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Alessandro ERIC JOHNSON 212 Combo!

Alessandro ERIC JOHNSON 212 Combo!

Boy we have a SPECIAL amp here!  George Alessandro Eric Johnson model!  Reportedly this was Eric’s personal amp (but I don’t have documentation).  Story goes it was traded by Eric with a bunch of gear to a well known vintage dealer for some other piece.

This combo features 2 Celestion 12″ Gold Speakers and EL34 Tubes.  MAN it is SMOOOOOOTH.  Great chimey cleans. If you have struggled for years to find Eric’ tone this shortcut will take you to the promise land.

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Alessandro Working Dog 1-12″ Combo

Alessandro Working Dog 1-12″ Combo

Alessandro Working Dog 1-12″ Combo.  6L6 Tubes and an Eminence Screamin Eagle 12″ Speaker.  Fantastic chimey cleans and smooooooth overdrive in a portable combo.

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Lipe Classic Virtuoso

Mike Lipe once again strikes gold with this Classic Virtuoso.  Roasted Maple Neck and a beautifully figured Ash body set the foundation for a guitar that just rings unplugged like almost nothing you’ve experienced.  The Amalfitano single coil pickups can get as bright as you want full on but soften up quickly when you roll off the volume.

This guitar comes with its Certificate of Authenticity & Original Hardshell Case.  It lived in a nonsmoking environment and is virtually flawless.  See all the Specs & Condition outline in the attached form (in Pictures).

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Jet Earlewood – Custom Color

Custom 1-Off JET Earlewood.  Amazing custom color with hall-of-fame quilt top.  This guitar is loaded with custom features not often found on Jets.

For example, there is a Sustainer onboard.  Just 7lb-8oz with its custom hardshell form fit case.  Ebony board & 25″ Scale with a 1-11/16″ Width.  12″ Radius & Grover Tuners.  3-Piece neck.  Just look at that custom color!  It changes as you hit different angles and lights.

The wear is minimal.  Most noteworthy are several little lacquer chips and discoloration points.  The guitar is otherwise quite clean.  See my detailed Spec/Condition sheet in the pictures for further details

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Echopark ’59 Deluxe w Ron Ellis P90s

Echopark Guitars are a wonderful addition to the boutique guitar world. I love the care and craftsmanship that goes into each piece.  Also, I love the fact that each one is different.  When you see one that appeals to you then you need to grab it because it won’t resurface (new or used).

This one grabbed me because it has Ron Ellis P90 pickups with the Single Coil Hum Cancel System ($400 upgrade for the silent system…the pickups are unobtanium).  Tonally there is a reason Ron Ellis is backordered over a year.  Woods…this choice mahogany is beautifully grained.  The Grover Open Tuners are another upgrade.  This one is full of all the extras.

See the Spec/Condition sheet in the pictures.  This one is everything you love about vintage with everything luthiers have learned since.

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Echopark Case Study “Zircote” Ghetto Bird 2016

2016 Echopark Case Study Ghetto Bird featuring a Zircote Top & Headstock Overlay.  This nonsmoking mint guitar was purchased and babied by a collector.  Just look at the woods on this piece.  AND the weight is just over 8.5lbs which is almost impossible to accomplish in a guitar of this format.

The guitar feautures a Brazilian Rosewood Board (the spec sheet that I prepared is incorrect on this fact).  12″ Radius and 24.75″ Scale.  A HUGE 1.02″ to 1.15″ Neck Profile resonates like a train track.  the custom pickups are clear which allow them to play perfectly with vintage & modern  or gainy amps.

Of course the guitar is complete with hits Certificate & Original Hard Case (form fitting).   See the SPEC sheet in the pictures for further details

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Detemple ’56 Strat – Trans White

2007 Detemple Strat in rare trans-white.  This one weighs just 7lb-2oz and features a very soft V neck profile.  1 piece ash body & 1-piece flame maple neck.  1-11/16″ Width & 9.5 radius make this a highly desired format.

The tone of this one has clear and full with a nice high end.  The jangle on this one has lush overtones without being harsh.  The low E string is tight and very clear…perfect for single line work.

Let me work with you to find just the right Detemple for your needs.  My stash includes and extensive collection of vintage reference amps to help replicate just what you’re working with.

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Detemple ’52 Tele

I put my money where my mouth is.  If there is a top quality guitar on the market I’ll acquire it.  Detemple S&T types are amongst the best available of any style.  This particular one has a really acoustic overtone that plays so nicely with the fundamental note.

Of course this Tele features a 1-piece Ash Body & 1-piece Flame Maple Neck.  Mike hand selects bodies and necks at the START of the build process.  The body & neck travels throughout the process together.  The neck pocket & neck fight tightly (see most other builds for gaps then compare a Detemple).

LARGE NECK LOVERS TAKE NOTE:  This Soft-V-To-C has a .97″ to 1.00″ Profile.   Want other specs?….please look at the pictures for a detailed Spec/Condition sheet with TONS of details!

In my experience, when people A/B/C a Detemple to their X-guitar, the Detemple almost always ends up in their collection.

BUT…they all sound different.  So let me help you select the right one for you.  I have a huge selection of reference amps that will allow me to try each through gear close to what you actually use.  The goal is to help get something that you will love.

My reference amps include 72 Hiwatt, ’67 Marshall 50w, 68 Marshall Cab w 20s, Trainwreck Express JM, ’66 Fender Princeton Reverb, ’61 Vox AC15, ’65 Fender Deluxe Reverb, ’57 Fender Bassman, Bogner Twin Jet, 73 Marshall 20w Head & Matching Cab. I also have whatever amps are in stock to supplement.

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Tone King Imperial Combo MK1

Tone King Imperial Combo MK1

Tone King Imperial combo with footswitch & cover.  Nonsmoking & Clean.  Works as it should and sounds like the Tone King you dreamed of at a price you can sleep with!  Why buy new?

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2007 PRS “Experience” Limited Ed

Limited Edition 2007 PRS “Experience” in rare Champagne Fizz (Sparkle Silver) finish.  Beautiful condition suitable for a collector or player.  Weighs just 7lb-13oz.  Comes with the Original Hardshell Formfit Case (of course) & Tag/Sticker/Unsigned Warranty.  Yes, the “Paul” signed control cavity cover is included (in case).

The only change of note is that the guitar currently features Bare Knuckle Mule (Alnico IV) pickups.  SOrry but the original pickups are NOT included with the sale (I simply do not have them).

Hard to find any imperfections on this one but I went through it anyway.  Please see the PICTURES for a detailed Spec/Condition sheet.

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Morgan AC20 Deluxe

Morgan AC20 Deluxe

Cool grab & go Morgan AC20 Deluxe head with custom padded cover.  Nonsmoking and works as it should.  Love these little amps.  I tried to be a dealer for them years ago but they were ‘too busy’…guess I’ll just carry them used now….and YOU benefit by grabbing this clean one and saving loot.

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Knaggs – Steve Stevens SS2

Knaggs Steve Stevens Signature SS2!  Used but almost impossible to find any flaws on this one.  Nonsmoking with original case.  No mods or stories.  The only thing to note is that the Cert is missing.  Aside from that, please see the PICTURES for a detailed Spec/Condition Sheet.

Why buy new when you can save $1k and get one that could pass as new.

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Jim Kelley 2-Channel Reverb ORIGINAL VERSION

Jim Kelley 2-Channel Reverb ORIGINAL VERSION

Very rare ORIGINAL SERIES Jim Kelley 2-Channel Reverb Head w Attenuator.  These unique sounding heads are highly sought after & are often referred to as ‘the next Dumble”.   This particular amp has wear but sounds exceptional.  No signs of mods or issues.   Comes with the attenuator.  Just serviced by Pete Cage (best in the biz) so it’s ready to roll with confidence.  New power tubes.  Fresh tuneup costing $330.  This is ready to go!

Grab the original…don’t settle for a reiussue.

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2006 Detemple Tele – Custom “RICO BURST”

2006 Detemple Tele – Custom “RICO BURST”

I love Detemple Guitars….I consider them to be the finest S & T style out there. Detemples just have overtones galore not found in other guitars….I’ve been through this 4 dozen times with people from around the world…rarely has anyone disagreed with this assessment. I try to have a LOT on hand…why?…well…they all sound different….

Don’t get me wrong…they all have the signature overtones, sustain and clarity. BUT, sometimes they be a bit on the jangly side…other times they’ze be a bit on the dark side…other times they’ze be warm with clear highs…you get the drift. SO…let me help you find the right one for YOU. Yeah there are several butterscotch out there…go ahead…take your shot….BUT you are spending a premium amount and deserve to work with someone who has actually HAD these. I’ve had more than the rest of the industry combined….maybe that means something …maybe it doesn’t. But I’m here to help.

This is an early guitar from the days when they still came with the build book & CD (included). You can see just what went into this instruments. The build time back then was around 3 years. the result is spectacular.

The guitar has a Soft-V Neck profile measuring .91 to .96. They are clean and smoke free with original case. Nut is 1-11/16″ with 9.5 Radius. Med/Lg Frets and Open Tunes round things out.

You can see all the specs in the PICTURES where I prepared detailed sheets including condition. Feel free to give me a ring and we can discuss which Detemple(s) are right for you.

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Collings 290 S w Bare Knuckle P90

2011 Collings 290 S in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  This beauty weighs just 7b-70z and comes with its Unsigned Warranty Card.  YUP…it has the Ameritage Hard Case!

The only change (and I believe it’s a huge upgrade) is the prior owner had a Bare Knucke Supermassive P90 installed (sorry original pickup gone)…it sounds so much more alive than stock Lollars….like new strings vs worn out strings…that type of effect.

Hard to find anything wrong with this condition-wise..but I try….see the pictures for the rundown of Specs & wear.

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Callaham ROCKET – Flame Cab

Callaham ROCKET – Flame Cab

One of the rarest examples of an amp on the planet.  A Bill Callaham “Rocket” in its original flame cab.  For years I’ve heard of these but thought it was the Sasquatch of amps.  Finally we have one!…and it is dear to me.  How dear?….dear enough to make you payyyyyyyyyyyy (insert evil laugh).

A Japanese dealer is already trying to get it from me….why don’t you grab it before it gets shipped abroad and you must repatriate it down the road.

Amp sounds freaking wonderful.  The notes just sustain…they are fat but not mushed up.  You can dial in just the right amount of whammo with your guitar volume.  This is NOT an amp to turn to 11…you want to dial it up to maybe 11 to 2 on the dial then lay into it w your guitar.


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I was very fortunate to have spent hours on the phone with Kenny Fischer.  I’m not saying we were best friends.  I am saying we spoke regularly and sent each other CDs…stuff like that.  Great man who shared his knowledge with anyone who was decent to him.   Ken often spoke of a few builders whose work he liked.  Bill Callaham was one such name mentioned.

Here we have one of the rarest amps on the planet.  Bill Callaham hand crafted this “Liverpool” back before the boutique craze invaded us with everybody who could get to Radio Shack for a soldering iron.  Bill’s amps are regarded as classic takes of Holy Grails.

Typically, these amps end up in Japan.  You can see certain dealers charging upper $6ks for these heads.  You can also see they don’t last long.

Tonally, this amp gets to the heart of what a “Wreck” does.  Turn volume of your guitar down and it cleans right up.  Phenomenal cleans that sound like THAT is what the amp was SUPPOSED to do….turn up the guitar and OVERTONES…SUSTAIN….GRIND….CRUNCH.  BUT you retain note definition…mmmm…I love it.

Amp is from a nonsmoking environment.  It is ready to go and does not appear to have any mods or damage.

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2015 Berumen Carve Top Flame Top

2015 hand-crafted Berumen Carve Top with a killer Flame Maple Top!   Look at the woods in this guitar.  Look at the bindings.  The components are top notch.  In your hands you hold something alive with energy.  Play it and the notes bend easily over the silky smooth frets.  Sounds like a Viagra commercial is brewing huh….

You can see all the specs & condition in the attached pictures.  But for teasers (speaking of Viagra) this beauty features Wolfetone Legend Pickups & Gotoh Tuners.  It has the hardshell form fit case.  The guitar is from a nonsmoking environment.  Most would call it Mint…I give myself room to avoid the d-bag crowd (staying on the Viagra theme).

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Mike Stevens Les Plank PROTOTYPE – THE ONE!

The Ferrari Testarosa is a symbol of an era….Dom is a symbol of an era….THIS GUITAR is a symbol of the heyday of the Boutique Guitar Revolution.  It was designed by and made for my friend Matte Henderson who I consider the Pininfirina of the boutique guitar world (google it…they design the bodies for Ferrari & Maserati…ok don’t google it).  OK enough sucking up.

Anyway, Matte collaborated with his old friend Mike Stevens to create the ultimate Strat in a LP body.  This guitar features an ALDER body with a Maple Neck…but the scale is LP.  There is a 12″ Radius and a fantastic soft-V to C neck profile.  The trem is a custom Skyway trem; I love skyways because they are top mount and don’t eat all the wood away.  They ring like a Stoptail bridge.  They are extremely smooth and responsive allowing precise bends.  ALSO you don’t chew up your hand palming the bridge (a must for all hand models).

This guitar was in my limited personal collection for many years.  During that time I had Lindy Fralin custom wind me a set of P90s for this guitar/wood.  Lindy & I came to the decision to do an 85% wind that would remain open and clear playing up the “stratty” nature of this beast rather than the typical wooly LP Jr thing.  The Bridge pickup I’m pretty sure is a WCR but not positive.  There is a 5-way switch.  Tonally this puppy covers a TON of ground.  My vintage amps play perfectly with the woodiness of the tone. My aggressive amps find this incredible bite and clarity with a HUGE low e tone.

The guitar has some wear, most notably some chips on the edge of the contours.  Overal it is clean despite being played and loved by several owners.  It is one of the most iconic guitars of the Boutique Guitar movement.  IT is now time to pass the torch.

See all the Specs & Condition Overview in the attached form I took time to prepare (such a guilt trip now if you don’t look).


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2016 Ruokangas Unicorn SUPERSONIC – Brand New

JUST IN from a dealer-to-dealer trade!  BRAND NEW unplayed (except I had to try it so I could describe it) Ruokangas Unicorn Supersonic.  Just a complete WOW Guitar.  This slab bodied guitar features the same Spanish Cedar Body/Neck & Arctic Birch Top that it’s big brother (the carved top Unicorn) has.  The only real difference is this is a slab vs. carved….and at a HUGE discount.  Also because I got this in trade, my price can be below MAP (min advertised price)….nah nah na nah nah.

So why this guitar?  If I were gigging…this would be my guitar.  7lb-12oz  and soft satin finish.  Nice smooth round notes that are slightly less bright than the Unicorn.  Warmth and smooth that make you think it can tame a bright amp or crush an overdriven one.  I get Tele to LP tones out of this guitar.  Playability is addictive and note bends are fun again.

See the PICTURES for a complete Spec & Condition sheet.

Thanks for checking this out!


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Ronin Mirari – USED – Master Grade Old Growth Redwood

USED Ronin Mirari that may just be the lightest weight, best sounding Mirari I’ve had to date.  This one does not have coil splitting…and not sure if it’s that or the 6lb-13oz light weight or the Master Grade tight grained Salvaged Old Growth Redwood (SOGR)…but this one has the IT factor.  VERY warm tonally…VERY clear but with a nice pronounced high end.

Snakewood board,  1-piece Mahogany Neck, 1-11/16″ Width & 12″Radius.  You can see ALL the specs in the pictures where I have taken the liberty (isn’t that an obnoxious statement?) of preparing a detailed report for your review…SIR.

This one won’t last long.

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2009 PRS McCarty 25th Anniversary – 10 TOP

2009 PRS McCarty 25th Anniversary 10-Top in Excellent Nonsmoking Condition.  This guitar comes with the hang tag, original form fit case, unsigned warranty card and even the sticker!  Extremely clean.  Most would call it mint but I go through these carefully.  Don’t be fooled by lazy people who can’t be bothered to give you real information.  My guitars sell & my feedback is superior because I give real information to internet buyers.

Just look at the beautiful figure on the mahogany back.  This guitar is just special!  The TOP is spectacular from straight on…notice that I don’t take pictures lying down to find any grain there is…then you open the guitar and say ‘wait just a second is this the same guitar?’

See the PICTURES for a SPEC/CONDITION sheet with all the details.

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Something incredibly alluring about a light weight simple machine.  The Nik Huber Krautster takes the unplayable but beloved Gibson LP JR to a new modern level (thankfully).  This baby has a Haussel Humbucker with coil splitting.  The flame maple neck vibrates and the 10-14″ Radius makes this a joy to play & bend notes on.

You can see all the specs in the attached pictures (I prepare a Spec/Condition Sheet that has all the fine points your itchy little eyes lust for.  Nice clean guitar with just a bit of wear.

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Nik Huber : ORCA ’59

2015 Nik Huber ORCA ’59 in Near Mint Nonsmoking Condition!  Why buy new for many thousands more when you can get this nearly immaculate one?….probably because you like enriching people?…well I work thin because I have no storefront, no employees facebooking on my dime, no bathrooms for people to clog…nada…and I pass the savings on to you!   Guitars ain’t like Pawn Stars…we get great gear because we pay great prices…there are no steals in the market.  We work between the wallpaper-and-the-wall.

Ok chest thumping.  Just a beautiful instrument with the 3D ‘sounds like 2 guitars) thing that I hold as a standard for the top shelf guitars.   Haussel ’59 Pickups.   Brazilian Rosewood Board.  .92-1.00 C Profile Neck.  No fretwear.  See all the Specs & Condition in the attached picture.

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GJ2 (Grover Jackson) ARETE 5-Star

Recent GJ2 Arete 5-Star in KORINA!  This top of the line guitar sold for over $4k new.   Near Mint, Non-Smoking Condition with Cert & Original Hardshell Case.

You can see all the Specs & Condition overview in the attached sheet….but as a teaser this guitar features:

  • Korina Set Neck
  • Korina Body
  • JUST 6lb-10oz
  • Jumbo Frets
  • Gotoh Trem
  • 10″ – 14″ Radius
  • Nice “D” Profile Neck
  • No Fretwear
  • Habanero Pickups
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