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Fender Nocaster 1951 – Collector Condition with Case & BROCHURE ! Just 6 lb-4oz

Fender Nocaster 1951 – Collector Condition with Case & BROCHURE ! Just 6 lb-4oz

1951 Fender Nocaster Telecaster in Excellent Collector Quality Condition.   Just 6lb-4oz.  Serial 1322.  Just a WOW piece to play.  The high notes are so fat and nothing like anything I’ve ever heard.  People who play this smile.  It is a once in a lifetime piece.  I simply feel it is best in the hands of someone who will play this and enjoy it more than I can.

2 Owner Piece that is virtually excuse free.  Light wear and light checking but no replaced parts.  Let’s get the questions out of the way:

  • Original Wiring Scheme (with Mud Setting).
  • ORIGINAL PICKUPS (no rewinds)
  • ORIGINAL BROCHURE (not a copy)
  • Does not come with Fender Sign shown in picture
  • ORIGINAL TUNERS (never swapped out)
  • Original Guard
  • Strings are modern (LOL)

Only 2 things were ever done to this piece.  When I received the guitar the wire from one pickup had deteriorated at the connection point to the 3-way.  I had Phil Jacoby re-solder the wire to the connection.  It literally had just come off & nothing more.   Second, the neck pickup base had deteriorated over time at the point where it was screwed into the body.  I had Phil Jacoby make an unobtrusive support (detailed pictures available).  Literally some double sided take and plastic.  That’s all for ‘stories”.

Please no silly lopsided trade offers.

Please no ‘best price?” emails….if you wish to make an actionable & firm offer please do so and I will consider it. 

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GIBSON Les Paul Junior Sg Jr 1961 No Breaks!

GIBSON Les Paul Junior Sg Jr 1961 No Breaks!

1961 Gibson Les Paul Junior a.k.a. SG Jr.    A guitar you will cherish.  It stays in tune.  WOW fat thickness and the low chords don’t mush out.  No breaks.  Original Pickup.

Weighs just 5lb-15oz.  1-11/16″ Nut Width.   .83″ – .90 Neck Depth.

What’s the deal?….changed tuners and added stop with some finish work in that spot (shown in pictures).  Guard slightly warped.  Pickup cover has crack but holds fine.  Replaced (upgraded) case…no I do not know what happened to the original (would that really matter?…I mean would you buy it if I lied and said the case died valiantly defending this guitar from would-be assailants in a rough part of communist Poland?).

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Fender Eric Johnson THINLINE : Just 6lb-14oz

Fender Eric Johnson Thinline Strat in Excellent Condition.  Comes complete with Trem Bar, Original Hard G&G Case, Ashtray Cover and Pouch w Booklet.  From a smoke free environment.

We specialize in unique high dollar one-off guitars….this rivals the best of the best.  SO easy to play.  Full notes with bloom.  Makes me re-think my own life…why spend more?

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1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior TV YELLOW – All Orig Except Tuners & Case

1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior TV YELLOW – All Orig Except Tuners & Case

1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior in TV Yellow finish. YES the finish is original and it blacklights.  Original FRETS.  Original Pickup.  Original Wiring.  Original Guard.  CHANGED TUNERS.   Upgraded CALTON hard form fit case.

Simple.  Not much else to understand.  Neck profile is a WOW .925″ – .975″.   Weight is just 7lb-5oz!   YES this is the ONE you have been waiting for.

Tonally this has that FATNESS and Crunch til you back off the volume (pot a touch scratchy and you won’t want to mess with it but if you do that’s on you).  This is from MY personal collection.  It sits amongst the very few top sounding guitars I’ve accumulated.  I just find that I don’t play many guitars anymore and it’s time for this one to reside with someone who will use it.

Color is strong.  Checking, dings and some scratches but a clean piece that is just under that grade where you won’t want to touch it.



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Gustavsson Fullerblaster – Braz RW / 7lb-5oz!

Gustavsson Guitars are considered by many to be the top of the food chain for modern boutique instruments.  THIS is a Fender lover’s LP junior!  So many Tele lovers want that LP Junior GROWL…this is a Mahogany Bodied guitar with a screaming Wolfetone set of pickups.  You capture that wall-of-sound growl of the LP Junior in a playable Tele format!    Just 7lb-5oz.  Hand Created!


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Gil Yaron 2013 Singlecut : WOW Balance of tonal frequencies!

Oh and the love of LP Style Guitars….so often the photograph oh so well only to be tonal compromises in your hand.  Like the childhood fable….some are too bassy….some are too thin…almost impossible to find one that’s JUUUUSSSTTTTT RIGHT…especially before it evaporates.   THIS YARON is just such a bowl of porridge.   Beautiful warmth from the woods and master build level.   Abundant and present Midrange that works incredibly well with every variety of amp (and modeler) without overpowering those frequencies.   A bottom end that somehow has both snap and fullness without being tubby.  High end that blooms and remains full without making you cringe.

EVERY Yaron sounds VERY different.  I scour the world looking for cool guitars with the sole purpose of matching you to the one of your dreams.  Notice how we describe the tone of our guitars FIRST.  We don’t ask you what you want in a guitar then toss out variations of what you want to hear.  We also never go with the old ‘it sounds like a buuuuuurrrrrssssttttttttt mannnnnnnnn”.

Check out the specs and condition sheet for all the details.  We welcome thoughful trade offers and move a lot of guitars because we are easy to work with…..dummies?…no…we probably won’t fall for the 12U pickoff moves….but we will entertain fair trades and offer values typically in excess of what other dealers will.

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2008 Fender Custom Shop Wildwood 10 ’59 Tele – BRAZILIAN RW BOARD

Let’s face it…Wildwood gets pretty damn ‘pick of the litter’ quality from the Fender Custom Shop.  AND…the EARLY Wildwood series guitars are the most highly sought after because they were truly a huge step up from others in that period.  THIS 2008 Excellent Condition WW10 ’59 Tele is no exception. It features a BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD BOARD.

We have taken the time to create a Spec/Condition Sheet for this (and every listing for our store).  It can be found in the 3rd Picture.  Why don’t other dealers provide such transparency?…..that’s why for over 13 years Prime Guitars has been the choice for thousands of buyers of used high end guitars (new too of course).

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2008 Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary KORINA Tribute Les Paul – SPLIT HEADSTOCK VERSION!

Just 7lb-9oz!  This is an extremely limited edition 2008 Gibson Custom Shop 50th Anniversary Les Paul Korina Tribute. NOTICE THE SPLIT HEADSTOCK.   Excellent Condition with Factory Case & Certificate of Authenticity & Tag.  From smoke free environment.

1-Piece TOP!


These guitars sound like the dream “tele on steroids”.  Wonderful midrange with that clear high and low end.  Most korina guitars are scooped sounding….THIS ONE has the RARE midrange!

Excellent Condition with no fretwear.  Neck is a wonderful .905″ – 1.03″ “C” profile.  This is number 17 of a super limited series.

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Grosh Set Neck w Brazilian Rosewood Board

Don Grosh Set Neck is a hand crafted (by Don Himself), carved top Les Paul Killer.  These are always spectacular instuments and one of THE best deals on the used market (new they are more than double the used price).   Occasionally, there are examples such as this that have the Big 3….KILLER TOP, Upgraded WOLFETONE PICKUPS (had Dimarzios from the factory…no they are not included) and a Brazilian Rosewood Board.  Sure you can find a couple cheaper but not one with these 3 characteristics.

Overall Excellent Condition with a couple of finish issues that are outlined in the Spec/Condition Sheet (found in the THIRD picture).

Grab yourself a guitar that is going to satisfy your Humbucker desires at a price less than a stamped out factory plasticized piece of utter poop.

Buy from THE trusted source for boutique gear.  We search the world so you don’t have to….for over 13 years we have supplied thousands of happy buyers with clean, well represented boutique instruments… with confidence….or take your chances with some ‘random’ dude….

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Gustavsson Bluesmaster P90

2011 Gustavsson Bluesmaster P90 in tuxedo!  Gloss Black with binding on both the body & neck.  This understated piece conjures up images of the 50s classics but without the undisclosed issues, playability concerns, hit-or-miss tone and of course the seldom disclosed weight.  This is a Tele in LP Clothing that happily marries the best of both worlds. It is said the best LPs are Teles on steroids….well, here you have the consummate example.  Many have tried to achieve this…..Gustavsson successfully achieves it.  The body is NOT an exact tele shape…it is slightly modified while retaining the aesthetic.

This ain’t no Hamer boys…this ain’t no tele either….

Brazilian Rosewood Board.  Premium Grade 1.75″ Mahogany with Premium Grade 1/2″ Maple.  C Profile neck measuring around .875″ – .96″.  Logo Brown Form Fit Rectangular Case.  Long Tenon.  High Gloss Nitro Finish.  Wolfetone P90 (Meaner set).  Comes with the Certificate of Authenticity.

Tonally this one has some serious snap even in the low end.  One of my favorite Gustavssons to ever pass through (and we have had more than just about anyone).  Excellent condition from nonsmoking environment.


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Gustavsson ASTROCASTER !

Impossibly rare!  Hand made F-style GUSTAVSSON that will knock your socks off and blow away your expectations.  We are talking about the cream of the crop here.  We search the world and find the best gear.  Our specialty is the unobtanium of modern boutique gear.  We’ve sold over 50 Gustavsson and they always impress.  NOW you can grab a rare Strat style. Not a copy…an adaptation.

This masterpiece comes from a smoke free adult environment. You can find all the Specs & Condition in the 3rd Picture.…but here is a peek:

  • Just 7lb-01oz
  • Brazilian Rosewood Board (NO CITIES PAPERS)
  • Alder Body
  • Callaham 6-Screw Trem
  • 1-11/16″ Width
  • 9.5″ Radius
  • .895 – .985″ C-profile neck
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original Hardshell Case

Have you seen our Facebook Group?  Join TODAY!

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2017 Frank HARTUNG Embrace Custom – Near Mint

2017 Frank Hartung “Embrace Custom”.  Hand crafted by a master luthier.  If this were new it would be thousands more.  Condition on this is super clean “mint -” with Original Hard Case & Certificate of Authenticity.  It  is a one-owner piece from a nonsmoking environment.   This is just LOADED with custom hand crafted features such as a Matching Flame MAPLE Headstock overlay, Maple pickup ringsm, Maple Neck Binding and Madagascar Rosewood Board.

The finish is a super thin nitro that isn’t sticky to the touch.  The weight is a WOW 7lb-5oz.  How many times have you lusted after a guitar only to find out it was a 9+ pounder….not here.  You can see ALL the specs & detailed condition in the 3rd PICTURE.  

Tonally this one has CLEAR ringing notes.  My test is thumping the Low E string…if it remains tight & the neck vibrates then the guitar has promise.  I read this years ago in a Guitar Player article…works nearly every time.  If you try the test on most LPs they are dead…and the low E farts out.  This guitar is super clear and musical especially in the low end.   It won’t overpower your amp’s bass side.  The notes form chords.  The notes are even from fret to fret and string to string.  The pickups are clear and not compressed sounding.  A bargain of a piece priced where you would find a bolt on scrap-wood production guitar.   Which do you want….please make the right call….please…..

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2011 Fender Deluxe American V-Neck Strat

2011 Fender American “Deluxe V-Neck Stratocaster” with Original Hardshell Case, Warranty Card & Tags.  YES IT HAS THE TREM BAR.  From a nonsmoking environment.   USA Made and very quality instrument.  This sounds every bit as good as the high end Custom Shops that I get into the store.  I just LOVE the Noiseless N3 Pickups.  WONDERFUL especially when I tested this through my vintage amps and then my Fractal modeling amp.  If you record or play out you will LOVE these pickups.  They don’t lose any oomph and retain their high end AND they are noiseless.


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HYSTERIA Dharium – BRAND NEW Auth Dealer (Loaded with SPECS!)

Offset guitar lovers UNITE!  Here we have a Brand New (with Warranty) HYSTERIA Dharium in distressed white finish.  These hand crafted instruments are affordable luxury.  They are LOADED with top quality woods and construction.  Hysteria is a brand trying to carve out its niche…intro pricing is barely above costs in an effort to build awareness and gain a foothold.  Consider these specs:

  • 1-Piece Cedar Body (ruokangas and many high end users are turning to Cedar for its tonal properties and light weight).
  • Just 6lb-8oz
  • WENGE Fretboard
  • LOLLAR goldfoil pickups
  • HIPSHOT Locking Tuners
  • Custom machined “Hysteria” Bridge
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • 1.67″ Nut Width
  • “C” Profile Neck measuring .905″ – .99″ (think ’59 LP)
  • Factory Aging
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Hardshell Case
  • 12 Radius
  • Heavy Frets


The last one of these I got in sold in a few days.  Let’s get another into the hands of a loving owner. You can see I carry the highest end modern boutique guitars…I don’t carry junk….grab a bargain when you see one pal…you have been spoken to

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2016 Echopark El Cabillo CASE STUDY

I’ve had about a dozen Echoparks and THIS is the best so far.  What I love is the how light this one is and how it just sounds slightly more alive and more zingy than the others I’ve had.  It just plays SO well.  I find myself able to do things cleanly that I always mess up.   New this was over $7500.   It is in Near Mint condition and comes with it’s original hard case & Cert.

The neck on this guitar is a Med-Rounded (as specified in the included spec sheet).  Typically EP necks can be quite large….if you want a ‘large’ but not ‘ginormous’ neck then don’t sleep on this guitar.  The shape is a wonderful V-to-C with a 12″ Radius and 1-11/16″ Width.  The Frets at Jescar 9055.  The Tuners are Open Back Grover “Pre-War”.

The weight is just 7lb-5oz.  The Body is 1-piece OLD Honduran QUARTER SAWN Mahogany.   The Firebird pickup is freaking the perfect balance between P90-and-Hum.   I believe this is one of the few EPs with an uncovered bridge pickup.  Maybe that’s why it’s slightly more zingy?

Couple of other things of note.  Pots are CTS and the finish is Nitro (of course.


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2018 Echopark Clarence Case Study – Brand New – Striped Gabon Ebony Board!

Brand New!  Factory Warranty! Authorized Dealer!  2018 Echopark Clarence CASE STUDY.  Gabriel outdid himself on this masterpiece.  Just LOOK at the unique woods such as the Gabon Striped Ebony Board!….OH and it’s OLD STOCK/OLD Growth!   Look at the Old Stock Michical Burled Cherry Top & That luscious Korina!  The 1-piece Flame Maple Neck feels SOOOO nice.  It has a Soft V to C Medium Profile.   The guitar is balanced on your lap or on a strap.  The Bridge pickup cuts and can really push an amp OR clean up and play clear.  The neck is so fat and warm…mmmmm.

Here is a video of this guitar being demo’d by Rhett Shull:


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2010 Gustavsson Futuremaster – Historic Makeovers Refin!

One of my favorite guitars is a Gustavsson Futuremaster.  Slab Korina Body….nice full ’59 LP Neck….Brazilian Board…..Simple format yet SO much more musical than your typical “Jeff Beck” format.  Maybe it’s the hand selected Korina (1-Piece Bodies like these are impossible to find these days)….maybe it’s the nitro finish.  Maybe it’s the construction expertise that Johan Gustavsson has perfected over 30+ years of building.

Whatever it is, the Futuremaster just simply captures what you dreamed this format could.   The korina provides that snap of a F style guitar but the GROWL of a LP.  It really is THE perfect wood of choice for a slab body instrument.  The Mahogany format can get too dark.  The Ash can lack oomph.  Alder is bright because ” ’tis Alder” (as Michael Stevens once told me).

This particular guitar was sent to Historic Makeovers for a Refinish to Aged Oxblood.  The former owner was going for THE ultimate Beck Style Guitar.  The pickups were swapped out for Bare Knuckles (not labeled so not certain of the model….and NO I do not have the originals).   To my ears, these pickups have a touch more push than the wolfetones that were likely in this instrument (frankly I find Wolfetones harsh in these guitars so I can see why the pickups were swapped out).

The Case is a MONO heavily padded bag which in my mind is superior to the ill-fitting Hiscock Cases….again the former owner (and I) viewed the case as a major upgrade.

You can see all the Specs & Detailed Condition in the Pictures

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2018 Echopark Clarence Case Study – Macassar Ebony/Korina – BRAND NEW

Brand New – 2018 – Authorized Dealer – Full Warranty

This is a WOW guitar.   Think about being able to get something that is a piece of functional art.  Think about it being made by a builder to the stars.  Look at the special woods that most can’t even gain access to. Now think about what a stamped out ‘masterbuilt’ Fender sells for…or a plasticized PRS….and get this for the same or less than something that is made by mass customization.  If you look through my lens you will quickly realize what bargains EchoPark Case Study Guitars are.

This piece is one I’m not anxious to part with.  You can see all the specs in the PICTURES (see the sheet there).  I know you want info NOW so here…enough drama already:

  • 1-Piece Korina Back
  • Old Stock Bookmatched MACASSAR EBONY TOP
  • 1-Piece Flame Maple Neck
  • Old Stock Striped Gabon EBONY BOARD
  • .865″ – .945″ C-Profile Neck
  • Jescar Medium Frets
  • 1.66″ Width & 12″ Radius
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • EP Hum and J-Master Pickups
  • Bigsby B5
  • .033 Paper-in-Oil NOS Cap
  • Ivroid Binding
  • Polished Nitro Finish (THIN)
  • Just 8lb-6oz


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2018 Echopark ’59 Custom – Brand New – Auth Dealer!

BRAND NEW 2018 Echopark ’59 Custom!  Just in! This is a 1-off that Gabriel created.  It is loaded with custom features.  You have to just LOVE Echopark Guitars because they capture the essence of vintgage while thankfully addressing the shortcomings of the old instruments.  COMES WITH FACTORY WARRANTY.

Tonally they are consistent and you just don’t get a dead one.  Those of us who have dabbled in vintage & other boutique guitars know tonally they can be hit or miss…not so with Echopark.  I’ve yet to play a bad one.


Here is a rundown of some key specs..but again there is a full listing if you see the pictures for our spec sheet:

  • 1 Piece Old Stock Honduran Mahogany Body
  • 1 Piece FULL TENON Mahogany Neck
  • C-profile Neck :  .905″ – 1.068″
  • Pau Ferro Board
  • Light Factory Aging
  • Just 6lb-10oz
  • Arcane Pickups
  • Custom Detroit Pehlam finish
  • Cert & Original Hardshell Case
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Echopark Clarence Special – 2018 BRAND NEW – Authorized Dealer


Brand New 2018 Echopark Clarence Special modell fresh from the factory!  And WHAT a tonal moster.  I can see why A-list players grab these up (and pay…they’re not given away).  These have organic tone and sound HUGE compared to almost anything else I’ve ever played.  They neck pickup just SINGS and it is freaking THICK sounding with that P92 SNARL.  The Bridge Pickup on this guitar has that perfect snarl & clarity.  This piece will push your vintage amps just enough to get them into the sweet spot.

The neck is a wonderful Medium STANDARD C at .865″ to .905″.  The pkcups are PROTOTYPE EP Custom 3/3 Neck & ’56 Bridgel. The bridge is a tele raw steel w Brass Saddles.   The guitar features a 1-piece Slab ALDER Body with DEEP 1957 type contours.  SUPER comfy against your torso.  Nitro Finish.  Jescar Medium Frets.  Just 7lb-6oz.  12″ Radius, 1.68″ Nut Width, 25.5″ Scale.  YES of course it comes with its original hard case & warranty.

LIght factory aging.  Custom Taper CTS  Pot & Paper in Oil .033 Tone Cap.  You can find ALL the Specs in the PICTURES where I place my complete Spec/Condition form.  Again, this is NEW so you don’t have to worry about condition.  OUr guitars stay in our climate controlled vault…we don’t operate a retail store when people try them.  You get them in the condition we get them. is PROUD to be the latest Echopark Dealer!  YES I have ELEVEN coming by end of June 2018.  Touch base with me to find out exactly which models and pricing.  CASE STUDIES GALORE.

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2018 Fodera CARVED TOP Imperial Custom: Massive Upgrades – Throbaks/Braz/Waverly/RS Pots

BRAND NEW Fodera Carved Top Imperial Custom with MASSIVE Upgrades.  I tricked my orders out with everything I could think of vs. the standard specs.  This is Brand New with Warranty.  I am an Authorized Dealer.

If you don’t know Fodera, just ask what the best basses in the world are….Fodera.  These guitars are based upon 30+ years making instruments by hand 1-at-a-time for musicians covering all territories.  These guitars are created not stamped out.  Each is spec’d to achieve ergonomic & tonal perfection.

I can honestly say the only guitar that rivaled this was a Sakashta ($30k) that passed through my store.  The notes on Fodera Guitars are musical and smooth.  Full and even up and down.  No annoying frequencies.  Piano-like notes.  Smooth frets that you glide along.  Open sounding notes that just fill the space.  The guitar plays well with everything from my vintage amp stash to my Bogner.

This is NOT a typical build either.  I paid thousands extra to get upgrades factory installed at the time of build.  Check out this piece:

  • Just 7lb-01oz
  • Koa Top
  • Mahogany Body & Neck
  • Waverly Open Back Tuners
  • RS Pots & Caps
  • THROBAK SLE-101 Pickups
  • 12 Radius
  • Med/Lg Frets
  • C Neck Profile (’59 LP)
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Original Hardshell FODERA Logo Case
  • 24.75″ Scale
  • 3 Way Switching without coil tap (coil tapping ruins tone)
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We are now LENTZ GUITAR DEALERS!  Custom Orders Welcome – We Take TRADES!

Carson Hess Tele










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Hysteria T1 Military Drone – BRAND NEW – Authorized Dealer

If you love unique & handcrafted then check out the latest addition to the stable.   This is a Hysteria brand instrument crafted from Stainless Steel!  The components are all top quality (Lollar Pickups, Mono Padded Soft Bag, Graph Tech Bridge, Hipshot locking tuners).  The body, knobs, pickup covers are expertly crafted by hand.  The result is a Trussart Killer that costs a lot less.

This piece features 25.5″ Scale & 12″ Radius with a 1-11/16″ Nut Width.  The frets are wide fat sort of like a Les Paul.  The pickups are Lollar “Raw Power”.  The guitar comes with a hand written cert (it’s actually a cavity cover too).  This is a 1-off I had built to my specs.

Tonally think warm and airy.  If you are tired of aniemic reflective guitars then this is for you.


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