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Chapin Strata-houla

Chapin Strata-houla

Impossibly rare Chapin Strata-Houla with a unique combination of woods.  For those in the know, Bill Chapins guitars are highly sought after.  Each one was painstakingly created by a luthier…not stamped out.  No two are the same.  These rarely resurface from collections because they in the hands of folks who have tried everything under the sun and realize CHAPINS represent fight well above their weight.

This instrument is in Excellent Condition and is from a nonsmoking environment. Fresh strings and setup from prior owner.   Here are the Specs:

  • Mahogany Body
  • Mahogany Neck C Profile .835″-.935″
  • Ebony Board
  • 12 Radius
  • 1.65″ Width
  • Med/Lg Frets (uncertain of excatly which variety)
  • Just 8lb-8oz
  • No foreswear
  • Original Hardshell Case
  • 5-Way
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • K-style tuners
  • Black Dog (Chapin) custom pickups:  VRO in neck & PROTO #3 in Bridge

Hard to find many flaws on this but I am certain you will try so we will grade it as Excellent to save you the hassle of bickering LOL.

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Tom Anderson ATOM – Unique Finish!

2006 Tom Anderson ATOM in what I believe might just be their coolest color to date.  This is finished in SHEER GOLD which is like a natural finish with a slight gold sparkle overlay.  Even the back of the guitar has a subtle sparkle in the right lights.  Very fresh indeed!  This guitar is from a Nonsmoking Environment and features its Original Hardshell Case.

I grade it as Excellent and you can see the 3rd picture for complete specs & a detailed condition.

Some features include:

  • 03-08-06P Build Date
  • Flame Maple Top & Mahogany Back
  • Mahogany Neck
  • 1-11/16″ Width
  • 12″ Radius
  • Indian Rosewood Board
  • M1/M1/H2 Pickups
  • 5 way with coil split
  • Just 7lb-03oz.
  • Heavy Frets
  • Comes with matching Tom Anderson Strap (tan)
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2017 Dantzig Tulsa – KORINA & Flame Maple! Brazilian RW Board

KORINA! ! ! ! !  Oh my..what we have here is a 1-off KORINA Neck & Body (Flame Maple Carved Top) Masterpiece Hand Created by a Master Luthier.  Excellent “+” Condition including Original Hardshell Case.  Nonsmoking and Unmolested with the exception of 1 changed knob.  Almost impossible to find any flaws on this one.  SEE PICTURES FOR COMPLETE SPEC & CONDITION SHEET.

Oh did you see….BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD BOARD.  Wonderful neck carve of .905″ – .975″.  Hand Rubbed Violin thin finish.  The whole guitar weighs just 8lbs.   Mr Dantzig used NOS 2007 Lollar Imperial Piickups stock in this piece.  These were from when Jason Lollar was a little known shop and his pickups from that era really ARE better.

This has snap and growl that you wish you could get from your Tele.  Think of a Super Tele with Gibson Playability (it doesn’t fight you).

Can’t say enough about this.  Save serious dough vs. new on a guitar many would sell as new.

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Collings CL Deluxe

Beautiful unmolested 2013 Collings CL Deluxe complete with Ameritage Hardshell Case & Unsigned Warranty Card.  This has seen extremely light play and has lived in a nonsmoking environment.  YOU CAN SEE THE COMPLETE SPECS & CONDITION IN THE PICTURES.

This baby features a 1-Piece Honduran Mahogany Body & a PREMIUM Flame Maple Top (finished in Iced Tea).  Medium Frets (standard on this model) and a 24-7/8″ Scale with a 1-11/16″ Width.   The Medium-Fat C measures .86″ – 1.01″ and the fretboard is MADAGASCAR ROSEWOOD.

The weight of this beauty is just 8lb-5oz. The pickups are LOLLAR as one would expect.  Buy with confidence.  I am a store in my 11th year and sell nothing but high end CLEAN boutique gear.

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Callaham Strat – TransBlonde and WOW Tone

Impossibly rare Callaham Strat in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition with Original Hardshell Case.  I’ve owned dozens of Callahams….this particular one has that 1963 Strat tone NAILED.  It just has chime like an old school music box.  This one sustains and sounds so good it almost stayed in my collection (and I have one strat).

The neck on this Callaham is a hand shaped, flame 1-piece maple neck with a Soft-V-to-C Profile measuring .87″ – .97″.  The Body is a beautiful 1-piece ash with a thin nitro finish.  The neck has a 9.5 radius and 1.65″ Nut Width.   SUPER comfy satin finish on the neck and you have to LOVE the build quality of a Callaham.  They are as close to a D’Pergo as I have found.

I owned the other trans-white Callaham on the market and this sounds much more alive than the other one.


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Detemple ’52 Tele : Hall-of-Fame Tone on THIS Guitar

So years ago I got a set of Detemple Twins in….and they were both the best fattest fullest balanced DTs I’d had.  Sadly they both sold….even sadder to different buyers.  I am lucky that years later, one player (this guitar’s former owner) moved into stricktly humbucking instruments and traded it back.

Not sure what it is about this guitar but the tone on it is just as good as I’ve heard on a Detemple (and you know I’ve had 50+ of them).  The neck is FAT at .957″-1.00″….but it’s a Soft V so it makes it SO much more manageable.

This has acquired just a few dings and contact light surface hairline swirls.  Overall extremely clean but I have outlined the condition in more details in the Spec/Condition Sheet (FIND IT IN THE PICTURES).

The early DTs are considered by many to be his Golden Years because Mike alone was making them.  This particular one stands the test of time.  YES there are others that LOOK like this…but there is only ONE ’52 JONES tonally.  Again, I have spoken.

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CP Thornton Elite Semi – 2014

2014 CP Thornton ELITE Semi.  Wonderful hand carved top & back featuring 5A Western Maple Top & Back w b5A Eastern Maple Sides.  This masterpiece weighs just 6lb-11oz and comes with its OHSC & Build Sheet.   Of course it has lived in a nonsmoking environment and came from its original owner.

New this was $5330 a couple years ago.  Used and in this condition it’s a steal. You’re getting an extremely clean instrument (SEE PICTURES FOR COMPLETE SPEC/CONDITION REPORT) and saving almost 1/2.  Why buy new?

Check out the ridiculous Honey Burst finish done by hand in Nitro.  The neck is made or 5A Eastern Maple and features a .85″-.93″ “C” Profile & a Macassar Ebony Board with 6150 Frets, a 1-11/16″ Width & 12″ Radius.  The tuners are my FAVORITE….510….they are smooth and precice and very ergonomic.

The bridge is Faber. The pickups Wolfetone DR Vintage.   Hard to pack more quality & hand craftsmanship into anything (especially at this price).  You could grab a stramped out Gibson and think you have something special….OR you can snag this and KNOW you have something special

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Detemple 1-off TELE-GIB Prototype!

The COOOOOLEST Detemple I’ve had…and I have had 10% of all he has ever made…over 50 at this point.  Let me tell you…nothing touches a Detemple for overtones in a F-style guitar.  Maybe it’s the way Michael mates necks & bodies during the build process.  Maybe it’s the way he has the tightest neck-to-body connection I’ve seen.  Maybe it’s the large necks and flame maple?  Maybe the 1-piece bodies from select light woods.   Maybe it’s the hand shaping?

Michael isn’t just a world class luthier..he is also a world class player who has been on stage touring with some all-time greats.  It’s one thing to be a builder…one thing to be a player…but a man who has done both at world class levels brings another dimension of know-how to the table.

Such is the case with this one-off Tele-Gib “Jeff Beck” tribute comissioned by a friend of mine.  OHHHH it is a nice one.  Has that nice bottom end snap you lust for in a great tele….has that light weight you wish your LP had…..has that wonderful soft V neck you always lusted after.   This guitar just shined through every one of my vintage and modern amps in the library.   You like gain…come at it…..I threw a Bogner Twin Jet at it and it blew away my supposed ‘shred’ guitars.  Princeton Reverb….lush spanky cleans …nice underwond pickups that don’t color or over-push the amp.

New this was $9400 .   SAVE THOUSANDS plus the wait

You can see ALL THE SPECS & CONDITION in my proprietary Sheet in the PICTURES.  Because I know you won’t read this I’ll retype them below:

  • Body:  Ash 1-piece
  • Neck:   1-Piece Flame Maple
  • Weight:  7lb-10oz
  • PIckups:  Lollar
  • Coil Splitting:  NO
  • Neck Profile:   Soft V-to-C   .96-.98″
  • Scale:    25.5″
  • Nut Width:   1-11/16″
  • Radius:  12
  • Tuners:  510 Open
  • Case:    G&G Original Hardshell
  • Frets:  Medium/Heavy
  • Satin Neck Finish
  • Titanium backplate


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2015 Brua Phantom Pharaon – Gold Leaf

Pierrick Brua is a master luthier from France who has been building droolworthy instruments since 1993.  So skilled is Mr Brua that in 2007 he won the highly coveted “Meleur Ouvrier de France” Award bestowed upon the finest craftsman in France.   A graduate of the Roberto Venn School in Phoenix, Mr Brua makes fine Archtops, Acoustics and electrics.   These instruments are typically 1-off works of art that are rarely available on the primary or secondary markets.

I was lucky to acquire this 2015 custom Phantom Pharaon that was finished in a labor intensive GOLD FLAKE.  Visually it looks like tiny sheets of gold are layed upon each other and a thin finish placed over top to preserve the look.  The components on this piece are ‘spare no expense’ varities.  For example, Mr Brua had Benedetti wind custom pickups for this instrument.  The Gotoh trem has a custom designed hydraulic spring system that allows smooth flowing bends.  The neck has scalloped upper frets to allow ease of playability and sustain where many guitars typically fart out.


Mr Brua uses CTS Pots for his instruments. The guitar is housed in a custom form fit flight case.  From a wear standpoint, there are very minor things outlined in the Spec Sheet (see the pictures).

If you are done with the run of the mill and want something that you can admire and enjoy for a lifetime, this is worthy of consideration.

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2002 Conklin Sidewinder – Custom Order

Another classic from the vault of a prominent collector.  This 2002 Conklin was a hand created custom 1-off piece.  It features a carved top and back.  The instrument is 2.25″ thick at the body and this produces rich full organic woody tones.  The Neck is a 3-piece maple laminate.  The body is Mahogany & Curly Maple.  Every detail is thought out and skillfully incorporated.  These guitars are built like a Bentley…it is hard to imagine how something so hand crafted can be so perfect.

Other features include:

  • Custom Form Fit Padded Soft Case
  • 1.7″ Nut Width
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • 24 Frets
  • Build Sheet included
  • Tilt back Conklin headstock
  • Strap locks included
  • Heavy frets with no wear
  • 12″ Radius
  • Gotoh Tuners
  • Piezo System
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Detemple ’52 Tele : Zsa Zsa Black !

VERY early Detemple Tele from 2005 here.  These early guitars are coveted because they were made by Mike himself as he got off the ground.  This one is an Ash body with a Flame Maple Neck.  1-11/16″ Width and 7.25″ Radius.  Nice full V neck profile to die for!  Sweet Spot pickups and of course the original hardshell case.

I acquired this guitar AND it’s twin (Strat) many years ago from the original owner.  Both were weather checked during transit (due to thin nitro).  I had me a bright ideeeaaaa….I sent them to Mike and had him refinish them both in his famed Zsa Zsa black (named after his beloved cat).  This black finish is extremely rare because it’s so hard to apply.  This was the first Zsa Zsa black tele.  There was no structural issues just a color change.  Since the change the guitar actually sounded better to my ears (fuller)…not sure why.

See all the specs and condition in the attached sheet.  Happy to help you identify if this guitar is tonally what you’re looking for vs. the dozens of other DTs I’ve had.

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