Shipping Insurance: Myths & Truths does NOT use shipping service insurance simply because my experience has not been great with claims.  Rather, I protect buyers in TWO ways.  FIRST, I have a business policy through The Hartford insurance company.  This policy covers damage on items I ship as well as items I hold.  BUT that is just a backstop for you.  If one of MY items is damaged or broken then I PERSONALLY cover it (and I have the means to do so unlike eBay randoms) then I take it up with my insurance separately.

The result?  You have 2 layers of protection. Me AND one of the largest insurance companies on the planet.  There is little time delay in getting your money and I take all the risk.

WHY should this matter?  My eBay seller insures…

Buying an expensive used piece of musical gear is an exciting.  Money is saved & there is an aspect of finishing the hunt.  We anxiously track the package long its route & await the delivery truck.  In my mind it’s very much like waiting for the mail as a kid…now all I get is catalogs.  Anyway, the truck pulls up and you watch the delivery person walk up with something that looks like cardboard made of tape….your box.

Unlike new gear that is packed by experienced manufacturers, used gear is packed by everyday people with whatever they happen to have lying around.  I’ve gotten amps that were boxed…literally…just dropped in a box with no packaging.  Sometimes we are lucky…most often we are lucky.  BUT, if you are that 1-in-200 case…you open the box and spot the rattling headstock or broken amp component.

What now?  AHH Shipping Insurance!   Not so fast me laddy.  Insurance requirements for UPS, Fed Ex & USPS are pretty strict.  For example, some require NEW boxes/materials to be used.  There are padding requirements (type and thickness).  If you go to a  packing store they will tell you insurance is applicable only if they pack.

So you call the seller, you arrange for an inspection, and you think all is well….then whammo….they say it’s not covered.  I’ve heard this story time and time again.  WHAT NOW?…well, if you purchased from an individual my guess is you will hear “I spent the money dude”.

Just another reason why working with a trusted dealer with resources is worth a lot financially and in peace of mind.





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