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Callaham ROCKET – Flame Cab

Callaham ROCKET – Flame Cab

One of the rarest examples of an amp on the planet.  A Bill Callaham “Rocket” in its original flame cab.  For years I’ve heard of these but thought it was the Sasquatch of amps.  Finally we have one!…and it is dear to me.  How dear?….dear enough to make you payyyyyyyyyyyy (insert evil laugh).

A Japanese dealer is already trying to get it from me….why don’t you grab it before it gets shipped abroad and you must repatriate it down the road.

Amp sounds freaking wonderful.  The notes just sustain…they are fat but not mushed up.  You can dial in just the right amount of whammo with your guitar volume.  This is NOT an amp to turn to 11…you want to dial it up to maybe 11 to 2 on the dial then lay into it w your guitar.

Amp is in fantastic working condition and has no signs of mods or changes.  Comes from a nonsmoking environment.  I can’t wait to mess w my old tubes in this baby….I might just keep it!

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I was very fortunate to have spent hours on the phone with Kenny Fischer.  I’m not saying we were best friends.  I am saying we spoke regularly and sent each other CDs…stuff like that.  Great man who shared his knowledge with anyone who was decent to him.   Ken often spoke of a few builders whose work he liked.  Bill Callaham was one such name mentioned.

Here we have one of the rarest amps on the planet.  Bill Callaham hand crafted this “Liverpool” back before the boutique craze invaded us with everybody who could get to Radio Shack for a soldering iron.  Bill’s amps are regarded as classic takes of Holy Grails.

Typically, these amps end up in Japan.  You can see certain dealers charging upper $6ks for these heads.  You can also see they don’t last long.

Tonally, this amp gets to the heart of what a “Wreck” does.  Turn volume of your guitar down and it cleans right up.  Phenomenal cleans that sound like THAT is what the amp was SUPPOSED to do….turn up the guitar and OVERTONES…SUSTAIN….GRIND….CRUNCH.  BUT you retain note definition…mmmm…I love it.

Amp is from a nonsmoking environment.  It is ready to go and does not appear to have any mods or damage.

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Mark Kane KaneWreck – AUTHORIZED DEALER !  Custom Builds!

Mark Kane KaneWreck – AUTHORIZED DEALER ! Custom Builds!

Authorized Dealer for MARK KANE AMPS! Mark will work with you 1-on-1 to achieve a voicing that suits your playing. Heads and cabs available. Custom built usually 8-10 weeks with a VERY reliable turnaround. Rocket, Liverpool, or Express. You will get the amp you lust for made for your specs at less than the price of a stamped out production ‘soon to be outdated’ version.

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2017 Two Notes Torpedo VB-101   AUTHORIZED DEALER

2017 Two Notes Torpedo VB-101 AUTHORIZED DEALER

I was offered the chance to demo one of these and was skeptical. THEN I plugged my Bogner Uber into it….WOW…it is SO easy to use. Plug your amp speaker output into the input on the back….download the free software interface (lest we mention the lack of Axe-Edit availability) and you are ready to go. Immediately page through dozens of cabs and select from 8 different mics. THEN with the flick of your mouse move the mic placement to your tastes. If that isn’t enough…there are TWO simulators in this!…AND there is a compressor, exciter, and some other tools. Simple home recording without having to move your family out…without having to crank and amp…without having to lose the feel of your beloved heads.
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Mark KANE – Dumble Style Robben Ford 100w  – BRAND NEW AUTHORIZED DEALER

Mark KANE – Dumble Style Robben Ford 100w – BRAND NEW AUTHORIZED DEALER

SOLD BUT I represent this builder and we can get you EXACTLy what you need in a D or Wreck Style amp! Mark Kane is reknowned as one the Country’s most respected guitar collectors and amp builders. Mark’s amps are custom built recreations of the most classic style Dumble & Trainwreck circuits…built one at a time by hand…point-to-point wired….tested and tuned by one of the finest set of ears since corn was discovered. I am PROUD to be the first and only dealer of these awesome amps. To me a real Dumble (which I’ve owned 2 of) has a sustain and chime (like EL84). Most recreations miss one or both by a mile. Mark’s amps NAIL the REAL D-characteristics. This 100W Black Suede Head is designed to NAIL the RF tone..and it does. Comes with a hand wired buffered effects loop too! (aka Dumbleator recreation). If you can’t get Robben’s tone out of this you have cement fingers

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