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Ronin Mirari – Burgundy Mist – Brand NEW

I love my friends at Ronin….Izzy & John are never satisfied with the status quo.  They just keep upping their own ante when most would sit back and enjoy the fruits of their labor.   Take this Brand New 2016 Mirari….burgundy mist….why?…because it looks cool.  A new color…they picked out the appointments to accent the color.  They don’t just stamp out pieces…they create every one as a new statement.  I’m in love…they all have their own tonal and visual presence.  I wish I could keep them all.

This Mirari features a SOGR body (Old Growh Redwood) and Mahogany .89-.94″ “C” profile neck.  Familar 9.5″ Radius and 25.5″ Scale Length make it very easy to maneuver.  Weighing a perfect 7lb-7oz this Ronin, like every one I’ve played, balances looks, weight, playability and tone.

Please feel free to call or email to discuss Ronins….ever model sounds unique to the world and distinct from one another.  Branch out…what you think is different will no longer seem that way

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Ronin Mirari – RUBY RED SLIPPER – 2016

Well we stepped out into the ledge of cool with this custom Ruby Red Slippers (large flake metallic) Mirari.  Notice the custom created pickguard that compliemnts the finish perfectly.  The proprietary Gold Foil pickups add a beautiful visual touch but a more imporant tonal statement.  You’ve simply never heard clarity and ‘information’ like you will with a Ronin.

This brand new guitar features a very light weight SOGR (Old Growth Redwood) body & Mahogany Neck.   The finished product weighs just 6lb-14oz.  The hand carved/shaped neck is a LP lover’s dream .90-.95 “C”.  The nut is 1-11/16″ and this Mirari has a 12″ Radius.

My friendship with Ronin is a priviledge.  I am so proud to be associated with builders who never settle for what they’re doing today.  The ideas and enthusiasm that John & Izzy apply makes me believe that their future will be filled with innovation and player admiration.  Get in on the ground floor with a future classic.

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Ronin BADMOON – Brand New

A year in the making….here we have a Brand New RONIN BADMOON!  The top of the Ronin food chain with it’s SOGR (Master Grade Redwood) and Hand Carved Top.  These take several times the manpower of a typical Ronin (or most other guitars for that matter).  Hand inlaid binding.  Hand carved & shaped .89 C Neck Profile.   These are never rushed and are only avaiable on a limited basis because they just consume a lot of time for the two Ronin luthiers.

Weighs just 5lb-13oz with an amazing Chrysler Turquoise hand applied nitro finish.  1-11/16″ Nut and 24.625″ Scale wtih a 12″ Radius make this very familiar for you LP/335 fans….BUT the proprietary Ronin Foilbuckers combined with the Redwood & Carved Top….simply eye opening tonally.

I’ve sold a lot of these now and they never fail to WOW buyers.  You will hear strings, wood, warmth and overtones.  You will open an entirely new tonal world…and I don’t say this lightly.  Those who have expierence a Ronin agree that they are the freshest , most additive offering to the boutique market in 10 years.

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Mark Kane 100w “RF” ODS – Brand New

Mark Kane 100w “RF” ODS – Brand New

Mark Kane is uniquely situated as a guru in BOTH the D & T style amps. Mark has spent countless years studying, building, listening and refining his work to the point where he is known around the world. Each amp is custom created and voiced specifically to achieve the desired tone. I’ve been lucky enough to represent Mark (and luckier to be a personal friend). I’ve ordered dozens of custom amps for customers; each has been thrilled with the result.

Here I have a BRAND NEW 100w ODS “Robben Ford” voicing head with accompanying ‘Dumbleator’. The cover is tan seude which is typically an upcharge. I ordered this because I believe it’s nice to help folks achieve immediate gratification (LOL). This amp captures all the touch responsiveness, chime, bloom and sustain you seek in a D-style amp. Having owned 2 Dumbles myself I can say this amp captures what D’s are…at 1/25th the price.

Questions?…please ask. Custom orders welcome with a faithful 8-10 week build.

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