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2017 Tao – Custom “Ghery” NAMM

For years I’ve been closely watching the work of Tao Guitars.  To my eyes their deigns are fresh, european, clean yet retro/artsy at the same time.  I really wanted to become a dealer for them…but alas….I never seem to measure up…so I do what guys like me do….hunt and peck..   And bingo…just when you counted me out, I came across this piece fresh from 2017 NAMM.

The guitar took 3 years to create.  It was custom comissioned to be a 1-off artistic interpretation of the “Ghery” school of art.  The details, care, craftsmanship and special 1-off features make this literally museum-quality.

The Top & Back are literally carved by hand in 2 pieces then joined (hollow).  Cedar Back & Spruce Top (Carved back & top).  Spanish Cedar Neck with a nice asymetric profile that feels like a ’59 LP in a way.  24.75″ Scale, 1.70 Width.

Just 6lb-7 ounces and perfectly balanced.  Stephens Design pickups.  Hand created pickups covers. Hand created tuner tips.  Hand created backplates that are transparent with custom covers over components.

Even the case is superb.  Rolling hardshell form fit flight case.  You can see all the specs in the sheet attached (see pictures).

Tonally…think of a bubbly warm but snappy neck pickup.  Bridge…think of what you want in a vintage PAF.  This guitar hits Jimmy Page to George Benson.  I expected it to be a 1-trick pony…but it can cover almost any ground.

It was the 2017 NAMM piece for Tao then delivered to the owner.  As we all know, personal circumstances can change in 3 years; unfortunately, the buyer could not keep the piece and sold it to me without using it.  You can acquire this spectacular heirloom without wait and for less than what Tao would charge for a new one.

Still has a warranty so no worries.

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2008 Gustavsson Bluesmaster Custom ’59

2008 Gustavsson Bluesmaster Custom ’59 from the “Wolfetone Era”.  Weighing just 7lb-13oz this instrument has one of the nicest midranges I’ve heard in a JG.  Nice full bottom end.  Loves the Ubershall & the Vintage Fender/Marshalls.   Such a beautiful tasteful top that I photographed it with and without the guard. YES IT COMES WITH THE GUARD.

This JG has the upgraded form fit logo G&G case.  Comes with the Certificate & has just a couple of very tiny surface flaws that keep it from being mint.   I’ve sold dozens of these.  They all sound different.  Let me help you find the right one for you.  See the Spec/Condition Sheet in the pictures with all the details I can muster up.

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2016 Nacho Banos NACHOCASTER Tele

2016 Nachocaster Blackguard!  I am in love with this brand.  The guitars simply sound old.  You never see them for sale because people hoard them.  When a few come up for sale they are sold before sunrise.  THOSE are the types of instruments I specialize in.

One owner, nonsmoking and light use makes this Near Mint.  As you can see this comes with the Cert, DVD, CD and Build Letter.  Ashtray cover & Nacho Banos pouch included as is the original hardshell case.

This 1-piece ash bodied piece weighs just 6lb-14oz.  The neck is a nice V .84 to .98.  The pickups are 8.66k Bridge & 6.92 Neck.  I’ve had several of these now and they DO all sound different.  Call/email/text me and I’ll tell you what this one sounds like BEFORE you tell me what you want.  Don’t fall for the old roadside fortune teller trick.   Or that cheesy pickup line where a guy calls the clerk by her name because she wears a tag….yeah…I’m above that sort of thing here.

See the attached Spec Sheet for all the details.

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Fibenare Roadmaster 2016 – Brand New

Just off the production floor!  Brand New 2016 (December) Fibenare Roadmaster ’56.  I ordered this about a year ago and just received it.  AMAZING Quilt Maple Top!  Ridiculous Birdseye Maple Neck & Board.  The Fibenare brothers really hooked me up with this piece.

You rarely see these new or used.  For the money I dare you to find a better made, better sounding F-style.  See all the Specs in the attached pictures.

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Baker B1 Bluesman NAMM 2001 – Think Robben Ford model

Extremely rare Baker B1 Bluesman NAMM from 2001.  This was made by Gene during his early days.  It is essentially a RF or Robben Ford model.  The instrument features a carved SPRUCE top with Mahogany body & Neck.  Ebony board.  24.625″ Scale & 12″ Radius.  Nice full C neck profile.  Med/Lg frets (according to my eyes).  Comes with the Cert & Original Case & Unsigned Warranty Card.

You can see all the specs/condition in the attached sheet. The most notable flaw is a finish crack (shown in pictures) near the lead pickup volume knob.  It looks like the knob at some point had been pushed in a bit (although it’s stable and does not appear to be broken.  Aside from that this is very clean.

Tonally you WILL notice a proufound difference with the Spruce top.  Very smooth sounding guitar with nice present highs.  The notes are full and singing.  Smooth is the only word that comes to mind but without the associated dullness that one typically associates with that description

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Ronin Mirari – Aged Inca Silver – Brand New

2016 Ronin Mirari in Aged Inca Silver!   I usually leave the artistic aspects to John & Izzy and they never disappoint!  This 7.b-6oz guitar features a SOGR (Aged Redwood) body and Mahogany Neck.  1-11/16″ Nut Width, 9.5″ Radius and a 25.5″ Scale make it familiar to nearly every style of player.   The hand carved/shaped “C” Neck is .88-.93 and fits perfectly in your hand.  The smooth Stew Mac 154 (Wide/High) frets are virtually effortless to play and bend across.

This guitar is Brand New.  What’s nice is that my store is Internet Only….my instruments don’t hang on store walls for all to try and ding.  I, of course, try each one….ahhh…just to you know make sure it’s not a fake..(ok I need to at least get to try them don’t I).

I have several in stock so don’t hesitate to contact me 24/7/365 with questions.  I’m also happy to spec one out to your liking and custom order for you.  John/Izzy & I work together so you can be assured of the same story/price and turnaround times.

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Gurus Amps produces great amps and pedals, We also love the craft of recreating and re-engineering some of the most gloryified gear of the past. After we explored the British territory with the award winning 1959Doubledecker, we chose to explore the American side of Tone. We drew inspiration from the legendary American amps of early 60’, the 1963 Vibroverb, where vibrato and reverb became a necessary tone additive. It was a very difficult challenge for both the Reverb and Vibrato because we could not use the same technology in a pedal due to the low tension. We needed to find a totally new way to make a optic tremolo that achieved the same feeling of the real one.and make a Sinusoidal waveform that works the best with your guitar and overall tone.

For the reverb technology, we involved Accutronics™. that makes the small real springs tanks to fits into our pedal chassis. All of the hard work paid off allowing Gurus to produce the SINUSOID, the first 100% analog, tube driven Reverb – Vibrato pedal on the market.
– Two independent effects recallable by Footswitches individually or combined.
– REVERB: a real tube driven analog Reverb circuit equipped with an ACCUTRONICS™ Double springs tank. Fine tuning of the frequencies let us achieve the feeling of those famous vintage 60’s spring reverb tanks.
– VIBRO: a real tube driven Optical tremolo circuit, uses a Sinusoidal Wave coupled with our own Gurus proprietary technology using LDR to perfectly match the character of Vintage Vibrato channels, making it stand out from all the other digital or analog tremolo effect units on the market today.
– Remote outs for connections with analog switchers. This lets you remotely use the pedal and operate it outside of your pedalboard where this might cause undesired mechanical noises. NOTE: Remote switcher must have Clean Contacts, without common ground wiring.

Sinusoid drains around 230mA on 9VDC and 300mA on 12VDC, HOWEVER, having an internal power output section (1,2W amp) that drives the reverb tank the draining depends by input signal, so it may need up to 400mA on 12VDC.
So, be sure to use a standard Negative TIP Power Supply with enough current for optimum performance.

Here you can see the incredible frequency response of Sinusoid, a full range 20-20Khz that makes it suitable for all applications and any instrument.

When designing the Reverb side of Sinusoid, we collaborated with Accutronics™, coupled with our driving circuit, GURUS was able to perfectly reproduce, the same tone, feel, and response of theVintage Spring Reverb Tanks.

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