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Ribbecke Halfling “Center Hole Steel String” Carved Top Acoustic!

Ribbecke Halfling “Center Hole Steel String” Carved Top Acoustic!

Custom 1-off Archtop Acoustic “Halfling” made completely by Tom Ribbecke himself!  This piecs has a CARVED CEDAR TOP…it isn’t a flat-top like most acoustics.  The back and sides are Rosewood.  The instrument took 8 years to complete; the label actually reads 2006 which was the start date…but Tom released this in 2014.  The guitar is featured on his website and Facebook page.   He claims it was so much work that he will never build another.

The instrument has a 1.70″ Nut Width, Grover Tuners, what appears to be an Ebony Board and a 25.5″ Scale.  It is a nonsmoking piece and comes with a beautiful Reunion Blues padded case.

Tonally this is one of the finest sounding acoustics (flatpicked or fingerpicked) that I’ve owned.  The low E is pronounced and clear without being overpowering.  The guitar is responsive to pick attack and dynamics.  You can rev this up or adjust to woody organic just with pick technique or material

An instrument of this quality and provenance comes for sale rarely.  Grab it before you spend your days surfing the net for it to reappear.

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Leo Guitars – Standard 59 BRAND NEW – Authorized Dealer

Leo Guitars is a small boutique company headquartered in Germany and run by master luthier Darko Milojevic.  Only 20 – 25 guitars a year can be produced because each is custom, 1-off and made by hand.   The end result is something akin to a fine watch that is both meticulous in build and perfect in tone.

These guitars rival modern guitars at any price point.  The ’59 Standard features Spanish Cedar body and neck.  There is a thin nitro finish that feels like it’s part of the wood.  There is a very slight aging applied to the guitar whereby you see a few gentle checks and wear spots.   The whole perfectly balanced instrument weighs in at just 7lb-11 oz.  There is beautiful binding on the neck and custom inlays.  The top is a hand carved 5A Flame Maple.  24.75″ Scale and a 1-11/16″ Width.

This guitar has a mixed set of frets 6100 to 6105 that feel like you’re playing a Bentley…SMOOOOTH.  The “C” Neck profile is comfortable and quite familiar to Gibson players.  The bridge is Tone Pros.  The pickups are open and clear…Kloppmann ’59.  To my ears they sound like Ron Ellis humbuckers.

You can see the attached sheet for all the other specs.  This instrument is fresh and refreshing.  Don’t keep banging your head against old walls….this is the path.

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2015 James Tyler TYLERBLASTER

2015 James Tyler TYLERBLASTER T-style in satin Burning Water finish!  This guitar is in Mint “-” nonsmoking 1-owner condition.  Of course it comes with its original embroidered, form fit hardshell case & Certificate of Authenticity.   The body is solid Alder.  The neck & board are quartersawn Maple.    The neck profile is their “Thin 59″ which measures .825 – .95″.  The radius is compound at 10-12″ & the nut measures 1-9/16″.   Frets..heavy as expected their typical .09 x .055”.

Pickups are a Tyler Retro Hum in the Neck and a JTT5500++ (yes ++) in the bridge).  Glendale Tele bridge rounds things out.  OH and Kluson tuners..yup.

If you love teles but crave something different then check this out.  Tyler’s necks feel SOOOOOOOO soft.  They are shaped to perfection.  They fit your hand SO well.  These are not just pretty guitars.  What goes behind them is quality, thoughtfulness and TONE.  Grab one that could pass for new and save some %’s.

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2012 Thorn Deluxe Carve Top

Ron Thorn DELUXE CARVE TOP in Excellent Condition!  Set Neck featuring a 1-Piece SOLID Mahogany Body.  The carved curly maple top is also 1-piece!  The weight is just 7lb-13oz (it is SOLID not chambered).  This top is simply exceptional.  SO exceptional that the guard was never even installed (Not even holes drilled)….that is the sign of a top that the builder did NOT want to hide.  The board is BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD (sorry no Cities docs included).  The neck is a fantastic Medium C .94-.93 which you will find familiar whether you like LPs, PRS or Fenders.   The pickups are Ron’s own 80N & 86N.   Lastly, and of course, the guitar has a thin nitro finish.

Tonally this sounds like it has old PAFs in it…with just a touch of bit with the volume full on.  With the volume rolled off the tone is perfectly clear and not ‘farted out’.   The condition is outlined in a document you will find IN THE PICTURES.  Overall you can see the guitar is Excellent but upon closer inspection one will find some surface scratches and dings….nothing that I would deem significant. 

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2013 Scala Vent Top Underdog

2013 Scala Vent Top Underdog!  Loaded with hand crafted features such as a carved top and hand chambered body.  This has the coveted ‘vent top’ with tiny sound holds carved between the body and top.  The result is just that perfect amount of air/fullness to the note.

Consider that this Scala has a 1-piece Mahogany hand carved body.  1-piece Mahogany Neck.  Arcane pickups.  G&G Hardshell case.  12″ Radius.  Grover Deluxe Tuners.   All this AND the weight comes in at an amazing 7lb-11oz.  No ‘give ups’ with this piece.


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Yanuziello – ENZO RED!

Near Mint conditiion YANZUZIELLO guitar in a fantastic ENZO RED finish.  This is my first Yanuziello and I can tell you they live up to the billing they’ve received.  These hand made artisan instruments are just so perfect tonally.  If you like full clear sustaining notes then you should lust after one of these.

The body is hollowed out maple.  The pickups are Lollar Gold Foils which have warmth and compliment the Maple.  Check out the flame on the 1-piece maple neck!  Speaking of necks this is a pefect .84″-.95″ C Profile with 1-11/16″ Width.  The Brazilian Board is beautiful in color and figure.  The frets look medium to me.  The weight is just 6lb-1oz.  Of course this piece comes with a form fit Ameritage Hard case.

You can see all the rest of the details in the pictures where I have prepared a Spec/Condition Sheet.

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2015 Bludotone Bludo-Drive

2015 Bludotone Bludo-Drive

Bludotone Bludo-Drive head in Near Mint non-smoking condition! This is a 100w model. Love the unique color combo on this piece. Works as it should with no mods or repairs. No stories just a fantastic piece that will capture every nuance of your playing. Buy with confidence from a store with 10-years of experience dealing in the hardest to find gear on the planet.

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2016 Nachocaster Tele!

Featherweight Nachocaster “T” guitar made in 2016.  This beauty weighs in at just 6lb-5oz!  Wonderfull full ’52 Medium D Neck profile measuring in at .86″-to-1.02″.  Fat neck = fat tone and this holds true with this piece.  You will love the realistic relic job on this guitar.  It doesn’t look like it was demo’d by a Jiffy Lube team…rather, the piece was painstakingly reliced by the guy tho literally ‘wrote the book’ on Fender Blackguards


This comes complete with the Original Hardshell Case.  It is a 1-owner nonsmoking piece.  Included are the CD & DVD as well as a Certificate of Authenticity and the leather pouch.  The pickups are “Early 50s replice 6.51k NECK & 7.84k BRIDGE…I have heard that Ron Ellis winds pickups for Nacho….can’t confirm this fact though.  1-5/8″ Nut and 9.5” Radius.  Medium Frets.  Guitar is wired in Series…i LOVE the middle position tone which is like a humbucker but still with that Fenderesque signature.

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2005 John English ’59 Strat Relic

2005 Fender John English Strat ’59 Relic Strat.  This guitar was issued under the very Limited Edition Master Design series.  THIS guitar was made BY JOHN himself.  These facts are confirmed by Fender (via email which I would provide buyer upon request); you can ever contact Fender to confirm.  There were 2 versions of this model…team built and John English built.  The latter featured JE in the serial number.  This is serial number JE071.    The “JOHN” built models sold for thousands more than the team built (today the John built models are collectible).

This guitar features an Alder Body & Maple Neck.  FAT 50s Pickups.  9.5″ Radius & 25.5″ Scale.  It comes with the original hardshell case, Certificate of Authenticity & Strap/Candy.  It weighs 7lb-5oz.  To the best of my ability I can only find factory simulated wear on this.  The guitar is nonsmoking 1-owner.  Most would grade it as mint.


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Ruokangas Unicorn – Features “Exceptional Arctic Birch Top”

The ULTIMATE Ruokangas Unicorn Classic. This piece is simple exceptional. It is tricked out with upgrades that take it to another level. Let’s start with the cool stuff:

  • “Exceptional Arctic Birch Top” – $3000 EURO UPGRADE
  • Ebony Pickguard $400 UPGRADE
  • Nitro Top / Satin Finish Back

Now the regular stuff:

  • Weight: 8lb-5oz
  • Solid Body (Not Chambered)
  • 12″ Radius
  • 24.75″ Scale
  • “C” Boatneck
  • Jumbo NICKEL SILVER frets (Many Unicorns have Stainless)
  • Ebony Board
  • Cert & Build Pictures
  • Unicorn Custom Pickups
  • 3 Way (no coil splitting)

Custom ordering this with import duties and shipping would be in the $11,000s. You can save thousands on a guitar most showrooms would sell as new.

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2016 Tyler Burning Water 2k

Here is a great opportunity to grab a fresh, barely played, nonsmoking James Tyler Burning Water 2K and save $1400 from new.  This one is a case queen and smells new.  The owner wanted something rare that I got in and had to move this to grab that.  This piece comes with everything it should…Original Hardshell Logo G&G Case, Book, Spec Sheet and Tag (yes the trem arm too…).

Specs are just what buyers look for.  Solid Mamywo Body.  1-5/8″ Width and compound 10″-14″ Radius.  Locking Hipshot Tuners.  Standard ’59 Neck Profile 845″ to .975″.  Heavy Frets.  JTS5500 Single Coils & a SUPER Bridge Pickup.

The weight?…7lb-7oz.   The guitar is SOLID construction (not chambered).  Oh, there is the Midboost too.

Overall you would be hard pressed to find a better deal on a guitar most showrooms would sell as new.

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2016 Trainwreck Express – Genuine Trainwreck

2016 Trainwreck Express – Genuine Trainwreck

First off, let me start by addressing the question of “Is this an ACTUAL Wreck”. YES, this is a GENUINE Trainwreck Express built in 2016 by JM. For those who know, JM was Kenny’s close friend and spent years working with Kenny out of love for tone (and fun). JM never intended to take this role on; however, Kenny’s family entrusted JM with the honor & responsibility of carrying on Kenny’s legacy.

I custom ordered this in 2015 and received it in 2016. Not certain if you can order one anymore. JM is someone I’ve known for 15 years. I would hold him up as on of a handful of people who I trust when it comes to understanding tone. He has spent thousands of hours testing thousands of tubes in scores of amps.

In this amp, captured what I wanted. A Wreck that was thick tonally and touch sensitive with the ability to achieve classic rock to slightly more aggressive tones. Of course, the amp needed to clean up with a simple roll off of the volume. Lastly, the amp had to be responsive to tube swaps (like my real Wreck and others I’ve played). I can tell you JM didn’t nail it…he created ANOTHER in the short line of Trainwrecks Expresses.

I almost purchased 8 Wrecks from a single collector last summer…I love these amps. This was my personal amp. For some reason I just don’t play very much for pleasure anymore. I spend most of my time testing gear with my vintage Fender/Vox library to help customers understand what they’re getting.

This amp belongs in the hands of someone who understands what they are getting & appreciates that they are not spending $44k. Just please don’t request gut shots. I just don’t believe in that sort of thing with modern amps. If it were a vintage Marshall then sure but not a new issue amp.

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MAX Singlecut

MAX Singlecut

Genuine MAX Singlecut in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition. This is likely the last guitar Max himself made (not a kit). Documented and papers included. This guitar is light weight at just 8lb-4oz. The pickups are Ron Ellis. There are many 50s parts that the original owner acquired from Uncle Lou (documentation provided). I have to say this is a kick ass piece.

Serious buyers can email me or text me: 703-919-0194 with questions. I’m happy to help you and provide all the information I can on this rare piece.

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2016 Scott Lentz RESERVE

I’ll go out on a limb here and say that Lentz Guitars are the standard by which boutique F-style instruments are judged. I’m not saying they are the best…but many would argue that…I AM saying that they are widely regarded as Fantastic and a cut above the names you hear. That reputation is one that has lasted since the beginning of this boutique guitar revolution.

Not satisfied to keep doing ‘fantastic’, Mr L set out to create a guitar that would wow even the most critical skeptic…the Lentz Reserve class is such an instrument.

Hand selected Cabinet Aged Ash body with a HIGHLY flamed “Soft V” snaped Maple Neck measuring .88″ at the 1st fret. Lentz Alnico 5 pickups measuring in the high-5ks. Nitro Finish (of course), and hand created. The result is a definite step up on a guitar I myself didn’t think could be bettered. Aesthetics alone warrant the price, but somehow it actually sounds larger and more robust overall. Just that extra X% that the crazed amongst us spend all their time trying to get at….this has it.

See the PICTURES for a SPEC/CONDITION sheet with all the info you desire such as weight and measurements.

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2015 Collings I35 LC – Custom Built for CR Guitars

2015 Collings 1-off I35LC. This guitar was built for CR Guitars as a collaboration between CR & Bill Collings. It features several custom features intended to bring this modern masterpiece closer to its vintage roots. For example, the guitar’s neck has rolled shoulders. The binding is on the board but no on the neck. The knobs and switch tip are slightly aged.

My favorite feature is the SLAB Grain Laminate Maple Top that Bill Collings hand picked for this guitar.

The overall condition is Excelllent and it’s from a nonsmoking environment. The only real issues of note are a small finish chip on the very tip of the headstock. Also, the pickups were professionally swapped out for Fralin P92s (sorry originals not included) and the P92s are a perfect compliment for the open woody format. To my ears the result is a more stringy effect to the tone. Well done original owner guy.


Yes, this guitar comes with its original hardshell form fit case & Certificate. The condition is Excellent and I outline in great detail (see pictures for the sheet I prepare).

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2013 Tom Anderson “The Classic”

2013 Tom Anderson “The Classic” in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  The guitar comes with its original hardshell form fit case & Cert.  Also included is a receipt from the Tom Anderson Factory that outlines upgrades made to the guitar by the original owner in summer of 2016.  The upgrades include a change to Pearloid Plastic, changing the bridge pickup to H2+, addition of a VA switch & a reshaping of the neck.   The guitar is a virtual Swiss Army Knife of tones.  The VA switch gives you different flavors within each setting.   The 5-Way gets you Quack to Snarl.



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2012 Nik Huber Orca ’59

Why do I stock up on Excellent-to-Mint Condition Nik Hubers?   Simple answer.  Because the discount vs. a new one is substantial. People who purchase these guitars new respect them and take care of them.   A handcrafted Huber is a dream guitar.  I’ve personally watched scores of new Hubers hit the market….I’ve lusted after them…and I’ve snoozed and lost out on them (for my own collection).  What I learned is ‘waiting for the same one to come around again” did not prove to be a fruitful strategy.


Nik is quite smart about his production.  You don’t see 5 or 10 of the same guitar floating around.  When you see one you like you need to strongly consider grabbint it because once it evaporates you could wait years for another (in who knows what condition).  Further, purchasing a guitar where (a) the new-to-used ‘hit’ is already in it is always a sound move & (b) scarcity of specs make resale values stronger.

Just my 2 cents from a guy who has trafficed in hundreds of rarities.

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2013 Echopark La Carne

2013 Echopark La Carne in Excellent Condition.  This puppy has a large fat neck that vibrates like train tracks.  What impresses me most about this particular EP is the variation I in tone I can get with just the Volume knob adjustments.  You really don’t lose a ton of volume until you get below maybe 2.  Before that it seems like you dial in more and more of a Tele snap.  I could really see this being your one “go to” guitar because of how much ground it covers.


This particular one has an amazing finish/color.  I love the hand created pickguard…simply a piece of art.  I grab all of these I can get because they are each uniqe (visually & tonally) and they are not easily obtainable.


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2016 Tom Anderson “The Classic”

2016 Tom Anderson “The Classic” in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  Comes with the original build tag/sheet which also serves as the Warranty Card (you can still file it in your name).  Of course it comes with the original Form Fit Custom Case.

Hard to find any wear on this guitar but I’ll grade it as Excellent just to avoid getting “the post purchase shakedown”.

These guitars are ridiculous.  You can buy partscasters OR you can grab something that is a time tested classic (thus the name).


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2013 Gustavsson Bluesmaster S

2013 Gustavsson Bluesmaster S in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  This model differs from the solidbody Bluesmaster in that it’s semi-hollow.  The result is a truly different tone.  You can literally hear strings along with woodiness.  Nice snap in the low W and beautiful even notes as you strum.  The guitar handles gain extremely well and doesn’t fart out or become a howling dog.

This instrument features a Brazilian Board (and comes with CITIES documents).  The pickups aer THROBAKs.  The weight is just 6lb-13oz.  The case is the G&G hardshell rectangular form fit case (even has the JG logo).   There are a couple of small lacquer touch ups and a little bit of very light surface contact wear (not grooves or dings) that keep this piece from achieving a Mint grading.

See the PICTURES for my SPEC/CONDITION sheet with all the features, specs and condition.

There were only a handful of Semi-hollow Bluesmasters made.  They are rarely available on the secondary market (especially in this condition & with these features).  Act now or be sending me the ‘ahhh is that solllddd?….” email once I mark it sold.

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2007 Gibson LP R8 VOS Chambered – Custom Shop

Gibson Custom Shop R8 VOS in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with Certificate, Original Harshell Case and Unsigned Warranty.  I believe this is a 2007 but you will have to do your own research on that because I can’t promise (experts chime in).   This is the chambered VOS edition weighing in at just 8lb-1oz.

Beautiful top on this on and I photograph straight on to give you a real sense of what it looks like.  I believe this year of production still had Honduran Mahogany but again just what I’m told not a promise.

PLEASE SEE PICTURES for a DETAILED SPEC/CONDITION/Features SHEET with all your questions answered. 

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2012 Fano SP6 – FRALINS

2012 Fano SP6 in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  Don’t confuse this for the lower tier “Standard” version.  They may look similar but they are vastly different.  First off, the SP6 has FRALIN pickups.  The case is a Hardshell G&G case.  The tuners are Kluson.


Other features of this piece include a Late 50s Roundback “C” Profile neck that is a healthy .86-.97″.  Radius is compound at 10-to-16″.  There is no fretwear on this guitar.  The level of distress is stated as “Medium”.   The instrument includes the build sheet, Certificate of Authenticity & tools.  The only real thing of note is the prior owner applied an aftermarket sticker of a pinup girl to the back of the instrument….it is COOL.  Aside from that it’s always difficult to determine what dings are factory & which are user… estimation is that the piece is overall very clean and nothing (factory or user made) sticks out as a ‘WTF IS THIS” type of ding.

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Ernie Ball Music Man ALBERT LEE HH

Ernie Ball Albert Lee Hum Hum in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with hte Original Firm Fit Hard Case & Case Candy Pack.   Talk about a great guitar packed with features at an affordable price.   Solid Rosewood Neck.  Custom Dimarzio Pickups.  light weight at just 7lb-11oz.  Schaller Locking Tuners.  These guitars play SO well with their high profile/medium width frets.  Nice comfortable satin finish neck with a C profile.


I love just how stratty this thing can sound with it’s 5-way. You typically don’t capture quack from Mahogany bodied guitars…but EB found a way (that’s Ernie Ball…not Easter Bunny).  If I were a gigging musician I would strongy consider using this guitar as my go-to weapon.

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1966 Fender Princeton Reverb – WOW Clean

1966 Fender Princeton Reverb – WOW Clean

Superp clean 1966 Fender Princeton Reverb.  This nonsmoking beauty is collector level condition.  You can see the tolex is in excellent condition.  The grillecloth is in fantastic condition and is original right down to the black staples.  The iron is all original.  Speaker …yup original and sounds delicious!  Even the footswitch is original.

Great sounding amp that retains its value.  This one stays together nicely when turned up.  The verb is so lush.  The reverb tank and case look like nobody ever touched them.  Usually they are all ratted out and the wood torn up from the screw in/out a zillion times.

Amps this condition don’t come up every day.  If you want to save some money you should consider another one. Condition retains value…period….so you should expect to pay a little more and have something worth your investment of hard earned cash.

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Goodsell Super 17

Goodsell Super 17

Great little amp that delivers big tones for little dough.  Nonsmoking piece (the environment not the amp grammar police…you).  Works as it should.  Not sure which version it is but will be happy to look if you can tell me what to look for.


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