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1966 Vibrolux Reverb

2018 Detemple TELE – BLACK

1956 Gibson LP Goldtop ALL GOLD (VERY CLEAN)

VINTAGE GIBSON AMPS – HUGE COLLECTION – Want something ASK I probably have it

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CALLAHAM Telecaster

Impossibly Rare Alert:  CALLAHAM Tele!   This guitar is impossible to find.  Even more amazing is that it has a BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD BOARD.  The body is ALDER and the Neck is a perfect ’58 V-to-C measuring a wonderful .86″-.96″.  NOT a bat.  Just enough meat to help the notes ring out. The color is a Candy Apple Red that has naturally faded over the years.

The Callaham (Lindy Fralin custom) pickups are extremely open sounding in this guitar.  This is NOT a dark, muddy tele.  This does Rock-to-Country perfectly.  Obviously you can dial back the tone knob to get all the Jazz warmth you desire.

This instrument weighs in at just 7-11oz which for a Callaham is featherweight….remember these were made back before every ‘low rent hobbyist’ was asking for weights of pickup screws.   Michael Stevens (Co-Founder of the Fender CS) told me the BEST sounding F-style guitars are mid-weight.   Here you have one!…and he wasn’t joking.

There is some wear on this piece….consider it “naturally relic’d”.   PLEASE SEE 3rd PICTURE FOR A COMPLETE SPEC & CONDITION SHEET.

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2018 Holloway Tele Custom : HALL-OF-FAME WOODS from Larry Wysocki Library

HALL-OF-FAME Wood Alert!  You litereally may never find woods this exotic again.  This is a Prototype 1-off guitar hand created as a “statement piece” to represent Bryan Holloway’s entrance into the Boutique Guitar scene.  Consider this:

  • 1-PIece BURLED REDWOOD TOP & BACK w a Swamp Ash 1-Piece Center.
  • Custom wound ROLPH PICKUPS.
  • 5lb-14oz of Chambered Amazingness.
  • Double Bound Body (Top & Back)
  • “C” Profile .815″ – .95″ Exotic Neck.
  • One of best fretjobs I have ever encountered.  When they say Smooth As Glass…they meant THIS guitar.
  • Medium/Jumbo Frets
  • 1.65″ Width
  • 25.5″ Scale & 22 Frets with a 9.5 Radius
  • Gotoh Tuners
  • Gotoh Tele Bridge w Brass Saddles
  • CTS 250k Volume Pot & CTS No Load Tone &  .022 Tone Cap
  • Original Hardshell Case (Thermometer Style)

So let’s get down to it…Builder’s name is Bryan Holloway.  For years Bryan has been a major player & builder.  Brian works with a major guitar builder and focuses on custom builds for celebs and demanding private clients.  His skills have been fine tuned through a friendship & apprenticeship with Larry Wysocki who is one of the most highly regarded builders in the world (Jon Herington of Steely Dan & Steve Kimock of Ratdog to name a few).  To set the stage, imagine this…Larry Wysocki is THE industry go-to guy when it comes to woods.  Larry has been doing this for 50-years and has the most sought after timber in the world.  Larry’s guitars are $8k+ and rarely available on the open market.

I can tell you that I carry the best handmade boutique guitars currently made.  This is in the upper echelon of anything I’ve had.  Imagine PLAYING a Bentley automobile.  It is beautiful, tastefully elegant but underneath it’s a performance vehicle.  You will have a nearly impossible time finding any guitar that is louder or more resonant unplugged.  This instrument is alive.  You will not likely EVER AGAIN find a Birdseye Maple Neck/Board this figured.  The Redwood…typically only found on $10k Guitars (see the current Suhr stamped out offerings for proof).

If you’re a collector, player or investor, this PROTOTYPE is one you want to grab. There won’t be another!~

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Gabrsek “aka Freddy Frets” 59 ES-335 Style

Gabrsek “a.k.a. Freddy Frets” ES-335 ’59RI Tribute.  If you know boutique builders then you understand what this is.  Freddy was Alex Lifson’s tech for years.  If you watch the Youtube video you can see this masterpiece is hand created.  The neck is shaped using old-school techniques and tools.  The nitro finish skillfully applied.


I can rave about how this is a steal of a guitar vs Gibson Historic, Yaron, etc…or you can watch the Youtube video and see that for yourself.  These guitars aren’t just made…they are custom ordered by people who know the best and pay for the best…then wait for the best to be created.  Guys who commission builds like these could have puchased anything they wanted (and usually have).  They ultimately seek out Freddy because of his underground rep as being “the” guy for modern recreations.

I can rave about how this is a steal of a guitar vs Gibson Historic, Yaron, etc…or you can watch the Youtube video and see that for yourself.  These guitars aren’t just made…they are custom ordered by people who know the best and pay for the best…then wait for the best to be created.  Guys who commission builds like these could have puchased anything they wanted (and usually have).  They ultimately seek out Freddy because of his underground rep as being “the” guy for modern recreations.

This one has some checking and knob cracking due to a shipping issue from the customer.  It is HEAVILY discounted to reflect the light checking.  Everything is a-ok structurally.  Save $2k from where this last sold (by me).

You can see all the specs and condition in the PICTURES where I have a DETAILED SPEC/CONDITION SHEET.

Key Features of this guitar are:

  • Honduras Mahogany Neck
  • Just 8 Pounds
  • NITRO FINISH Hand Sprayed
  • Hand carved neck
  • Tone Pros Bridge
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Sakashta SMOKY SIGNAL Tubeless OD  –  EL84 Version

Sakashta SMOKY SIGNAL Tubeless OD – EL84 Version

Sakashta “Smoky Signal” Tubeless OD pedal & original box!  This is the EL84 version. I’ve had all 3 versions and kept this because it adds clarity and a touch of high end; I found the other two versions were slightly darker tonally…this worked MUCH better with my Marshalls.

I’ve literally had many hundreds of pedals through my store.  I always try them out because it’s a blast.  I maintain a library of old amps & guitars to test things with.  I can tell you I have 3 OD pedals (this is the 3rd)….Klon, TS808 and this.  This gets you from gritty to punchy.  The dial on the left side of the pedal is the most useful of almost any dial on any pedal.  It is almost like focusing a lens on a camera.  The knob allows you to dial in just the right amount of grit vs. od.  Think of it like perfectly biasing a tube amp or intonating a guitar.  It isn’t so much a gain knob as it is a continuum of power tube distortion to preamp.

I have to say if I used pedals I’d keep this.  I just don’t use them because I play at home and have tonal variation through the amps.  I keep the Klon & TS808 because customers ask me to test gear using them.

I have never seen another.  This pedal is worth the price.  You have had flavors of OD….get what feels like ‘the great translator” pedal.

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WYSOCKI Tele : Old Growth Woods – Hand Carved – 6 lb-13oz

Larry Wysocki has been THE Go-To guy for luthier woods….for 50 years.  ALL the top bulders of acoustics and electrics source their custom guitar woods from Larry.  He is a world renowned expert on woods, tone and process.   Larry occasionally makes guitars by hand…himself…one at a time…cuts the necks…tap tunes the woods to find the perfect match….shapes the bodies.  Larry is ALSO a leading expert on ergonomics.  His guitars incorporate subtle improvements on classic themes that actually help you play better….because they sit better & fit better.

This circa 2011 Masterpiece is from the original owner.  It is from a nonsmoking environment and just went back through Larry who checked it over and set it up.  It is in EXCELLENT condition.  I carry the best modern boutique guitars….this TELE is one of my top 10 F-style builds that I’ve seen.  The finish is thin and sunken lightly into the hand selected 1-piece Ash Body.   The 1-Piece Birdseye Maple neck is ‘sinker’ wood that is what a D’Pergo would charge 2x for.

Let me ask you…if Larry Wysocki has one of the world’s finest wood supplies…do you think he chose good woods for his own builds?….you betcha.   Larry has an entire library of new Rolph pickups from which he selects in order to find JUST the right match.  These Rolphs are super clear and allow your playing nuances to shine through.  VERY open and play nicely with your amp and LOVE effects.  NOT an overpowering guitar tone….very much reflects the tones of the woods allowing you to hear what you paid for.  New this is $8500.   VERY rarely available new or used.  You can find all the Specs & a Detailed Condition Sheet in the PICTURES but here is a tease:

  • Weight:    6lb-13oz
  • Body:    1-Piece Old Growth Ash 45-Year Air Dried
  • Neck:   150yr old 1 Piece Birdseye Maple “Sinker” Lake Recovered Old Growth Wood
  • Frets:    Medium/Large
  • Pickups:   Rolph
  • Radius:    12
  • Width:    1.65″
  • Neck Profile:    C   .85″ – .95″
  • 80+ Year Old Slab BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD FINGERBOARD – hand selected
  • NITRO finish
  • Original Hard G&G Case
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Mario Martin “Guitar Mill” SERPANTINE NAMM – Just 5 lbs!

So you want fun?…I mean a guitar that will freaking rock.  LIke a LP Junior with SNAP and Tele-like clarity?  THIS is the guitar you lust after.  IT might be a desert island guitar if you had a really limited budget….or a guitar to play out if you want awesome quality and don’t want to wreck your pride and joy.  Whatever your needs…this one is additive to your situation.

Need light weight?  How about 5lb-00oz….yeah….5 pounds even pal.

Need quality?  How about TV Jones Powertron Pickup with that snarl and clarity

Need a nice large neck too!?    How about a Soft V 1-piece Flame Maple Neck with a .92″ – 1.00″ Depth and Dunlop 6105 Frets, 9.5″ Radius, and 1.65″ Width.

Need a guitar with some pre-existing wear to ‘free your soul’ to actually play it!?  This is it.  It has some dings & this’s and thats….all outlined in the pictures AND IN THE SPEC SHEET (Located conveniently in the Pictures).

I just can’t find a reason NOT to like it.  I wish I weren’t such a talentless snob or I’d keep it in my collection.  I mean this thing sounds fat but not dark or mushy.  I freaking SHOULD keep it as my ‘play out’ guitar….except I hate crowds and have stage fright….so it would be another wall ornament.  It deserves a better life.  It does…BE THAT LIFE

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Callaham Strat – 2011 Exc Condition

Impossibly Rare 2011 Callaham S-model.  These handcrafted guitars are now out-of-production because Bill (who is a great guy and helped me recently) focuses on hardware now.   This 1-owner, nonsmoking instrument comes with its original G&G Hardshell Case.  This is the lightest Callaham i’ve had (and I’ve had a dozen) at just 7lb-8oz.    Here are the other specs:

  • See Pictures for a complete condition/spec report
  • Weight:  7lb-8oz
  • Body:  Ash
  • Neck:  1-piece Flame Maple
  • Width:  1.66″
  • Radius:  9.5″
  • Profile:  Soft-V-to-C  .91″-.99″
  • Neck Finish:  Satin
  • Pickups:  Callaham
  • Controls:  5-way, Blender
  • Slight top discoloration from light contact

Callaham Amps & Guitars have stood the test of time.  See why Japanese collectors scoop these up and hoard them.  I’ve had all the major and minor boutique brands….Callaham is a bellweather.

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Detemple 1-off TELE-GIB Prototype!

The COOOOOLEST Detemple I’ve had…and I have had 10% of all he has ever made…over 50 at this point.  Let me tell you…nothing touches a Detemple for overtones in a F-style guitar.  Maybe it’s the way Michael mates necks & bodies during the build process.  Maybe it’s the way he has the tightest neck-to-body connection I’ve seen.  Maybe it’s the large necks and flame maple?  Maybe the 1-piece bodies from select light woods.   Maybe it’s the hand shaping?

Michael isn’t just a world class luthier..he is also a world class player who has been on stage touring with some all-time greats.  It’s one thing to be a builder…one thing to be a player…but a man who has done both at world class levels brings another dimension of know-how to the table.

Such is the case with this one-off Tele-Gib “Jeff Beck” tribute comissioned by a friend of mine.  OHHHH it is a nice one.  Has that nice bottom end snap you lust for in a great tele….has that light weight you wish your LP had…..has that wonderful soft V neck you always lusted after.   This guitar just shined through every one of my vintage and modern amps in the library.   You like gain…come at it…..I threw a Bogner Twin Jet at it and it blew away my supposed ‘shred’ guitars.  Princeton Reverb….lush spanky cleans …nice underwond pickups that don’t color or over-push the amp.

New this was $9400 .   SAVE THOUSANDS plus the wait

You can see ALL THE SPECS & CONDITION in my proprietary Sheet in the PICTURES.  Because I know you won’t read this I’ll retype them below:

  • Body:  Ash 1-piece
  • Neck:   1-Piece Flame Maple
  • Weight:  7lb-10oz
  • PIckups:  Lollar
  • Coil Splitting:  NO
  • Neck Profile:   Soft V-to-C   .96-.98″
  • Scale:    25.5″
  • Nut Width:   1-11/16″
  • Radius:  12
  • Tuners:  510 Open
  • Case:    G&G Original Hardshell
  • Frets:  Medium/Heavy
  • Satin Neck Finish
  • Titanium backplate


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Chad UNDERWOOD Strat – Celeb Owned

Early Chad Underwood STRAT with an F-Headstock (shhhhh).  These guitars are the earliest bespoke replicas and they have stood the test of time.  This particular one was Chad’s personal guitar and he sold it to a celebrity with a resume longer than your screen can display; while I do not have provenance of Chad’s ownership, I can tell you it is probably the nicest Underwood I’ve played.

The Specs & Condition are outlined in my Sheet (See 3rd Picture)…but I know you’re anxious to learn so here you go:

  • Ash Body
  • Rosewood Board
  • 9.5 Radius & 1.66″ Width
  • V-profile Neck:  .88″-.96″
  • Factory Aged
  • FRALIN Pickups
  • F-Headstock Logo (I blurred it out in the pictures)
  • 7lb-8oz
  • Trem Bar in Case
  • Original Soft Rectangular Padded Case
  • Celebrity name ONLY disclosed to buyer (and not before out of respect).  I have not priced this higher for the provenance therefore do not consider it a factor in the sale.
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Early Chad Underwood TELE with an F-Headstock (shhhhh).  These guitars are the earliest bespoke replicas and they have stood the test of time.  The early ones are the ones that made folks like Paul Reed Smith select them as personal guitars.

The Specs & Condition are outlined in my Sheet (See 3rd Picture)…but I know you’re anxious to learn so here you go:

  • Rosewood
  • 9.5 Radius & 1.64″ Width
  • C-profile Neck:  .85″-.96″
  • Factory Aged
  • Pickups:  Budz
  • 6lb-15oz
  • F-headstock (Logo blurred in pics)
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • Celebrity name ONLY disclosed to buyer (and not before out of respect).  I have not priced this higher for the provenance therefore do not consider it a factor in the sale.
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THORN GT-098 Black Limba & KOA

Custom RON THORN GT-098 in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition with Original Hardshell G&G Case.   One owner piece.  The original selected the woods for this guitar that he ordered directly.  We have had a lot of Thorns and they are extremely consistent sounding.  Aesthetically, they are almost always different….so if you see one that speaks to you GRAB IT knowing that you won’t get a dud.

All the Specs & Condition can be found in our proprietary sheet IN THE PICTURES.  Below are some highlights for those who can’t wait:

  • Weight:  8lb-0oz
  • Woods:   Black Limba Body w KOA TOP & Black Limba Neck
  • 1-11/16″ Width
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • Ron Thorn Pickups
  • 12″ Radius
  • Gotoh Tuners
  • Just a slight finish scrape under the headstock (shown in pictures)
  • C Neck .86″-.94″
  • No Fretwear
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2016 Red Rocket ATOMIC TWO TONE – Sea Glass Sparkle Green

2016 Red Rocket Atomic Two-Tone in Nonsmoking Condition with Original Hardshell Case.
This Sparkle Green “Sea Glass” custom handcrafted piece weighs in at just 7lb-8oz.  Red Rocket guitars are made 1-at-a-time.  I am not certain I’ve ever seen two the same.  The builder is a fantastic guy who has always been there to aide me when I have had questions.   Why settle for some stamped out mass produced guitar when you can have something ‘created’ by someone with vision and artistic talent.

All the specs & condition can be found in the PICTURES where THERE IS A COMPLETE SHEET.  For now, I’ll tease you with these factoids:

  • Pickups:  TV Jones Powertron
  • Neck:  C .84″ – .92″
  • Scale:  25.5″
  • Width:  1-11/16″
  • Body:  Mahogany/Maple
  • Neck:  Mahogany
  • Board:  Ebony
  • Radius:  9.5″
  • Bridge:  Tone-Pros
  • Frets:  Medium
  • Wear:  light guard wear, scrape near strap button, finish crack near strap button where top meets body. 2016
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2017 Red Rocket “Dark Matter” Prototype

2017 Red Rocket “Dark Matter” Prototype!  Stunning KOA Top over Mahogany Body.  The woods in this hand created guitar are simply never found in this price range.   The design is a brand new one & this particular piece is THE Prototype!   It is loaded with features…but any guitar can have stats…THIS one delivers TONALLY AND IN PLAYABILITY.   You will find this Red Rocket can hang with guitars costing 2-3x as muchl.  It has the fundamental note and clarity along with a little something springy extra in the sound that gives it the ‘wow’ factor that I look for.

Here are Specs because I know you’re dying to dig in….but also know there is a whole sheet with them (and a detailed condition) in the pictures:

  • Body:   Chambered Mahogany & KOA Top
  • Neck:  3-piece ROASTED
  • Weight:  7lb-2oz
  • Board:  Dark South American Rosewood
  • Pickups:  OX4
  • Bridge:  Schaller Hannes
  • Frets:  Medium Stainless
  • Nut Width:  1-11/16″
  • Radius:  12″
  • Tuners:  Hipshot Open
  • Neck Profile:  “C”  .87 – .95 (Satin Finish)
  • Truss Rods:  TWO Carbon Fiber
  • Arm Contour on Top
  • Mono Soft Case
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2012 Artinger Semi-Hollow – Just 6lb-10oz!

Matt Artinger Custom Semi-Hollow in Faded Denim.  This one weighs JUST 6lb-10oz!   It is from a nonsmoking environment and is in Excellent Condition.  Matt creates unique gutiars 1-at-a-time.  You rarely see the same piece twice, so if it calls your name…GRAB IT…because you won’t likely see it again (or one like it).

Here are the specs:

  • Center-block Semi-Hollow
  • Original hardshell Ameritage Case
  • 6lb-10oz
  • Electric City “Liberator” PIckups
  • 3-Way (no coil splitting)
  • Ebony Board
  • 12 Radius
  • .83-.88 Neck
  • 25″ Scale
  • 1-11/16″ Width
  • Mahogany/Flame Maple Top
  • Mahogany Neck
  • Just a slight tough of fretwear in the early frets.  VERY slight.
  • Excellent Condition w no mods or repairs.
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2017 Knaggs SSC Tier-2 “Steve Stevens”

2017 Knaggs Steve Stevens Tier 2 formally called the SSC-T2 for those lusting for labels.  Excellent Condition from a 1-owner nonsmoking home. Comes complete with the Original Hardshell formfit case, Cert & Tags.    Completely stock including the Bare Knuckles SSC pickups which are OUTSTANDING.  They are just so perfect for this instrument.  Not brittle like Gibsons can get.  This is such a modern take on a classic singlecut style.  Hard to put a Steve Stevens model down.

You can find all the Specs & detailed Condition in the PICTURES (See 3rd Picture).  Save THOUSANDS on a guitar that’s a few months old.   Betcha most brick & mortar stores would pass this off as ‘new’.

NOTE any reflections you see in the pictures are just that….REFLECTIONS…please no emails asking about this…

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Germino Club 40 w Master Vol

Germino Club 40 w Master Vol

Germino Club 40 head with MASTER VOL (on back of head).  Excellent non-smoking condition.  AMAZING Marshall Tones without the flub or mystery fizz.  Greg Germino really figured out how to get the best Marshall tone while improving upon the flaws.  I have played this through both my vintage Marshall 4-12 and modern Cabs.  I have to say it adapts amazingly to speakers, cabs, guitars and even cables.

You can spend $2500 new for this or grab mine that is in Excellent condition…save some dough…and use the savings to tube it up with NOS glass…or buy some fancy cables….or just run out to Five Guys and treat the entire place to burgers.\  Whatever you do…just get this amp because you won’t find a bigger M-style bang for buck at this price point.

Works as it should with no repairs.  Happy to answer questions but I’d prefer not to be asked to compare this to every amp on the planet…nor will I measure the thickness of the glass on every tube…nor will I do torque tests on each knob to ensure they are consistent to turn

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