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Detemple Strat – THIS one has some upper echelon tone!

And sometimes men must make choices that others would not…..this guitar is such a case.  Heralded by me as a ‘top Detemple tonally’ guitar, this one was sold to a great friend/customer….fast forward and this gentleman decided to pursue more acoustic play…while I pleaded with him not to part with this he decided it had to be….so he loses an irriplacable guitar and you gain a chance to acquire it.

I have had a huge percentage of Detemples’ production (nice use of apostrophe there huh…kid’s SAT prep paying off).   They all sound different.  I love this one because it has that Jangle while maintaining the fatness we all crave.  Super super super alive guitar that is wicked fun to play.

Along the way someone took the finish off the back of the neck & now it has a ‘satin’ feel.  SUPER smooth and fast.  I happen to LOVE this feel.  The neck is a nice large typical Detemple Soft-V at .91″ to .95″.  The radius is 9.5 and width 1-11/16″ .  The weight is a great 7lb-7oz.  You will find some titanium parts on this one.  A bit of wear outlined in the Spec/Condition sheet but overall a nice nonsmoking instrument with original hard case.

I’ve discounted this one for the wear/neck finish removal…but I should charge a premium because I like the feel of this one so much better.

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Detemple ’52 Tele : Hall-of-Fame Tone on THIS Guitar

So years ago I got a set of Detemple Twins in….and they were both the best fattest fullest balanced DTs I’d had.  Sadly they both sold….even sadder to different buyers.  I am lucky that years later, one player (this guitar’s former owner) moved into stricktly humbucking instruments and traded it back.

Not sure what it is about this guitar but the tone on it is just as good as I’ve heard on a Detemple (and you know I’ve had 50+ of them).  The neck is FAT at .957″-1.00″….but it’s a Soft V so it makes it SO much more manageable.

This has acquired just a few dings and contact light surface hairline swirls.  Overall extremely clean but I have outlined the condition in more details in the Spec/Condition Sheet (FIND IT IN THE PICTURES).

The early DTs are considered by many to be his Golden Years because Mike alone was making them.  This particular one stands the test of time.  YES there are others that LOOK like this…but there is only ONE ’52 JONES tonally.  Again, I have spoken.

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2015 D’Pergo Vintage Limited w/ Sig Ltd Electronics Pkg

D’Pergo Guitars are considered by many to be the top of the food chain along with Detemple & Wysocki (for F-Style Guitars).  I can personally attest to the fact that you will be hard pressed to find a more perfect hand-made instrument.  Think of a Bentley.  The finish is deep.  The woods are visually luscious.  The attention to detail like softly rolled fretboard edges make you understand that this guitar took multiples of time to create vs. ‘the pack’.

I’ve been very fortunate to have nearly 50 D’Pergos pass through my store & collection.  I am not an ‘expert’…only Mr D is….I am experienced…and I can help you gain perspective on making this type of investment for the Ultimate S style instrument (if you so determine this is THE one of the 3 major names best suited for you).

Now a moment of truth.  D’Pergo Guitars have gotten much more expensive as his models have evolved, craftsmanship evolved & materials gotten better and better.  An AVC (Aged Vintage Classic or Drop Top) is a FINE instrument but NOT generally in the same league as a Vintage Limited.   I only mention this because there are so many models floating around that it is easy to think ‘oh they are all the same’ and over-pay for one and think the other is overpriced.

This instrument has a deep finish reminiscent of Shoreline Gold.  It features a Recovered Alder Body & a Certified Primary Growth Recovered Quartersawn Maple Neck.  The weight is a fabulous 7lb-5oz which is particularly good considering this guitar has a NICE FULL “Offset C Vintage” Neck profile .945″.

Of course it is in near mint condition with it’s original form fit case, spec sheet and cert.  If you look in the PICTURES you can see MY version of a Spec Sheet that outlines Condition as well.  Rest assured my sheet has all the salient points from the D’Pergo Sheet so you need not ask for pictures of that.

The electronics are another area where the newer D’Pergos excel. This guitar features the pricey ‘Limited Handwound Alnico 3 Heavy Formuar” pickups.   It has the Signature Limited Electronics package.

Another interesting point is that Mr D’Pergo also has done what I believe others should do….he harnessed vintage steel with which to mill the Trem Block.  Now this might not seem like a huge deal but metal experts (yes I speak w them and geek out on this stuff) say it is impossible to get good steel anymore….they claim the new steel is inconsistent and sounds like crap (Their words).  I always say “why not get a chunk of old steel and make parts” ….glad Mr D’Pergo has done this.

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2018 Echopark ’59 Custom – Brand New – Auth Dealer!

BRAND NEW 2018 Echopark ’59 Custom!  Just in! This is a 1-off that Gabriel created.  It is loaded with custom features.  You have to just LOVE Echopark Guitars because they capture the essence of vintgage while thankfully addressing the shortcomings of the old instruments.  COMES WITH FACTORY WARRANTY.

Tonally they are consistent and you just don’t get a dead one.  Those of us who have dabbled in vintage & other boutique guitars know tonally they can be hit or miss…not so with Echopark.  I’ve yet to play a bad one.


Here is a rundown of some key specs..but again there is a full listing if you see the pictures for our spec sheet:

  • 1 Piece Old Stock Honduran Mahogany Body
  • 1 Piece FULL TENON Mahogany Neck
  • C-profile Neck :  .905″ – 1.068″
  • Pau Ferro Board
  • Light Factory Aging
  • Just 6lb-10oz
  • Arcane Pickups
  • Custom Detroit Pehlam finish
  • Cert & Original Hardshell Case
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2018 Detemple Tele : 6lb-8oz – ROASTED Flame Neck

2018 Detemple Tele JUST COMPLETED and owned literally for a couple of weeks by the original buyer; only sold because owner found a rare vintage piece he needed to jump on.  Save THOUSANDS from New AND know what this one sounds like.  I’ve sold 50 Detemples….they all sound different.  Don’t take a shot with this much money..KNOW what it will sound like.  I maintain a library of vintage amps to play through so that I can tell you what it will be like vs. other guitars etc.

This is a very rare Detemple.  First off the weight is just 6lb-8oz.  The neck is a wonderful soft V with a profile of .905″-.945″.  The FLAME on the neck is freaking WOW.  ALSO this is from the Roasted Neck stash that Mikey D just had done.  Roasting adds just a slight touch of smoothness to the top end making this latest generation of Detemples that much more special.  The neck has a 9.5 Radius and 1-11/16″ Width.  Titanium Saddles.  Medium Frets.  YEs of course it has the original hardshell case.

You could wait a long time, pay thousands more and get a guitar that might be too dark or bright.  I love when guys say ‘but they all sound good’….YES….they do…but some are dark…some growl…some twang….which do YOU want?…I probably have it IN STOCK

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CP Thornton Elite Semi – 2014

2014 CP Thornton ELITE Semi.  Wonderful hand carved top & back featuring 5A Western Maple Top & Back w b5A Eastern Maple Sides.  This masterpiece weighs just 6lb-11oz and comes with its OHSC & Build Sheet.   Of course it has lived in a nonsmoking environment and came from its original owner.

New this was $5330 a couple years ago.  Used and in this condition it’s a steal. You’re getting an extremely clean instrument (SEE PICTURES FOR COMPLETE SPEC/CONDITION REPORT) and saving almost 1/2.  Why buy new?

Check out the ridiculous Honey Burst finish done by hand in Nitro.  The neck is made or 5A Eastern Maple and features a .85″-.93″ “C” Profile & a Macassar Ebony Board with 6150 Frets, a 1-11/16″ Width & 12″ Radius.  The tuners are my FAVORITE….510….they are smooth and precice and very ergonomic.

The bridge is Faber. The pickups Wolfetone DR Vintage.   Hard to pack more quality & hand craftsmanship into anything (especially at this price).  You could grab a stramped out Gibson and think you have something special….OR you can snag this and KNOW you have something special

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Detemple 1-off TELE-GIB Prototype!

The COOOOOLEST Detemple I’ve had…and I have had 10% of all he has ever made…over 50 at this point.  Let me tell you…nothing touches a Detemple for overtones in a F-style guitar.  Maybe it’s the way Michael mates necks & bodies during the build process.  Maybe it’s the way he has the tightest neck-to-body connection I’ve seen.  Maybe it’s the large necks and flame maple?  Maybe the 1-piece bodies from select light woods.   Maybe it’s the hand shaping?

Michael isn’t just a world class luthier..he is also a world class player who has been on stage touring with some all-time greats.  It’s one thing to be a builder…one thing to be a player…but a man who has done both at world class levels brings another dimension of know-how to the table.

Such is the case with this one-off Tele-Gib “Jeff Beck” tribute comissioned by a friend of mine.  OHHHH it is a nice one.  Has that nice bottom end snap you lust for in a great tele….has that light weight you wish your LP had…..has that wonderful soft V neck you always lusted after.   This guitar just shined through every one of my vintage and modern amps in the library.   You like gain…come at it…..I threw a Bogner Twin Jet at it and it blew away my supposed ‘shred’ guitars.  Princeton Reverb….lush spanky cleans …nice underwond pickups that don’t color or over-push the amp.

New this was $9400 .   SAVE THOUSANDS plus the wait

You can see ALL THE SPECS & CONDITION in my proprietary Sheet in the PICTURES.  Because I know you won’t read this I’ll retype them below:

  • Body:  Ash 1-piece
  • Neck:   1-Piece Flame Maple
  • Weight:  7lb-10oz
  • PIckups:  Lollar
  • Coil Splitting:  NO
  • Neck Profile:   Soft V-to-C   .96-.98″
  • Scale:    25.5″
  • Nut Width:   1-11/16″
  • Radius:  12
  • Tuners:  510 Open
  • Case:    G&G Original Hardshell
  • Frets:  Medium/Heavy
  • Satin Neck Finish
  • Titanium backplate


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2018 Gibson R9

another 2018 Gibson R9

PRS ME Singlecut

Mark Kane ODS Robben Ford Voicing – BRAND NEW





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Driskill Diablo : Rare Early Model!

Rare Early DRISKILL Diablo.  This was hand crafted by Joe himself before he started making his own hardware!  Check out the Abalone Dots!  1-Piece Honduran Mahogany Body!  Mann Trem.  PRS Tuners!  PRS Vintage Bass & HFS Standard Treble Pickups (Early Ones too!).  5-Way Rotory Switch.

Think PRS without the plastic bottle coating…and with organic tone…that’s what this is. Add unique styling and 1-off creation and you have yourself something that others can’t replicate.

Sounds HUGE.  VERY thick and full in the bottom end.  The pickup combinations allow you to nail virtually any tone you seek.  Volume knob really allows you to dial in grit to spank.


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2012 Berumen Flat Top 2 Pickup – Wolfetones

2012 Berumen Flat Top 2 Pickup model.  I’m so impressed by the quality that goes into these instruments ESPECIALLY at this price point.  Wolfetone Legend Pickups, Tone Pros Bridge, Kluson Deluxe Tuners.  Hand crafted and uniquely designed.  These guitars sound and play like the big boys at a fraction of the price.  This particular guitar has a wider-than-typical neck width. The string spacing is a bit inside the neck width but still wider than what you’ll typically find.


Yes, this guitar comes with its original hardshell form fit case & Certificate.  The condition is Excellent and I outline in great detail (see pictures for the sheet I prepare).

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2015 Brua Phantom Pharaon – Gold Leaf

Pierrick Brua is a master luthier from France who has been building droolworthy instruments since 1993.  So skilled is Mr Brua that in 2007 he won the highly coveted “Meleur Ouvrier de France” Award bestowed upon the finest craftsman in France.   A graduate of the Roberto Venn School in Phoenix, Mr Brua makes fine Archtops, Acoustics and electrics.   These instruments are typically 1-off works of art that are rarely available on the primary or secondary markets.

I was lucky to acquire this 2015 custom Phantom Pharaon that was finished in a labor intensive GOLD FLAKE.  Visually it looks like tiny sheets of gold are layed upon each other and a thin finish placed over top to preserve the look.  The components on this piece are ‘spare no expense’ varities.  For example, Mr Brua had Benedetti wind custom pickups for this instrument.  The Gotoh trem has a custom designed hydraulic spring system that allows smooth flowing bends.  The neck has scalloped upper frets to allow ease of playability and sustain where many guitars typically fart out.


Mr Brua uses CTS Pots for his instruments. The guitar is housed in a custom form fit flight case.  From a wear standpoint, there are very minor things outlined in the Spec Sheet (see the pictures).

If you are done with the run of the mill and want something that you can admire and enjoy for a lifetime, this is worthy of consideration.

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2002 Conklin Sidewinder – Custom Order

Another classic from the vault of a prominent collector.  This 2002 Conklin was a hand created custom 1-off piece.  It features a carved top and back.  The instrument is 2.25″ thick at the body and this produces rich full organic woody tones.  The Neck is a 3-piece maple laminate.  The body is Mahogany & Curly Maple.  Every detail is thought out and skillfully incorporated.  These guitars are built like a Bentley…it is hard to imagine how something so hand crafted can be so perfect.

Other features include:

  • Custom Form Fit Padded Soft Case
  • 1.7″ Nut Width
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • 24 Frets
  • Build Sheet included
  • Tilt back Conklin headstock
  • Strap locks included
  • Heavy frets with no wear
  • 12″ Radius
  • Gotoh Tuners
  • Piezo System
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Detemple ’52 Tele : Zsa Zsa Black !

VERY early Detemple Tele from 2005 here.  These early guitars are coveted because they were made by Mike himself as he got off the ground.  This one is an Ash body with a Flame Maple Neck.  1-11/16″ Width and 7.25″ Radius.  Nice full V neck profile to die for!  Sweet Spot pickups and of course the original hardshell case.

I acquired this guitar AND it’s twin (Strat) many years ago from the original owner.  Both were weather checked during transit (due to thin nitro).  I had me a bright ideeeaaaa….I sent them to Mike and had him refinish them both in his famed Zsa Zsa black (named after his beloved cat).  This black finish is extremely rare because it’s so hard to apply.  This was the first Zsa Zsa black tele.  There was no structural issues just a color change.  Since the change the guitar actually sounded better to my ears (fuller)…not sure why.

See all the specs and condition in the attached sheet.  Happy to help you identify if this guitar is tonally what you’re looking for vs. the dozens of other DTs I’ve had.

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