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2018 Wysocki Tele – Brand New – WOW Aged Woods from Special Stash

Brand New LARRY WYSOCKI Telecaster!  2018 just off the bench. I am an Authorized Dealer and this comes with a full factory Warranty.  This particular guitar features woods that Larry had stashed for a personal guitar.  Like all builders, Larry got to the point of saying “eh, I’ll build myself another at some point” so he made thsi one available to me.

Larry is a luthier to the stars as well as THE ‘Go To” guy for woods for nearly every major luthier especially those who create acoustics and need the best woods on the planet.  Larry has been collecting, studying, teaching about and dealing woods for over 50-years.  If you order a $20k Greenfield or Manzer likely they will source woods from Larry.  So when you can get a guitar made from woods he saved for himself…you do the math.

Only a handful of Wysocki Guitars are made each year (around a dozen). The current backlog is well over a year even if I wanted to order something.  This particular one weighs just 6lb-07oz and has an Old Growth Recovered 1-piece Ash 60-year Old Air Dried Body.   The neck is a 1-piece 150+ Year old Old Growth Recovered Maple specimen.  The board is 80+ year old Aged Brazilian (SEE PICS).  The pickups are hand selected Rolph Tele Style and Larry selected them to work with this particular guitar.

Tonally…well to date I’ve sold EVERY Wysocki I’ve gotten in…often to regular customers who own Detemple & D’Pergo…the verdice…universally my clients tell me they like the Wysocki best.  Look at it this way….a D’Pergo with aged wood that is NOT in the same category as these…well those D’Pergos can fetch $15k-$19k new….so a Wysocki is a bargain and less than 50% of that price.  Now consider people in the know say they are better sounding and playing….and you get the reason these are selling like hotcakes.

The specs are “Herrington Specs” for John Herrington (Steely Dan) who plays Wysockis.  You can see all the specs if you look for my SHEET IN THE PICTURES.

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Lentz HSL

2006 Lentz HSL in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition with Original Hardshell Case.  This comes with the original Build Sheet too!  This is an amazingly fresh take on a classic.

Weighing in at just 7lb-01oz this Ash Bodied (1-piece) & 1-Piece Maple Neck guitar is a thing of beauty.  The thin nitro finish over the 2-tone Sunburst Finish.   The Soft V .92″ Neck.  The Lentz wound L90 neck pickup and B’Kaster Bridge pickups are PERFECT for these woods.

I’ve said many times that Lentz guitars are THE standard for modern boutique guitars.  Yeah there are some better and some worse but a Lentz should be THE poster child for the reason to step out of Fender world.


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2018 Echopark Clarence Case Study – Brand New – Striped Gabon Ebony Board!

Brand New!  Factory Warranty! Authorized Dealer!  2018 Echopark Clarence CASE STUDY.  Gabriel outdid himself on this masterpiece.  Just LOOK at the unique woods such as the Gabon Striped Ebony Board!….OH and it’s OLD STOCK/OLD Growth!   Look at the Old Stock Michical Burled Cherry Top & That luscious Korina!  The 1-piece Flame Maple Neck feels SOOOO nice.  It has a Soft V to C Medium Profile.   The guitar is balanced on your lap or on a strap.  The Bridge pickup cuts and can really push an amp OR clean up and play clear.  The neck is so fat and warm…mmmmm.

Here is a video of this guitar being demo’d by Rhett Shull:


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Knaggs Tier 2 Kenai with FRALIN P90s


Knaggs Guitars really bridge the gap between the stale PRS world and the modern boutique guitar world.  Their feel, playability and TONE stand tall and have attracted an entire new universe of converts.  New a Knaggs guitar is a fairly priced item…USED in this condition they are BARGAINS.


I love the color on this piece. I believe it’s Wicked Burst but that is not promised…it is what I determined by checking the color vs. the site.  The Pickups are FRALINs.  The board is Ebony.  The tuners are GOTOH Open.  The body is mahogany w a flame maple top.  The neck is mahogany.  Frets are Med/Heavy.   The neck is a C-profile with .855″-.945″ Measurements.

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2018 Nacho Banos STRATOCASTER

2018 Nacho Banos Mid-50s Strat in Mint “-” Condition with Original Hardshell Case & Paperwork/CD.  These are the top of the food chain of modern production aged F-style guitars.  The Teles are rare….strats….almost impossible to find.   This one is just a few months old from a nonsmoking environment.


I own a Nacho for my collection and I can own ANYTHING.  They just capture that vintage feel and tone like nothing I’ve experienced (and I carry every top modern brand and have had pristine examples of vintage).

This Strat features an ASH body with a 1-piece Maple Neck.  The neck is fretted with Med/Heavy frets (his 95/47).    The width is 1.65″ and the radius is 9.5″.  The Neck is a Medium-V measuring .87″-.995″.   You will LOVE how broken in this piece feels without seeming cheesy or over-done.

COUPLE OF NOTES:  1. The backplate and screws are in the case.  2. YES the trem bar is in the case.  3.  NO this does not include the hardcover book

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Sakashta NouPaul

Sakashta NouPaul

The Sakashta Noupaul is the pinnacle of modern boutique guitars.   Just listen to Robben Ford’s “Tribute” work for a taste of what this model can sound like. Expertly built by the master himself.  Hand carved.  Unique features such as an inset brass block and rear load.  The sustain and note fullness on this piece are unequaled by anything.  The plain strings sound wound…that’s how fat this is.

Combined the craftsmanship with a set of custom wound pickups and you have THE best electric guitar I’ve played.  Words simply can not capture just the musical voicing achieved by Mr Sakashta in this instrument.  Every note sounds like it is from the most lucious piano you have ever heard.  Every note sustains and sings.  Chords offer the most beautiful collaboration of individual notes harmonizing.

Sadly there will be no more of these; they are available every couple of years in the used market.  This is a piece for someone who is ready to stop spliting hairs amongst their 12 LPs and get ONE guitar that outdoes the best of each combined.  It is funny to me how many folks I meet with dozens upon dozens of NICE guitars but nothing in the “Hall of Fame” category.   THIS , my friends, is a Hall-of-Fame piece that isn’t just for show or bragging rights.  You would pick it out of a lineup each and every time because it’s simply hauntingly beautiful sounding.

This piece will not last long.  The last 2 sold in days.  Cash only on this piece.

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Matchless TV-1 w Case

Matchless TV-1 w Case

Original series MATCHLESS TV-1 Trem/Vibrato unit. This tube driven masterpiece is sought after because it’s the best ever produced.  Hand created and in excellent nonsmoking ungigged condition fresh from a collection.

This is the rack mount version and it comes with a suede rack case as a free gift.  Comes only with what you see here (EXCEPT IT DOES HAVE A POWER CORD).  Works and sounds wonderful!  Don’t waste your time on crappy pedals when you can have the most 3D glorious Trem/Vibrato available anywhere.

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Sakashta SMOKY SIGNAL Tubeless OD  –  EL34 Version

Sakashta SMOKY SIGNAL Tubeless OD – EL34 Version

Sakashta “Smoky Signal” Tubeless OD pedal!  This is the EL34 version.

This gets you from gritty to punchy.  The dial on the left side of the pedal is the most useful of almost any dial on any pedal.  It is almost like focusing a lens on a camera.  The knob allows you to dial in just the right amount of grit vs. od.  Think of it like perfectly biasing a tube amp or intonating a guitar.  It isn’t so much a gain knob as it is a continuum of power tube distortion to preamp.

I have to say if I used pedals I’d keep this.  I just don’t use them because I play at home and have tonal variation through the amps.  I keep the Klon & TS808 because customers ask me to test gear using them.

I have never seen another.  This pedal is worth the price.  You have had flavors of OD….get what feels like ‘the great translator” pedal.

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2017 Nachocaster Tele : 6lb-7oz

1-Owner Nacho Banos “Nachocaster” Tele.  These are THE go-to guitar as of late and are rarely available.  Luckily, I scour the universe and smell them before they are dragged through every gear enthusiast site around.

This 1-piece Ash body guitar weighs in at JUST 6lb-7ounces.  The neck is 1.65″ and the radius is 9.5″.  The neck profile is a vintage V with a .87′-1.01″ measurement.  Frets are medium.  Pickups are Broaccaster type:  Bridge 9.34k & Neck 6.81k.  Of course the guitar has a nitro finish.

Guitars this fantastic do not last long on the open market.  You can get on the list…sure….wait like I used to forever….then when you email about one you want (2 min after you get the email) the one you wanted is somehow sold….OR…you can get this one in a couple of days…..your choice Paco.

This beauty is an incredibly rare 2-tone sunburst with heavy aging.  It was purchased new and is dated Dec 2017.  Ungigged home use only.  Comes of course with the orignal case (looks perfect but one latch seems funky….you’ll have to live with it or replace the latch).  Also included are the Certificate, Ashtray Cover, CD and a couple tiny other items.

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1967 Marshall JMP – Original & Just Serviced

1967 Marshall JMP – Original & Just Serviced

Vintage 1967 Marshall JMP head in VG Condition.  I’m sure most would grade this example higher for condition because as you can see it is clean.  I’ll go with VG and let the pictures do the talking.

I’ll start by saying I am not a vintage expert.  I purchased it and was told it had original tolex & iron….my tech confirmed this.  Not certain about the logo but believe it to be original (not promising).  You can see some of the screws have been replaced.  It has had maintenance and recently my tech replaced the plug socket because those old ones just become very unstable and we don’t want to risk anything with a prime example of a vintage amp.

Really amazing amp.  Some folks like to crank every knob all the way up and let ‘er rip.  Some like to mess with the dials until they get just the right woody tone and sustain.  What I can tell you is try EVERYTHING on this amp.  I mean plug into the low input and crank it…WOW….then the high output and turn 1/2 way…also a WOW.   Turn the Treble and Presence up and get that freaking searing Marshall crush.   Dial back the tone controls and you get the organic edible lush thickness.

Just realize this is an instrument.  Try lots of settings.  You will find endless inspiration here.  Jump the channels….try them unjumped.  No one setting is ‘it’ with this particular amp.  You can literally reinvent yourself with it.

Sadly I am moving in a different direction so after much self doubt I realize this belongs in the hands of someone who will enjoy it regularly.  Oh let me tell you …it LOVES different types of preamp tubes…try LOTS and get more different tones.  Also….you will just smile at the way it handles different cabs and speakers.  Again, like a whole new amp every time.  Lastly….if you like a few pedals this will also be a platform that allows them to work lovingly WITH the amp and not fight it.

Have to say there is a reason these 1967s are particularly sought after.  Think about it…for about the same price (maybe a bit more) of a modern copy….you can have a 1967 Marshall JMP.

Think it’s too loud?….it doesn’t say 50 on it anywhere does it.  Never promised 50 watts.  These are just not as loud as people think they will be.  They are not. My tech says most are in the mid-30 watt territory.

If you believe certain things are meant to be cared after…then this is your chance to participate in caretaking for a historic piece.  Your turn.  It is set from ,my tech and ready to serve you well.

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Germino Lead 55 :  SS/Tube Rectifier Option  – Aug 2018 Build

Germino Lead 55 : SS/Tube Rectifier Option – Aug 2018 Build

Germino Lead 55 head that is dated August 2018.  Home nonsmoking use.  Near Mint Condition but I will call it EXCELLENT to avoid you sending a camera bot into the circuit to determine if clean power was run through it.

YES this has the SOLID STATE/TUBE RECTIFIER SWITCH INSIDE.  NO, I will not pull the chassis to take a picture of it (I mean do you think I am lying here?).

Original Factory Tubes.  No repairs.  Sounds freaking amazing!  No I will not take gut shots LOL.

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2017 Carr Mercury V 1-12″ Combo

2017 Carr Mercury V 1-12″ Combo

Carr Mercury V combo in Near Mint Nonsmoking Home Use Condition.  Comes with Manual & Original Shipping Carton.   Smells new.  Virtually unplayed condition.  I can’t find any flaws but I’m sure you will get out the electron microscope so I’ll grade it as Excellent to spare you the call to Reverb bitching about how the head of one screw had dust in it.

SUPER flexible amp that covers SO much ground in a light package.

So given that you love my sense of humor…here are some other fun rules for you to laugh at…..all fees prepaid via paypal and applied toward purchase price if you decide to get it.

  • $50 fee to weigh the amp (prepaid via PayPal)
  • $50 fee to measure the amp (prepaid via PayPal)
  • $50 fee to take picture of the serial number (prepaid via PayPal)
  • $100 fee to take pictures in natural sunlight (prepaid via PayPal)
  • $500 fee to take video and audio clip of it being played (prepaid via PayPal)
  • $1 million fee (not applied toward purchase) for gut shots
  • $50 fee to answer “how did you get the amp”….I mean let’s assume I stole it (which is what the question implies) do you think I would say ‘ahhh damn mannnnnn you caught me”)
  • $200 fee to take picture of it with me holding a copy of today’s newspaper
  • $100 fee to answer ‘which version of the Carr V is this”
  • $50 to consider your lame trade
  • $100 if you want to ask me to compare it to every amp ever made
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Gil Yaron “Gilyaron” Singlecut

First off…let me say YES THE HEADSTOCK SHAPE IS FROM THE FACTORY & NOT “MODDED” By the original owner.

My lucky day is pretty much anytime the UPS or Fed Ex guy arrives (which is almost daily).  But TODAY it was an extra giddy up day!   Got this ‘Gilyaron’ logo Gil Yaron and it’s in Near Mint Condition with original hard form fit case (of course).   Can I just tell you these are the top of the LP Food Chain if you are looking for that traditional look/feel/tone.  There REALLY is a difference.  I’ve had the Gibsons…Gibsons modded with every pickup available….but the Yarons are something special.  Ask yourself why they are almost never for resale?….and now he isn’t making them because…well let’s just say he was asked once nicely to stop.

This one weighs in at just 8lb-1oz.  Light Factory aging.  Brazilian Board.  C-Neck Profile of .89″-.1.01″.  No fretwear. No mods & no repairs.  Smells new.

The finish on this is so thin it feels like you’re touching the wood.  Not that Gibson plasticized feel…..even when Gibson tries to finish a guitar like the old ones…well they just don’t.

Now like all handmade instruments, this one sounds different from every other one.  They can vary quite a lot.  SO, contact me…let me know the main amp you’re going to use and type of music.  Let me help you understand what the tone of this guitar will sound like in a similar format.  I’ve been doing this sort of consulative sale for 10 years.  It is a different experience.  Don’t kid yourself by saying ‘I’m sure they are all nice”…….yeah they are…but this is a very expensive instrument….why not work with someone who places instruments consultatively.

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Gil Yaron – Singlecut “Gilyaron” faded Cherry

First off…let me say YES THE HEADSTOCK SHAPE IS FROM THE FACTORY & NOT “MODDED” By the original owner.

My lucky day is pretty much anytime the UPS or Fed Ex guy arrives (which is almost daily).  But TODAY it was an extra giddy up day!   Got this ‘Gilyaron’ logo Gil Yaron and it’s in Near Mint Condition with original hard form fit case (of course).   Can I just tell you these are the top of the LP Food Chain if you are looking for that traditional look/feel/tone.  There REALLY is a difference.  I’ve had the Gibsons…Gibsons modded with every pickup available….but the Yarons are something special.  Ask yourself why they are almost never for resale?….and now he isn’t making them because…well let’s just say he was asked once nicely to stop.

This one weighs in at just 8lb-4oz.  Light Factory aging.  Brazilian Board.  C-Neck Profile of .895″-.968″.  No fretwear. No mods & no repairs.  Smells new.

The finish on this is so thin it feels like you’re touching the wood.  Not that Gibson plasticized feel…..even when Gibson tries to finish a guitar like the old ones…well they just don’t.

Now like all handmade instruments, this one sounds different from every other one.  They can vary quite a lot.  SO, contact me…let me know the main amp you’re going to use and type of music.  Let me help you understand what the tone of this guitar will sound like in a similar format.  I’ve been doing this sort of consulative sale for 10 years.  It is a different experience.  Don’t kid yourself by saying ‘I’m sure they are all nice”…….yeah they are…but this is a very expensive instrument….why not work with someone who places instruments consultatively.

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1965 Fender Vibrolux Reverb w JBL 10s

1965 Fender Vibrolux Reverb w JBL 10s

So what we have here is a cool amp….a totally different flavor of Vibrolux Reverb.  Let me start by saying NO it is NOT a bright sounding amp.  It is actually very clear sounding.  Maybe you will have to actually LISTEN when you turn the tone knobs (rather than using your favorite settings….)…poor you…imagine that …using your ears.   But I found it was very VERY beautiful sounding to the point where my amp tech even noted it was a fantastic sounding example.

So here is what I am not…and that is a vintage amp expert.  I will provide a zillion pictures and the best info I have…aside from that you have to use your judgement. Now, I have this priced extremely fairly to reflect the fact that it has some reversed mods and changes.

To the best of my ability to date it appears this is a 1965 amp.  If it isn’t then too bad LOL.  The legs were obviously added….go ahead..aske me who did that…like the amp talks or something.  The speakers are obviously after-market & again of unknown origin.  I have included pictures of the iron and circuit.  I do know my tech returned a few mods (I think it had a master vol at one point) back to stock for me.  Aside from that again use your own detective work and judgement.

The verb is great.  The tubes are mostly brand new except the vintage 12at7.  Just an amp I took 0n trade that has to go cheap to make room.

I do not want to get into the ‘this screw was changed and you didn’t disclose it so you owe me $4000 even though (I paid $2300) syndrome. Funny how people try to use that old trick…I have a great email from a guy who sent me a detailed list of all the restoration work a clearly disclosed recovered/jacked up tweed deluxe would require….down to the freaking face plate nails….I seriously want to start a page for “Hall of Fame Assclowns” and post stuff like this.   I mean it is some original humor like you can’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, don’t end up on my Wall of Shame…do your own homework and man up with this great amp.

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Detemple Strat – THIS one has some upper echelon tone!

And sometimes men must make choices that others would not…..this guitar is such a case.  Heralded by me as a ‘top Detemple tonally’ guitar, this one was sold to a great friend/customer….fast forward and this gentleman decided to pursue more acoustic play…while I pleaded with him not to part with this he decided it had to be….so he loses an irriplacable guitar and you gain a chance to acquire it.

I have had a huge percentage of Detemples’ production (nice use of apostrophe there huh…kid’s SAT prep paying off).   They all sound different.  I love this one because it has that Jangle while maintaining the fatness we all crave.  Super super super alive guitar that is wicked fun to play.

Along the way someone took the finish off the back of the neck & now it has a ‘satin’ feel.  SUPER smooth and fast.  I happen to LOVE this feel.  The neck is a nice large typical Detemple Soft-V at .91″ to .95″.    The weight is a great 7lb-7oz.  You will find some titanium parts on this one.  A bit of wear outlined in the Spec/Condition sheet but overall a nice nonsmoking instrument with original hard case.

I’ve discounted this one for the wear/neck finish removal…but I should charge a premium because I like the feel of this one so much better.

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Soloway LN6 Fledgeling 27″ Scale

Soloway 27″ Scale Length guitars are super clear and tight sounding.  They are articulate and chords just sound so full and elaborate.  It was a shame when Jim decided to stop creating his instruments.  Today they are hard to find and scooped up by those in the know.  Simple format, quality components, unique take on an electric guitar…and extremely ‘hearable’ difference in quaity tone.

The body of this piece is made of KORINA.  The entire guitar weights just 6lb-5oz. The Neck is Maple and it features a Macassar Ebony Board.  The tuners are 510 and they are about as smooth and true as any I’ve had.  The neck is a generous but not overwhelming .845″ – .945″ C profile.  The P90s are made by Vintage Vibe and have a nice snap to them.  The nut is a standard 1-11/16″ width and the frets are on the ‘heavy’ side but certainly not jumbo.

The guitar comes with a non-original padded bag.  It is from a nonsmoking environment and is in Excellent overall condition.  You can get a complete rundown of Specs & Condition in the PICTURES.

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Thorn So Cal GT – Korina & 1-Piece Western Red Cedar

Here is what I’ll call “Player Grade Plus” Condition Guitar.  1-off Ron Thorn in irreplacable Korina/Western Red Cedar combination of woods.  There is just enough wear to knock it down to the bargain basement pricing level….all while being clean enough that you won’t cringe when you see it.  From a nonsmoking environment.  Most notable in the wear dept is on the top where you can clearly see areas in which the finish has been worn through (from finger resting during playing).  There are other dings and nicks as well but the picture of the top gives you a sense of what you’re getting here.

First off let’s talk Ron Thorn. You realize there ARE no more ‘ron thorn’ guitars…Ron was selected to run the Fender production (huge right).  Second, you realize almost no two Ron Thorn guitars are alike. Each one was carefully crafted to be 1-offs.  If you see something you like you need to grab it because there are typically not duplicates out there.  Third, tonally Ron’s guitars are known to be in the upper echelon of instruments ESPECIALLY when you purchase them used.  As yourself what can you find in the sub-$2k range that has this level of workmanship, wood quality and pedigree?

Let’s talk specific features now.  YOU CAN SEE A FULL RUNDOWN OF SPECS & CONDITION IF YOU SEE THE PICTURES. But here is a sampling:

  • 1-Piece Western Red Cedar Top
  • Korina Back
  • 1-Piece Korina Neck
  • Rosewood Board
  • Just 6lb-8oz
  • 2-Tek Bridge (each bridge is separate)
  • Thorn Pasadena Classic 80 pickups
  • .875″ – .925″ C-Neck Profile
  • 1-11/16″ Width & 10 Radius
  • Gotoh locking tuners
  • NO fret wear
  • 25.5″ Scale
  • Med/Lg Frets
  • Levy’s Padded Case included
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Fender Custom Shop LJ – Michael Stevens : Extremely Limited Production RARE COLLECTIBLE

Impossibly rare Fender Custom Shop LJ which was made in the early 1990s by the by Michael Stevens as their answer to the Les Paul. This was an extremely limited production instrument made by hand (much of it by Mike Stevens himself).  For those who don’t know, Michael Stevens was honored by Fender with his own “Founder’s Design” guitar…he also makes his own branded instruments and has a been backordered since I was in 4th grade.  Many regard Michael Stevens as the greatest living electric guitar luthier.

These feature hand carved tops and hand carved necks. Typical Mahogany/Maple body & Maple Neck w Rosewood Board. The top on this one is extremely unique. Subtle but extremely alive looking and not boring.

The neck on this is more like a typical Fender than a Gibson so think of this as the Gibson you WISH Fender made.  The profile is .836″ – .986″ and 1.70″ width with a 12″ Radius.

This guitar is THICK sounding.  The fattest one I’ve heard (and I’ve had DOZENS of these).  The current pickups are Tom Holmes that were professionally installed.  The original Dimarzios are included.

Overall the condition is clean but there is wear indicating use of its 25 year life.  You can see all the Specs & Condition in the PICTURES.

These are extremely collectible for a reason. Great instruments made with a whole different set of rules than your typical Fender.

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2018 Germino Club 40

2018 Germino Club 40

Savings alert here!   Germino Club 40 that has a build date (sticker inside) of April 2018.  One owner from a non-smoking home.  It was one-of-3 custom made for my customer & dear friend.  Of course he couldn’t resist a choice guitar in my stash so he kindly sent this to me days after he received it.

This has a SOLID STATE recitifer (sorry, not switchable).  It does NOT have a Master Vol.  LIterally only has maybe an hour on it….so…using our contextual clues that would mean…YES….YES…the tubes ARE fresh..and they ARE original.  LOL

I can’t find a mark on it but grade it as Excellent to protect myself from the electron microscope post purchase inquisition.

IT sounds freaking amazing.  Fantastic piece of gear here guys.  Get that vintage coveted sound without the nonsense associated with vintage amps.


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Tom Anderson DROP TOP SEVEN (7-String)

My personal guitar.  A few years back I fantasized about being a 7-string player….so I went and found a fantastic brand new one and grabbed it.  Since that point I realize I can’t even handle one string let alone 7.   I played this very sparingly in my nonsmoking home studio.  The only wear to speak of is a slight ding shown in the pictures.  You can see the rest of the details in the PICTURES where I provide a SPEC/CONDITION sheet.

The guitar has no mods and no repairs.  It comes with the Unsigned Warranty Card & Original Hardshell Form Fit Case (and yes the trem bar….who ever passed on a guitar because it was missing the bar…but still hey ask….and if the answer is ‘yes it has the bar’ you can count on another email asking “picture”…I guess some people can’t trust anyone over anything….i always want to ask “who stomped you my precious little flower”.

Ok enough of that senseless drivel. The guitar sounds fantastic.  Very tight. I love the Chocolate Maple Neck with its Satin Finish.  Like I said, all the specs and condition are outlined in a sheet contained in the PICTURES so please have a look….and YES it has the TREM BAR.,…LOL

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2018 Wysocki “Jeff Beck Tele” – Brand New : MONSTER AGED WOODS

If you buy high end guitars you have thought about woods…is it a 1-piece body or 2? Is it Brazilian Rosewood or Indian?  Is it Honduran Mahogany or other.  Is it stump wood or primary growth?  On and on.  And some builders use this info against us…they tell us what we want to hear only to later find out it was a lie (remember the Gibson 2-piece fretboards…LOL).  Some builders like D’Pergo specialize in high end woods and charge near $20k for a new F-style guitar (yes that is true).  Some claim to have great wood but then the guitars are boat anchors.  Lastly, even great wood in the hands of a hack can be wasted.  Construction and attention to detail are vital to any instrument’s tone & playability.

Larry Wysocki has been THE go-to ‘wood’ supplier to luthiers for over 50-years.  He scours the planet finding the oldest air dried fine quality dry woods available.  He has a stash and digs into it to make a few guitars a year.  Most often these instruments are custom orders for celebs.  Occasionally Larry makes a guitar and an order cancels…thus is the case with this spectacular piece.

If you ever wanted THE ULTIMATE Jeff Beck style Tele….THIS is the one you want.  nothing has been spared…and new this is HALF the price of a D’Pergo…and the woods are better.  Tonally….I find Wysockis to be much more alive and 3D tonally.  The notes are even and clear. There is a snap and organic transparency that comes through.  Larry literally finds THE perfect pair of pickups for each guitar….he has a stash from all the hard-to-get winders.

For the price of a Fender Masterbuilt you can get a REAL Masterbuilt from a guy who literally chose the best woods on the planet for the guitar.   You can see all the Specs in the sheet in the PICTURES.    For now here is a summary of what your money gets you:

  • 5A 1-piece Flame Maple Top w Early 1900s Air Dried One Piece Swamp Ash Back.
  • 5A 1-Piece Flame Maple Neck from Early 1900s Air Dried
  • Brazilian Rosewood Board : 80yr Old Air Dried
  • Tom Doyle Pickups – personally selected by Larry for THIS guitar
  • Just 7lb-3oz
  • Pickup rings, knobs and switch tip from 80yr old Air Dried Brazilian Rosewood.
  • 1-11/16″ Nut Width
  • Med/Lg Frets
  • 12 Radius
  • .85″ to .967″ C Profile Hand Carved Neck
  • Brand New with Warranty
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Detemple ’52 Tele : Hall-of-Fame Tone on THIS Guitar

So years ago I got a set of Detemple Twins in….and they were both the best fattest fullest balanced DTs I’d had.  Sadly they both sold….even sadder to different buyers.  I am lucky that years later, one player (this guitar’s former owner) moved into stricktly humbucking instruments and traded it back.

Not sure what it is about this guitar but the tone on it is just as good as I’ve heard on a Detemple (and you know I’ve had 50+ of them).  The neck is FAT at .957″-1.00″….but it’s a Soft V so it makes it SO much more manageable.

This has acquired just a few dings and contact light surface hairline swirls.  Overall extremely clean but I have outlined the condition in more details in the Spec/Condition Sheet (FIND IT IN THE PICTURES).

The early DTs are considered by many to be his Golden Years because Mike alone was making them.  This particular one stands the test of time.  YES there are others that LOOK like this…but there is only ONE ’52 JONES tonally.  Again, I have spoken.

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Gustavsson Bluesmaster P90 2011

This one is a special one.  Oh some may look the same….but they all sound much different.  Don’t believe me?….go to and search for threads on Gustavsson Guitars….there is one from several years ago where a friend of mine wrote his impressions of FOUR JGs that I lent him for the weekend.  If you’re not willing to invest the time to do your homework then why are you spending this much on a guitar?

Well I have had more JGs than just about anyone.  I can tell you this one is VERY different sounding than the Gold Top P90 that I am also sounding.  Why not email me and let’s talk about which one is better for YOU…through YOUR setup…with YOUR playing style.  Sellers all want you to think these high end guitars are the same….they are NOT….that’s why I stock so many of each brand.  I do it so that I can help you find THE guitar of your dreams.

You can see all the specs & detailed condition in the PICTURES.  It’s Excellent Condition with Original Hard Form Fit Case.  Brazilian Board.  C Neck Profile .89-.985:”.   But the specs alone can’t tell you what this will sound like…because it’s hand created.

IN my view…this is one of the 2 best P90 JGs I have had (along w my Gold Top).  Each is a very different animal though.  Let me help…don’t fall prey to guys who just want to move theirs by using all the superlatives.

A matter of note…the guitar pictures show a touch of reflection so please know there are not huge white streaks on it.  LOL

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2015 D’Pergo Vintage Limited w/ Sig Ltd Electronics Pkg

D’Pergo Guitars are considered by many to be the top of the food chain along with Detemple & Wysocki (for F-Style Guitars).  I can personally attest to the fact that you will be hard pressed to find a more perfect hand-made instrument.  Think of a Bentley.  The finish is deep.  The woods are visually luscious.  The attention to detail like softly rolled fretboard edges make you understand that this guitar took multiples of time to create vs. ‘the pack’.

I’ve been very fortunate to have nearly 50 D’Pergos pass through my store & collection.  I am not an ‘expert’…only Mr D is….I am experienced…and I can help you gain perspective on making this type of investment for the Ultimate S style instrument (if you so determine this is THE one of the 3 major names best suited for you).

Now a moment of truth.  D’Pergo Guitars have gotten much more expensive as his models have evolved, craftsmanship evolved & materials gotten better and better.  An AVC (Aged Vintage Classic or Drop Top) is a FINE instrument but NOT generally in the same league as a Vintage Limited.   I only mention this because there are so many models floating around that it is easy to think ‘oh they are all the same’ and over-pay for one and think the other is overpriced.

This instrument has a deep finish reminiscent of Shoreline Gold.  It features a Recovered Alder Body & a Certified Primary Growth Recovered Quartersawn Maple Neck.  The weight is a fabulous 7lb-5oz which is particularly good considering this guitar has a NICE FULL “Offset C Vintage” Neck profile .945″.

Of course it is in near mint condition with it’s original form fit case, spec sheet and cert.  If you look in the PICTURES you can see MY version of a Spec Sheet that outlines Condition as well.  Rest assured my sheet has all the salient points from the D’Pergo Sheet so you need not ask for pictures of that.

The electronics are another area where the newer D’Pergos excel. This guitar features the pricey ‘Limited Handwound Alnico 3 Heavy Formuar” pickups.   It has the Signature Limited Electronics package.

Another interesting point is that Mr D’Pergo also has done what I believe others should do….he harnessed vintage steel with which to mill the Trem Block.  Now this might not seem like a huge deal but metal experts (yes I speak w them and geek out on this stuff) say it is impossible to get good steel anymore….they claim the new steel is inconsistent and sounds like crap (Their words).  I always say “why not get a chunk of old steel and make parts” ….glad Mr D’Pergo has done this.

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