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Ronin Songbird BASS – BRAND NEW! Authorized Dealer

World’s ONLY RONIN DEALER!  I have 9…NINE…Ronins coming!  This BASS is the first of its kind!  Master Grade Old Growth Redwood Body!  Ronin Foilbucker pickups.  34″ Scale.  Beautiful and balanced at just 7lb-10oz.  Honduran Mahogany Neck with Dark Rosewood Board.  Open Tuners.  Hand Crafted by the men at Ronin.  Their guitars speak to me because each is additive to your arsenal. The tones are just not another flavor of vanilla.  This bass will dial in crystal clean to warm smooth.  The foil pickups capture so much of the instrument’s resonance…they translate the energy into beautiful airy notes.  If you are serious about your tone you owe it to yourself to check out the most exciting new brand of guitars/bass in the past 10 years.

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Rick Toone S2 – Near Mint

Rick Toone S2 guitar!  Impossible to obtain…but I manage because I try to be fair on purchases & trades.  Near mint condition.  OMG this guitar has SUSTAIN naturally.  I played it through my new Hi-Tone ….WOW….then through my AC15…mmmmm….then my Bogner…FATNESS.

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2015 Echopark El Cabillo CASE STUDY – MINT

2015 Echopark “Case Study” El Cabillo.  This was custom ordered by a customer who then fell in love with something on my site and traded…hint hint.   If Dumble made a guitar my sense is it wouldn’t be far off from this.  Trust me…I wanted to ‘poo poo’ it…but this thing is smooth sounding….with sustain. The notes are just frankly beautiful.  Played through a clean to moderate gain amp it is simple responsive, soulful and inspiring.  I’ll be looking to acquire more for sure.

Mint nonsmoking condition.  Just a couple of months since delivery.  LOADED with features such as a Brazilian Board, fat C neck profile, Arcane Pickups, Koa Top.  G&G Hard Form Fit Case & Cert (of course).  No visible fret wear.

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Spalt Totem – Ribbon Mahogany

Michael Spalt custom made Totem Guitar. Hand crafted from Ash with a Ribbon Mahogany Top & Ribbon Mahogany Neck!  Michael’s BONE P90s that have a clear crispness.  No visible fret wear.  Just 6lb-8oz.  Original Hard Case.  Excellent nonsmoking condition.  See the Spec sheet for all the details.

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2014 Gibson Wildwood Spec SG – Exc Cond

2014 Gibson Wildwood Spec SG with Certificate of Authenticity & Tags.  Of course it comes with the Original Hard Case.  Just 6lb-3oz.  No visible fret wear.  Clean example that will save you a grand!

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2015 Fibenare Basic Rahan HOLLOW – MINT/USED

2015 Fibenare Semi. This one is ‘used’ but most would call it New…it is Mint w/ the Cert & Hard Case.  Just FIVE POUNDS-THREE OUNCES!  These hand wound Fibenare pickups are amazing.  They don’t get overpowered…they stay clear even when you push your amp.  The cleans on this instrument will WOW you…you can hear warmth and air and stringiness all at once.  You would be hard pressed to find a more versatile hand crafted, beautiful sounding instrument at this price.  Save a TON vs. new on a guitar that could pass as new.

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2015 Thorn Custom Jr – Near Mint

2015 Thorn Custom Jr weighing in at just 6lb-13oz.  Aged Phelam Blue finish.  Medium/Jumbo Frets and Thorn custom wound pickup.  No visible fret wear. Original Hard Gator Form Fit Case.  Resonant and easy to play…feels broken in…ready to dig in. Love it with the volume all the way or partially down…really responds well to the roll of a knob.

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Don Grosh Set Neck Custom – Near Mint

Don Grosh Set Neck Custom weighing in at a perfect 8-00lbs.  Hall-of-Fame quality Quilt Maple Top.  Original Hard Form Fit Case.  Grosh Pickups.  6150 Medium Frets. .85-.95 Med/Lg Roundback Neck Profile.  No visible fret wear.  Hard to find any flaws on this one but I’ll say Near Mint to avoid the obvious micron-level-oversight.

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Gustavsson Fullerblaster : Near Mint Cond

Near Mint 2013 Gustavsson Fullerblaster weighing in at just 7lb-3oz.  Amazon Rosewood Board & Cities Papers.  Alder Body & Wolfetone Pickups.  Nitro finish of course.  Nice C neck profile with Tall Medium frets that have no wear. Simulated Aging to give it that broken in feel.  Tonally this has that old guitar tone you have searched for….it feels old and sounds like your fave vintage piece without the vintage headaches.

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FORSHAGE Tele – BRAND NEW Authorized Dealer!

Chris Forshage Custom Tele!  Hand crafted featuring a 1-piece Birdseye Maple Neck!  1 Piece Ash Body!  Lollar Pickups.  Stainless 6105 Frets.  Nitro finish and Titanium Saddles!  Nice C neck carve and 9.5 Radius.   G&G Hard Case  Included!  I am so delighted to be representing Chris and his fine work.  He custom crafts a handful of instruments each year.  This “T” style is for someone who wants to pay less for something that was truly crafted…not just parts picked off the bin or ‘assembled’ like many others.  See the Spec Sheet for all the further details.  TWO MORE GUITARS INCOMING SHORTLY!

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James TYLER Mongoose Retro – Exc+ Cond 6lb-8oz!

JUst 6lbs-8oz of James Tyler Alder Body/Ash Topped Tele Goodness.  Extremely clean with no fret wear.  Just some very light surface contact swirls that you see in the light (not gouges…conspiracy theorists look elsewhere).  Comes with the original hard case & Cert.  See the spec sheet for further details.

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Gustavsson Bluesmaster Semi

2013 Gustavsson Bluesmaster Semi.  Another extremely limited run that you won’t find new or used.  Flame Maple carved top on a mahogany back/sides/neck platform.  Want a light easy to play 335 with snap and no cardboard box tone?  Do you like rich overtones and air in the notes?  Would you like to hear yourself through the mix even with modern music?   This guitar excels from clean to rough.  Covers a LOT of territory.

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Gustavsson DOTMASTER – Korina Semi

One of the rarest Gustavsson Guitars models on the planet.  The Semi-Hollow Dotmaster features a carved Korina back and sides with a flame maple top.  The 3D notes with overtones are simply the finest.  Thin deep nitro finish that feels like wood again.  Throbak pickups and a Brazilian Board round out the top quality components.  VERY hard to find a better crafted, sounding, or playing instrument….I’m still searching.

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Tone King Metropolitan 1-12″ Combo

2008 James Tyler MONGOOSE SPECIAL – Mint “-“

Ahhhh my dreams….in them I’m a James Tyler dealer….after all I’ve sold dozens of them…I support that brand like I do my own I-talian heritage…but alas they ignore me because I’m an ‘internet only dealer’….REVOLT I SAY…write your James Tyler and tell him VOTE ME IN!

In the meantime I’ll soak up every used one in excellent/mint condition for you…and you will continue to save $thousand$ over new….so take THAT james ty-ler.

This 2008 is extremely clean with a NICE growl.  Turn the volume down and cleans are EVER SO LUSCIOUS. I thought about putting in a kahler and some 9-string EMG pickups…but nah….

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2012 D’Pergo Signature Ltd – Custom Color – Mint Cond

2012 D’Pergo Signature Limited.  Where Do I begin?….well for one, these are the pinnacle of F-style guitars.  SO very few are made.  Each is now custom commissioned by the buyer and takes years to complete (with a long backlog).  Stefan D’Pergo (for short) painstakingly selects aged woods including river recovered old growth woods renowned for their tonal superiority (and huge costs).  Hand carved necks and bodies.  Hand forged bridges.  Hand wound pickups using select wires.

The result?  Many assert that there is no finer.  The satin finish on the offset neck is soft to the touch, fast and allows you to handle a slightly larger neck than you may believe you are used to and fatter equals tone).  The weight is 6lbs-11oz…find a trem strat that uses the impossibly rare woods, is hand crafted and comes in at this type of weight.   The tone is SO musical and even. Every note sounds like it belongs to the same instrument (unlike the others that sound like a bunch of pots falling from the Sanford & Son truck).

EVERY D’Pergo sounds different…hand crafted instruments do that.  I have personally sold over 40 D’Pergos in our short history.  I have more experience with them than almost anyone else on the planet.  This is a large investment, allow me to help you determine if this guitar is right for you.  I specialize in helping people avoid waits while getting a guitar that fits them.  Order one for yourself?….ok….wait the several years and you get what you get tonally….no tears…now they ALL sound amazing..BUT how are you going to feel if yours is a tad bright and you want warm?…sick….that’s why people buy from me.

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Gil Yaron Strat

Gil Yaron Strat!  Impossible to find new or used.  Just 7lb-7oz and loaded with aged parts & aged tone.  Not sure how Gil does it but somehow his guitars SOUND old.  That metallic yet slightly rounded off thing going on.  Fat and clear.  This won’t split glass in half like most starts.  You will think your current production guitar is a skinny-minnie tonally after you play this.

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Scott Walker Phoenix

Flame Mahogany & just 8lbs-3oz. Ameritage case. Nonsmoking. Excellent “+” Condition. See all the specs in the sheet attached in the pictures.

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2013 Scott Walker Fathom or Phantom? (beats me)

Curly Mahogany! Custom upgraded case! Just an amazing work of art that plays and can count to 100 in 32 languages. See the spec/condition sheet for all the details.

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2013 Versoul Henry – Mint “-” Condition

Can you say WOWOW! Unreal vintage warm tone in a modern playable format! Hand crafted! $6700 elsewhere this will save you $2k on a guitar most would pass for new. Just 6lbs-5oz. Finnish Alder, Aspen & Maple Neck. Hand crafted Versoul Pickups! NO fret wear & no dings. See the spec/condition sheet with all the details.

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2013 James Tyler Studio Elite HD

2013 James Tyler Studio Elite HD in Hazmat Schmear…..mmmm…Semi-Gloss (my fave).  Love the Quartersawn Maple Neck.  Love the compound radius and heavy frets.  Adore the delicious slightly scalloped board edges.  Just 7lb-10oz & comes with the original case and Spec Sheet.  These guitars are mid-$5ks now…wow…save a bundle  on a clean nonsmoking instrument that has plenty of good notes left in it.

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Thorn SoCal – Birdseye Maple & Black Limba

Quilt Hall-o-Fame isn’t it! But wait…check out the birdseye maple neck & board! Mint “-” Condition with no fret wear & no dings. Even has GOLD FRETS! Nice C profile neck with that satin finish that feels broken in. Black Limba & Quilted Maple body. Just 8lbs-4oz. Total One Off Masterpiece! This top is ridiculous at every angle.

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2012 Thorn Deluxe – Exc Cond

My My My! What DO we have here! Carved top set neck impossibly rare Thorn Deluxe! Just 7lbs-13oz with Original Case, Tag & Cert. BRAZILIAN BOARD. Monster Top! Comfortable “C” Neck Profile @ .84/.93. 1 Piece Curly Maple TOP! SOLID BODY! See the pictures for a complete rundown of specs & condition.

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Ron Thorn GT-100 Spalted Maple

Spalted Woods! Custom Made! Light Weight! Exc Condition! What more do you require sir? See the spec/condition sheet for all the details your brain can absorb!

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2000 Terry Rogers/Suhr Mallie – Mint “-“

WOW-type rare. I’ve only held 2 in my hands. This is a 2000 Terry Rogers “Mallie” made by John Suhr before he was a bigashot (as my grandfather would say). Designed as the “Private Stock” of the EVH world…this guitar features a carved top with a Private Stock grade top. It has museum grade birdseye maple neck woods. Custom neck carve. It is complete with the original case, paperwork and cert. Just never see these for sale.

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