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Detemple Tele w Mini Hum in Neck Spot

Michael Stevens LJ (TX Made)

Wysocki Tele

Wysocki Strat

Brian Monty LP

Germino Club 40

Tom Anderson Tele Sparkle Silver

1966 Vibrolux Reverb

Detemple Tele-Gib PROTO 2-HUMS 

Ron Ellis Tele Pickups

Timbucker Pair

VINTAGE GIBSON AMPS – HUGE COLLECTION – Want something ASK I probably have it

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Callaham Strat – 2011 Exc Condition

Impossibly Rare 2011 Callaham S-model.  These handcrafted guitars are now out-of-production because Bill (who is a great guy and helped me recently) focuses on hardware now.   This 1-owner, nonsmoking instrument comes with its original G&G Hardshell Case.  This is the lightest Callaham i’ve had (and I’ve had a dozen) at just 7lb-8oz.    Here are the other specs:

  • See Pictures for a complete condition/spec report
  • Weight:  7lb-8oz
  • Body:  Ash
  • Neck:  1-piece Flame Maple
  • Width:  1.66″
  • Radius:  9.5″
  • Profile:  Soft-V-to-C  .91″-.99″
  • Neck Finish:  Satin
  • Pickups:  Callaham
  • Controls:  5-way, Blender
  • Slight top discoloration from light contact

Callaham Amps & Guitars have stood the test of time.  See why Japanese collectors scoop these up and hoard them.  I’ve had all the major and minor boutique brands….Callaham is a bellweather.

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2017 Gibson Custom Shop Wildwood Ltd 59RI BRAZILIAN VOS : Just 7lb-14oz!

2017 Gibson Custom Shop WILDWOOD BRAZILIAN Ltd Ed 59RI VOS.  That’s a lot of words to describe the hottest LP on the market!   Paperwork dated 11-28-17 so this baby is barely 4 months old.   WEIGHS JUST 7lb-14oz.  Look at the top on this!  Extremely limited run.  The best ones sold out quickly.  I can barely find anything wrong with this piece but will list it as Excellent Condition to avoid the folks who will.

Specs & Detailed Condition can be found in our sheet (see pictures).  For those too busy to click on them…:

  • Dated Nov 2017
  • Weighs Just 7lb-14oz
  • Light Factory Aging
  • Original Hardshell Case & Case Candy
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • No fretwear
  • No repairs or mods

Grab this as it’s almost certain to become collectible (see the pre-2003s that are not built as well and how much they go for).

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2018 Fodera CARVED TOP Imperial Custom: Massive Upgrades – Throbaks/Braz/Waverly/RS Pots

BRAND NEW Fodera Carved Top Imperial Custom with MASSIVE Upgrades.  I tricked my orders out with everything I could think of vs. the standard specs.  This is Brand New with Warranty.  I am an Authorized Dealer.

If you don’t know Fodera, just ask what the best basses in the world are….Fodera.  These guitars are based upon 30+ years making instruments by hand 1-at-a-time for musicians covering all territories.  These guitars are created not stamped out.  Each is spec’d to achieve ergonomic & tonal perfection.

I can honestly say the only guitar that rivaled this was a Sakashta ($30k) that passed through my store.  The notes on Fodera Guitars are musical and smooth.  Full and even up and down.  No annoying frequencies.  Piano-like notes.  Smooth frets that you glide along.  Open sounding notes that just fill the space.  The guitar plays well with everything from my vintage amp stash to my Bogner.

This is NOT a typical build either.  I paid thousands extra to get upgrades factory installed at the time of build.  Check out this piece:

  • Just 7lb-01oz
  • Koa Top
  • Mahogany Body & Neck
  • Waverly Open Back Tuners
  • RS Pots & Caps
  • THROBAK SLE-101 Pickups
  • 12 Radius
  • Med/Lg Frets
  • C Neck Profile (’59 LP)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original Hardshell FODERA Logo Case
  • 24.75″ Scale
  • 3 Way Switching without coil tap (coil tapping ruins tone)
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Collings CL Deluxe – Monster Quilt

Collings CL Deluxe in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition w original Ameritage Hardshell Form-fit case & Unsigned Warranty Card.   This beauty weighs just 8lbs-1oz.  MONSTER QUILT Top.  The guitar is overall clean but as you will see in the Spec/Condition Sheet (See pictures) there are a few spots of surface wear that are noted.

Here are the details for those who lust for facts:

  • Year:  Recent – Serial Number Cl13692 idf you want to research the exact year.
  • Weight:  8lb-01oz
  • Pickups:  Lollar Imperial (Standard Wind)
  • Case: Original Ameritage
  • Paperwork:  Unsigned Warranty/Registration
  • Fretwear:  None
  • Binding: Neck & Body
  • Other Specs:  Factory

Wonderful instrument that is priced right.

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2016 Nacho Banos “Nachocaster” Tele 10k Bridge PU!

I try to carry the hard to find gear…the stuff you hear about then say “ok let me find it” only to determine you have to get on some waitlist and be worn out by the time your number comes up.   I myself tried to acquire Nachos via the ‘Available” list…only to find out most are pre-sold.  Also there is a nice aspect of getting one from me…the fact I’ve now had more than most people (and often several at once).  I can tell you what it will sound like so that you don’t get a bright ‘country’ one if you want that rich midrangey one…or that raspy rocker.  Also, I maintain a library of vintage and modern reference amps so that I can try the instrument through something that is close to what you’re using.

This Nacho is spectacular!  Here are the specs (You can find them all by looking in the pictures for a complete SHEET).

  • Just 6lb-7 ounces
  • Ron Ellis Pickups (6.65k neck & 10.06k Bridge)
  • Comes ONLY with what you see here PLUS CASE.
  • Original Hardshell Case Included
  • Middle Position is both pickups acting as a Humbucker
  • Medium Frets
  • D Neck Profile
  • No Fretwear.
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2016 Gretsch G6120TFM – Players Edition Nashville

2016 Gretsch G6120TFM in classic Orange.  Of course this piece comes with its original Hardshell Form Fit Case & Certificate of Authenticity & Warranty Card & Tags.  This instrument is from a nonsmoking environment and is in Excellent Condition.  Many would grade this as Mint but I don’t want any extra cirriculars once you get it so I’ll be conservative.

Here are the features.  Of course you can see many more details in my Spec/Condition sheet located amongst the pictures:

  • Weight:  7lb-11oz
  • PIckups:  Filtertron
  • Fretwear:  NONE
  • Board:  Ebony
  • Nut:  1-11/16″
  • Scale:  24.625″
  • Radius:  12

Classic instrument for the price of a stamped out S-or-T style copy.  Why not try something that will make you expand your musical direction.

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