piece Quartersawn Maple satin finish with a Standard ’59 (.845″ – .975″) profile.  Compound Radius, Heavy Frets and a 1-5/8″ Nut.  The PIckups are JTS 5500 Singles and a SUPER in the bridge.  I happen to love the G2TS Trem because it’s comfortable and has super fine adjustments while staying in tune.  How do they do that?

Of course this comes with the Cert & LOGO hardshell original case (AND YES THE F’n TREM BAR)

Sorry I won’t take pictures outside in the natural daylight…unless you can prove to me you’re playing the next US Festival and need to mix well with the spring air.

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Mark Kane 100w ODS Robben Ford Circuit w Buffered Effects Box – BRAND NEW w WARRANTY

Mark Kane 100w ODS Robben Ford Circuit w Buffered Effects Box – BRAND NEW w WARRANTY

IN STOCK!  Authorized Dealer!  Brand New w Warranty & Includes TWO free Revoicings (buyer pays shipping both ways) as part of Warranty.  I am North America’s ONLY Authorized MARK KANE DEALER.

100w 6L6 Mark Kane D-Style Head INCLUDING “Dumbleator” (buffered effects loop).  AVOID THE WAIT.   This was just completed for me by Mark and it is wired to the most popular RF Robben Ford circuit.

If you know D-style amps you know that Mark Kane is considered THE expert.  He doesn’t build amps from schematics found on the net. Mark has been inside these amps for a lifetime and understands what makes the D sound so special.

Remember, creating an amp is like making a masterpiece painting.  There is no paint-by-numbers solution.  Components must be specially selected….one at a time.  It is a painstaking process.  Mark has proven time and time again to be the amp of choice for those in the know.  Typically they are only available by custom order.  I ordered these for my inventory.



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1968 Marshall Cab w/ Celestion Greenbacks 4-12″  THE ONE!

1968 Marshall Cab w/ Celestion Greenbacks 4-12″ THE ONE!

A lovely piece from my personal collection!  I tried so hard to find a clean 1968 Marshall 4-12 with original speakers…..found this one and it’s been one of my ‘g0-to’ cabs for testing gear and consulting with customers about how a guitar will sound through X-rig.  I maintain a library of standard vintage and modern gear for this purpose.

Sadly, I found this is being used less than I can justify for just how cool it is.   The tolex and handles and wheels/castors look original.  I am never certain about the logo so use your own judgement on that.  The speakers date to 1968 but I didn’t live with this night and day for 50 years so my best guess is they are original to the cab (I bought it as such and it was represented to me as original).  The only real thing I can find is ONE of the speakers is a recone.   I promise you won’t be able to tell because it sounds like the others….and NO I won’t pull the speakers and take pictures of every cone.

The cab is simply gorgeous sounding.  You really just can’t replicate the sound of old celestions in an old Marshall Cab.  The word “organic” doesn’t begin to describe how edible the tone is.

This piece is sold as-is because I really don’t want to get into a post-purchase renegotiation over every screw.  I have a ton of detailed pictures so use them and realize this is not a museum piece but a really clean example.

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