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Gil Yaron Singlecut ’59 – Iced Tea Burst with Light Aging

Ok you like FAT sounding Les Pauls…you talk a mean game but have you ever owned one (insert your diatribe about all the guitars you’ve owned…then the “BUT THAT ONE WEIGHED 12lbs”…or “but THAT ONE had a shitty top” or “but THAT ONE…..”…you get my drift…let’s face it…you wouldn’t be trolling my site if you didn’t secretly want a LP to end all LP searches.  That’s why we (well, actually it’s just ‘me’ but I try to project that “we” are a huge store…nah, just a lonely guy and his faithful dog.

Ok, back to our story.  This Yaron is particularly fat and lush sounding.  They all sound quite different.  I’d say this is a standout because of how clean yet inherently full/warm the notes are.  You will definitely hear it and FEEL it.


And in your quest to ‘rule this out” let me help you NOT do that.  WEIGHT…just 8lb-5oz….damn……ahh ah ah…..TOP…look at it from every angle….I even inserted pictures from the original owner from the build….hmmm….BOARD?….Brazilian.   This is typically when guys dig deeeeep down into the conspiracy theorist journal and pull out the show stopper question…CASE?….original hard case.    I mean who ever didn’t buy a Yaron because of the f’n case?…seriously?….and no I will not send you a picture of it…it’s his typical hard case.  Sturdy……Form Fit….you are not playing the case bro….if you ask for a picture then you’re a picture collector destined to vanish…we dealers know that …and now you know that we know.

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Gil Yaron Singlecut ’59 – Gil’s Personal Guitar

Mighty fine day ’round these parts when a Yaron hits the runway….and a virtual cornucopia of euphoria when it turns out to have been Gil’s PERSONAL Guitar AND an early build from 2011!   This piece is loaded up with all his goodies.  PRE-1970 Brazilian Board.  Paper-in-oil BB Caps!  Correct 50s GY Tuner Tips.  NOS Wire.  Straight grain 1-piece Mahogany Back.  Check out that top…you can see the flame from every angle.   And the weight is a perfect 8lb-4oz.  Tonally it is a Tele-on-Steroids for those who seek such a piece.  Certainly as good sounding a LP or YARON as we’ve had ’round these parts.


The neck profile is a perfect .89″ -to- .98″ “C”.  The pickups are Gil’s AL4 (8.5k) Bridge & AL5L (7.3k) Neck.  Light factory aging and even has CITIES papers (not that they will be needed much longer because of the repeal of the requirements for us G’tar guys.

If you have a LOT of guitars and in particular a LOT of humbucker guitars…why not consolidate into a choice piece.  Look…we’d love to pile on your gear…but the guys we deal with most are folks who ultimately pare down the nuance of vanilla and get into WORLD CLASS….here is your shot.

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Tom Anderson DROP TOP w Braz Board & Piezo LR Baggs X-Trem

Looking for a single guitar that can cover all the ground you need?  Something you won’t mind playing and maybe dinging?  THIS TOM ANDERSON DROP TOP is answering your wishes!

You can see all the Specs & Condition in the 3rd Picture

Wonderful example of a timeless Tom Anderson that will take you as far as your musical needs dictate.  Need an acoustic?…this has the LR Baggs X-Trem Piezo.   Need coil splits?…sure!  Strat sounds?  Sure!  Hum sounds neck or bridge?….sure.  Light weight?….Yup!


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Mario Martin Stratocaster – WOW Neck – Cert/Build Sheet/Case Included

Mario Martin is THE new ‘go to’ sub-$3k New Fender Style Guitar.  New they are a tremendous value.  They sell out like hotcakes and people adore them.  USED and in a condition like ours….total deal.  You simply can’t find a better value for your dollar than a used Mario Martin that is sub-2K and clean.


This guitar comes with the Certificate of Authenticity, Original Case and the Build Sheet.  Fralin Hot pickups.  Nitro Finish.  Medium/Light Relic.  Nice C profile neck measuring .86″ – .93 which is a bit larger than a typical fender but a tad smaller than a ’59 LP (without being a thin skinny 60).

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Ronin Badmoon – Pinecrest Green over Master Grade Reclaimed Old Growth REDWOOD

Oh boy!  Ronin Guitars has ceased production and we have a mother load here at PrimeGuitars!  We BELIEVE in the products we carry…we loved Ronins when we first found them used….LOVED them again when we became their only dealer…and love them still when we can only acquire them used.  And the Badmoon is one of the most expressive instruments available anywhere.  Hand crafted one at a time.  Hand shaped necks.  Hand carved tops.  Personally selected woods and components.  The binding alone takes almost as long to set as it takes to create most other guitars.


The body consists of their upgraded MASTER GRADE SOGR (Reclaimed Old Redwood).  This wood is the top of the food chain and is typically a huge upcharge.

This piece is from a smoke free environment. It weighs just 6lb-4oz and plays perfectly sitting or standing.  It comes with its original Case & Cert.  Pinecrest Green that is a silverish color in person with a tint of greenish.  Super unique.

The neck is a V-to-C that Ronin uses a LOT.  It measures .89″ – .94″.  1-11/16 Width and Stew Mac 154 Frets which are Med/Lg.  Factory Aging (light), Nitro Finish and Clay Dots.

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Ronin Betty – the tonally most additive Tele you an acquire

Teles are HOT ….been hot…always were hot….if you’re like most Tele guys you have several…many…a library of teles.  What you lack is a Ronin Betty.  Why?   Because they are the most additive guitar TONALLY of any we have encountered…period.


Think of the proprietary Foil Pickup.  Not just some pickup with a screen cover….it’s a whole unique voice.  Put it this way…if you have a studio you invest more in mics than guitars…your pickup is your guitar’s mic….THIS MIC/PICKUP is SO unique.  Stringy, open, complex.  SO much information comes.  The neck can sound as much like bridge as it can a traditional neck pickup.  VERY responsive to tone knob changes too.  OH and the Redwood sounds like a brighter more Tele-like Les Paul….so THAT is why you NEED a Ronin Betty.

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Ronin Mirari with Master Grade Redwood – Made for ME (personal guitar)

2016 Ronin Mirari in custom 1-off Aqua Flake Sparkle!  This guitar was originally made for ME when I was the world’s only Authorized Ronin Dealer.   We loaded this with upgrades and features.  John & Izzy outdid themselves to create the ultimate Ronin.   Pretty sure we achieved that goal.

For the body, John selected his special low availability Master Grade Old Growth Recovered Redwood (aka SOGR).  He used a 1-piece Honduran Mahogany Neck and carved a perfect “C” .89 – .95 profile for me.   The width is 1-11/16 and the frets are Med/Lg “154” size for those who want exact specs/type.  The weight is perfect at 7lb-12oz and it is balanced and comfortable sitting or standing.

The pickups were a unique set of High Output Foilbuckers and they have more oomph and warmth than the traditional Foilbuckers.   Of course you can split the coils on these.   12″ Radius, Hipshot Tuners, 25.5″ Scale.

The finish just wows me to this day.  I am a sucker for a blue guitar. THIS blue is so perfect that it is edible.  The matching headstock is a great balance with the dark Rosewood Board.  The guard is hand-crafted aluminum.  Clay dots on the board…old school.  Thin nitro finish.  Just a guitar that you dream about…and it came true!

I have to say tonally this is in the top 10-percent of Ronins we had at the shop.  One of my favorites because it’s large and warm tonally.

You can see the complete specs & detailed condition in the 3rd picture.

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2008 Fender Custom Shop Wildwood 10 ’59 Tele – BRAZILIAN RW BOARD

Let’s face it…Wildwood gets pretty damn ‘pick of the litter’ quality from the Fender Custom Shop.  AND…the EARLY Wildwood series guitars are the most highly sought after because they were truly a huge step up from others in that period.  THIS 2008 Excellent Condition WW10 ’59 Tele is no exception. It features a BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD BOARD.

We have taken the time to create a Spec/Condition Sheet for this (and every listing for our store).  It can be found in the 3rd Picture.  Why don’t other dealers provide such transparency?…..that’s why for over 13 years Prime Guitars has been the choice for thousands of buyers of used high end guitars (new too of course).

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Danocaster Jazzmaster – Early “F” Headstock Logo

Supra-Cool! Danocaster F-headstock Logo Era JAZZMASTER.  This one has a NICE neck profile measuring .885″ – .99″ and some mighty fine pickups that almost read your mind with the nuance they create.  Dig in or lay off this is like a $15k bicycle that awaits your energy and reacts in thousandths of a second.

You can see all the Specs & Condition in the 3rd Picture.

With Danocaster ceasing production, opportunities are few to acquire fairly priced examples.  Snag this custom color early one.  If any continue to appreciate in value surely the early ones will.

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James Tyler USA Classic – Owned by Clint Black

Any chance you can get a guitar used or with a celebrity, my advice is to grab it.  Especially if the piece was used in performances or recordings and not just some paperweight they possessed.  THIS James Tyler USA is an early one and has DOCUMENTATION FROM CLINT BLACK (included with sale to new buyer) stating that it was used on stage with him for a long time.

The guitar has had some changes along the way and the pictures show how the electronics have been altered to accommodate the pro tastes.  You can easily swap it back to stock…but WHY…obviously it was done with good intention and the result thrilled audiences worldwide for hundreds and hundreds of shows.

You can see the complete specs & detailed pictures.  Take your time and absorb.  Sold as-is.  I’ll do my best to explain what I have here but I am not an expert in all aspects of wiring so you will have to use your eyes on that front.

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2019 Brian Monty BLUESMASTER w OX4 pickups

2019, that’s right 2019 Brian Monty Bluesmaster.  Custom ordered by a loyal customer of Brian’s…guy who has had at least 6 Monty Guitars.  This one has OX4 pickups and let me tell you it has THAT LP THICK Tone you have dreamed of.  I just put a set of OX4 pickups in my personal humbucker LP-style guitar and after all I have tried THEY are staying.

What a beautiful playing and sounding instrument.  The thin nitro is almost naked to the touch.  Tonally you will select this over almost any current production instrument.  It is THAT good and a bargain used (let alone new).   Vintage Guitar Mag reviewed Monty Guitars and loved them……….if you are not up on them you should be.  Build by 1 person….all by hand.

You can find ALL the SPECS & DETAILED CONDITION IN THE 3rd PICTURE..but here is a summary of the summary:

  • Just 7lb-6oz (yes it is chambered like virtually every Monty).
  • Original Hard Case
  • Callaham Bridge
  • Grover Tuners
  • C-Shaped Neck .89″ – .97″
  • 1-11/16″ Width
  • LP Scale
  • 12″ Radius
  • Indian Rosewood Board
  • Tiny bits of wear as described in spec/condition sheet.
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Suhr FRETLESS BASS – Custom Ordered

Impossibly Rare CUSTOM ORDERED SUHR FRETLESS Bass!  Excellent Condition from Smoke Free Environment with Original Hardshell Case.  Grab this because the chance of finding another are slim-to-none.

Specs confirmed with the Suhr Factory:

  • Weight 9lb-8oz
  • Model:  Classic J – Right Hand
  • Body Wood:  Alder, 2-Piece
  • Body Contours:  Arm & Tummy
  • Chambering:  None
  • Body Finish:  Gloss
  • Input Jacks:  Side Jack, Chrome
  • Bridge:  Badass Bridge II Chrome
  • Rear Routed for Electronics
  • 1.52″ Width (measured by Primeguitars)
  • 34.25″ Scale
  • Classic J Humphrey Pickups
  • Volume, Pan, ACTIVE 2-BAND EQ
  • 7.25″ Radius with STANDARD ROLL
  • Fretmarkers & Clay Side Dots
  • Hipshot Tuning Gears
  • Satin finish back of neck
  • GLOSS finish on fretboard
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Brian Monty Bluesmaster – Reviewed in Vintage Guitar Magazine

Brian Monty Bluesmaster in Excellent “-“/VG”+” Condition.   This is from a nonsmoking environment andhas no major issues but some play wear outlined in the Spec/Condition Sheet (Please see pictures for the Sheet).

The key to this instrument is how woody it sounds. Brian makes each guitar himself and uses select hand chosen woods.  He finishes each in a thin nitro to allow the woods to breath and the tone to flow.  I am aware that Brian is the subject of an article in Vintage Guitar Magazine because his work is renowned amongst those who search for modern masterpieces.

Couple of key features on this one:

  • C Neck Profile .88″ – .95″
  • No Fretwear
  • Some nicks and wear detailed in pictures and/or the spec sheet
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2011 Baker B3 Fire

Baker B3 Fire with upgraded KINMAN Noiseless P90s!  From Smoke Free Environment.  Comes with Orange Form Fit plush caase & Build Sheet/Tags/tools.   Super resonant and exciting guitar to play.  Fat full tones.


Buy from the trusted source for boutique gear.  For over 13 years we have supplied thousands of buyers with clean, unique instruments.   We shop the world so you don’t have to….read our reviews and have confidence…or take your chances with some ‘random’

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2006 Gustavsson Bluesmaster Custom ’59

Cream of the crop alert.  Gustavsson Bluesmasters have stood the test of time.  Rarely offered for sale.  Early examples such as this are THE ones most sought after.  This is a 2006…just a few dozen into the production of Bluesmasters.  As a point of reference, asking price on 2003s are almost 30% higher than this one.

This JG weights just 8lb-4oz.  1-piece Mahogany Back.  .895″ – .998″  “C” Profile Neck.  BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD Board.  AMERITAGE CASE (likely upgraded).  From a smoke free environment.  Excellent Condition.


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Ronin PHOENIX (Limited Run)

OH MY MY….this is a 1-off that will satisfy your itch for cool AND additive!   Recent Ronin Limited Run PHOENIX.  Start with Old Growth Recovered Redwood!  Add Ronin’s proprietary Single Foil pickups that are OPEN and produce SO MUCH INFORMATION.  Look at the BLOODWOOD Board and Pickguard on this.  NITRO finish.  Completely hand crafted.  Original Case & Cert.  JUST 6lbs-2oz.


The thing about a Ronin is they are THE most additive guitar tonally to your collection.  They sound like nothing you have or have had.  AND each one is so unique that when one pops up…you need to snag it because they’re not done in like runs. You are unlikely to find another like it again.

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Ronin Badmoon – Just 5lb-6oz

One of the most labor intensive guitars created today…actually they are NOT being created because Ronin ceased operations…so THIS is one of your only opportunities to grab a labor of love.  The Badmoon is a masterpiece.  We have sold more Ronins than any dealer on the planet…and we can attest to the fact that we have sold more Ronins to Celebrities than ANY other brand.

This weighs just 5lb-6oz.   MASTER Grade Recovered OLD GROWTH Redwood Body and Honduran Mahogany Neck.  Clay Dots.  Wonderful “C” Profile neck with a familiar profile.   Multi-ply ivroid binding that takes HOURS to install.


Tonally you won’t find a more additive piece of equipment…period.  Ronin’s pickups are not just screen-door covered humbuckers…they are unique and inredibly DIFFERENT from anything else you have ever heard.

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GVCG Blackguard with RON ELLIS Pickups

One of THE best all-time Telecasters to pass through the store in our 13 years.  Tonally this achieves the nirvana balance of inherent warmth and clarity.  Has just enough oomph without passing into ‘tonal shrapnel’.  We get the best of the best….and this is the tip of the iceburg in that arena.


Has RON ELLIS pickups (not certain of model and not pulling them out  because the tone is what matters and I’ve described that).

Weight at just 6ln-9oz!

YES it has the original hardshell case AND “Tag” from GVCG.

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2015 Nash Super-STRAT

Affordable workhorse guitar here folks. 2015 NASH complete with Trem Bar and Form Fit Case.  A Nash is what Leo Fender intended when he created the utilitarian Tele/Strat.  Comfortable, well made and amazing sounding with no frills.  This particular guitar has tonal variety from the included Humbucker.  You also nail those essential Strat positions.  If you need to cover a lot of tonal ground…or are looking for a quality piece to take the place of several other niche guitars….this is for you.

You can see all the Specs & Condition in the 3rd Picture where we provide more details than our competition.  Buy from THE trusted source for boutique gear.  For over 13 years we have sold the best boutique gear to thousands of satisfied buyers around the globe.  Get it from us or you’ll be taking your chances with some random…..

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Grosh Set Neck w Brazilian Rosewood Board

Don Grosh Set Neck is a hand crafted (by Don Himself), carved top Les Paul Killer.  These are always spectacular instuments and one of THE best deals on the used market (new they are more than double the used price).   Occasionally, there are examples such as this that have the Big 3….KILLER TOP, Upgraded WOLFETONE PICKUPS (had Dimarzios from the factory…no they are not included) and a Brazilian Rosewood Board.  Sure you can find a couple cheaper but not one with these 3 characteristics.

Overall Excellent Condition with a couple of finish issues that are outlined in the Spec/Condition Sheet (found in the THIRD picture).

Grab yourself a guitar that is going to satisfy your Humbucker desires at a price less than a stamped out factory plasticized piece of utter poop.

Buy from THE trusted source for boutique gear.  We search the world so you don’t have to….for over 13 years we have supplied thousands of happy buyers with clean, well represented boutique instruments… with confidence….or take your chances with some ‘random’ dude….

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1981 Gibson Les Paul Heritage 80 ELITE

Oh the sound of that FAT Les Paul….chewy thick that just stomps on thin sounding les pauls….yeah….THIS (and this series) oh they are coveted for this very reason.  THICK FAT WOWness.  You may have a lot of guitars…even a lot of Les Pauls…but this is the 70s/80s LP that defined a generation of tone.   The Shaw Pickups, real mahogany…..mmmmm these just deliver where so many othersa are like a Pontiac GTO with a VW Bug Engine….this is like that sleeper Nissan GTR that freaking blows past you in your M-series.

This has some wear….a refret and some upgraded pots.  …oh and the case is SKB….but the guts are all there and it is a freaking tone monster.  Check our reviews….we are known for delivering choice boutique guitars to thousands of buyers across the globe…for over 13 years.  You could take your chances and buy from a ‘random’ or get gear from the trusted source


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Palir Burncaster

Genuine PALIR “Burncaster” with Porter Pickups.  Just 7lb-2oz and has the original hardshell case.  From a smoke free environment.   Palir is the most recently copied brand in the marketplace. If you look at their unique finishes you can clearly see where others have taken up the Palir way of featuring grains and distressed finishes.  These guys are onto something.  Here is a guitar that to my ears can do everything from Tele to LP Junior.  It just screams….and affordable excellence.  Prices on Palirs are creeping up and up and up as more dealer carry them and more sell.   Grab this before they become the next Danocaster.

See the 3rd Picture for a Spec/Condition Sheet with all the details your little itchy eyes can handle.

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Tom Anderson Drop Top – Light Tiger Eye Burst!

Probably not a more iconic boutique guitar than a Tom Anderson Drop Top.  These are so often copied but nothing achives the level of “tight” that a Tom Anderson does.  Tonally consistent like few other brands.  Each is a unique piece despite them being produced in decent quantities.  They were my first non-PRS boutique and they hold a special place in my heart.

This piece is from 2011 and is super clean & from a smoke free environment.  Of course it comes with the original hardshell case (and YES the TREM BAR).  The finish is unique….Light Tiger Eye Burst for those who want a fresh color but not an ‘easter egg’.    The pickup configurations on this allow you to make it your grab and go.

I LOVE these guitars through modeling amps such as an Axe FX.  I tried this through my AxeIII and the results are amazing.  You truly achieve Strat, LP and even LP Jr Tones. SUPER snappy and punch when you want and thick and chewy when you need to change pace.

You can see all the Specs & Condition in the 3rd Picture.  Buy from the trusted source for boutique gear. For over 13 years we have supplied thousands of rare modern pieces to players around the globe….or you could take a shot and get something from some ‘random’…..

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2019 Tom Anderson RAVEN – Smells NEW

So you love the idea of a super strat but you also LOVE the idea of an offset body….LET ME SAY I never totally “Got” the offset body until I got this guitar.  OMG you sit and it fits you freaking perfectly.  Stand and it’s perfect.  Your arm sits comfortably and securely.   I absolutely LOVE this body shape.

This instrument is a true buyer’s remorse item.  2019 Delivery and the lad was forced to liquidate it.  Smells new.  Save $1000 on something that has a couple of hours of play in a nonsmoking environment.  Most would call this Mint but we call it Excellent to avoid “Joe Post-Purchase Renegotiation Dude”.

You can see all the Specs & a Detailed Condition in the 3rd Picture…but here is a teaser:

  • Just 7lbs
  • Original Hardshell Case & Cert
  • 2019
  • Carmel Maple Satin finish neck
  • C “Even Taper” profile
  • 1-11/16″ Width
  • Heavy Frets
  • PH1 & HC2 Pickups
  • 3-Way, BIG TOGGLE and 2 Cut Switches
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1991 Music Man EVH Signature

Is there ANY more bullseye hitting instrument than the early 1990s Music Man EVH Guitars?  I mean they freaking NAIL that Eddie tone.  Not too much distortion but that edge of insanity (macalpine reference there)….SNAP….super fast necks.  Ergonomic.   I went through the rack with every guitar I had here vs. this ….nothing comes close.  Some are too gentle…many are too harsh….others lack that crunch.

I mean we can search the world and trade $10k into 50 cents by turning over a zillion guitars…and the answer is right in front of you….if you want that classic Eddie/80s tone…get the freaking EVH Signature.

This one is in a cool trans-red with an amazing top.  It has nice birdseye on the neck.  Yeah some wear but not beat to crap.  You can see all the Specs & Condition in the 3rd PICTURE…we do the work up-front to save you sending questions like “case”…..i mean how does one answer a one word email?….is it like that word association game…first word that comes to mind?…I suck at that…likely to say “catfood”.

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