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2017 Gibson Custom Shop AGED SG Pehlam Blue LTD ED (of 25)

2017 Gibson Custom Shop SG LTD Aged Pehlam Blue Edition!  Extremely small run (25 total) done by the Custom Shop.  Factory Aged.  Probably the best playing Gibson I’ve had in years.  I would keep this if I gigged.  SUPER easy to play and man does it ring and resonate in my hands.  The tones out of this are downright addicting. You can get close to the Tele snap and all the way up to the dark singing neck if you want.  Handles vintage and modern amps equally well (i tried it through our library of amps including Vintage High Powered Twin Tweed. 61 AC15, ’67 Plexi, 66 Deluxe and Bogner Uber…oh yeah 72 Hiwatt Combo.   LOVES them.  LOVES my Klon, TS808, Cornishes and Binson.   I was so happy playing it that I put it though my Axe FX and MAN it drove that so well.  Really pushes it without overpowering or creating that piezo effect you hear from so many guitars.

You can find all the details and specs in the PICTURES where I have a SPEC/CONDITION sheet.  BUT I know you’re anxious for meat so eat, eat my litte lion….:

  • 2017 Gibson Custom Shop Ltd Edition (of 25)
  • 1 owner – Nonsmoking Environment
  • Cert/Tags/Unsigned Warranty Card
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • Weight:  just 7lb-2oz
  • Factory Light Aging
  • NO Fretwear.
  • Hard to find a user-made flaw on this.
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Echopark Clarence Special – 2018 BRAND NEW – Authorized Dealer


Brand New 2018 Echopark Clarence Special modell fresh from the factory!  And WHAT a tonal moster.  I can see why A-list players grab these up (and pay…they’re not given away).  These have organic tone and sound HUGE compared to almost anything else I’ve ever played.  They neck pickup just SINGS and it is freaking THICK sounding with that P92 SNARL.  The Bridge Pickup on this guitar has that perfect snarl & clarity.  This piece will push your vintage amps just enough to get them into the sweet spot.

The neck is a wonderful Medium STANDARD C at .865″ to .905″.  The pkcups are PROTOTYPE EP Custom 3/3 Neck & ’56 Bridgel. The bridge is a tele raw steel w Brass Saddles.   The guitar features a 1-piece Slab ALDER Body with DEEP 1957 type contours.  SUPER comfy against your torso.  Nitro Finish.  Jescar Medium Frets.  Just 7lb-6oz.  12″ Radius, 1.68″ Nut Width, 25.5″ Scale.  YES of course it comes with its original hard case & warranty.

LIght factory aging.  Custom Taper CTS  Pot & Paper in Oil .033 Tone Cap.  You can find ALL the Specs in the PICTURES where I place my complete Spec/Condition form.  Again, this is NEW so you don’t have to worry about condition.  OUr guitars stay in our climate controlled vault…we don’t operate a retail store when people try them.  You get them in the condition we get them. is PROUD to be the latest Echopark Dealer!  YES I have ELEVEN coming by end of June 2018.  Touch base with me to find out exactly which models and pricing.  CASE STUDIES GALORE.

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SCALA Classic Custom VENT TOP w SOLID Bolivian RW Neck & BRAZ RW Board

Scala Guitars are about the most happening brand of boutique instruments.  They come up for sale…they sell….simple.  THIS is an ULTRA COOL piece LOADED with features.

First off check out the solid 1-Piece BOLIVIAN ROSEWOOD NECK!   The Fretboard is BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD!  Not impressed?  Consider it has a 1-piece HONDURAN (this is the good stuff you can’t get anymore) Mahogany Body.  OH, how about a HAND CARVED KOA TOP.   To top it off, this is chambered and features Scala’s coveted “Vent Top’.  If you look at the guitar straight down (like you’re playing standing up) you can literally see little vents on the side where the top meets the body.

The neck profile is a PERFECT Medium “C” that measures .86″ – .91″.  The guitar features a gun oil finish that makes it feel like satin.  NO thick tone sucking coatings for this guitar.  OH did I mention the body is outlined with hand inlaid HERRINBONE?

Still want more…you get it….the guitar weighs just 6lb-12oz.  OH, it has the original Certificate of Authenticity.  The pickups are Lollar P90s.  You can see all the rest of the specs in the PICTURES.  I outline the CONDITION TOO.

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Germino Club 40 w Master Vol

Germino Club 40 w Master Vol

Germino Club 40 head with MASTER VOL (on back of head).  Excellent non-smoking condition.  AMAZING Marshall Tones without the flub or mystery fizz.  Greg Germino really figured out how to get the best Marshall tone while improving upon the flaws.  I have played this through both my vintage Marshall 4-12 and modern Cabs.  I have to say it adapts amazingly to speakers, cabs, guitars and even cables.

You can spend $2500 new for this or grab mine that is in Excellent condition…save some dough…and use the savings to tube it up with NOS glass…or buy some fancy cables….or just run out to Five Guys and treat the entire place to burgers.\  Whatever you do…just get this amp because you won’t find a bigger M-style bang for buck at this price point.

Works as it should with no repairs.  Happy to answer questions but I’d prefer not to be asked to compare this to every amp on the planet…nor will I measure the thickness of the glass on every tube…nor will I do torque tests on each knob to ensure they are consistent to turn

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Early Chad Underwood TELE with an F-Headstock (shhhhh).  These guitars are the earliest bespoke replicas and they have stood the test of time.  The early ones are the ones that made folks like Paul Reed Smith select them as personal guitars.

The Specs & Condition are outlined in my Sheet (See 3rd Picture)…but I know you’re anxious to learn so here you go:

  • Rosewood
  • 9.5 Radius & 1.64″ Width
  • C-profile Neck:  .85″-.96″
  • Factory Aged
  • Pickups:  Budz
  • 6lb-15oz
  • F-headstock (Logo blurred in pics)
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • Celebrity name ONLY disclosed to buyer (and not before out of respect).  I have not priced this higher for the provenance therefore do not consider it a factor in the sale.
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Scala Underdog “Vent Top” 2013

2013 Scala Underdog “Vent Top” with Bare Knuckles Pickups!   This handcrafted masterpiece features a unique top venting that allows the organic tone to resonate and mix.  Tiny little ‘vents’ are created along the top edge where the top fits into the body.  The result is a LP with the effect of a 20%-ES335 tone added.   VERY Unique.

These guitars have SOUL and STLE.  It features a Long Tenon neck joint to create the utmost in resonance and string energy transfer.  It weights in at just 7lb-9oz.   The neck is a perfect (for me anyway) “C” profile with .90-.99″ Measurements.

Of couse it comes with its OHSC & Certificate of Authenticity.  Nonsmoking prior home.  1-11/16 Nut & Med/Jumbo Frets.


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Sakashta SMOKY SIGNAL Tubeless OD  –  EL84 Version

Sakashta SMOKY SIGNAL Tubeless OD – EL84 Version

Sakashta “Smoky Signal” Tubeless OD pedal & original box!  This is the EL84 version. I’ve had all 3 versions and kept this because it adds clarity and a touch of high end; I found the other two versions were slightly darker tonally…this worked MUCH better with my Marshalls.

I’ve literally had many hundreds of pedals through my store.  I always try them out because it’s a blast.  I maintain a library of old amps & guitars to test things with.  I can tell you I have 3 OD pedals (this is the 3rd)….Klon, TS808 and this.  This gets you from gritty to punchy.  The dial on the left side of the pedal is the most useful of almost any dial on any pedal.  It is almost like focusing a lens on a camera.  The knob allows you to dial in just the right amount of grit vs. od.  Think of it like perfectly biasing a tube amp or intonating a guitar.  It isn’t so much a gain knob as it is a continuum of power tube distortion to preamp.

I have to say if I used pedals I’d keep this.  I just don’t use them because I play at home and have tonal variation through the amps.  I keep the Klon & TS808 because customers ask me to test gear using them.

I have never seen another.  This pedal is worth the price.  You have had flavors of OD….get what feels like ‘the great translator” pedal.

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Homestead 50 Combo – 2017  2-12″ Version

Homestead 50 Combo – 2017 2-12″ Version

Homestead Amps are handmade in Pennsylvania by a deciple/apprentice of Cesar Diaz.  This amp is handwired and each component selected by the builder to voice it to perfection. Even the speakers were selected by the builder to allow the organic tone of the amp to be recreated in any room.

This amp is a simple platform LOADED with features.  The volumes and tone knobs are pull-enabled to activate different voicings …from looser and more vintage to tighter and more modern.  There is a Master Volume AND a 1/2 Power Switch.  You can dial this up to amazing tones in an apt or use it on stage.

I had a hard time getting a bad sound out of this.  It literally loved every guitar I put through it from P90s to Tele to Hums to Strat….vintage to modern.

This is 6L6 loaded.  It is a one-owner piece from a nonsmoking environment.  The owner literally went and worked with the builder to get this one perfect during the build process.  It was a true custom build.  There are no mods or repairs.  It has a couple of very tiny covering nicks but is otherwise very clean.

YES IT COMES WITH THE FOOTSWITCH (not pictured but it DOES come with the switch).

New this is $3800…save some real dough on an amp that was only sold because the owner found out he was going to be a dad….ahhhhh….

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Detemple Tele – RARE HUM NECK PU

Ahhh yes…a Unicorn here folks.  Custom Detemple Tele with a Mini-Humbucker in the neck position.  This is the first like this I’ve had (and I’ve had over 50 Detemples).  I specialize in the hardest to find boutique guitars….Lentz…D’Pergo..Detemple….Wysocki….and the others (F-style).   Detemples are the ones I love most….why?….OVERTONES.  Simple.  They have amazing overtones.  Every one of these brands is excellent in their own ways.  I am uniquely positioned to share my experience with you.  I maintain a library of vintage and modern classic amps to allow real world comparisons of guitars to what you will experience.

THIS Detemple is simply a keeper.  TOTALLY custom.  Mike did a rare neck route for a humbucker and installed a Phoenix Firebird pickup (SOUNDS AMAZING alone & in position 2 w the bridge).  Nice warm with highs that come through with snap.  The body is a featherweight 1-piece ash ($350 upcharge in 2012).   The entire guitar weighs just 7lb-3oz which is one of the lowest weight Detemples I’ve had.

The COLOR is a sick Pablo Blue which is sort of like trans-seafoam-meets-turquoise.  AND, Mike created a painted binding in contrasting cream color.  ALSO the headstock is in matching colors!.   The neck is a Satin Finished 1-pieece Flame Maple jobber with Medium Frets, 1-11/16″ Width, 9.5″ Radius & 510 Open Tuners.   The Carve is a Soft V-to-C with a .91-.97″ Depth.   No fretwear and smooth fret ends.

The guitar comes with its custom G&G Hardshell Faux Alligator Case.  It is from a nonsmoking home nad was lovingly cared for.  The ony real issue you have to get comforable with is that the lacquer checked on the body.  I’ve had several Detemples check because the finish is very thin.  From a few feet away you can’t tell.  If you wanted to, you could go all out and have someone relic it or check it more.  I love it as it is because it has just that touch of relic look wise but without the scrapes and dirt.

New this guitar would run in the $9ks.  You can save some money AND get a guitar that you KNOW sounds like X (I can help wtih this) becuase they all sound different…I have spoken….close the curtain now.

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WYSOCKI Strat – Hand Selected Old Growth Woods – Hand crafted

Larry Wysocki has been THE Go-To guy for luthier woods….for 50 years.  ALL the top bulders of acoustics and electrics source their custom guitar woods from Larry.  He is a world renowned expert on woods, tone and process.   Larry occasionally makes guitars by hand…himself…one at a time…cuts the necks…tap tunes the woods to find the perfect match….shapes the bodies.  Larry is ALSO a leading expert on ergonomics.  His guitars incorporate subtle improvements on classic themes that actually help you play better….because they sit better & fit better.

This circa 2011 Masterpiece is from the original owner.  It is from a nonsmoking environment and just went back through Larry who checked it over and set it up.  It is in EXCELLENT condition.  I carry the best modern boutique guitars….this is one of my top 10 F-style builds that I’ve seen.  The finish is thin and sunken lightly into the hand selected 1-piece Ash Body.   The 1-Piece Birdseye Maple neck is ‘sinker’ wood that is what a D’Pergo would charge 2x for.

Let me ask you…if Larry Wysocki has one of the world’s finest wood supplies…do you think he chose good woods for his own builds?….you betcha.   Larry has an entire library of new Rolph pickups from which he selects in order to find JUST the right match.  These Rolphs are super clear and allow your playing nuances to shine through.  VERY open and play nicely with your amp and LOVE effects.  NOT an overpowering guitar tone….very much reflects the tones of the woods allowing you to hear what you paid for.  New this is $8500.   VERY rarely available new or used.  You can find all the Specs & a Detailed Condition Sheet in the PICTURES but here is a tease:

  • Weight:    7lb-01oz
  • Body:  1-Piece Ash Old Growth (tap tuned – hand cut – special stash)
  • Neck:  1-Piece Birdseye Old Growth “Sinker” wood recovered from lake.
  • Frets:   Medium
  • Pickups:  Rolph
  • Radius:   10
  • Width:   1-11/16″
  • Neck Profile:    “C”  .83″ – .95″
  • NITRO finish
  • Original Hard G&G Case
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Collings CL Deluxe – Monster Quilt

Collings CL Deluxe in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition w original Ameritage Hardshell Form-fit case & Unsigned Warranty Card.   This beauty weighs just 8lbs-1oz.  MONSTER QUILT Top.  The guitar is overall clean but as you will see in the Spec/Condition Sheet (See pictures) there are a few spots of surface wear that are noted.

Here are the details for those who lust for facts:

  • Year:  Recent – Serial Number Cl13692 idf you want to research the exact year.
  • Weight:  8lb-01oz
  • Pickups:  Lollar Imperial (Standard Wind)
  • Case: Original Ameritage
  • Paperwork:  Unsigned Warranty/Registration
  • Fretwear:  None
  • Binding: Neck & Body
  • Other Specs:  Factory

Wonderful instrument that is priced right.

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2017 Gibson Custom Shop Wildwood Ltd 59RI BRAZILIAN VOS : Just 7lb-14oz!

2017 Gibson Custom Shop WILDWOOD BRAZILIAN Ltd Ed 59RI VOS.  That’s a lot of words to describe the hottest LP on the market!   Paperwork dated 11-28-17 so this baby is barely 4 months old.   WEIGHS JUST 7lb-14oz.  Look at the top on this!  Extremely limited run.  The best ones sold out quickly.  I can barely find anything wrong with this piece but will list it as Excellent Condition to avoid the folks who will.

Specs & Detailed Condition can be found in our sheet (see pictures).  For those too busy to click on them…:

  • Dated Nov 2017
  • Weighs Just 7lb-14oz
  • Light Factory Aging
  • Original Hardshell Case & Case Candy
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • No fretwear
  • No repairs or mods

Grab this as it’s almost certain to become collectible (see the pre-2003s that are not built as well and how much they go for).

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Callaham Strat – 2011 Exc Condition

Impossibly Rare 2011 Callaham S-model.  These handcrafted guitars are now out-of-production because Bill (who is a great guy and helped me recently) focuses on hardware now.   This 1-owner, nonsmoking instrument comes with its original G&G Hardshell Case.  This is the lightest Callaham i’ve had (and I’ve had a dozen) at just 7lb-8oz.    Here are the other specs:

  • See Pictures for a complete condition/spec report
  • Weight:  7lb-8oz
  • Body:  Ash
  • Neck:  1-piece Flame Maple
  • Width:  1.66″
  • Radius:  9.5″
  • Profile:  Soft-V-to-C  .91″-.99″
  • Neck Finish:  Satin
  • Pickups:  Callaham
  • Controls:  5-way, Blender
  • Slight top discoloration from light contact

Callaham Amps & Guitars have stood the test of time.  See why Japanese collectors scoop these up and hoard them.  I’ve had all the major and minor boutique brands….Callaham is a bellweather.

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2016 Nacho Banos “Nachocaster” Tele 10k Bridge PU!

I try to carry the hard to find gear…the stuff you hear about then say “ok let me find it” only to determine you have to get on some waitlist and be worn out by the time your number comes up.   I myself tried to acquire Nachos via the ‘Available” list…only to find out most are pre-sold.  Also there is a nice aspect of getting one from me…the fact I’ve now had more than most people (and often several at once).  I can tell you what it will sound like so that you don’t get a bright ‘country’ one if you want that rich midrangey one…or that raspy rocker.  Also, I maintain a library of vintage and modern reference amps so that I can try the instrument through something that is close to what you’re using.

This Nacho is spectacular!  Here are the specs (You can find them all by looking in the pictures for a complete SHEET).

  • Just 6lb-7 ounces
  • Ron Ellis Pickups (6.65k neck & 10.06k Bridge)
  • Comes ONLY with what you see here PLUS CASE.
  • Original Hardshell Case Included
  • Middle Position is both pickups acting as a Humbucker
  • Medium Frets
  • D Neck Profile
  • No Fretwear.
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2017 Nacho Banos STRATOCASTER

Impossibly Rare:   2017 Nacho Banos STRAT Style!   Weighs JUST 6lb-14oz!  Comes stock with Ron Ellis Pickups..  Nitro Finish.  Resonant and full tonally.  I recently hosted a longtime customer who works for a large Japanese dealer…they asked to try some of the Nachos that I had in stock.  Their smiles are etched in my minds. You can try a lot of guitars… can read a lot about things…you can spec things that should (in theory) win the Stanley Cup (unlike the Caps)…but at the end of the day a S or T has a certain Mojo…builders either have it or they don’t.

To my ears, the characteristic of a Nacho tonally is that it sounds ever so slightly aged while retaining that almost ‘kettle drum’ percussiveness in the highs.  I can’t describe it any other way because a vintage guitar (a good one) has highs that are not piercingly bright.   Nacho somehow captured the essence of what makes a vintage guitar sound so unmistakable….but he did it while solving age old problems associated with vintage pieces (fretting out blah blah).


  • 1 Piece Ash Body
  • 1 Piece Maple Neck
  • 6105 Frets
  • 1.64″ Width
  • “D” Profile .85″ – 1.02″
  • No Fretwear
  • Just 6lb-14oz
  • Pickups read 5.8k, 5.97k, 6.24k
  • Nitro Finish
  • Anodized Aluminum Guard
  • Cert, Build Sheet, CD & Pouch included.
  • Original Hard Case
  • Nonsmoking
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Don Grosh Retro Classic Vintage “Tele-Gib”

Don Grosh “Tele-Gib” format called the Retro Classic Vintage T.  This one is in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition with Original Hardshell Case & Cert.

If you are sick of overpaying for mediocre guitars step UP to a Don Grosh and see what the smart money already knows.  New they are deals….USED in this condition they are STEALS.   What’s your downside risk here?…maybe couple hundred if you decide to sell it down the road?….compare that with most other guitars and this becomes a must have.

I know you have questions and LOTS of them so I prepared a detailed SPEC & Condition Sheet that lives with the pictures.  BUT I also konw you stopped reading by now so here is a summary:

  • Ash Body
  • Contoured Back
  • 1-Piece Maple Neck
  • Grosh SMALL BLOCK Pickups
  • 7lb-13oz
  • Locking Kluson Tuners
  • 1-5/8″ Width
  • 10″ Radius
  • 50s “V to C” Profile .85″ to .95″
  • Original Hard Case – Form Fit
  • Certificate of Authenticity Included
  • 6150 Medium Frets
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Chad Underwood Strat w RON ELLIS PICKUPS

Impossibly rare Chad Underwood Logo Strat.  This piece is in Excellent Nonsoking condition and comes with its original hardshell case.  THIS IS FROM THE RON ELLIS PICKUP ERA ($1000 value)….comes with a set of 50/60s Ellis Pickups Factory Installed (note some Underwoods are less expsensive if they have other pickups but Ellis are worth it).

Think of this….Nachocaster & Underwood both are factory aged guitars that use third-party bodies/necks.  Both use Ron Ellis Pickups.  One sells used for $5750 and the other $3k less.  You tell me which is the better value?   Oh by the way….my personal strat…an Underwood with Ron Ellis pickups (and you can go to my site and see the hundreds of high end strats I get and could have kept).

Other specs & detailed condition can be found in the pictures where I prepare a sheet for each guitar I sell.  Here are highlights:

  • Alder Body
  • 7lb-6oz
  • C/D Neck .84″ – .96″
  • 1.64″ Nut Width
  • 9.5″ Radius
  • 5-Way
  • Medium Frets
  • Kluson Style Tuners
  • Rosewood Board & Maple Neck
  • Factory Simulated Aging
  • Ron Ellis 50/60s Pickups
  • NOS Cap
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Detemple Esquire – Custom Order

There is a guy who is known for his iimmense knowledge of vacuum tubes & vintage LP Juniors.  His name is Gregg Levy.  If you want tubes, Hi-Test (Gregg’s store) is the one you want to try.  He will help you select just THE tube for the tone you need in your vintage amp.  At one point, Gregg was “the” Trainwreck & LP Jr guy too.   This particular guitar was custom ordered by Mr L with the idea of being close to a LP Jr in growl.  The pickup, to my ears, is the most big so9unding snarliest of any Detemple I’ve had (and I’m up to almost 50).  HUGE sounding!

BUT what I freaking LOVE about this guitar are 2 additional features.  1) The neck profile is a much friendlier depth than a typical Detemple ‘bat”.  2) the Tone is QUACKY if you turn down the volume.  Not sure how else to say this but it’s just the quackiest Tele I’ve ever played.  I freaking LOVE it.  This is DEFINITELY the most UNIQUE Detemple tonally that I’ve played.  I just can’t get enough of it.

Now you can get all the Specs & Condition overview if you page through the pictures & find my SHEET.  Because you thirst for knowledge here is a summary of the sumamary…

  • 1 Piece uniquely figured Ash Body
  • 1 Piece Flamed Maple Neck
  • Soft V .90″ – .92″ Profile
  • Just 6lb-14oz
  • 9.5″ Radius
  • 1-11/16″ Nut Width
  • Open Tuners
  • Med/Lg Frets
  • Satin Neck Finish
  • Titanium Parts (outlined in sheet)
  • Some wear outlined in Spec Sheet (in pictures)
  • Original Hard Case
  • Custom Pickup
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Brian Monty – Custom Bluesmaster w Braz Board & OX4

Custom ordered Brian Monty Carved Top LP Style Guitar dubbed a “Bluesmaster”. These are created one at a time by one of the most respected luthiers around.  People trust Brian to work on their Bursts (and have for decades).  This guitar is completely custom and is a one-owner piece from a nonsmoking environment.   This cost the original owner $5k new.  Save a ton!

You can find a SHEET with all the Specs & Condition in the PICTURES but I know you’re anxious to find out more so here are some teasers:

  • Mahogany Body & Figured Maple Top (Carved Top)
  • Mahogany Neck
  • OX4 Ed King Pickups
  • CTS Pots
  • Sprague Caps
  • C Profile Neck
  • Grover Tuners
  • 12″ Radius
  • NO Fret Wear
  • Just 8lbs-even
  • Original Hard Case
  • Couple of surface dings (See Spec Sheet in Pictures)


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Chad Underwood Strat w Ron Ellis Pickups

Impossibly rare Chad Underwood Logo Strat.  This piece is in Excellent Nonsoking condition and comes with its original hardshell case.  THIS IS FROM THE RON ELLIS PICKUP ERA ($1000 value)….comes with a set of Mid-60s Ellis Pickups Factory Installed (note some Underwoods are less expsensive if they have other pickups but Ellis are worth it).

Think of this….Nachocaster & Underwood both are factory aged guitars that use third-party bodies/necks.  Both use Ron Ellis Pickups.  One sells used for $5750 and the other $3k less.  You tell me which is the better value?   Oh by the way….my personal strat…an Underwood with Ron Ellis pickups (and you can go to my site and see the hundreds of high end strats I get and could have kept).

Other specs & detailed condition can be found in the pictures where I prepare a sheet for each guitar I sell.  Here are highlights:

  • Alder Body
  • 7lb-9oz
  • C/D Neck .85″ – .97″
  • No fretwear.
  • 1.64″ Nut Width
  • 9.5″ Radius
  • 5-Way
  • Medium Frets
  • Kluson Style Tuners
  • Rosewood Board & Maple Neck
  • Factory Simulated Aging
  • Ron Ellis Mid-60s Pickups
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2017 Fender Cust Shop MICHAEL STEVENS Founders Ed Esquire

I’ve been a dealer for 10 years.  Michael Stevens has become near and dear to my heart.  He handbuilds guitars from his small shop in TX.  I was thrilled when Fender honored him with his own Signature Guitar during their 2017 promotion for Founders of the Custom Shop.  As you probably know, Michael was a co-founder of the Custom Shop and responsible for the rebirth of Fender as a quality product.

I acquired this piece from its original owner.  It is in Mint “-” Condition.  I can’t find anything wrong with it but call it a “-” to protect myself from your electron microscope.   I just love this piece.  IT is loaded with features and the artistic flair that Michael is known for.   For example, the pickup is slanted so that the Low E has a tighter tone vs a traditiional T style.  The neck is made of Birdseye Maple with a fantastic Birdseye Maple Board….not that cheap ‘couple tossed in birdseye’ crap.  This is loaded.  YOu can save $2000 vs. what dealers are getting for these…and this could pass for new.

The guitar ships in its original hard Fender case and YES it comes with the special SECOND CASE included with the package.  I even have the original shipping box. The guitar is from a nonsmoking environment so collectors can be confident.

I have outlined all the specs in the Pictures (See the SPEC/COndition Sheet There).  I know you won’t (LOL) so here they are again:

  • Neck:  1-Piece Birdseye Maple (Highly Figured)
  • Board:  Birdseye Maple Cap (Highly Figured)
  • Frets:   Med/Large (see manufacturer’s specs for exact details)
  • Fretwear:  None
  • Dings:  None
  • Repairs:  None
  • Nut Width:  1-11/16″
  • Weight:  8lb-3oz
  • Radius:  9.5″
  • Switching:   3-Way (voiced to vintage specs by factory…see factory specs)
  • Body:  Ash  (1-Piece)
  • Case Candy INCLUDED
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Ronin Mirari – BRAND NEW – Custom BLUE SPARKLE w Matching Headstock

BRAND NEW Ronin Mirari!  This was custom made for me when I was Ronin’s only dealer.  I kept it in strorage and just can’t bear to let this beauty sit unenjoyed.  I custom ordered the guitar with Sparkle Blue Nitro Paint & Matching Headstock!  The only other one was done for me but a great customer saw it and needed it so I went back on the list and got myself another.

Current wait times are….forever…because they are no longer taking custom orders.  And if they do these fine gentlemen put their hearts and souls into each guitar. They take a long time.  They only have one paint person because they only trust their work to their expert.  So sometimes thing can get backed up in paint despite everyone’s best intentions.  Avoid all that and get the guitar of your dreams in a few days.



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Van Weelden GAINLAND Preamp!  Impossibly Rare

Van Weelden GAINLAND Preamp! Impossibly Rare

Straight from my personal collection.  Impossibly rare Van Weelden GAINLAND Preamp!  YES this is the one that everyone talks about.  This is extremely clean and nonsmoking with no issues.   VERY minimal use in my nonsmoking home studio.  Organic Brown Sound to harder tones.  CLeans up extremely well as you play with guitar volume.

Not much I can tell you that isn’t already written. If you’re looking at this you know this is much more coveted than the mesa or bogner or soldano stuff.

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Collings 290 – MINT

Recent Collings 290 in MINT nonsmoking condition with Ameritage Case & Unsigned Warranty Card.  SO CLEAN IT STILL HAS PLASTIC ON THE GUARD (that is not funny stuff on the guard…it is plastic).

Fantastic resonant Collings quality on a guitar that could pass for new…and you save some serious cash (and STILL have the Warranty Card if that will work cool).

I A/B’d this vs. my vintage Jrs and found it has much better playability.  The pickup really offers the ‘spitting nails’ tone when full out but cleans up to that perfect Tele sort of snap when the volume is rolled down.  Hell, I even toyed with tossing in a vintage 50s P90 (you can get them for about $400) just to see the difference….but alas I wanted to resell a pristine instrument.

Ok SPECS ARE IN THE PICTURES WHERE YOU WILL SEE THEM IN THE SHEET…but I know you won’t loook there so I’ll save you the email saying only “weight”….next time I get that I am gunna say “230lbs down a few from a week ago”.   Specs here they are:

  • Year:  I believe 2017 but not certain.  If this is important to you then I recommend contacting the factory.
  • Weight 7lb-2oz
  • Case: Original Ameritage Hardshell Form Fit
  • Fretwear:  None
  • Woods:  Mahogany Neck & Body (1-Piece)
  • Board:  Rosewood
  • Radius:  12
  • Dings:  None
  • Nut Width:  1-11/16″
  • Pickup P90 (Original I believe Lollar but see factory specs for actual)


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Bludotone 70s 100w  7981A Tubes & NOS Parts

Bludotone 70s 100w 7981A Tubes & NOS Parts

Bludotone 70’s Style Dumblesque head & footswitch.  There is a long leadtime for these coveted amps because they are the hottest catch in the boutique world.

Brandon confirmed that this is a 70s Voicing with NOS Parts. There is a DEEP switch rather than a MID boost.  The footswitch allows FET and PRE functions.

This amp is in excellent nonsmoking condition and appears to have original tubes including the Philips ECG Power Tubes 7981A.

The amp works as it should and comes with its original footswitch.  Overall extremely clean with maybe a tiny nick or two if you search hard.

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