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Goodsell Super 17

Goodsell Super 17

Great little amp that delivers big tones for little dough.  Nonsmoking piece (the environment not the amp grammar police…you).  Works as it should.  Not sure which version it is but will be happy to look if you can tell me what to look for.


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Tim White TIMBUCKERS – Double White PAIR

Tim White TIMBUCKERS – Double White PAIR

Well I’ve been at this for awhile as both a gear lover and dealer.  I’ve had PAFs, Sakashtas and Ron Ellis….Tom Holmes…but have never gotten my hands on a pair of Timbuckers.  Just can’t find them.  I finally did.  And I’d better put these up for sale before I am tempted to put them in the stash…because sometimes that’s what I do with things I know I’ll never see again.


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2008 Gustavsson Bluesmaster Custom ’59

2008 Gustavsson Bluesmaster Custom ’59 from the “Wolfetone Era”.  Weighing just 7lb-13oz this instrument has one of the nicest midranges I’ve heard in a JG.  Nice full bottom end.  Loves the Ubershall & the Vintage Fender/Marshalls.   Such a beautiful tasteful top that I photographed it with and without the guard. YES IT COMES WITH THE GUARD.

This JG has the upgraded form fit logo G&G case.  Comes with the Certificate & has just a couple of very tiny surface flaws that keep it from being mint.   I’ve sold dozens of these.  They all sound different.  Let me help you find the right one for you.  See the Spec/Condition Sheet in the pictures with all the details I can muster up.

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2017 Tao – Custom “Ghery” NAMM

For years I’ve been closely watching the work of Tao Guitars.  To my eyes their deigns are fresh, european, clean yet retro/artsy at the same time.  I really wanted to become a dealer for them…but alas….I never seem to measure up…so I do what guys like me do….hunt and peck..   And bingo…just when you counted me out, I came across this piece fresh from 2017 NAMM.

The guitar took 3 years to create.  It was custom comissioned to be a 1-off artistic interpretation of the “Ghery” school of art.  The details, care, craftsmanship and special 1-off features make this literally museum-quality.

The Top & Back are literally carved by hand in 2 pieces then joined (hollow).  Cedar Back & Spruce Top (Carved back & top).  Spanish Cedar Neck with a nice asymetric profile that feels like a ’59 LP in a way.  24.75″ Scale, 1.70 Width.

Just 6lb-7 ounces and perfectly balanced.  Stephens Design pickups.  Hand created pickups covers. Hand created tuner tips.  Hand created backplates that are transparent with custom covers over components.

Even the case is superb.  Rolling hardshell form fit flight case.  You can see all the specs in the sheet attached (see pictures).

Tonally…think of a bubbly warm but snappy neck pickup.  Bridge…think of what you want in a vintage PAF.  This guitar hits Jimmy Page to George Benson.  I expected it to be a 1-trick pony…but it can cover almost any ground.

It was the 2017 NAMM piece for Tao then delivered to the owner.  As we all know, personal circumstances can change in 3 years; unfortunately, the buyer could not keep the piece and sold it to me without using it.  You can acquire this spectacular heirloom without wait and for less than what Tao would charge for a new one.

Still has a warranty so no worries.

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2015 Fibenare Basic Jazz Rahan HOLLOW

Fibenare is a ‘sleeper’ brand.  I sell a LOT of them but often people come to find them once they’ve been down the road with other brands first.  I remember going to my first NAMM and meeting the Fibenare team.  I was told the story of how they grew up in a country at a time when they had to learn a trade.  That they loved music but had little access to the guitars we take for granted.

Why does this matter? Because passion is fueled by hunger and desire. These people simply set out to reach what they pictured in their minds eyes…perfection.  As we all know, in reality the standard instruments we all love are full of little imperfections, design flaws and head scratchers….but they didn’t know that.

The result, instruments that are created with heart and soul.  ONE at a time.  Hand carved.  Hand glued.   Nothing leaves the shop unless it meets their standards.

This guitar is a complete hollow guitar.  KORINA Back & Neck.  1 Piece Neck…1 Piece Body.  Just 5lb-1 ounce.  Ironwood board.  Custom wound pickups that are open sounding and play with the woods.

And the price…new these are steals.  USED they are giveaways.  If you think your “Boutique” guitar is well made…do yourself a favor and check out a Fibenare.

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Echopark ’59 Std TV

2014 Echopark ’59 Std in TV Yellow. I just LOVE this color but who wants to pay a $4500 premium for that in a vintage piece (that rattles and has untold warts).

These guitars have big tone. Maybe it’s because they have large full necks.  Maybe it’s the woods that are hand selected.  Maybe it’s because each is custom made 1-at-a-time.  Maybe it’s the Arcane pickups that capture a stringiness and a huge fundamental woody note.  Not sure but whatever it is there is a lot of magic to the resulting instrument.  There are many that LOOK like this….but I’ve not found a modern piece that captures what this does (in its space).

Lots of guys go on and on with specs here.  I take the time to prepare a full sheet with all the details including condition.  Weight…yeah it’s on there but because you won’t read it I’ll save us some emails….6lb-14oz!

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D-Minus “Surfcaster Boomer-Anger”

Freaking ART here folks!  Sometimes you see guitar that photograph SO well….then you get them and they are rubbish.  THIS is the exact OPPOSITE.  It sounds like an old guitar but is built like a Bentley.  Double bound body.   Grover Imperial Tuners.  Custom Split Headstock.   Gold Foil Pickups.   Just 8lb-11 oz.  Custom Multi-Switching.

You can get from Gretch to Ronin to Tele to Strat on this guitar.  VERY well constructed and very easy to play. I SO want to get some Rockabilly going on this.  Genuine Formica Top.  You can see all the Specs & detailed condition (it’s clean…that’s 95% of what I carry).

A 1-off masterpiece that I’d love to get more of.

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Don Grosh – Custom Carve Top “Garden Tool Green”

They say ‘you can’t go back home”…well this Grosh just called me like a Siren from Greek Mythology.  Once upon a time, this Grosh was living with my friend Sean… was a custom order as most Grosh’s were in those times.  The story goes the original owner sent Don an old garden tool because it had a certain green color he wanted the guitar to be.  Well, Don NAILED it.  And so goes the story of the color.

I just HAD to have it.  Traded ol’ Sean for it….then life got the best of me and I traded it away.   Many years later BANGO it appeared!  I HAD to have it!  Amazing after all these years it has that same unplugged resonance and zing.  The carved top is just SO cool with this trans-color.  The soft-v neck is so comfortable and feels like satin although it’s finished.  Just 8lbs!  10″ Radius, 1.65″ Width and F-scale of 25.5″.

It has some wear. Most notably there is surface finish checking.  There are also some lacquer chips mostly on the side edges of the top.  The top and back have contact swirls (light to moderate). The case is worn and has one nonworking latch.  Overall extremely clean and nonsmoking.  Just played more than a lawyer’s guitar.  Not beat up though.

You can see all the specs in the pictures wher I have a detailed document.  Feel free to email or call with questions.

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2016 Leo Guitars “Luthier’s Choice”

Fresh off the production line in October 2016, this Leo Guitars “Luthier’s Choice Standard” is FAR from ordinary.  One of the coolest guitars in ages because you would mistake it for a black & white photeo except that the pickguard is Ebony & Burled Maple so it sticks out like a colorized portion of a portrait.

These hand crafted instruments are each 1-offs.  This one is featured on the luthier’s website (  It features a Cedar Body with Maple Top.  Cedar neck with a MIXED set of frets!  First are heavier and then they get slightly smaller up the register (6100/6105).  1.70″ Width & 24.75″ Scale make this a dream for those LP lovers who feel it’s time to branch out.  Birdseye Maple Board that is museum quality.  Nice C-profile neck that will remind you of your favorite Gibson.

Very light aging and tastefully done flame maple pickup rings add flair to the perfect lines.  Many have tried to do takes on LPs….this one succeeds.   Just 8lbs & comes with the Certificate of Authenticity, Warranty Card & Original Hardshell form fit case.

See ALL the Specs & Condition in the attached sheet.

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2016 Nachocaster! YES Another!

Yes another!  This Nachocaster Blackguard is named Mary Ann.  She weighs just 6lb-13oz.  This may LOOK like the other I have in stock but tonally WAY different.   Spec-wise too.  The neck on this is a V but much larger/beefier at .89 to .99.   Same 1-piece Ash body.  Medium Frets.  9.5 Radius.  Tonally it is BIIIIIGGGG.  You want thin…go away son.

Case in point about pickup measurements…these are about the same as the other I have but one is HUGE in the bottom & mids.  One is very traditional sounding.  Body weights virtually the same.  So you tell me….can you just buy on sight alone?  Shop with someone who has selection.

See the Spec sheet for all the details you want to email me for but I did for you proactively.

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2016 Nacho Banos NACHOCASTER Tele

2016 Nachocaster Blackguard!  I am in love with this brand.  The guitars simply sound old.  You never see them for sale because people hoard them.  When a few come up for sale they are sold before sunrise.  THOSE are the types of instruments I specialize in.

One owner, nonsmoking and light use makes this Near Mint.  As you can see this comes with the Cert, DVD, CD and Build Letter.  Ashtray cover & Nacho Banos pouch included as is the original hardshell case.

This 1-piece ash bodied piece weighs just 6lb-14oz.  The neck is a nice V .84 to .98.  The pickups are 8.66k Bridge & 6.92 Neck.  I’ve had several of these now and they DO all sound different.  Call/email/text me and I’ll tell you what this one sounds like BEFORE you tell me what you want.  Don’t fall for the old roadside fortune teller trick.   Or that cheesy pickup line where a guy calls the clerk by her name because she wears a tag….yeah…I’m above that sort of thing here.

See the attached Spec Sheet for all the details.

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Fibenare Roadmaster 2016 – Brand New

Just off the production floor!  Brand New 2016 (December) Fibenare Roadmaster ’56.  I ordered this about a year ago and just received it.  AMAZING Quilt Maple Top!  Ridiculous Birdseye Maple Neck & Board.  The Fibenare brothers really hooked me up with this piece.

You rarely see these new or used.  For the money I dare you to find a better made, better sounding F-style.  See all the Specs in the attached pictures.

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2002 BAKER B1

Time tested classic here…a B1 Baker from 2002.  These guitars are made by Gene himself back in the day.  These guitars were pioneers of the boutique market and they endured where other early entrants faded into obscurity. Gene was recently honored by Fender with his own “Founder’s Edition” Custom Shop Guitar to commemorate his tremendous contributions to the brand.

This piece is in Excellent Nonsmoking condition with the original hardshell case, Cert of Authenticity & Unsigned Warranty Card….even the STICKER!  Mahogany Body/Neck with a Flame Maple Top & Rosewood Board.  24.625″ Scale and 12″ Radius.   Virtual Vintage pickups.  Matching FLame Headstock.

Clean and fantatic sonding guitar.  If you love double cutaways but crave that real LP feel….then a B1 is just your answer.

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Baker B1 Bluesman NAMM 2001 – Think Robben Ford model

Extremely rare Baker B1 Bluesman NAMM from 2001.  This was made by Gene during his early days.  It is essentially a RF or Robben Ford model.  The instrument features a carved SPRUCE top with Mahogany body & Neck.  Ebony board.  24.625″ Scale & 12″ Radius.  Nice full C neck profile.  Med/Lg frets (according to my eyes).  Comes with the Cert & Original Case & Unsigned Warranty Card.

You can see all the specs/condition in the attached sheet. The most notable flaw is a finish crack (shown in pictures) near the lead pickup volume knob.  It looks like the knob at some point had been pushed in a bit (although it’s stable and does not appear to be broken.  Aside from that this is very clean.

Tonally you WILL notice a proufound difference with the Spruce top.  Very smooth sounding guitar with nice present highs.  The notes are full and singing.  Smooth is the only word that comes to mind but without the associated dullness that one typically associates with that description

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2016 Ruokangas Unicorn Classic – New

2016 Ruokangas Unicorn Classic.  Brand New from a dealer-to-dealer trade.  Just 8lb-4oz of Spanish Cedar / Arctic Birch goodness.  As you know these are hand crafted and rival the Gustavsson / Yaron / Bartlett / Stevens guitars at a fraction of the price

I am able to offer this piece at the price of a USED one even though it is NEW.   Please see the pictures for a Spec/Condition sheet with all the vitals your little heart desires.  ONE thing to note (shown in pictures) there is very slight lacquer flaking around the logo.  The instrument is priced at a HUGE discount to reflect this small defect.

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Klon #1043

Klon #1043

I have pedals in inventory…LOTS and LOTS (sometimes people trade me a zillion pedals for a guitar….sure)…I keep only a handful.  In my personal collection is a Cornish Delay, a Gurus Delay, a TS808 and an early Klon.  NOw, with each I WISH I could find cheaper alternatives.  I have cheaper alternatives. I have sold cheaper alternatives.  BUT I just can’t look myself in the eye and settle for less.

Seriously guys. Why do you need 14 overdrives?…that is your amp’s job.  Get a Klon to bring out the best in your tone.  The early ones are the way to go.  This one has a touch of cosmetic wear but functions perfectly.

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Klon #454

Klon #454

Klon Centaur….THE standard for overdrive/boost.  Nothing comes close.  I’ve had hundreds and hundreds of pedals.  I’ve tried clones and ‘improvements’ and wannabes.  At the end of the day you end up with 12 variations of pedals that do ‘kind of’ what this does (in your mind but nobody else’s).

NOW the early Klons have a certain mid-range presence that later ones just do not.  If you seek that tone then you have to spend the dough for an early one (like this).   I’ve been through dozens of Klons and can tell you that the later gold ones are more scooped sounding than the early ones.  I wish it weren’t so…but it is…thus the bump in price.

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Pete Cornish TES Delay

Pete Cornish TES Delay

Pete Cornish pedals have been backordered since the beginning of the boutique guitar revolution.  There is a multi-year wait and lousy communication if you get on the list.  The only realistic way to acquire one is through the secondary market. Fortunately, I try to stock these when I can find them.

The characteristic of the Cornish Delay is that they are extremely clean sounding.  They are not a dark vintage clone.  You can add character with the Mod knob (LOVE that).  Overall this is for someone who values their rig’s tone and wants to add delay while preserving the fundamental tone they invested so many dollars to create.

Don’t let a cheap-ass delay ruin your investment.  It’s like putting mustard on filet.

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2013 Gil Yaron 59 Singlecut

LP lovers are a great breed of people.  They love their tradition. They know their details. They are not afraid to invest when the right one comes around.  Often, I find people have several to many of a particular model.  The trend, however, is consolidation.  More and more we find LESS is more (boy I’m articulate for an I-talian).  The days of 12 of anything are gone.  Time to realize that slight differences are NOT additional.  Think about working with me to consolidate your collection.

A great place to start is to think about acquiring a world class ’59 Singlecut.  Gil Yaron’s instruments are rarely available because people just scoop them up.  His hand craftsmanship, thin finish, attention to subtle detail and coveted hand wound pickups combine to create the ultimate playing experience.  Think about finally getting a guitar where the wood and build create the tone (not the harsh pickups).  Think about tight low end that yoyu can hear.

This is a piece you should speak with me personally about.  Let me help you determine if it is right for you.  In the meantime, check out the Spec/Condition sheet that has all the details (that you could have already guessed cuz you know LPs).

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Gil Yaron Singlecut 59

This is a tough time to be a boutique builder.  Many have come and faded out.  Many have tried to capture the essence of the 59 Burst (including Gibson themselves).  One has.  Gil Yaron.  Gil’s guitars are widely regarded as the king of the heap for 59 ‘close as you can get’ guitars.

This guitar is light weight and features old growth mahogany with a beautiful but tasteful maple top.  Gil’s own pickups are highly regarded for their clarity that allows the woods and build to produce the tone.  Brazilian Rosewood board (of course).  Subtle aging and hand carving.  This 1-owner piece lived in a nonsmoking collection.

See all the details in the Spec/Condition sheet.   I’m happy to discuss this piece with you within the context of your tonal goals & current equipment.  I maintain a collection of reference  amplifiers so that I can attempt to experience what you do.  Through a consultative conversation we can determine together if this piece fits.  Work with someone who has done this hundreds of times.  The goal is not to sell you this guitar.  The goal is to help you build trust and focus your search to products that will make you happy.

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2016 Wild Customs “The Skorpion”

If you are a fan of unique designs then this Wild Custom is tailor made for you.  This guitar is the Wild Customs top of the line build.  Featuring a mahogany/maple body & flame maple neck.  Jumbo frets.  1-11/16″ Nut & 25″ Scale.  Very impressive V neck profile with 22 frets and a 12″ Radius.

Hardware includes 510 tuners which are accurate and very precise. Tone Pros bridge.  Custom wound pickups.  Original hard shell case.  Of course this is a nonsmoking piece.

This has a thin satin finish. The guitar just resonates. You can play the neck SO easily with that soft finish.  i love how balanced this guitar is on a strap.  If you’re sick of typical then turn your attention to a Wild Custom “Custom”

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2013 Versoul Henry

Extremely rare Versoul Henry.  These handcrafted guitars retail typically for mid-$6ks.  Grab this Excellent Condition Nonsmoking piece for a fraction of that.  Beautiful body of Alder & Finnish Alder.  Aspen Neck.  Versoul custom wound pickps with a VERY warm and smooth tone.  Just 6lb-5oz.  Of course this piece comes with its original hardshell form fit case.   See the rest of the specs & detailed condition in the associated sheet.

Give me a ring and we can discuss how this piece sounds within the context of your amp and playing situation.

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2015 Scala Underdog Vent Top

You have to respect a builder to steps out of the box and REALLY ads a new take on a universal classic.  This Scala Underdog has attitude on top of function.  Start with a tradional LP shape…yeah…add the Long Tenon for great tone and resonance…okay….THEN add a vented top that leaves sound chamber openings between the body and top. The result is a smooth open tone without feedback in gain situations.

Arcane Pickups…just 8lb-5oz.  Form Fit Hard G&G Case.  Heavy frets, 1’11/16″ Width & 24.625″ Scale. And ATTITUDE!

Step out from the crowd and save some dough. These are in the $7ks new.  Get this one for thousands less. YES we love trades especially the many-for’one trades.

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2016 Ronin Badmoon

2016 Ronin Badmoon in immaculate condition!  Nonsmoking 1-owner instrument originally sold new by PrimeGuitars.Com a few months ago.   Ronin doesn’t have any more Badmoons in the pipeline currently so your only opportunity to acquire one is used.  Luckily I support the brands I sell and have this one at a discount vs. its original selling price of $7500.

If you were to get lucky and order one the wait would be 12-18 months.  Prices are likely going up in 2017…oh and by the way you can’t get on the list because starting Feb 2017 Ronin will no longer be accepting custom orders.

Ok enough.  This guitar features Master Grade Old Growth Redwood!  Stew Mac 154 high/medium frets.  A Mahogany Neck.  24.625″ Scale and 1-11/16″ width.  As you would expect the guitar has a 12″ radius.   Can you say WOW with a weight of just 5lb-13oz.

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2010 PRS DC3

Boy PRS Guitars really found a way to use modern production techniques to create an affordable instrument that looks, plays and sounds incredible. Why buy some off-brand nonsense when you can get something that will remain valid into the future.

You’re probably already familiar with the DC3 but I’ve prepared the attached Spec Sheet in case you want to quickly see some features.  The only things of note on this nonsmoking instument are (1) the tuners were upgraded to open back & (2) there are a few noted surface dings.

Comes with the Tag & Unsigned Warranty Card.  OH in case you care this has the PATTERN REG neck profile.

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