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2013 Gil Yaron 59 Singlecut

LP lovers are a great breed of people.  They love their tradition. They know their details. They are not afraid to invest when the right one comes around.  Often, I find people have several to many of a particular model.  The trend, however, is consolidation.  More and more we find LESS is more (boy I’m articulate for an I-talian).  The days of 12 of anything are gone.  Time to realize that slight differences are NOT additional.  Think about working with me to consolidate your collection.

A great place to start is to think about acquiring a world class ’59 Singlecut.  Gil Yaron’s instruments are rarely available because people just scoop them up.  His hand craftsmanship, thin finish, attention to subtle detail and coveted hand wound pickups combine to create the ultimate playing experience.  Think about finally getting a guitar where the wood and build create the tone (not the harsh pickups).  Think about tight low end that yoyu can hear.

This is a piece you should speak with me personally about.  Let me help you determine if it is right for you.  In the meantime, check out the Spec/Condition sheet that has all the details (that you could have already guessed cuz you know LPs).

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Gil Yaron – Telecaster Double Bound

The most exciting new builder of vintage style instruments?  Gil Yaron.   I have had many of Gils LP Style Guitars and they are amazingly organic sounding each and every time.  His F-Style Guitars are a huge step up from Masterbuilt or many of the brands you find in most stores new.  Why?  Gil creates each piece by individually.  These are crafted not stamped out.  Gil can select only the best woods because he builds so few instruments.

Here we have a double-bound T-style Guitar.  The T is an Ash Body with a maple neck & Brazilian Rosewood Board.  The pickups are Gil’s own.  Tonally it is clear and full without any trace of ‘ice-pick to the temple’.  The guitar is a perfect weight (see the attached Spec/Condition Sheet for more).

Condition is Excellent.  The only thing of real note is that the finish shows signs of it settling into the wood.  The result (not sure if this was factory or nature) is a light checking appearance in the correct light…more like settling into the wood than cracks.  It gives the guitar a very real look & feel (not Tupperware here folks).  I’ve tried to capture this in a flash picture that greatly exaggerates the situation.


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Gil Yaron Singlecut 59

This is a tough time to be a boutique builder.  Many have come and faded out.  Many have tried to capture the essence of the 59 Burst (including Gibson themselves).  One has.  Gil Yaron.  Gil’s guitars are widely regarded as the king of the heap for 59 ‘close as you can get’ guitars.

This guitar is light weight and features old growth mahogany with a beautiful but tasteful maple top.  Gil’s own pickups are highly regarded for their clarity that allows the woods and build to produce the tone.  Brazilian Rosewood board (of course).  Subtle aging and hand carving.  This 1-owner piece lived in a nonsmoking collection.

See all the details in the Spec/Condition sheet.   I’m happy to discuss this piece with you within the context of your tonal goals & current equipment.  I maintain a collection of reference  amplifiers so that I can attempt to experience what you do.  Through a consultative conversation we can determine together if this piece fits.  Work with someone who has done this hundreds of times.  The goal is not to sell you this guitar.  The goal is to help you build trust and focus your search to products that will make you happy.

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Gurus Amps produces great amps and pedals, We also love the craft of recreating and re-engineering some of the most gloryified gear of the past. After we explored the British territory with the award winning 1959Doubledecker, we chose to explore the American side of Tone. We drew inspiration from the legendary American amps of early 60’, the 1963 Vibroverb, where vibrato and reverb became a necessary tone additive. It was a very difficult challenge for both the Reverb and Vibrato because we could not use the same technology in a pedal due to the low tension. We needed to find a totally new way to make a optic tremolo that achieved the same feeling of the real one.and make a Sinusoidal waveform that works the best with your guitar and overall tone.

For the reverb technology, we involved Accutronics™. that makes the small real springs tanks to fits into our pedal chassis. All of the hard work paid off allowing Gurus to produce the SINUSOID, the first 100% analog, tube driven Reverb – Vibrato pedal on the market.
– Two independent effects recallable by Footswitches individually or combined.
– REVERB: a real tube driven analog Reverb circuit equipped with an ACCUTRONICS™ Double springs tank. Fine tuning of the frequencies let us achieve the feeling of those famous vintage 60’s spring reverb tanks.
– VIBRO: a real tube driven Optical tremolo circuit, uses a Sinusoidal Wave coupled with our own Gurus proprietary technology using LDR to perfectly match the character of Vintage Vibrato channels, making it stand out from all the other digital or analog tremolo effect units on the market today.
– Remote outs for connections with analog switchers. This lets you remotely use the pedal and operate it outside of your pedalboard where this might cause undesired mechanical noises. NOTE: Remote switcher must have Clean Contacts, without common ground wiring.

Sinusoid drains around 230mA on 9VDC and 300mA on 12VDC, HOWEVER, having an internal power output section (1,2W amp) that drives the reverb tank the draining depends by input signal, so it may need up to 400mA on 12VDC.
So, be sure to use a standard Negative TIP Power Supply with enough current for optimum performance.

Here you can see the incredible frequency response of Sinusoid, a full range 20-20Khz that makes it suitable for all applications and any instrument.

When designing the Reverb side of Sinusoid, we collaborated with Accutronics™, coupled with our driving circuit, GURUS was able to perfectly reproduce, the same tone, feel, and response of theVintage Spring Reverb Tanks.

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2016 Ronin Morningstar: Brand New AUTHORIZED DEALER

Brand New RONIN MORNINGSTAR in a custom color AGED 2-TONE GOLDBURST!  Think of a traditional sunburst but with a subtle gold sparkle undercoat that darkens to the sides.  VERY stunning look that will appeal to both vintage and modern finish fans.

The Morningstar is an extremely limited production run featuring:

  • Master Grade Salvaged Redwood
  • Hand carved body & neck
  • Quarter-Sawn 1-piece Roasted Maple Neck
  • 1952 Sprague JAN .01 NOS Cap
  • “Resonance” Switch
  • Just 7lb-80z
  • 1.6875″ Nut with Heavy Edge Roll (feels smaller)
  • Soft C .89-.95 Profile
  • 9.5″ Radius
  • Stratofoil Pickups w/ Bridge Boost
  • Med/Jumbo Stewmac 154 Frets
  • Hardshell Case.
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Ronin Mirari – USED – Master Grade Old Growth Redwood

USED Ronin Mirari that may just be the lightest weight, best sounding Mirari I’ve had to date.  This one does not have coil splitting…and not sure if it’s that or the 6lb-13oz light weight or the Master Grade tight grained Salvaged Old Growth Redwood (SOGR)…but this one has the IT factor.  VERY warm tonally…VERY clear but with a nice pronounced high end.

Snakewood board,  1-piece Mahogany Neck, 1-11/16″ Width & 12″Radius.  You can see ALL the specs in the pictures where I have taken the liberty (isn’t that an obnoxious statement?) of preparing a detailed report for your review…SIR.

This one won’t last long.

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