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Ronin Morningstar – WORLD PREMIER!

Ronin Morningstar – WORLD PREMIER!

Ronin is proud to present the 2016 Morningstar Limited Build featuring our brand new custom pickups, the “Ronin Stratofoil Matched Set”. These new pickups blend together elements from Ronin’s innovative Foilbucker® pickup with the classic ’60s tones we have all come to love. The Stratofoil set was designed to err on the side of sweet rather than glassy (just like the Foilbucker®) but retain the signature attack of its ’60s inspiration. The bridge pickup comes with a special button (right behind the bridge pickup location on the 5-way switch) to engage a secondary coil which provides a very unique blend of our Foil wind and the tones of a low output P90—an instantaneous grin and subtle blush have been reported 100% of the time when engaging this button.

The body wood is our master grade reclaimed old growth redwood which was salvaged by us from a tree that was downed naturally in the early 1900s (by our estimations). This magical wood ensures the pinnacle of body resonance and, like all Ronins, the Morningstar feels completely alive in your hands. For this new model we chose to use a one-piece quarter-sawn roasted maple neck which is the best sound/look/feel for the Morningstar. The wood is stable, significantly more resonant and looks absolutely gorgeous.

The Morningstar is full of functional and aesthetic detail, from the chiseled lines and careful carving to the celluloid nitrate multi-ply grained Ivoroid pickguard. We use Alessandro® 250k pots which provide the BEST taper we have ever heard (they also roll incredibly easily like a 60 year-old-pot, which is perfect for swells). The tone cap (1952 Sprague Mil-Spec JAN .01uf 200V) is one of the most refined additions to the Morningstar. The subtle harmonic shifts provided here are simply superior to all other caps we have heard.

You will notice a second mysterious button just above the neck position on the 5-way switch. This button engages our “resonance” control, which can be blended/manipulated by the vol and tone controls. We use a specific HARP (yes, for large harp not a harmonica) vibration pickup mounted in a specific location and wired to blend the natural vibrations of reclaimed redwood with the sound of the pickups. Modulations, delay and all manner of fun pedal will be very well received.

The finish, like all Ronins, is done in pure Nitrocellulose lacquer, and this particular Morningstar is wrapped in an aged Aztec Gold.
The final weight for this model comes in at 6.9 – 7.4 lbs.

Be on the lookout for a Black and 3 Tone Burst Morningstar in the coming days! Stayed tuned over the next few weeks for some in-depth video/audio of the Ronin Morningstar.

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2016 Ronin Mirari – Custom Color

2016 Ronin Mirari in an experimental color that came out just off-the-charts-cool!  Large flake Aqua Sparkle finish & matching headstock.  Custom guard & knobs.  “David Torn” wind Ronin Foilbuckers.  SOGR (Old Growth Redwood).  .89-.96 “C” Neck Profile .  Tonal bliss has been achieved.  Visual Bliss has been achieved.  Playability bliss has been achieved.

I ordered this as my personal guitar.  I have nearly a dozen more on order.  UPDATE:  Alas…I am a pleaser…what can I say….someone asked for this and I sold it to them…BUT I ORDERED AN EXACT REPLACEMENT that will be here in a couple months….RESERVE IT NOW

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2016 Ronin Betty – Brand New

Brand New 2016 RONIN BETTY in Trans-Blonde!  SOGR (Old Growh REDWOOD) Body!  Weighs just 6lb-9oz.  1 Piece Roasted Maple Neck.  RONIN Proprietary Foil Neck Pickup & hand wound Broadcaster in the bridge.   I am the World’s ONLY Ronin Dealer. Comes with full Warranty.

The guitar is brand new.  I put a small ding on the back of the neck while photographing it.  I adjusted the price down $400 for the blemish.  Aside from that it has factory aging.

If you love Teles you must try a Ronin Betty.  First Old Growh Redwood has tonal properties that make a guitar sound tight in the bottom end and warm full on the top while retaining that sparkle/clarity.  The foil pickup that Ronin designed is custom voiced to generate the most sonic information possible from this rare & expensive tonewood.  You will hear music like you have never heard it before.  All your other teles will sound like shades of vanilla in comparison.  Read up and you’ll see the world agrees.


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2015 Ronin Mule

Used 2015 Ronin Mule in Mint “-” Condition.  This 6lb-3oz slab body guitar just kills clean or dirty.  I can’t speak highly enough about the Foilbucker pickups that Ronin created & hand winds.  The pickups is voiced to complement the SOGR (Old Growth Redwood) to bring out all the tonal nuances available.  This speaks LP JR but don’t let the cover fool you.  You can get acoustic tones, Tele, LP, JR, Gretsch…it handles gain and clean.  The volume knob allows you to access all sorts of nuance.

This model is discontinued and they never come up for sale.  Grab it before it too ends up in someone’s collection for eternity.

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